Despite a very late night for the HGs, it is up-and-at-‘em no later than 8:30 am as the food competition will soon be underway. As we see them straggle out of bed, we see that outside there are crew members assembling some weird contraption that appears to involve water and ping pong balls (did BB get a bulk deal on these balls this year?). The HGs, of course, are in lockdown and when they are finally suited up in their blue or red overalls, they sit down in the LR to patiently wait and make small talk.

Around 9:30 am, the competition gets underway. Alie, dressed in a red suit and bright orange construction vest, leads the groups outside and explains the rules of the game—which is certainly not made obvious by what they see. Each group has their own set of pipes; using them, they must correctly connect them in consecutive order from the water source and through a set of eight rings. Their object is to get the water flowing through the pipes to the end of the course where a slide is set up and a rubber duckie awaits. The first team who causes their duck to coast down the slide wins. What makes the game a bit harder than it seems is that the water, though not initially turned on, will be turned on full blast some time in the middle of the game. Not only will it cause leaks, it may cause some of the connections to burst.

The game begins and very early on the blue team seems to have created a slight lead for themselves. They work quietly (amid the occasional laugh) and diligently together. Over on the red team, things are not so peaceful as Jee shouts out orders—to be fair, he seems to be the only one working hard. Once the water is turned on, however, all members of both teams begin to scramble as leaks start squirting out of their connections; “oh *****!” Despite hitting a few snags trying to get the right-sized pipes and correct connectors, within a few minutes the blue team wins and its members are jubilant: Jack, Jun, Justin and Nathan. The red team, Dana, Erika, Jee and Robert, are all silent. As they work in the aftermath of the competition to take down the pipes, there is various chatter, but the one thing interesting said is that several people agree that the teams were unfair because the blue team had three guys to the red’s two. I don’t know, I figure that having Jun, who does basically nothing in competitions, and Dana, who can actually win them or at least tries, on two different teams evened thing up fairly well.

Of course, Dana jumps right into bitch mode, and would her bitchfests be Dana-grade if they didn’t involve slamming another HG? Now, looking forward to a week of PB&J is no fun, of that I am sure, but does she really need bitterly eye Nathan and say, “What, does everything he do have to work out for him? I swear, I’m turning into a ***** atheist!” Well, I suppose she ~is~ one of the only two HGs to have to stick to the PB&J diet for a second week…hehehe. As for the other two-time loser, Robert, he says that he will be willing to take a penalty nomination in order to eat; “***** them!” I assume he means BB. All I can say is that if it meant so much to him, maybe he should have actually ~tried~ to win the competition.

As the HGs head inside to change their clothes, the feeds switch to FOTH and we see David being interviewed. A tear is shed, a sniffle is heard, but as soon as we get back inside the house, David is ultimately forgotten. And so it is the way with evicted HGs until the final show.

The morning lumbers on and amid eating and chatting we hear Dana complain and complain as Jun listens on and nods her head. Dana is concerned that she will lose more weight and she is too skinny as it is (I will second that); she also can’t believe that she has gone from being HOH to possibly being nominated and having to eat PB&J all week. “This house sucks.” Well, Dana, it’s a good lesson to you and all HOH's who think their power is boundless—eventually you won’t be HOH anymore and ~anything~ can happen. Cuz, well, that’s the way the game goes.

It must be a hard lesson for her to learn, however, because within just under an hour of losing the food competition, Dana thinks she can be the exception and cheats on her diet. That’s right, Dana lies in bed next to Justin sucking on ~candy~, and unless that candy is made from stale old jelly, Dana is blatantly breaking the rules. She might have gotten away with it, too, if Jun didn’t come in and say out loud, “We have candy?!” Dana and Justin shush her before Dana smiles and secretly says, “I found it.” We sit watching the feeds agog at her nerve and wait for BB to give her the scolding she deserves. As we wait, Dana, Jun and Justin continue their earlier conversation and think of ways of imparting their misery (er, well, it’s really only Dana’s this week) on the others: Dana hopes BB gives them lots of fish this week since the Golden Boy likes red meat; Justin jokes that they should “poison” their food and Jun chimes in, “Yeah, Alie, it’s okay to leave the chicken out on the counter for a couple of hours.” This acrimonious talk may have continued further, but BB finally calls Dana into the DR. Go BB! Give it to her!

Er, well, nope. No, BB did not “give it to her.” In fact, as she comes out, all she says is that she “got in trouble.” Well, whoopee. That’s the way to really enforce your rules.

The late morning falls to card games and napping and rubbing other bodies under the covers—well, that would be Justin rubbing Dana. Jee and Nathan discuss the women in their lives. Jee thinks that his girlfriend could be the “one” and that he will have to “give it up” and propose soon. Nathan curses his luck at attracting women who seem innocent enough to begin with but always “turn.” There was one woman he met before he came to BB and because he told her he’d only be gone for a week to a month, he thinks that unfortunately she will be with someone else when he gets out. Meanwhile Justin has made his way over to the HOH room where he and Alison discuss her impending nominations. She tells him that the others of her alliance want him out, and she wants to know if she ~doesn’t~ nominate him this week, will he do what he can to ensure that she will not be nominated next week? He tells her that he will do what he can. She also asks if he will vote Dana out for her, and though he doesn’t necessarily say yes to this, he does say that he would vote Dana out before he would Jee or Robert. Things turn a bit personal now as Alison accuses Justin of never sticking up for her when Dana badmouths her—“I don’t understand why. I’ve never done anything bad to you ever.” Justin flounders and tries to tell her that he ~does~ try to stick up for her sometimes, but that in all honesty he can’t do it all of the time or it would cause attention to him. Yeah, Justin, that might fly ~if~ you weren’t the one initiating the badmouthing most of the time!

During this time, Nathan is called to the DR and while he is gone, Jun encourages Jee to stack the cards in his favor; Jee, however, only choose to cheat “a little” by stacking only a few cards since otherwise Nathan “will know.” Jun also heads over to the HOH room to try to eavesdrop on Alison and Justin’s conversation. If she did, indeed, overhear anything in the short time she was over there, it might actually raise her eyebrows. Not only do Alison and Justin strike a deal, but Alison says that Nathan is a “dumbass” whom she will not consider herself indebted to after this week. Furthermore, she can’t understand why he thinks he is the “best” since ~she~ won the last two competitions. If you think that is bad, Alison then tells Justin that she thinks Nathan is gay—and it is not a joke. She says, “There is no way he is not…seriously.” She also states that Nathan may be attracted to Justin. Now, whether or not Nathan is gay is not the bad part—it’s that Alison doesn’t take his word that he is not and makes a big joke out of the possibility that he is. What, does she think that any guy not attracted to her must be homosexual? As she continues to ramble on, she tells Justin that if she can’t win, she’d want him to win, and that she wants him to stop repeating everything she says to the others (it looks like she really is trying to strike up an alliance with Justin). Well, don’t hold your breath, honey, because though he doesn’t blab about his supposed deal with her, he ~does~ tell most everything else to Dana and Jee within ten minutes. Alie, haven’t you realized YET that he is NOT on your side and doesn’t want to be?

Alison calls Jee in next and the bits of convo to note are: Jee says that it is possible that Erika is being a bit two-faced being so friendly with Alie; Alie points out again that she is only on Nathan’s side as far as this week goes as a return of favor for last; when Alie asks Jee if he would put her up next week if he won HOH, he says no; Robert comes in and explains to Alie that they “waited on Dana” hand and foot (Alie’s words) last week only because she saved them…and then FOTH. Why FOTH? Perhaps because Robert, a PB&J eater for the week, JUST ATE A COOKIE! BB, stop being a wuss and do something about these HGs flagrantly ignoring the rules! When Alie laughs about it and points it out, Robert only smiles and puts his finger to his mouth to say, “Shhh!”

BB steps up to the plate and trips right on over it again when Robert comes back from the DR saying that, yeah, he got into trouble, but “they were pretty cool about it.”

Afternoon conversation to note: Alie and Erika are convinced Jee and Jun have an alliance. Jack works really hard to convince Alison to put Justin up along with Dana, while Alison tells him that she may, in fact, want Dana out more and that may influence her nominations. Erika and Nathan both add their support to Jack’s, but of course none of them know that she ~thinks~ she has an alliance with Justin. Nathan continues to pout about it, but eventually and reluctantly he accepts that Dana and Jun will go up with Dana going; if a veto is used, Jun will go (THAT I don’t understand. Dana, yes. But if she vetoes herself, put a Stooge up and get rid of him!). The Stooges all agree that they will not use the veto on Dana and risk one of them being put up. Jee explains how cruel the Korean school system was: when he skipped school once, he and his friends were made to stand with their knees bent and arms held straight out until they cried; furthermore, if a child got nine out of ten on their test, the teacher would hit his or her hands nine times with a ruler (why, some of them ask; Jee’s answer: “Because you only got nine right.”). Jun says she will not cook meals for everyone if she is put on the block.

At quarter to five, nomination-time arrives. We go to FOTH, and when we come back we find it happened just like Alison said it was going to happen: Dana and Jun are nominated. Apparently, the nomination speech was worded to suggest that Jun is a “decoy” used to get Dana out. Surprisingly, there is little talk about it afterwards. Instead, the feeds circulate to show us people playing cards and Alison taking a vote to see who everyone thinks is cuter, her boyfriend or Nathan (she thinks her boyfriend; and so do the majority of those polled). A bit later, Nathan tells the others that Alison made out with David the other night, and she ~swears~ that she didn’t. She gets very flushed as she denies that anything happened, and when she stomps off to her bed to lie down, Nathan comes in and tells her not to lie. Her response? “I’m not a liar!” Ooookay. Then she says of her boyfriend, “I guess I should have broken up with him before I came here.” Um, you think?

The evening dissolves now into the usual. There is dinner (Jun made one last meal, apparently; we’ll see if she actually stops cooking tomorrow). There is basketball; Dana and Erika play and chat about the game. They both agree it has been an intense game and it needs to lighten up a bit. There is some chasing and yelling as Nathan torments Alison’s elephant; David would be proud. There is dancing as Alison gets down on the chessboard. There is some outright hilarity as Jun tells Dana, Justin and Robert that, as of tomorrow, she will start trying to win competitions—namely the POV tomorrow.

Alison explains to Jack and Erika why she put certain people’s key in certain positions: Jee was made to give Jack his key since Jee wanted Jack nominated; Robert was made to give Erika her key since Alison overheard Dana say that she made Erika give Robert his key last week on purpose. Nathan comes in now and the four go over every possible veto scenario there is. While Alison wants anyone who wouldn’t veto Dana to get it, Nathan thinks the best situation would be for Jun to get it, veto Dana, and have Justin put up—that way Justin would go and the Stooges would be pissed at Jun. Meanwhile, the Stooges are talking outside and they are actually quite angry that Dana has been campaigning to get Jun voted out—Justin says that Dana asked him to get the guys to work on Erika and Jack to keep her in. They reason that if she would turn on Jun that quickly, she would turn on any of them in a heartbeat; thus, for that reason, and to keep having yummy dinners cooked for them, they agree that it is best for Dana to go this week.

Night time chatter: The Rat Pack while playing cards mull over how “ignorant” Alie is because she assumed Robert would like chilli because he is Cuban and how she called her boyfriend a “red man” and joked that instead of making a “family tree,” he should make a “family tepee.” (I agree, that is poor humor.) The group then falls to making fun of each other using derogatory names. Nathan, meanwhile, is in the hot tub with his group deciding that having Dana go is actually a better idea than voting Justin out since she actually has won competitions. The group then, instead of calling each other names in fun, choose to study the details of yesterday’s competition in case they’ll need to know that information for future competitions. As various members of the two groups converge: conversation is about pigs and what kind of pets they make (this came up when they talked about America’s choice and how one year the viewers voted for the HGs to get a pig—Ophelia!). They then list the dogs they have had or want; Robert: a Pug; Dana: mostly Pit Bulls, a Great Dane, a Lab; Jee: a Chihuahua.

Surprisingly, Erika and Robert are being more than civil to each other (the trend has been noticeable lately), they actually get up and dance together when Erika mentions that she had been teaching Salsa to Alison. Apparently Robert is a very good dancer and they dance very well together; the watching HGs clap in appreciation at the little show. Alison and Nathan, meanwhile, are talking about how they both said mean things about Erika in the first week, but have since admitted it to her and apologized. They both really like who she is now (oh, has she changed over the past few weeks? Or have you made the choice to try and get to know her?). Dana and Jun…well, what else? Blather, blather, I want to hit Alison so badly, blather, blather, *gag.* Blather, blather, did you see Erika and Robert dancing? Blather, blather, ***** freaks, blather, *takes gun to my head and pulls the trigger.* Blather, blather, maybe the oven cleaner, that nasty *****, would kill the turtles, blather, blather, *aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.*

Other bits of interest: Jack jokes to the others that when Dana sees his DR-sessions, she is going send some Italians after him from Bayside. Alie mocks Justin’s dancing and the others laugh—it involves a thrown-back head, pivoting and no rhythm. Dana denies that she has been campaigning against Jun. She only wants to win the veto, she says, and then goes on to say that if she does, she’ll use the veto medal to “choke Nathan.” After a brief chat with Erika and Jack that doesn’t amount to anything, Dana leaves and the two muse over how she brought all of “this” on herself and that Jack tried to warn her (he did, we can all attest to that). Robert, meanwhile, isn’t exactly living that loving feeling for Erika for very long; he tells Jun that Erika is a “***** dumb bitch.” (I suppose it’s something that he gets along with her in person, but to bash her like this behind her back…it’s been awhile, because Dana stole the limelight, since I’ve had a chance to shout: Rat Bastard!) Then, to his guys, he says that he is scared Erika will come after him once he is home since she knows his address—in fact, he is glad she will be sequestered so he’ll know where she is. When the others laugh at him, he says seriously, “She’s done ***** to me. When I tell you in sequestering, you guys are gonna go ‘holy *****, I can’t believe she’s that ***** crazy.’” (Note here: There has been an outside source to actually confirm this; whether it is the truth or not, I can’t confirm.)

The chatter peters out by three in the morning, and though some fall asleep before others, the house falls silent and another day is officially done. Dana has been nominated and all is right in the world. Sleep well, HGs. Tomorrow is a new day.