Today starts as yesterday did with an early morning wake-up call (quarter to ten) and Erika and Jack up in bed, chatting about various aspects of the game. On their minds today, of course, is the veto. The wonder if there will be another twist with the veto and, if so, what will it be? Take two people off the block? Take someone off and nominate the replacement yourself? Whatever may happen with the veto, that is pure speculation. The important question, really, is who will win POV today? To be more exact, whom do Erika and Jack ~want~ to win it? Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, they want Dana to win it. Why? If Dana removes herself from the block, they assume Alison will nominate Justin in her place. Not only will they feel better having Justin, whom they consider a threat, out of the house, but they will feel safer with Dana around who will target Alison and Nathan before she targets them.

As they house wakes up and moves into gear, the usual morning preparations are underway (they now include Erika and Jack saying good-morning to the turtles). As Jun putters around the kitchen making bacon, BB tells the HGs that they can wear whatever they choose for the veto competition. A lockdown is issued and they are confined to the Sandbox where they chatter about the turtles and wait for their names to be called to the DR. One by one they go; when each HG exits the DR, they head straight to the living room where they sit down and remain silent (they must have been instructed not to talk to one another). Meanwhile, as Alison, Dana, Erika and Jack have all left the Sandbox, Justin falls to telling the others that, even though he supposes he shouldn’t be saying this on camera (duh!), Alison’s boyfriend’s family is really messed up—that Donny’s uncle killed his father. Robert replies, “You know that runs in the family.” According to Justin, apparently so. Donny is psycho, he says, and beats Alison sometimes. Disgustingly enough, the guys actually laugh at all of this information (and once before, when Alison was nominated, Justin apparently made the joke that it would be good for Alison to be home for her boyfriend’s 21st birthday so he could “beat her 21 times”). As more members file out and the men are left by themselves, the conversation turns to usual male topics: potty and masturbation jokes.

Once they are all out in the living room, they sit tight and remain silent. BB reminds them a couple times not to say anything, not to gesture, or not to use anything that would make it appear that they are trying to communicate with one another. They also ask that the HGs “wait while (they) set up.” A couple HGs fall asleep; Jun paints her nails; the others sit in boredom as they wait. They wait, and they wait…and they wait some more as the minutes tick by. Eventually around 1:30pm the feeds go to FOTH and it looks like the HGs will finally get to get up and move around.

It’s not until over an hour later that the feeds come back and when they do we see Jee and Nathan sporting some life-like rubber snakes around their necks. As we watch in confusion, it soon becomes apparent when Alison jokes, “Robert, how about you use that veto and we put Nate on the block?” that Robert has won the POV (it looks like it is bye-bye ManTroll this week). Jack pats Robert on the back and congratulates him on a job well done, to which Rob replies, “Oh, thanks.” The HGs fall into post-competition chatter which includes: Erika and Jack comment on how unpredictable this game is (will be interesting to see what this competition was); Nate tells Alie that she is a “genius” for how she has played (played what? The game or the competition?); and Dana, quite seriously, tells Jun that they should walk out together (I’ll leave it to you to decide how selfish this is).

The afternoon chugs along now as Justin steals Jee’s snake and hides it on the shower curtain. Poor Jee searches the entire bathroom, but can’t find it. Eventually he heads back outside and lies saying that he found it and put it in his bag. They don’t believe him and only laugh at his frustration. More antics ensue as Nathan demonstrates “humping” with the inner tube; Jee jokes, “That’s humping?” and everyone laughs. Other tidbits of interest amid napping and card-playing: The Stooges plan a golf-trip after the show (Rob’s father apparently lives on a course—I don’t get that, but that is what was said). Nathan says he would like to be married within the next couple of years if he could find the right woman. Jee tells Nathan that he is on everyone’s hit-list, much to Nathan’s humor at Jee’s honesty. Jack and Nathan admit that their only concern during the game was Dana and Jun (apparently the game involved removing other HGs’ masks—à la Survivor or BB’s gnomes?). Robert, when he won, took out his own mask and the two men conjecture that he did so to indicate that he wouldn’t use the POV. Alie once told Nathan that she likes to have sex during movies, and he jokes about it telling her she probably can’t remember a particular scene from a movie because she was either “drunk or having sex.”

Now it is time for the daily Dana and Jun hate-fest: As Jun makes something in the kitchen (I thought she wouldn’t cook if nominated?), Jun complains that Erika and Jack won’t talk to her (despite the fact that less than five minutes ago, Erika was chatting with both of them in the kitchen); they both think that they looked really “cute” today for the POV competition, but everyone else looked “butch”—Alison looked “ugly” (her nose, her mouth), and Erika looked even worse; etc., etc..

Meanwhile outside, a little bombshell is overheard sometime after four in the evening, and it went something like this: Robert tells the other Stooges that they would never believe who Erika’s current boyfriend is. His initials are “J.A.” and he has a connection to BB. One of the listeners remarks, “I thought you couldn’t be on the show if—” and we get FOTH. Makes you go hmmm. Thought Robert does say that it is “no one big,” it ~is~ someone who will surprise them.

You’d think that now one of the Stooges has the POV that Dana would just give up, but nope, she keeps on hoping. Dana wants Robert to use the POV and maybe have Jee put up—then he would be evicted instead of Jun. Jun says this will never happen, that the others want Justin up too much, and Dana switches to the delusion that she can convince Justin to tell Robert to use it, even if it means that Justin will be nominated. How crazy is that? She justifies it by saying that Justin thought he was going to go anyway this week, so would it really be so horrible if he did? Also, she was put in this position, she says, because she saved them—so they owe her. When Jun tells her not to “overkill” it when she tries to work on the boys, Dana says, “Oh no. No, no. Look at me, subtle, simple.” Less than ten minutes later, Dana heads outside and (subtly?) sits in Robert’s lap as they chat and watch the boys play basketball. Though she does her best to just snuggle against him and chatter, it is not long before she mentions the POV. It doesn’t amount to much, however, and Robert gets up to go to the hot tub. Jun, meanwhile, mentions to Jack, “I’m pretty much leaving Robert alone… I’m not going out like that.”

Evening bits of notice: Erika and Jack narrate Cuff and Link’s journeys across the backyard as the turtles head in different directions and poop and pee along the way. Some yelling from outside the BB walls is heard, and though we at home can’t hear what is being said, from the HGs’ comments, it appears that Erika’s name was screamed. Jack: “That won’t be the only guy screaming your name when you get out of here.” Jun tells Jee about her earlier conversation with Dana and comments, “Does she think I am stupid?” Apparently so. Alie mopes around in her bedroom, more tired than upset, she maintains; she is sick of food, her period is late, and Dana hates her—all reasons, apparently, to make her a bit depressed. Dana pleads the fifth when Robert asks her if she has ever been “in bed” with a man and a woman. She does add, however, that she has never kissed a woman. There is more chatter about the veto competition and from what we can gather, while in the DR they looked at a map of the backyard and plotted where they would hide their mask—the HGs likened it to the game Battleship. What they then had to wait for while in the living room was BB hiding the masks where the HGs chose.

By now it is after midnight and the prattle really drones on about nothing too interesting. They talk about understanding now why the HGs last year were so excited to see Sheryl Crow—they all long for outside contact, too. The guys comment on how “hot” Julie Chen is; “Don’t think Julie doesn’t work her ass off,” Robert comments (really, if his women have to be so skinny and toned, why can’t Robert get off his ass and work on his won body?). Jack and Nathan assure the others that, according to their handlers, there will be another “twist” coming. The Stooges plot to unanimously vote Dana out, but eventually decide to throw her a “sympathy vote” from Justin. They agree that having a 3-3 vote, making Alison evict her with her own vote on live TV, would be too harsh. They won’t, however, tell her until Tuesday in order to prevent her from freaking out before then. Throughout this conversation, Justin picks up ants and throws them in a spider web nearby. Dana meanwhile delves even deeper into the pool of delusions when she comments, “BB, give us a twist, give us some power of veto, you don’t want to see the two most exciting people go!” And how exciting are the two step-sisters? Well, they are lying around talking about how horny they are (Jun can’t wait to get out and “***** her ass off”); they discuss baby names; they bash Nathan. I don’t know about y’all, but I find this less than stimulating conversation… If BB would let David go, they will surely let Dana and Jun go.

Nathan, however, is at this very time discussing with Alie how David was more “annoying than funny.” In the DR, he says, he commented more than once on how “loud and obnoxious” Dave was. Alie agrees and says, “They’re a different breed” (meaning people like David).

And so the night goes. Dana continues to talk to Jun about her anger over her imminent eviction—she will throw all the dishes out of the cupboards before she goes, she says, and she wants Jun to order something “shitty” for the meal after her eviction. She is mad that Justin won’t save her and that, when she approached him with the idea of using the veto tonight, he accused her of “verbally abusing” him. Alie and Nathan discuss her boyfriend and how she has messed around in the house. When Nathan tells her that he wouldn’t have “hooked up” with her had he known she’d gotten back together with her boyfriend before the show, she replies, “Nathan, you kissed me like twice. Do you want an award?” She also thinks that her boyfriend may be “doing his own share” (i.e.: cheating) right now. I only shake my head and wonder if these people have selective memories: Nathan knew darn well when he and Alison made out that she had a boyfriend—she admitted to that within the first two days.

And on…and on…and on. It’s not exactly award-winning entertainment, and the things we learn aren’t exactly news flashes, such as Nathan wants to marry a cheerleader. Really? No, I really thought he wanted to marry a biochemist feminist with a liberal sexual identity, hairy underarms and a dislike for organized religion. What? Not exactly Nathan’s type? Alright, where’s the cheerleader Barbie doll wearing her miniature chastity belt? As for Alison, she again comments that she could have won Miss Pennsylvania if she had competed. Now that she has exposed who she truly is on national TV, however (she drinks, stays out all night, messes around with men, etc.), she can’t compete. Hmm, not only does she have a high opinion of herself, but she appears to be unconcerned with the thought of cheating a whole lot of other women who really do try to lead upstanding, respectful lives from the crown.

By three in the morning, the HGs are snuggled in their beds. There is some occasional chatter, but the night appears to be fast declining into sleep. Until tomorrow, goodnight.