As we left things yesterday, Robert had won the power of veto and told his cronies that he would not use it. Today there are no competitions to play and no meetings to attend, so what will the house be up to?

This will be just a quick and simple overview of what went down on Saturday (since I have Sun and Mon to do, too!!).

BB sounds out a wake-up call at around quarter to ten. Pretty much everyone ignores BB and snuggles further into bed or chats with someone near them. Within a half hour, however, they meander out into the BB-world and say hello to their tummies with bacon and bananas, or PB&J as the case may be. Morning chatter: Jun tells Nathan that she saw Justin’s “morning wood,” but was not impressed with it. Dana stays in bed longer than the rest, and when someone asks her why she doesn’t get up, she retorts, “I just can’t get up. What am I going to do? Make a PB&J sandwich? I smell ***** eggs!” Alie and Erika lie outside and quiz each other with possible competition questions; they do extremely well. Jee, Justin and Nathan come out, and while Jee looks for his “pet spider,” Justin does his impression of Jee again. Instead of getting laughs, however, Jee tells him it’s too early to do that and Nathan remarks that he won’t laugh at that anymore, “it’s not funny.” The guys complain that someone is raising the temperature at night from 69F to 70F—apparently this makes a lot of difference. After some conversation on this for awhile, Jack finally says much to everyone’s amusement, “Do you guys want me to open a case on this? Get the Bureau involved with the temperature-setting situation?”

Exciting plans for the day: Nathan is going to do his laundry. Jee is going to attempt to make a grilled PB&J with vanilla extract. Woohoo.

As for early-day strategizing, Jee tells Jun that she is safe, but she only replies, “You never know here.” Justin and Robert laugh over how Dana seems to think that they will vote for her. Robert will ~not~ use the veto on her (well duh—the only person who seems to be under that delusion is Dana).

Jee, meanwhile, has been having a tad touch of the waterworks. It seems that today is the 4-year anniversary of his father’s death. At first he forgot and was called into the DR to be reminded (his family called with the information), but now through soft tears, he tells Robert that he plans to honor his father tonight with a ceremony that will include food his father liked and bowing to his picture (Jun later explains to Rob that putting out food and alcohol for the dead is a Korean, Buddhist tradition). He also asks that Robert tell the other HGs what is going on if they ask, because he just doesn’t have the heart it keep explaining it over and over again. Robert immediately goes over and tells the others and asks that they be kind to him today. Throughout the day, we see concern on the HGs’ faces as individually they ask him if he is okay.

Afternoon and evening bits of interest (really, there’s not much: mostly the HGs do what they do—Jun cooks, Erika feeds the turtles, the rest lounge):

Jack tells Rob that his brother died after keeling over while refereeing a basketball game.

Robert eats a Caesar salad dressing, mustard and mayo sandwich. This grossness is only topped by Jack who smiles over his peanut butter and mayo sandwich. Ew.

BB told Jee that if he gives them a list, they will purchase the necessary items for his ceremony tonight. When he and Rob discuss the logistics of where the ceremony will happen and what furniture will be moved, Jee tells Rob, “You’re like my brother, man. You’re a very compassionate man.” Robert modestly replies, “I’m not doing this for anything,” and Jee nods his head, “I know.”

Justin gets sunburned fairly well while lying on the floating mattress in the pool. Dana helps to apply some salve to it.

Jun has played the piano since she was 14, but doesn’t play much anymore—only at her parents’ house.

Nathan, in response to Erika’s question how would he feel if his future daughter brought home a black man to date, says he’s not sure, but it would be hard for him to deal with. The rest then talk about their families, and Alison in particular admits that she has a very strict family (you screw up or go outside of their boundaries—one had a Jewish wedding—and no one will talk to you anymore). Nathan then says that if he had a black girlfriend, he probably couldn’t bring her to family functions (where is this boy from? Oklahoma, Schmoklamhoma! This is 2003!). He, himself, doesn’t condone interracial marriages because it would be too hard on the children. I think he ends up justifying his choices by saying, “That’s how I was raised.” (Sorry, that doesn’t fly with me. I was raised to eat steak and potatoes every night and eggs and bacon every morning. But as I grew up, I learned to make my own choices—to eat more healthily, to discover other foods and possibilities. Nathan needs to smarten up and realize that the choices he makes now as an adult are his own.)

Jun comments on Nathan’s hair: “Omg, he looks so hick!” He “looks like a monkey lost from the ‘70s.” These comments are said over various haircuts that take place in the afternoon (Jack, Jack, cut off that comb-over! You’re a good-looking guy, you don’t need it!).

Dana tells Justin that Jun thinks he is in an alliance with Alison. He only scoffs it off. She goes on to say she is going to apologies to the other Stooges for making them feel bad with her talk about “saving them” last week (implying that they should save her). Later, in the hot tub, she does exactly this and also tells Rob she does not want to campaign against Jun. Laughably, she then states that all she really wants is for the three Stooges to vote for her to stay, because she can convince either Erika or Jack to vote for her to stay, as well.

Erika: “Dana should write a book: “How to Get Kicked out of Big Brother.”

Alison teaches Erika a dance, which Erika learns very quickly.

Jack regrets that he and Justin hadn’t ended up on the same side.

Rob rants on and on about Nathan whom he thinks is very selfish because he wanted to play more basketball tonight when Jee’s ceremony was upcoming. When Jee offers for everyone to come see, Robert replies, “I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but there others here who don’t care, like Nathan.” Eventually Jack tells Robert to drop it: “There could be many religious practices in here and they just can’t get into it.”

A bit after 8pm, Jee gets ready for his ceremony. He listens to Rob continue to bitch about Nathan (who, to be fair—even though I don’t like him—actually wasn’t planning on postponing Jee’s ceremony, it appears), but doesn’t really respond. Jun asks Jee if he is allowed to partake in the food for the ceremony, and when Jee says BB won’t let him (he is on the PB&J diet), she is angry for him: “That’s ***** up. It’s a ritual…you are supposed to share with him.”

As they are waiting, the HGs discuss “Buddy” the spider. They’ve been feeding him ants, bees and moths over the past month and want to continue doing so. Jack comments that Buddy will be spoiled and will starve when they leave. “Yeah,” Jun says, “no more takeout.” She then goes off in hunt of more dinnertime moths.

Pre-ceremony happenings:

Dana asks Jun if she could hit Alie on the live show. Jun tells her not to be so stupid or she’ll lose all her stipend money. “Oh well,” Dana says, “I can at least say, ‘Stop cheating on Donny’ before I leave.”

Alie cries while looking at a picture of her boyfriend. “Oh God, I’m not there for your ***** birthday!” (His b-day is tomorrow.)

Jee asks the others to eat the foods from the ceremony afterwards since he can’t.

The ceremony gets underway at about 9:00pm. Jee alternates between kneeling in front of a table set up in the backyard and going inside for different foods to bring out. He appears to be crying a bit. As Jee shows a picture of himself as a baby with his father, Justin comments that Jee looks like a “troll” in it. Even Jee agrees and can’t understand why his family sent such a bad picture. Someone comments that his father looks very serious and Jun remarks, “He rarely laughed, but when he did everybody laughed with him because it was so rare.”

Once settled on a pillow outside in front of the table with the foods and the picture of his father, as well as the picture of him and his father together, he positions everything just correctly. A couple of trips back for other things, he lights some incense in some rice and blows on it. As posters comment, it seems like he is reluctant to start. Eventually he begins, however, and the ceremony seems to include him saying something under his breath, rotating a glass filled with liquid around the bowl of incense, standing and bowing to the picture, finally followed by sitting and staring at the picture for a long time. He repeats this all several times and finishes just after 10:00pm.

Once he re-enters the house, Robert gives him a hug and asks him how he feels. Jee replies, “A lot better now, thanks.” He tells the others that they can eat the sliced apples before they go bad, but as no one seems to want any, he throws them and the incensed rice away.

Post-ceremony happenings:

Dana plots with the Stooges to get their votes and have Justin sway Erika to vote their way as well so as to save Dana. Whether these are Dana’s fantasies alone or if the Stooges actually are considering doing this is unclear. We do, however, hear Robert say later that he doesn’t want Dana in the house anymore. Jun is upset about it all because Dana tells her to her face that she hates people who are so “fake,” and then goes and acts so fake to her. Evidence? Dana, in hopes that Rob will use the veto, tries to tell Jun that using the veto on her is Alison’s idea so that she can nominate Nathan. Oookay, this woman is nuttier than the PB&J she eats all day long.

The Stooges talk about taking Alison over to their side if she will agree to help them get rid of Erika and Nathan. Justin thinks that he could control her. When they broach the idea with her, she doesn’t say no exactly; rather she says that she wants Jun out first. She does, however, agree to work on the “sly” and tell them what the other group is planning. They then point out to her that she can’t “screw” with them because they will control the numbers of the jury (really? And how is that? Once they screw over Dana, who says she will vote with them? And Jun is no more a member of their side than she is of the other’s). Alison then tells them that she had thought they wanted to talk to her to get her to let them use the veto; she was going to tell them she’d put up Nathan, but then really put up Justin. The Stooges laugh at this. Of course, the minute Alie is back in the Sandbox with Erika, Jack and Nathan, she tells them all firmly, “I will ~not~ turn my back on you.”

Justin: “We’re not throwing the HoHs, we just suck at ‘em.”

Dana rambles on in desperation, going over and over all the scenarios that can play out and how she might avoid the axe this week. As it becomes clearer and clearer how she ~won’t~ be saved, she grows nuttier and nuttier. She’s only convincing the Rat Pack that they need to get rid of her now. In fact, Robert gets quite angry about the whole thing. Any chance of him using the veto now seems scarcer than truth and integrity in the BB-house.

Dana: “I'm just too, like, much of an honest person to be here. I mean I have no problem lying to people’s faces, but, like, this is reality TV. I just can't live my life infested with lies like this. It's so sickening. I am such an OCD, controlling person. These people have power over me. I should be in a mental ***** institution. Know what I mean?” We sure do, Dana.

Jee: “I normally don’t think too much, but I’m thinking now, and sometimes the stuff I say is true.” Uh. Make of that comment what you will.

Jee is upset that BB hardly calls him into the DR room. He thinks that unless he is sad or has been “smacked in the face” by something, he isn’t interesting to them. Jun and Robert both laugh at this. He also tells Jun that though the roots of the ceremony he did may be Buddhist, he considers it more of a Korean ceremony. He is not really Buddhist, he says (he and his mother were Christian when he came to America, he says, but his mother converted to Buddhism soon after). The others discuss how Nathan didn’t even want to “look at the ceremony” because he felt it was about another religion worshiping idols and statues. They discuss how ignorant Nathan is because he won’t educate himself about other cultures (and I have to agree). They call him racist, but Jee, however, while the others rant on and on about it (and Alison, who apparently “smirked”), only looks calm and says, “Whatever. Ignorance is not something I can control.”

Dana: “I want to kick Nathan in the ass on the way out.” Jun: “You want to punch Alison and kick Nathan in the ass?” Dana: “Yeah. On the way out, I’m going to tell her to stop cheating on her boyfriend, and I’m going to tell Nathan something about HIS boyfriend.”

Nathan joins the group late in the night and they all laugh and fake-argue about being ignorant and not speaking well, and “raping” one another, and on and on.

By three o’clock, the HGs stop chattering and close their eyes for some zeds. The day is over, and though not much happened besides the ceremony, I tried to give you a well-rounded idea of what went down. Sorry about the point-format, but I think by now most of you have already caught up to date on the weekend!