It’s Sunday morning and at about ten o'clock, the early-risers of the BB house, Erika and Jack, are awake and chatting as usual about the game. Nothing much interesting is said besides a wonderment over Dana’s giddiness on the previous night (“she was high on her own venom,” Jack says), and when BB issues a wake-up call at ten after the hour, they pop out of bed. Most everyone else follows in early-morning tiredness, and the normal morning routine ensues.

Jun gets off to an early start shocking us as she wanders around in a pink cardigan with only the top button fastened; as she moves about, she semi-flashes us periodically. She heads into the kitchen to begin breakfast which includes bacon (do these HGs eat anything else in the morning?). There is little talking this morning as everyone grabs coffee or waits for breakfast. Robert lathers up Alison with sunscreen and seems to enjoy himself immensely.

Morning chatter: Robert thinks that Dana is “gross” and that not one of them would really want to be around her outside of the house. He further states that she is making their choice very easy for them by acting like such a “bitch.” When Nathan asks Jack what is his type of woman, Jack responds, “Any one that will go out with me!” Nathan says that his wife will be blonde and blue-eyed and a virgin (*gag*). Robert tells his cronies that he wants to word the veto in a way that no one will be angry at him (i.e.: no drama). We learn that Jee works at Old Navy. He and the others talk about thongs and cameltoes (in particular, how he and his friends rate them).

Around 12:30pm, the veto meeting gets underway and we get four feeds of the backyard instead of a FOTH (trying to get around that 24/7 promise without using FOTH, eh?). We can hear laughing and clapping coming from inside, but nothing which could indicate what exactly happened. We get a brief FOTH and when we come back, we learn immediately that Robert did not use the veto. Dana is under the covers in her bed, but soon emerges and says, “Today is a sleep day.” Poor ManTroll was really holding out hope for that veto. Meanwhile Robert is telling Jee how his decision wasn’t a hard one to make at all.

There appears to be trouble in paradise as Nathan doesn’t seem to be talking to Alison. Why? We don’t know. I am sure the tiff will pass soon. Dana is talking to the Stooges and asks them if her speech was okay. They say it was, that it was to the point and “classy.” She did, however, throw in a “cheap shot,” which appears to have been calling Robert a “Papi” (don’t ask me; I’ve no idea what that means). She also worries that she stuttered, but Jee tells her that she acts very composed when she is nervous.

Away from Dana, Jun and Robert agree that Dana is the epitome of the kind of person who shouldn’t win BB: she lies and she is manipulative, egocentric and annoying. Jun, on the other hand, is calm, laidback and honest (this is her and Robert talking). They both believe that it would be stupid to keep someone who was so sure that she was going to “kick everyone’s ass,” and ultimately, it’s her own fault for getting kicked out. Jun admits to having scoured the internet reality-TV sites and says that, outside of the BB Hamster House, she really wants to write. She also tells the others that she never drives—she let her license expire. We also learn from this conversation that Dana, apparently, said in her veto speech that she “knew” Robert wanted to use the veto on her. Jun, as the others laugh at this, remarks how it bothered her that never once did Dana consider that Robert might use it on Jun.

Afternoon bits of note:

Buddy has once again taken his web down from the night before and is tucked away.

Robert takes a flying leap into the pool à la David and splashes Jee who is resting in the hammock. The effort is not met with much success, however—he barely gets Jee wet.

Dana, when Jee asks her if she wants to get married, says, “Hell, yeah, that’s all I want to be: a wife and a mother...take care of my man and my babies, packing lunch and *****, making fresh baked goods each day, doing the laundry…”

Jee double majors in Sociology and Media (you can major in “Media”?) and wants to be a guidance counselor some day. The others comment that he will not make much money and Carmen (his girlfriend) will have to work. I guess I am radically liberal, then, because I assumed most women would ~want~ to work to be able to support themselves.

News on the Blondie front: Nathan is angry because he believes Alison is playing both sides. He is worried for himself, while she tells him that he is being selfish —he wanted Justin out so much because Nathan’s a target for him that he expected Alison to get Justin out for him, even though she had to take care of herself and get Dana out (she has a point, and I don’t know why Nathan can’t see it). Nathan ends up stomping out of the room with no resolution made. Alison doesn’t seem overly concerned, however, as within the half hour she is dancing around on her bed in nothing more than some scant underwear and a T-shirt. The Golden Boy, meanwhile, heads to Erika and Jack where he relates his concerns: he thinks that Alie is being ungrateful after he saved her and that she cares more about her own safety than the group’s. The others only say that they will have to keep an eye on her.

The PB&J diet is really taking its toll on its victims, though some of them (namely Erika Jee) make good fun out of it all, while others (namely Dana and Robert) bitch about it whenever they can.

Dana continues her delusional dream: Though she doesn’t care about the money, she says, she would only like to see Alison’s face if they say that Dana is staying.

As the evening rolls into being, not much exciting happens. There has been card-playing and napping, eating and chatting, and general boredom galore. Jun prepares dinner: pork chops, fish and mashed potatoes. By 6:30pm, though the Blondies have not verbally made up, Alison is resting her head on Nathan’s chest outside on a lawn chair. Dana sits nearby watching the guys lift weights. After awhile of this, Dana decides that she can be using her time more productively and seeks Erika out. She’s said that she doesn’t want to campaign against Jun, but that doesn’t stop her from actually doing it: she says specifically that if Jun gets to the end, she will win; that Alie and Nate will “sell” Erika and Jack “down the river” at the first opportunity; that she knows Robert really wanted to use the veto. She hints at wanting to know how Erika will vote because she doesn’t want a 3-3 tie. Her desperation goes on and on in circles and is really too much insanity to recount here. Suffice it to say, she spews the *****, but Erika doesn’t eat it up. Oh, and Dana again calls Robert a “Papi,” but still, I don’t know what this means. As the conversation ends, Erika heads off to tell Jack about it, while Dana heads off to tell Jun again that she is not campaigning against her. What the heck is campaigning, then, if not what she was just doing?

Evening bits to note:

Erika and Jack agree that if either of them get HoH this week, they will nominate Justin and Robert. They also agree that Jun will probably not win the HoH coming up—she is sitting too prettily right between the two factions right now. They wonder if they could sway her over to their side, but realize that the HoH competition will determine that. The two of them then corner Jun in the kitchen and point-blankly tell her that to trust the Stooges is ridiculous since she knows that they are currently lying to Dana’s face. What is to stop them from doing that to Jun?

Dana says of her upcoming eviction: “I am gonna take the high road. I always take the high road. I am going to leave here Wednesday night a sophisticated woman.” Besides the obvious adjective confusion, what the *****?! This woman really does live in a world of her own making with one set of rules for herself and another for everyone else.

As the clock closes in on midnight, there is not much going on besides some chatter, some hot-tubbing, and some drinking—in particular, Nathan is getting more than a bit soused, or so at least Alison says. He and Jun play wrestle and Alison asks them sarcastically if they want to use the HoH room. When Nathan replies in the affirmative, Jun retorts, “What? So you can pass out on me?” Alie and Nate then head outside where they engage in a skipping competition on the chessboard. Even in his slightly inebriated state, he beats her almost continuously, but they have a good time playing with their ropes while Erika and Jack encourage them from the hot tub. Soon enough, the two start wrestling on the grass in the backyard—she challenges him to pin her so she can’t get free. They struggle, they tumble; Erika yells over for Nate not to hurt Alison, but it may as well be cautioned the other way around; they generally have fun until they decide to stop and go inside to wash up (well, to be exact, he pins her several times, but she keeps asking for more; when he states that he is through playing, she declares that she won because she never gave up).

Some last notes as the final vestiges of night fade away into the morning hours:

Alie, Erika and Nathan all praise Kobe Bryant for being a good family man (I’m not including this as if it is funny, because I don’t know if he is innocent or guilty; I am including it to point out the fact that they don’t know what’s going on in the news).

Nathan states that he will “give” his acting career three years before giving up. He hopes that his family connections in Hollywood (very modest ones) will help get him started.

What may be very important info: Nathan talks to his alliance about the DR suggesting that there is a “twist” coming up and that it was mentioned when he was talking about Dana’s upcoming eviction (nooo, get her out, get her out!!!). They do know, however, that no one is coming back (they were told so in the DR). They speculate on what the twist may be and think it could be having a visitor in the house, or maybe even a new HG (maybe even another ex). Though Jack remarks how this would screw up everyone’s strategy, Alie and Erika remind him that that is exactly what BB wants. Dana, too, may be very valuable to BB as she creates a lot of controversy in the house.

Nate asks Alie if she has made any deals with the other side, and all she admits to is finding out that if the Stooges win HoH, they will put up Jack and Nathan. She reminds him that it is a good thing for both of them not to be put up together so the one not nominated can win the PoV and use it. Nathan smirks and asks her how she can be so sure of winning the PoV, and she retorts, “If you can do it, I can do it.”

And so it goes. The Rat Pack has been chatting about nothing much in particular as Dana massages Justin and the others look on. By three in the morning, as usual, the house falls silent. To end on a frustratedposter quote (slightly modified):

“Twas the night before Monday and all thru the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a Ratbert.

All is quiet in the BB house. Looks like the end of action for the night.”

Good night HGs.