The day of voting arrives finally! It is Tuesday and as early as nine in the morning, BB reminds the HGs that today is the day to vote the ManTroll out—so go on and get yer bums outta bed! Okay, so they didn’t really say that, but in my gleeful celebration of the day, let’s pretend, shall we?

As breakfast gets underway and the HGs prepare to vote, not much really happens, but we do overhear Robert say to Jack, “She doesn’t want it to be a tie, so we’re making sure of that.” Jack laughs and says, “Oh, we’re very accommodating.” It appears the glee outside of the house is well-matched within. Nathan joins in on the happiness as he tells Jack over cereal, “Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Dana will be gone and we’ll have HOH.” Okay, so he may be a bit confident, but I won’t take that away from him today. Nope, confetti and good cheer all around! Woohoo!

Um, er…okay. If you insist, I will tame it down a bit. A bit, though, just a bit.

The day picks up some speed as people get some food into their bellies, and early on Jack makes a funny. Jun comes out on to the patio and asks, “What’s up?” Jack smiles, looks at Erika and replies drolly, “I’m counting polka dots. I’ve been counting them since I came in.” Having trouble understanding what he is referring to? Well, if you were watching the feeds, you’d understand well enough as the camera zoomed in slowly on Erika’s pink, polka-dotted bikini. Uh-hmm.

Meanwhile, over in the kitchen, Dana displays why we have such a hard time liking her. Trying to sound sincere, she tells Alison and Jun that she doesn’t want today to be “a day of whispering.” Then, the second Alie leaves, Dana immediately leans over and starts whispering crap about Alison to Jun. Now all you Dana defenders, can’t you see how immersed in a big load of *****-hypocrisy this woman is? Can’t you understand why we dance a jig of joy over her impending eviction? *Dance of Joy!* *Dance of Joy!* Um, sorry. *Talking to myself:* Remember, Kimberly, tame it down. Tame the glee down.

Well, it looks like Robert will spread the joy for me. To Jun in the kitchen (where else would she be), he smirks, “I’ve never seen the house so happy.” Jun, however, is understandably worried and won’t be comfortable until she hears the words tomorrow that Dana is evicted and she is safe. Still, it looks like she needn’t be so scared. The HGs frankly talk about their goodbye messages to Dana and how they have to be nice, because it wouldn’t be smart to risk a vote (because, you know, there’s no other reason to be kind?!). Alison and Nathan meanwhile hang out in the HOH room and chat about strategy while the votes are taking place. Alison wonders if this is the perfect opportunity for Erika and Jack to turn on them, but Nathan says it is not—as long as Alie and Nate are targets and Erika and Jack are not, they will stick with them.

And so the morning goes. Dana and Justin play Quoridor to kill time, and others later take their turns. Jun believes that Dana doesn’t really care about her even though she has told her she wants Jun to make it to the finals. Robert agrees and says, “She doesn’t give a ***** about you. I hope I never see her again after tomorrow.” A couple of the women suntan. Dana comments on how thin she is becoming and remarks that she is emaciated. When she asks Robert how to spell that word, he replies, “e-m-a-n-c-i-t-a-t-e-d.” Maybe he is getting confused with glee and is thinking of “emancipated” and how he will be freed of Dana’s lunatic oppression tomorrow when she is gone. Heh.

Justin tells Robert that he has had a deal with Alison since Day Two. As long as she doesn’t put them up (and she didn’t), they won’t put her up. The deal lasts until Erika, Jack and Nathan are gone. Robert wants to know if they should tell Jun about this deal (they’ve told her they want to take her to the final five, but Jun always assumed this meant her, the Stooges and Dana, not Alison), but Justin says they will only tell her when they need to. The two guys then go on to talk about Dana and her relationship with Justin, and he admits to Robert that he never considered himself “committed” to her—that it was only good because it had “all the benefits of being with a girlfriend without the hassle of a commitment.” He also says of Alison that, while it was “nice to screw her once a week,” he didn’t want to make it “routine.” He doesn’t even consider her his “ex.”

Robert devolves into Ratbert when sex is mentioned and delves into the delusions that “chicks” will be all over them when they are out of the house. He doesn’t think BB will show anything really crude or negative about them, so “chicks” are going to want to “*****” them all the time. He says this while banging his fist into his hand. Oh yeah, Robert, you sure have me turned on. Oh baby, baby, *barf!*


The non-PB&J eaters of the week have steak and grilled vegetables for lunch. Dana makes herself some garlic bread and asks if anyone else wants some, but the HGs gobbling up their steak only shake their heads no. Meanwhile, Erika and Robert have high-tailed it outside of the house to get away from the smell of the food. Jun heads out there and joins Robert, who takes this opportunity to tell Jun that he thinks Dana is crazy: “I’m serious.” Jun only replies that Dana just needs affirmation all of the time, that “she just can’t chill.” Erika jumps in with her opinion that Dana has a lot of pent-up anger, and they all agree. She’s been uber-paranoid, too, but somehow believes that the upcoming twist will involve her coming back. Dana apparently thinks that she is just too big of a presence in the house for BB to let go and told Robert not to be surprised if she was brought back and named HOH. Furthermore, even if this doesn’t happen, she is so important that BB would probably bring her back to be involved in the day-to-day shooting of the show. And Robert thinks she is crazy because…?

Just now she walks outside and, of course, everyone switches the topic of conversation. Given Dana’s big mouth and penchant to ramble, it’s not a difficult task. Dana blathers on about how upset she is they are out of breadcrumbs, that she is getting too skinny, etc., while no one really says anything to her but just watch her. They all break up soon afterward and head inside where Jun has already gone to tidy up the kitchen.

Afternoon chatter: According to the HGs, BB sprung the fact that they’d be sequestered until the end if they made it into the final nine ~after~ they already signed their contracts. Jee was upset about this because he didn’t have time to prepare for such a long stay, but as a poster pointed out, if you hoped to win the show and stay to the end anyway, why wouldn’t you have prepared for that possibility? Perhaps Jee is just a bit grouchy because of his PB&J diet—it does appear to be getting to him in a bad way. At one point he bites out, “I feel like a ***** Guinea Pig!” He also cusses more than usual and bemoans the control BB has over them. I’d feel sorry for him if it weren’t, well, the whole premise of the game, you know.

Dana and Justin cuddle in bed. Dana tells Jee that he will miss her when she is gone, while Jee sits nearby and calls Justin a “ho.” He advises that Justin should do what he needs to do get “that stuff” out of his system before he settles down into a real relationship. Jee seems to be getting a kick out of encouraging the two to get a little dirty and when he tells Justin to “graze the nipple” (meaning Dana’s), Justin complies. Jee further mutters that if he were single in bed with a “girl” right now, he’d gladly mess around. The whole time he eagle-eyes every movement that is occurring under the covers.

Over in other corners of the Hamster House, Erika is describing her perfect man to the others. A not-very-modest Nathan remarks after the description that it sounds a lot like him. Mostly Erika just wants to be “centre stage,” and Alie agrees that she wants that, too. Erika then describes her current boyfriend: All- American, 6’1” with blondish-brown hair.

Just as the evening rolls around, the general lackadaisical and calm day turns a bit feisty when Jee and Jun get into a verbal fight. Though the particulars are unclear, it appears that Jee got mad at Jun when she laughed at something he and Nathan were talking about. The two spar with loud voices, and when it is all said and done, Jun laughs it off and says that Jee is only cranky because of his diet and is taking it out on her. Jee heads outside and joins in some basketball, and the blip that was a faint bit of interest is no longer.

And onto evening bits of interest (interspersed throughout constant Dana-bashing on all fronts): Alie tells Robert that in her goodbye speech to Jun, she said if Jun was seeing it, it meant Alie would be gone the week after (meaning she knows Dana would come after her with a vengeance). Dana insists to Jun that she is a compassionate person who cared too much for the Stooges and Jun to turn on them, and that if she stayed in the house any longer she would go nuts. While poster Fritomade refrains from saying anything about that last comment, let me say the obvious: would go? Honey, you’d better be careful or those grand dreams of Cancun may include a padded room and some fashion tips in white, long-sleeved jackets from the local sanatorium. A bit later, over in the hot tub, the impetus for the brief fight between Jee and Jun is revealed: apparently Jee jokingly remarked that Nathan looked like a hobbit and Jun started laughing. He took offence at this and told her to mind her own business, and thus the argument. Um, my opinion only, but I ~do~ think the PB&J and cutting back on cigarettes is getting to him.

The night trudges on and there is chatter about the clothing they wear (not much compared to last year), the heat of the summer, the weight they have lost or gained, etc. Justin finally moves his clothes out of the Sandbox and Erika jokes, “So you’re not going to spy on us anymore?” Nathan tells Justin that he might consider dating Michelle outside of the house; though he generally dates older women than her, he appreciates the fact that in dating a young woman, he could “shape her and form her.” Justin finds his FBI shirt (the one Jack gave him) and realizes that David did not, in fact, take it. Alie slips up in front of Dana when she asks Jun, “Why are you packing everything?”

And so it goes. Some HGs play Spades. Jee clips his fingernails. Dana and Jun pack. Alie eats cashews which Jun say look like fetuses. Jee shows the HGs some card tricks, but gets nervous as the others try to figure out how the tricks work. Justin eats ice cream from the container. At about one in the morning, the HGs ready for bed. As Erika and Jack head off to the Sandbox where they join their allies in some HOH-competition preparation (studying supposed questions BB might ask), Dana and Justin settle down in the LoveRoom to get down to some massaging. Jee and Robert chat outside about how the POV works as Jee smokes his last cigarette for the day, and the house settles into the final remnants of a long day. The few things the HGs talk about as they tumble into bed are hardly worth noting, but I will mention that Alie’s 23rd birthday is tomorrow; that Dana professes to be excited to be the first one to leave and rejoin the world (misconception that she will be sequestered in Mexico); and that Dana and Justin engage in some heavy petting again.

It’s an early night as the HGs fall asleep before the clock strikes 3:00am, and happily I make it an early night for myself, too (yeah, three here, too, but considering I went to bed yesterday at seven in the morning…it’s early for me).

Till tomorrow! And the eviction of the ManTroll! Mwahahahahaha!