Day 3 begins after a long night of chatting and giggling and more chatting and more giggling… Despite sharing beds with four of the female HGs previous to actual sleepy-time, Nathan settled down alone to sleep in the HOH close to 4:00am. Thus, it was another long night for the hamsters, and further thus, it is another late morning.

As on the previous day, the early risers are Erika and Jack, but this morning they decide not to head back to bed but go about doing miscellanea while the house sleeps in relative peacefulness. A tad less exciting than Jun’s nose-picking yesterday, we get to watch Jack washing dishes and furtively trying to comb his hair over his bald spot while Erika wanders about tidying the kitchen and bathroom (these two have the parent roles down pat, though Mom never looked like her!).

Noon rolls around and BB decides it is time to wake the rest of the hamsters up. Soon enough each one complies, and the conversation of the morning alights upon general speculation over whether there will be a luxury competition today. It sounds like they desperately need it, too, because they’re apparently running out of toilet paper (wouldn’t that be hilarious if BB made toilet paper a luxury? Er, no, scratch that; the word I was looking for was ~gross~). When Scott is asked to put on his microphone, he defiantly states, “I will put on a mic only after you get us some toilet paper! That’s it, someone has to take a stand.” Um, Scott, I think you mean sit.

The early afternoon hours are languid and lazy with the HGs sunbathing or playing HORSE—badly. A couple hours after she first made a go at the kitchen, Erika is back at it, cleaning up a storm. Dana, the one who likes to talk a lot about cleaning but never actually seems to ~do~ it, sits close by and whines about how she will only clean when she needs to. Erika doesn’t seem to listen to her much and simply offers a non-committal murmur to Dana’s comments.

Later, while HGs are laying about in the sun outside or exercising with the equipment they have (which is “sexually slanted” in favor of the men, Erika comments), the conversation in the kitchen turns to that mid-day topic so many of us find ourselves happening upon on so many afternoons: oral sex (poor BB; sex certainly sells, but their casts never seem to want to ~do~ it, only ~talk~ about it). Actually, to be more specific, it’s about taste. And not all the comments are positive, though Jun insists that even though she has never tasted herself, she knows she must taste good (don’t shoot the messenger here, folks; I’m just summarizing what they say).

Meanwhile, Nathan is “trying to keep Michelle on the hook of his charms,” as poster Phantom so eloquently puts it. He tells her that his late night rendezvous with Alison in the HOH room—where he looked ~just~ as comfy as she did playing footsies together and touching one another with dawdling fingers—was all Alison’s idea. She just wouldn’t leave him alone. Hmmm, is this Nathan trying to cause friction in the house? It may be, because Michelle certainly takes this information as reason to pout (though, okay, it may be superfluous to attribute Michelle’s pouting to most things as her own attention-starved immaturity is easily reason enough).

And where might this need to be attended to at all times have arisen? Michelle admits that her family is somewhat wealthy, that her father drives a BMW/ Mercedes (not clear which) and she drives an Acura, but they’re not nearly as rich as some of the families in Boca. Thanks for clearing that up, Michelle. I may be nineteen with a brand new car and parents who give me most anything I want, but Fifi down the road has ~two~ cars. *Gag.* Scott takes this appropriate time to razz her about coming from a moneyed family. That’s right, Scott, pick on someone your own size.

Soon house talk turns to food. How many days have they been in the hamster-pit? Five? And they haven’t suffered the pains of PB&J? Yet already they are dreaming of the perfect meal (ranging from steak and corn on the cob to eggs and sausage). It should be interesting to see what happens when all of them (or even better—half of them!) lose a food competition. With the pumped-up likes of David, Justin and Nathan in that house, it should make for some interesting tension.

As the afternoon trudges onward, we are treated to a special installment of Turtle Lady while she feeds her little hard-shelled companions. That’s right, always cutting-edge in excitement and action, BB zooms in on the little critters as she feeds them heaping piles of vegetables and they ra…ven…ous…ly……chow……down. You know how them turtles move quick like lightening. Kudos to Lola and bruhe who were quick enough to catch them in action!!

Back outside, we get a glimpse of Alison’s rather mean-spirited humor when she comments to Nathan about Scott: “Maybe a sniper will come in and shoot him.” That one sure had me laughing, Alie. What wit. Nathan agrees, though, and remarks that he wants to work on the punching bag while pretending it is Scott’s face. It seems like Scott’s abrasive behavior is beginning to wear on the HGs as much as it is on us at home. With luck, he’ll make an exit pretty soon be it through regular eviction or disqualification for being an obnoxious lunatic.

Other chatter overheard as the day draws on: over in the old folk corner (wherever Jack may be in the house), Jack is chatting about his ex-wife to Nathan and Michelle. She at one time was the head of a high-school science department, but she now sells Chanel at a local mall. Jee tells the others that he has an Ecuadorian girlfriend. Scott remarks that he would love to have a gay son as long as he were “the pitcher and not the catcher” (meaning the top and not the bottom). I really don’t know what to say about that except that’s like saying, “I would love to have a daughter as long as she were a beauty-queen.” I bet Alison would agree. Alison mentions to Justin that “they” have to get HOH next week (I wonder which “they” she means this time?). “***** is about to get ugly,” she says and she wonders if anyone is “after her.” Michelle, while hanging out with Nathan’s “harem” (good one, Liss) in the HOH, talks about cussing more and how Dana has encouraged her to do it. Dana seems proud of this.

Finally, around 5 in the evening, the chatter makes way for some action. Perhaps it’s not hugely exciting action, but it is action nonetheless: Jee gets a haircut. Because of a FOTH, we are not sure but it sounds like Scott began it and now Ali is trying to fix it as other HGs look on. In the midst of this hair mutilation, the cameras start focusing on the plasma screen which is running a fish tank video. As posters begin to go “hmmm,” the screen changes and “Expect the Unexpected” emblazons itself there for all the HGs to see. It takes nearly 7 minutes for anyone to notice it and the honor goes to Amanda. She points it out to Alison, but no one seems to care. The feeds fall again into simple chatter about sex with whom other than Alison, Dana and Jun. Alison gestures to Jun to indicate that Justin is not very “big”; Jun tells Alison that Jee is a “freak” in bed. Dana apologizes into the camera to her father for all of the sex-talk. And on it goes until…

FOTH. We are back from what seems to have been a Veto meeting. From what we can gather at this point, Veto works as it did previously: if a nominee wins it and uses it, the HOH puts someone else up for eviction; if a non-nominated person wins it and uses it, ~they~ must put someone else up for eviction.

Scott now takes this opportunity to mention that he is 6 inches long. Thanks for the info, hat-boy. He and Jack then talk strategy, both basically still believing in a strong original-8 alliance, even though they both really like Jee and Justin, too, despite him being a strong “mother *****” and a strong contender in the game. A bit later, more chat between Scott and Jack prompts a FOTH, and an interesting one it is. As soon as Jack says, “I so many times wanted to call your Dad,” the feeds cut to FOTH. Apparently something similar happened yesterday, too. It might just be that the two of them knew each other before BB and BB was well aware of this. This doesn’t just make me go “hmmm,” it makes me frown, curse BB, roll my eyes, and sigh. When will we ever learn?

The rest of the night dissolves into hot-tubbing and manicures and, what else, chatter (I’m becoming repetitive and it is only the third day of feeds!). Snippets of chatter and happenings to take note of: Scott says that Amanda broke up with him because he never wanted to go anywhere or do anything but get high. Amanda does not disagree. Dana and Jun are surprised that Michelle does not change her shirt in the bathroom because she is so young; Michelle seems unconcerned. Alison tells Erika that Justin used to do drugs while she did not, so it bothered her a lot. She notices now that Dana is getting really close to Justin, and though Dana reassures her that they are just friends, Alison doesn’t like it “in her face.” Erika talks about her youth and how she was “dragged” across America and went to seven different grammar schools. She attributes her lacking math skills to this haphazard period of her life. Nathan bashes David, says he is a “goofy” “free spirit” who is a “freaking idiot.” He doesn’t understand how Michelle put up with him (is anyone else beginning to think that Nathan thinks very highly of himself and is apt to be easily threatened by other good-looking, funny, smart men?).

Later in the HOH room, Alison relays everything Erika told her to Nathan; thankfully, Erika played stupid where her alliance with Jack was concerned, so there isn’t anything to note in their conversation about that. Right now Nathan is more concerned with Justin and Robert and there is also some talk about how close Dana is getting to “the exes.” When Dana comes in, he flat-out questions her about it, and she tells him not to worry. Talk then turns to who Nathan will put up in Amanda’s place if she is saved; this is a particular bone of concern because Nathan wants to make sure that Jee stays. Though this question isn’t answered, they do come to a rousing consensus that Scott will be put on the chopping block next week. “It’s going to get crazy,” Nathan says, and they all giggle and grow silent.

And how else, my friends, would the evening peter off but exactly like this: with furtive conspiring, girlish giggles, and the peacock preening of a much-petted HOH. There is more cuddling with Alison and Nathan, more sex talk (Alison has had five lovers in her sexual lifetime), more jealousy (Dana is upset about the attention Michelle gets), and a rather lackluster game of spoons, which needs no other mention than that it was played.

Peace out folks! This poster is pooped.