It’s Day 30 of the BB feeds, what I hope will prove to be one of the greatest days in history: the ManTroll Eviction!

The morning call today sounds out at quarter to eleven, and the HGs straggle out of bed as usual. Alison, per BB’s request, begins to clean out the HOH room early in the day; the rest eat their breakfast and use the bathroom to prepare their lovely bodies for the upcoming live show. There is a bit of turtle camera action followed by a long FOTH, and when we get back to the world of the HGs, the guys are negotiating shower time: the women can have it until the last hour before the show, and then the men get it for the remaining time. Of course, right after this, Robert is in the shower, so I don’t know how well that worked…

Pre-show conversation mainly includes HOH-speculation and who will put whom up if they win. While Erika supports nominating Justin, Alison, surprise-surprise, suggests nominating Jee and Jun. While we know her true reasons for not wanting to nominate Justin, she says she wants Jun out because she is the “swing vote,” and as such, she scares her. She covers very nicely, however, when she backtracks and says that, actually, she wants Jun to go ~if~ Justin can’t go. Nate, of course, as soon as he is alone with Alison, asks Alison if there is any way they can get Jun to convince the others to nominate Erika and Jack were one of the Rat Pack to win HOH. Alison doesn’t think they’d go for it.

A couple of hours before the show, there is primping and house-tidying and the usual. The couple of things we learn as these two hours trudge along: Jee has lost enough weight that his pants don’t fit any longer. Dana tells Alison that after tonight there will only be three women left in the house; because of this, the cameras will be focused on them even more than before. And then there is FOTH.

Another Wednesday of ups and downs. Last week we lost David, but Alison won HOH. This week we got rid of Dana (wahoooooooooo!), but Justin won HOH. Talk about drama.

As we come back, we find Jun lying in bed and crying softly. Color me confused, but not only did she not get evicted and is now rid of Dana, but with Justin as HOH, she should know she is safe this week. Shouldn’t she be jumping up and down on the bed and doing cartwheels? Well, soon enough she gets back to her normal routine and heads to the kitchen to grab a snack.

Post-show jabber: Jun tells Alie that she is safe because she didn’t nominate Justin last week (as if Alie doesn’t know that). Alie wonders if her name outside of the house is “Ali-whora.” Nate complains that the final HOH-competition question was “rigged” for Justin (yeah, yeah, Justin knows Alison better than the rest, but hello??! Has no one in the house seen that she drags a blue elephant around with her wherever she goes?). He also thinks that Jee and Jun will be the final two and Jee will win: “Mark my words, I am always right.” Er, not in the competition today, you weren’t. Robert wonders if Dana will hate him when she sees the DR entries since he called her crazy—of course, that won’t matter until ~after~ the show, Rob.

Some other things we learn as the evening rolls along: tomorrow is Alison’s 23rd birthday. Justin got Lunchables, Butterfingers, Coke, Haagen Daaz, and some Peanut Butter M&Ms among other goodies in his HOH basket (*drool* for junk food…). The Stooges seem to think that they will be called the “Dream Team” when the leave BB and will be given the VIP treatment wherever they go. *snicker-snort*

At 9:00pm, the Thai dinner Jun ordered arrives (as all non-evicted nominees get to order dinner on eviction night). Jee zips like lightening into the kitchen, and after almost a week of PB&J, I don’t blame him! There is a lot of alcohol set out, too, and some of the HGs decide that they want to get drunk tonight (BB, the jerks, didn’t get any soda for Robert, so Justin gives him one of his HOH Cokes). Alie gets an early start as she passes over the food in favor of some wine. Little conversation is heard as the previously PB&J-afflicted HGs inhale the food as though it were a feast of the gods, but every once in awhile you can hear a HG murmur over some food, “Jee, slow down, man” or “Breathe, Erika, breathe.” Nathan, meanwhile, only picks over the food and eats the chicken and beef.

A half an hour later, after Erika, Jee and Robert scarfed down as much food as their bellies could hold and then some, the last one munching at the table is Jun. The others head off in their separate directions. Outside, the Stooges talk about whom they will nominate, and it is no surprise to hear that Jack and Nathan are the early favorites. Justin, in particular, says that he really wants to be the one “to take Nate out.” They realize that if Erika wins and uses the veto on Jack, they will have no choice but to nominate Alison. Jun pipes in that she’ll want Alie to go then, but Justin shakes his head and says, “Nate first.” Nathan, in the meantime, is over in the LR bitching again about Justin’s win and how the Stooges now have the upper hand. Of course, he blames it all on Alison for not nominating Justin last week.

Night time chatter and happenings: The HGs wonder if Dana got to see any family and friends when she got out; Jun speculates that she didn’t—it would be too risky for one of them to whisper something to the evictee. She supposes that they will either get phone calls or letters when they are sequestered. Justin gives Nathan one of his Butterfingers (how nice, really). Alison maintains that she is “not a slut,” she’s “a flirt”: this after a conversation with Justin and some others about how Donny must be really upset after what has happened in the house. The HGs laugh at how Justin pulled back when Dana honed in for a kiss after she was evicted and at how she thought she looked sexy, but didn’t—she only looked “cute,” they say. Erika gives her word to the Stooges that she won’t use the veto if she gets it (as long as Nathan is the target over Jack, why shouldn’t she make the deal with them?). They do, however, admit that Erika will go up if either of the guys (Jack or Nathan) use the veto to veto themselves.

Back in the Sandbox, Erika relates what she has learned to Jack. He then states that he will not use the veto on himself if he gets an absolute guarantee from the Stooges that Nathan will go instead of him. Even though, the two of them say they will be sad to see Nathan go. They also feel like they are “cursed.” Over in the HOH room, Alie is playing Old Maid with the Stooges (no really, she’s playing the card game); she tells Jee that Nathan used to be her friend before “he turned gay.” The group also talks about who they trust and it is interesting to note that Justin remarks, “Erika has never lied to me.” He says that he values honesty. How laugh-inspiring is it then as he listens intently to Alison claim that she never bad-mouthed him to the original alliance, that, in fact, she used to compliment him all the time?

Just after one in the morning, BB comes over the PA to remind the HGs that there is an early-morning food competition on the morrow. The HGs ignore it as usual. Erika and Jack continue to chat. She tells him that the Stooges now call themselves the “Dream Team,” and Jack retorts, “Oh my God. You know, you get so high, the fall is murderous.” They are surprised at how well Jee has been doing in the competitions, while they are equally surprised at how badly Robert is doing: “Yeah,” Jack says, “he’s wrapped around Justin’s balls.” (Woo-ugh-agh-ughable. Thanks for the imagery, Jack.) Nate is hanging out with Jun and complaining about Alison—he wonders if he could sway the Stooges to go after her instead of him (how soon they turn; they get angry for others turning on them, and then, when threatened, do it in a heartbeat themselves). Alison is with Jee in the HOH talking about her boyfriend as though they are still a couple. We learn that he has cheated on her five or six times and she doesn’t think he has been faithful while she’s been in the Hamster House. Jee tells her she is too lenient, that she lets men walk all over her (you think?).

As for the Stooges, when they join back up and begin chatting again, the conversation turns to Justin and Dana. Justin admits that he almost “slipped it in” a couple times. Apparently he and Dana got “freaky” in the hot tub five or six times. He admits that Jun knew what was going on by the faces Dana was making, and Justin liked it. Dana was “just (his) type. Feisty, too.” Jee, meanwhile, is more than a bit drunk—we can tell by how often he uses the “F” word. As usual, the other guys tease him and goad him on for laughs.

And so the night went and goes and finishes. The Stooges are all on Cloud Nine, while Nathan is looking more than a bit agitated. Erika, Jack and Jun are their usual calm selves, while Alison is her usual attention-hogging drama-queen. By three in the morning, they settle down into bed and sleep is not far behind. Until early tomorrow, adieu.