It’s Day 34 of the feeds, a bright, sunshiny California Sunday. Morning dawns first, it’s no surprise, for Erika and Jack. The two lie in bed and whisper strategy: they decide that Alie is simply too emotional for them to rely on. She “goes around verbally kicking ass,” and then cries about it all. As Jack heads off to the washroom, Erika enters the kitchen where she and Jun whisper also about Alie, as well as Nathan. The Blondies are very “immature” and it is laughable how they cannot understand why they are being picked on. Jun, apparently, overheard them saying to one another that they are the only two blondes in the house, so everyone else is “jealous.” Jack wanders in and they discuss how Jee should know that his fellow Stooges will eventually turn on him, but that for now it is a good strategy for him to lie low with them. At ten o’clock, the BB wake-up call is announced, and the whispering will have to wait as the rest of the HGs straggle out of their bedrooms and into the rest of the house (of course, BB has to call the four younger boys by name as they prove too reluctant to leave their warm havens of mattresses and blankets).

Though a veto meeting looms later in the day, the house is quite relaxed as it must be apparent to everyone that there is positively no chance of Robert actually using his POV. Erika and Jack take their little hard-shelled friends out to the backyard early in the day and chat about nothing much in particular: Erika had a dream about a man trying to throw dynamite up at her on a set of stairs. She says that due to a lack of stimuli in the house, her dreams are very vivid. Various HGs enjoy a breakfast of pancakes and bacon that Jun prepared for them, and nothing much is said as they fill their bellies. Jack does joke, however, when he sees the pancake Jun made for herself shaped into a “J”, “You’re always thinking about me, Jun.” Jun laughs and tells him it is all about her, and then jokes that there is a secret alliance of the “Js”: Jack, Jee, Jun and Justin.

Once finished and outside, lounging about, talk turns to last night and the “drama” that occurred. Though Nathan was a good part of it, Justin and Robert blame it all on the “women” who are so emotional (hello? How have Erika and Jun been more emotional than the guys? Beyond a few moments of tears, I think the guys’ aptness to anger and raging far outstrips a few female tears over evictions). The two Stooges also agree that Alie has been lying since the moment she entered the house and that they cannot trust her. Over in the kitchen, Nathan and Jack comment about the previous night, too, and remark how the “cameras went crazy” trying to capture all the action.

Jun begins her sneaky, sneaky ways before noon today as she heads on over to the HOH room to talk to Justin. She tells him that he is still the main target for Erika and Jack and that the two of them still hope to take Jun over to their side. As Justin thanks Jun for the information and she is essentially dismissed, it really ~does~ look as though she is “reporting” to her master. She then hops over to the other side of the house to lie in bed with Nathan where she skillfully works Nathan into further distrust of Alie. She tells him that not only is Alie a liar who isn’t appropriately grateful for what Nathan did for her, but that she believes Alison thinks her strongest ally in the house is Justin. She then tells Nathan that Alison has him “wrapped around her little finger,” which of course puts Nathan’s back up as he retorts, “No, I’m not!” In fact, he says that he still thinks Alison should be put on the block today using the veto (even on Jack), since she would be sure to get the veto later whenever nominated—but it’s not like he is campaigning or anything (his words).

The veto meeting is called around noon and, as we have come to expect from the precedent set by the past couple of weeks, the feeds remain fixed on the backyard instead of cutting to FOTH. It’s not long after the HGs trickle back outside that it is evident Robert did not use the veto. While Nathan works out in the backyard and Alison, Erika and Jack play cards, the Stooges and Jun bitch about Nathan and his audacity to dare approach Jun with the idea of using the veto. After their Nathan hate-fest is finished for the time being, however, an interesting fact becomes evident: Nathan’s suggestion that Alison be put up with the veto because she is a good enough player to win the veto whenever nominated has really hit home with the Rat Pack. They’re even suggesting that, if they win HOH next week, they nominate Erika and Jack, win the veto, put up Alison and ~then~ evict her. Interesting… Of course, a short while later they then consider the opposite: actually letting Alie get HOH this upcoming week in order to let her take care of Jack. That way, she wouldn’t be able to get HOH the following week, and they could oust her then.

After all the scenarios the Stooges play out in their heads, they ultimately decide that they need to stick with the plan and just get Erika and Jack out. However, if Jun wins HOH and wants Alie gone, they realize that they “will have to respect that.” The three boys then go on to pat their own backs as they talk about the power they have as a group of three: they can threaten people to vote their way and if one of them gets hurt, the others will react with a vengeance. If they win HOH this week, Robert says, he will be “***** screaming!”

When Jun comes out to talk with them, they discuss what they will do if Alie wins HOH and wants Jun gone. The Stooges say they will have to “lie” to her about voting Jun out, and in order to prevent Alie from nominating one of them as a decoy with her, they will threaten her as their next target. Jun wonders if she can totally trust the guys to get out the decoy Alie puts up (either Erika or Jack, if the Stooges have their way), and Justin tells her that she should know by now that she can. The group then veers from strategizing to ridiculing as they make fun of Alie, who is still in the DR, saying that she is probably bawling and crying about Donny: “‘Oh Donny, oh Donnnnny.’ What a whack job!”

Afternoon blather: When someone mentions how Dana must be having a good time right now, Jun remarks, “Is she? We don’t really know that. What if it’s not as great as we think it is?” Jee: “That would be really shitty then.” Um-hmm. Robert says that he would eat “poo” for $20,000. The men laugh about how the women are picking themselves off while they sit back and watch. Erika and Jack realize that they can no longer depend on anyone but themselves and have to win HOH this week (yes! It’s about time that you do!); their order of ideal evictions: after Nathan, Justin, Robert and then Alie. Nathan talks to Robert (whom he calls “dork” behind his back) how he really likes him and wishes that he had made an alliance with him and not the “women” of the house.

Just after four in the afternoon, a relic of seasons past comes back to greet us for the first time this year: it’s a plane with a message! (It's not a banner, however; it's skywriting.) Robert sees it and quickly gets the rest of the HGs who all group in the backyard and watch the sky. All we know from their speculation is that it says something about Hawaii—they wonder, does this mean they will be sequestered in Hawaii? Of course, within a scant minute, the feeds cut to a short FOTH. When we come back, the HGs have all been placed into a lockdown inside of the house, and as they pull the blinds down, Nathan remarks, “Rob, we shouldn’t have said anything.” Excitement follows as they wonder if it was, indeed, for them. They assume it was since BB placed them into lockdown. Alie exclaims, “This is exciting, people are actually watching!” We are then treated to a longer FOTH, and once the feeds are back, there is no other mention of the message from the skies except for Alison saying “Aloha,” and Erika responding, “I don’t think that was for us.” Hmmm. (EDIT: Pictures captured show that it was a skywriting message saying: "Aloha 03.")

As the late afternoon melts into evening, Alie and Erika take their turns rating the guys. What we hear is: Nathan is “pushing a 10” in looks, but only when he wears a hat; his personality is a 7; as a whole package he is an 8 with a hat, a 7 without. Justin’s personality is a 9. David is a 7 in looks, a 10 in personality; as a whole package he is an 8.5 or 9. Donny is a 10, maybe even an 11, in looks; a 6 in personality; an 8 overall. Robert’s whole package is a 2 (that’s Alie rating him, not Erika).

An interesting bit to note as the night gets underway: Erika and Jun whisper strategy together in the bathroom. They discuss how Jack is the Stooges’ next target and how they cannot trust Alie at all. The poster who updates this conversation remarks that it sounds like Erika and Jun are really forging an alliance to get rid of the Three Brothers Gross and Alison, and I have to agree: it ~does~ sound like it. However, I think what Jun is actually doing is effectively maintaining alliances on both sides. It’s in her interest to stay with the power, but it is NOT in her interest to have that power remain in the same hands from week to week. She knows that she is low in the pecking order on both sides because of her decision to play both sides. If either side gets rid of the other side completely, she is threatened, but if she effectively plays both sides against each other week to week and they pick one another off one by one, she has a good chance of getting to the end. However, it is important to note, this is only my speculation. What Jun is really doing is only for Jun to know.

The early night falls to the usual chatter and furtive strategizing. Erika and Jack discuss further how they cannot trust Alie, especially now that they think Nathan has told her they are mad at her for not nominating Justin. Despite their belief that she has an alliance with Justin, they still think the other side will go after her first (first before them or first before Jun is unclear). Nathan advises them to stick with her as she is determined to win HOH and probably will, but to not place their trust in her as wholeheartedly as he did. Outside, Jun tells Alie that the Stooges are after her next as they can’t trust her but can trust Erika and Jack to stick with their own two-party alliance. Jun then heads inside to tell Jee that Erika told her the Stooges want Alie to oust Jun; Jee only blames Erika for trying to cause trouble and tells Jun not to worry. After Jee leaves, Jun then tells Robert that Alie will go after Justin next and that Erika and Jack want Jun on their side to get rid of Alie, all of which pisses the Bert off to no end. I only watch with my mouth agape at Jun’s devious machinations and wonder when will these people realize that Jun is the biggest *****-disturber this show has ever seen?!

Just after 8:30pm, a simple joke one of the HGs cracks make us laugh out loud while watching: they all smell grilling that is wafting in over the backyard walls, and someone remarks: “Maybe Dana is next door grilling.” Everyone laughs at how silly that notion is, but we laugh for totally different reasons. Jun is working out, taking frequent breaks to re-hydrate, while some of the guys play basketball and the rest look on. Alison and Nathan bicker as usual. Nathan: “I hate you, Alison.” Alie: “Why?” Nathan: “Because you stuck me with Dana.” Robert, looking mighty tired, lounges in the hot tub and Jack wonders if one day he will fall in and drown. Alison jokes, “One less person to get rid of.” Nathan and Erika tell Alie that all her ab work won’t matter because of what she eats; Alie and Jun agree that was rude of them to say, and Alie is mad that Nathan feels the need to watch what she eats (and I agree; what she eats is not his business. Furthermore, when someone tries to exercise, it ~is~ rude to say it’s “nothing” because of what they eat. They could be scarfing down fast food all day, and it is still “something” that they try to engage in some healthy physical activity).

At 10:30pm, we get another laugh when Justin decides to dunk his head under water in the hot tub and see how long he can hold his breath. What is funny is that Robert seems to think that human record for this is two minutes. When Justin goes two minutes and thirty-five seconds by a poster’s clock (and over three minutes by Jun’s counting), Robert congratulates Justin as if he has just broken some world record. If this wasn’t funny enough, when Jun tells Justin that she could beat his time easily (she won a contest at camp one year), Justin postures and says it was nothing, he could do ten minutes if he really put his mind to it. If he can do it, he asks, what will she give him? She retorts, “A blow job.” After the hoots and hollering at the comment settle down, Justin says, “So if I go down for ten minutes, you’ll go down for ten minutes?” Oh Justin, you think you’re witty, but you’re dealing with Jun here. She replies drolly, “I doubt you will need that long.”

Over in the Sandbox, Jack is making a funny of his own. He’s telling the others about getting his senior’s driving license early and how they put you in a room with a fly swatter and a bunch of flies. If you manage to swat a fly, you prove that you have good reflexes and get your license. Though Erika laughs after only a slight hesitation, it takes Alison a bit longer to actually realize that Jack is joking.

The night settles down earlier than usual. On most nights, the action really starts after midnight, but tonight there is very little to note. What is important or interesting to know: Jee and Jun secretly meet up in the Storage Room and agree that as long as Erika and Jack aren’t targeting the two of them, it might be smart to consider a deal with them. Jun specifically tells Jee that if they let Erika or Jack win the HOH, they can get rid of Justin for them. Jee only says, “Yeah, I know.” Jack mentions that he wants to be a screenwriter. While talking about the turtles, Erika remarks that they are more social than most people think and that is why they sleep together each night. Jack says that they are “trying to go north”—that is why they sleep in the same corner of the tank each night. Erika likens Jee and Jun’s relationship to that of a pet and owner: “She wants to watch out for him and keep him from harm.” Erika also tells Jack that Robert’s assertion that her boyfriend is connected to BB and is someone they all met before they came into the house is bull-*****. She jokes, “Yeah, I’m sleeping with the producer,” and Jack responds, “I wish you would feed him some better questions then.”

It’s an early night as the HGs fall into silence around two in the morning. I guess a day of indolence amid furtive plotting will make a person tired. My guess would be that despite an extra hour of sleep, however, we shouldn’t expect an early morning tomorrow. Until then, adios amigos!