Monday morning begins much as every other day with Jack and Jun up before the BB wake-up call, but within minutes it is obvious that tides are turning in the house. Instead of engaging in simple chitchat over breakfast preparation and coffee consumption, Jack and Jun actually whisper strategy together. Most importantly, Jun tells Jack that she hopes to convince Jee to throw the HOH competition this week to Erika or Jack to enable them to do Jee and Jun’s dirty work: nominate Justin and Robert and evict the former. What is interesting about this conversation is a) Jun, though not coming clean about her alliance with Jee, is approaching the idea with Jack of attempting to use her influence over Jee to have him turn on his fellow Stooges, and b) Jack is willing to do Jee and Jun’s dirty work as long as they help him or Erika win the HOH. Of course, this is not so surprising since both Jack and Jun have admitted that their ideal final four would be Erika, Jack, Jee and Jun.

As fellow HGs meander out of bed, BB announces a wake-up call at quarter after eleven. As soon as Erika is up, Jack tells her about his conversation with Jun; he seems very optimistic that both Jee and Jun will come to their side if they can evict Justin in the upcoming week. He also tells Erika that Jun promised to talk to Jee about the proposal tonight. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jun is preparing what she calls “Snake Eyes” (we called them “Bird’s Nests” as children), which are essentially eggs fried through a hole cut into the centre of a piece of buttered bread. Various HGs look on and wait patiently for their first meal of the day, while Jee brushes the enamel off his teeth in the bathroom and Erika takes Cuff and Link outside to play in the grass.

The “Snake Eyes” prove to be a hit and many HGs offer compliments to the chef. Once finished and satiated, everyone disperses to different parts of their habitat. Jun heads off to the bathroom where she is soon joined by Jee, and it is only a matter of seconds before they furtively begin to whisper. Jun tells her secret ally about her talk with Jack, and Jee seems very receptive. Indeed, they talk about what “cover story” they will tell the Stooges if things work out as they plan. What is odd, however, is that Jun then runs over to the HOH room and tells Justin and Robert everything that she and Jack talked about that morning. Of course, she makes it sound as though it was all Jack’s idea, and she also says that she and Jee emphatically declined the deal Jack offered them. Justin and Robert, not surprisingly, sputter in disbelief at Jack’s gall and “ignorance,” and it only gets worse when Jun tells them that Jack warned her that the two of them wouldn’t hesitate to turn on Jee and Jun in the end. A lot of swearing and pompous exclamations ensue.

Over in the Sandbox, a different sort of conversation is occurring between Erika and Jack. Apparently Nathan has told them that he thinks Alie is “tied in” with Justin with some sort of informal agreement, and Erika and Jack conjecture that it is because she wants to go after Jee and Jun that Alison has been allowed to stay. They worry that if Alison in fact gets HOH, that she will nominate the two secret allies and then they would have to vote to evict Jee. As a Stooge, they would have no choice but to get rid of him, but they still wouldn’t be happy about it because he is a “decent individual” whom they wouldn’t mind winning the $500,000.

As one o’clock winds around, the real meat of the day gets served up. Nathan heads to the HOH room to talk with Justin—er, no, no, the right word is “plead” with Justin. Nathan, in fact, is fighting tooth and nail for his continued existence in the house. To begin with, Justin tells Nathan that he ~has~ had a deal with Alie since Day One—that she told him immediately that she would never nominate him. Nathan shakes his head in disbelief and tells Justin that Alie has been playing the two of them, that the entire time she professed to Justin to stick by his side, she was telling Nathan that she wanted Justin evicted out of the house. Despite Nate’s confession, Justin doesn’t take it too seriously—he really believes that Alie won’t turn on him, and yet at the same time he admits that she is a “pathological liar.” After they finish bashing Alie for the time being, Nathan begins his real plea: he tells Justin that he is mad at being played by Alie and now wants to align himself with the Stooges. He maintains that he will vote as they want, nominate as they want—in essence, be their lackey as long as they save him. Justin seems to be considering this proposal with a great deal of interest. They even discuss putting Erika and Jun on the block next week, then winning and using the veto to put Alie up and get her out (this way, they’d only have to put up with her “whining” from Sunday to Wednesday).

Justin tells Nathan that he will relay Nate’s proposal to the other Stooges, after which Nathan can talk to them himself. Like a good boy, Nathan leaves the room and Jee, Jun and Robert come in. Immediately, Justin relates the deal Nathan has offered, but as enticing as splitting up the Erika-Jack alliance is and gaining a strong member for their team, Jee, Jun and Robert are all decidedly wary. While we know why Jee and Jun are (because they want Jack around to help evict Justin for them), Robert seems genuinely desirous of getting rid of someone he considers a strong player. The interesting bits of this convo are: Justin feels sorry for Nathan, who he considers was “brainwashed” by Alison. Jun tries to convince Justin that Jack would nominate her and Justin, not Justin and Robert. She also offers to be put on the block if Alison wins HOH. Jee and Robert are concerned that Nathan could easily break his word and turn on them if they kept him—it is, after all, a game, they say.

At the same time the above conversation is taking place, Nathan has wandered outside where Alison immediately knows that something has happened: “You’re being very vague. You’re hiding something.” Soon enough, she becomes upset with him and accuses him of cutting a deal with the Stooges. She asks him if he agreed to put up either her, Erika or Jun if he gets HOH, and he simply answers, “I’m not talking about the game with you anymore.” They get very angry, and all is definitely not well in Blondie-land.

Soon Nathan is called in to plead his case with Jee and Robert (Justin promised Nate some time alone with them for that and he doesn’t want Jun there in order to keep up the pretence that Jun is playing both sides—as long, Justin says, as she is really with the Stooges). Nathan regurgitates what he said earlier to Justin: he will vote as they want, nominate as they want, do basically anything they say as long as they keep him in the house. He will turn on Alison, he will turn on Erika, it doesn’t matter; in fact, he states, why shouldn’t it be all the strong players together anyway? Why don’t the four young men stick together to the end? (Of course, Ratbert takes this opportunity to rag on Danielle and Lisa from last year: “It was a ***** joke! Two girls in the final…”)

Once Nathan leaves, however, it is apparent that Jee and Robert have not been as swayed by Nathan’s proposal as Justin has been. They agree that it is “enticing,” but the two also realize that Justin and Nathan would be hard competition for the two of them in the final four—so why make it more difficult on themselves by keeping the Golden Boy? Jun and Justin re-enter the HOH room at this point, and the four discuss the issue at hand. Jee admits that Nathan seems “sincere,” but he can’t vouch for how long it will last: “It may change in the future.” Robert, while voicing his hesitancy to take Nathan up on his offer, tells Justin that it really isn’t their call—that Justin must make the decision as he is HOH. Justin doesn’t like this, however. He wants the group to be comfortable with the decision; he doesn’t want to only act in his own interests. And soon enough, Justin begins to relent. He mutters, “I am thinking it would absolutely suck to go through another week with Nathan on the block,” and the others jump on this like a ravenous dog attacking a bone. “Exactly!” Robert exclaims. They tell Justin that if Nathan stays, he will certainly go further in the game than they want him to; that he will win competitions and may even win the veto when finally nominated; and that even though Erika and Jack will still have an alliance of two, they will only be two against their four (Alison doesn’t seem to be included in this). Finally Robert even suggests that if Justin sacrifices his own wishes to evict Jack for the group that they will all agree to use the veto on Justin if ever he is nominated—even if they are nominated alongside him. This one time deal would “even the playing field” on their team. The reactions to this idea are reluctant to say the least, and the idea falls by the wayside when eventually they agree that as long as things stay the same, Nathan will be voted off tomorrow morning (they don’t know yet that the voting will be live).

The drama subsides around half past two in the afternoon, and for Nathan, everything is still up in the air: “I don’t have a clue. I probably won’t until eviction night.” And so it must be. The HGs fall to usual afternoon activities: chatting, card-playing, and napping. There is no Quoridor, however, as BB took it back earlier that morning. Alie and Nate seem to have gotten over their tiff and are talking again; in fact, Alie seems to be trying to smooth things over as she tells him that when Justin asked her if the Stooges could trust Nathan, she answered that he is the most trustworthy person in the house. Nathan seems happy with this. Over in the bathroom again, Jee discreetly tells Jun, “We’re in good shape.” Once others enter the room, however, they immediately cover and being griping with one another about trivial things. And so it goes.

Evening breaks and nothing much changes. Jun makes dinner while the others mill about doing the boring things they do: work out, play basketball and jabber. Erika and Jun talk briefly about their newly forming alliance, and Jun relates information from this afternoon: she tells Erika that Robert has offered to veto Justin if Justin gets nominated. Though Erika doesn’t believe Rob would actually do it, she simply replies, “Then Robert goes home.” Erika also tells Jun that, ultimately, Alison will vote to evict Justin, as well—she knows that she could never win against him in the final two. As they finish talking and Erika leaves the room, Jun hilariously enough sings softly to herself, “Garbage talk, garbage talk, so much talking in this house!” She can’t be too upset at anyone about it or she’d be the queen of hypocrisy, now wouldn’t she?

Evening chatter: Nathan asks if there is a difference between romaine and lo mein (incredible). The HGs comment how they miss Subway, but no one says a word about Burger King. Jee, Jun and Robert further assure each other that they all want to keep Jack and evict Nathan, despite what Justin wants. Jun again tells Jee, when alone with him, that she is going to throw the next HOH competition and suggests that he does, too. Jack jokes that Justin should get a tetanus shot since Robert “clawed him” (and as poster FuggyBootnling comments, “Yep, those rats can carry disease, I’ve heard”).

By now the HGs have eaten their pork lo mein with zucchini and the night begins. Alie and Nathan banter like ten year old siblings, as usual. Jun works out, Nathan shaves his chest, and Alie and Erika walk laps around the backyard. There is ab class, there is card-playing and there is plant-watering… It’s not exactly the most exciting nights of feed entertainment.

After midnight, things pick up slightly as Nathan tries to work on his case again with Robert, but Robbie only rebuffs the Golden Boy and tells him they will talk about it tomorrow. The two do talk with Jee, however, about Alie using Nathan to “slide through,” after which Robert mutters, “Yeah, just like ***** Erika” (why is it the women “slide through” and use the guys to further their positions in the game, but the guys can lie all they want and are only “playing the game”? It’s utter hypocrisy verging on misogyny, especially on Ratbert’s part). Nathan plays on Robert’s dislike of Erika and fear that she may last longer in the game than him as he tells the Bert that he will nominate Erika if he is saved and then wins HOH. Robert questions Nate if he, in fact, approached Dana with the opportunity to “redeem” herself and come back to the original alliance, but Nathan skirts the question saying that he was “scared” of her and really only wanted her out of the house. The Bert then has the audacity to state that none of the Stooges “have ever said a bad thing” about the other HGs (what?!?!). So, basically, Nathan and Robert lie to each others’ faces for a good half hour, and the only real information to come out of it is that neither particularly trusts Jun.

Robert reports back to Justin and the gist of it is that Robert thought Nate was “cool” about everything, especially his answers about Dana. He also repeats his distrust of Jun to Justin, and Justin nods his head—apparently they feel they can only trust her for “this week.” Jun comes in at this point, and they again all discuss Nate and how “cool” he has been today (because he’s been hanging out with them). They still plan to vote him out, however, and Robert remarks, “He is ready for it.” It’s just too late for him to be trying to “con” them now, especially when his “back is against the wall.” They also congratulate themselves for making Jack “scared up his ass.” Thrown in among this conversation are the general disdain and insults for the other HGs that usually accompany the Stooges’ discussions, as well as the usual reiterations that Jun wants Alie gone and Justin wants Jack gone (next week now).

Outside, Alie asks Nathan if he is going to plead his case again with the Stooges, but he says he doesn’t want to bug them anymore. It would be “cool,” however, if she would go in to the HOH room and say something on his behalf. When she asks him what he wants her to say, he replies, “Lie and tell them you feel bad because I saved you with the veto and now I’m on the block!” Heh, despite her avowals otherwise, Nathan knows that Alison isn’t really torn up about Nathan being nominated and facing eviction as long as she is safe. Nate then tells Alie that her “best bet” if he goes is to “go after” the Stooges; Alie responds that she is going to go after them whether he is here or not (she states that she would have no chance with the three of them in the end). Yet despite his advice, Nathan admits that, if he is saved, he will have no choice but to stick to his word and not nominate any of the Stooges. Alie tries to convince him otherwise (she really wants Jee and Jun up). Nate also remarks that he doesn’t trust Erika and Jack: “When push comes to shove, they will save each other.”

The night begins to peter off into pre-bedtime ritual now. Among the tired chatter is overheard a couple interesting things: Alie remarks that BB hasn’t reminded them of voting tomorrow morning (usually on Monday nights, BB tells them at one in the morning that there will be early-morning voting tomorrow to prompt them to bed). Jack tells Erika that Robert told him he will be put up next week as a pawn against Alison. He figures that if Jun is the HOH, the vote will be a tie and Jun will evict Alison over him. The HGs chatter about Dana; some of the comments are nice, some of them are not so nice. Jee and Jun play-argue and call each other psychos; Jun states she will have to enter therapy after being in the house so long with him (the other HGs howl throughout this interchange).

By quarter to three, the HGs head to their beds and silence creeps into the house. It’s been a day of roller coaster strategizing, but finally it’s complete. As Jun says while she walks to her bedroom, “Goodnight everybody. The show is over.” Well, at least for tonight it is. Adieu.