It’s Tuesday morning, and despite there being no voting to take place today (unbeknownst to the HGs), an early-morning wake-up call rings out at nine in the morning. Jack and Jun drag themselves out of bed, but the other hamsters ignore the announcement and only snuggle their heads further into their pillows. BB delivers another wake-up call ten minutes later and leaves no question with the tone of their voice that the HGs are to get up NOW. Willful brats that they are, the tired forms aren’t intimidated easily and it is ten minutes later again that BB issues another wake-up call. This time, however, BB is much more pleasant and, hey, sugar works better than vinegar: finally the HGs straggle out of their warm nests.

As the HGs head into the kitchen while yawning and scratching their hair out of their face, it becomes evident that they are under a lockdown. Confusion abounds, but they only shrug and sit down to the breakfast that Jun has prepared. The HGs still assume that they are voting this morning, and when alone with Alie, Justin tells her that despite his desire to keep Nate, the plan is to vote him out. Alison tells Justin that she will vote with the majority. Over in the kitchen, talk is much lighter as Jun relates a sex dream that she had: it featured a guy who was powerful and charismatic and looked somewhat like Scott. Nathan then asks her how many guys she has been with and she responds that she has only been with three: Jee, “Bob,” and a stranger. Nathan doesn’t believe her, to which Jun jokes, “Yeah, I’m a virgin.”

A bit after eleven in the morning, the lockdown ends. The HGs head outside and they realize that all the lockdown was for was to “paint the grass green” again. Alie speculates that the HOH competition will be one of endurance. Jun confirms at this time, too, that BB has finally told them the vote will take place live tomorrow—Jun thinks that BB wants to give Justin and Nathan one more day (that would be my speculation, too, since I would imagine BB would want Nathan in the house more than Jack, but the fact that it was announced a week ago throws a slight kink into that assumption—only slight, however!). Nathan campaigns against Jack, though he has stated more than once that he would never do that. Talking to Jun, he says Jack is “so sneaky. He’s a negotiator.” Hello??? Who has been doing all the negotiating this week? Anyway, Nate then goes on to revel in his now favorite topic: how much he doesn’t trust Alie anymore. “I really despise her. She just annoys the hell out of me.” Jun, meanwhile, tells Nathan that Erika and Jack told her Nathan doesn’t like her or trust her; Nathan refutes it all (and basically lies). Jun also advises that Nathan not try to bargain any longer with Jee and Robert. Nathan is too stupid to realize that she is doing so exactly because she ~wants~ Nathan to go.

Over in the living room, Robert is working on his newfound (as of yesterday) don’t-trust-Jun campaign: he tells Alie, Jee and Justin not to trust her, that she is playing both sides; Alie engages in the conversation wholeheartedly, while Justin only says that “it won’t get her anywhere” and Jee makes the odd negative comment and mostly stays silent. Alison also tells the group that Jun approached her earlier and told her that the Stooges want Alie out. In fact, Jun ~did~ do this, but why we don’t know. What we do know is that it feeds right into the overwhelming anti-Jun sentiments that are flowing in the house at this moment.

Afternoon chatter: Erika and her brother made the semi-finals to be contestants on the Amazing Race. The Stooges reconsider whom to evict (damn BB giving them this extra time!); if the HOH competition is physical, they may keep Nathan (they assume that they will learn the nature of the competition in practice/ rehearsals as they do most weeks). Robert goes as far to tell Alie, after she pleads Nathan’s case again, that she has to vote Jack out if the competition is physical ~and~ to not tell Jun. He doesn’t care about Jun’s vote because it won’t matter as long as they have Alie’s. A bit later, Justin, Nathan and Robert hang out in the HOH room and diss Jun as much as they have any other HG and agree that most of the “*****” in the house is coming from her. Now they consider evicting Jun next, after which will be Alie and Erika. This will leave the Three Stooges and Nathan and a testosterone-infested house that will be unbearable to watch.

Well, what am I saying? It already is unbearable to watch sometimes. When Jun tells Justin and Robert that Erika, “that bitch,” approached her with the idea of an all-woman alliance, Robert remarks, “She better not say anything like that to me. I’d ***** her up. She doesn’t have the balls to tell me that.” Oh, poster DC1, how right you are when you say, “What a bunch of buffoons.” Sickening, really. Once Jun leaves, Jee and Robert discuss Nathan and his destiny. Jee is still wavering, while Robert seems more inclined to keep Nathan. Why is obvious as Nathan comes in and starts bitching about Jun who he says has “framed him”— Robert, and this is my opinion only, is a woman-hating bastard who would rather sit around with Nathan and bash those “nasty-assed skanks” and feel like a big man than be in the house with a REAL man like Jack.

Just before four in the afternoon, a CBS chopper flies directly above the house, and when the HGs jump outside to wave at it, there is an immediate FOTH. When the feeds come back, happy comments about it reverberate through the house: “How cool was that,” “That was sweet, dude,” and “That was just for us!” The excitement soon settles down, however, and the house falls back into its general state of unrest. The Stooges meet up in the HOH room and discuss the pros and cons of keeping Nathan. Jee insists that they don’t need Nathan for their team, but he wouldn’t mind having another player around to help “get rid of those ***** girls.” Justin wants to get rid of Jack, because he knows he is his primary target; and yet, his “gut” is telling him to get rid of Nathan. Robert seconds Jee’s belief that they don’t really need Nathan, especially if it is a mental competition. And so it goes, back and forth, back and forth. It seems like it is going to be a last minute decision until an important factor that comes up: they realize that if they keep Nate, they very well may be risking both Dana and Jun’s final votes (if any of them make it to the final two). They also realize that they wouldn’t have Nate’s vote, either, when they “dick him around” to eventually get him evicted. So, to quote poster bruhe, “Long story short: the Stooges agree to oust Nathan.”

Also worth noting in this conversation: They are all surprised that Jack hasn’t campaigned for himself this entire week, and Jee mentions that Jun knows she is the fourth wheel, and they have to keep convincing her of that. Is Jee being serious or is he covering for his alliance with Jun? Hard to tell, especially since Jee also tells the guys that Jun told him to throw the competition. (Amazing in this house that almost no alliance is as solid as it seems; in fact, besides the Erika- Jack alliance, the only sincere person in the house seems to be Justin—which may easily be his downfall.)

Evening chatter/happenings: Nathan hopes “they don’t change their minds”; little does he know, they already have. Of course, the way they vacillate, there may still be hope. Robert runs from a big bug in the backyard that scares him (it turns out to be a June bug). Jee dons Erika’s pink hat, and everyone bursts out laughing at the sight. Jee tells Erika that he is “working it” (to keep Jack in). Erika plucks Alie’s eyebrows for her, while Jun looks on. They talk about what Dana and Justin did or did not do; while they don’t think they “did it,” they do think that Justin went into Dana’s “house” and Dana touched Justin’s “car.” Interesting way of putting it. The three of them then wander around yelling “ManTroll” over and over again, giggling and basically acting like children. They call her some nasty names and wonder how Justin could have been intimate with her.

After nine in the evening, the women settle into working out while Robert hangs out in the hot tub, Jack sits nearby and the other guys play basketball. Ab work soon follows, after which pampering-night ensues: the guys and girls both do their nails and apply facial masques. Again, not another fascinating evening. Mindless chatter reigns throughout the night, most of which isn’t important to note. What is worthy to relate, however: The Stooges decide not to tell Jack he is safe; they want to see him squirm. Robert theorizes that Erika is still in the house only because she is the “weakest” of the remaining eight: “She’ll just be like another Lisa—bartending bitch.” Um, yeah, I hope she IS like Lisa and wins, or at least gets farther than you, Ratbert. Robert also wants to get Jack into the HOH room to beg on knees for safety: “I want to make him ***** squeal, man.” When he actually gets up to go get Jack, an uncomfortable Jee stops him (I’m sorry, but holy ***** is Robert an *****!!).

By now it’s after midnight. Much to our horror, we hear Justin admit that he, uh, engaged in some rather intimate behavior with Dana in the hot tub involving his mouth and, uh, dunking under the water: “I was all up in that *****.” A bit later Jun gives Jee a manicure, and as she rounds his nails, he complains that he usually keeps them square-cut. Jun points out that only women shape their nails to be squared, and after Jee considers this, he remarks that he’ll keep his nails rounded from now on. Throughout the whole time, the two banter back and forth in what proves to be a very amusing manner. Erika and Jack, meanwhile, are getting more than a little frustrated with the game: it’s not intellectual anymore, everyone is paranoid, it’s not fun, etc. Jun joins them and she advises Jack not to go into the HOH room with the Stooges (she tells him that they want to “mess” with him); if he has to, she tells him just to “go along” with everything they say. She also tells him and Erika that she can tell that even Jee is getting tired of how “cocky” they are—she could see it “in his eyes.” They also all agree that they have to be careful of what they say in front of Alie.

Late night notes: There is a starfish that keeps repeatedly showing up on the plasma screen, but no one knows why. Justin, while talking to Erika, implies that the HOH competitions are fixed to benefit certain people; furthermore, he thinks that BB gave them an extra day before voting to give them a chance to rethink whom they are voting out (thus giving Nathan an advantage). Justin also readily admits to Erika that Nathan’s offered deal is extremely attractive and that Nathan may very well stay if the HOH competition is something Nathan could win. Jack has a tête-à-tête with Justin in the HOH room. Jack argues that Justin shouldn’t trust someone who is so easily ready to switch sides; Justin argues that with Nate on his side and Jack gone, he’d only have Erika to worry about. Justin admits that if the vote had happened that morning, Nathan would be a goner, but that he thinks BB is giving them extra time because they want to keep Nathan over Jack. And on it goes. Jack does a bit of campaigning himself, saying it would be smartest to evict Nathan, a strong player. He also does a little schmoozing, telling Justin that Justin is a “great competitor” that Jack would like to keep “jousting with.” To be fair, from everything we have heard Jack say, I think that compliment is quite honest. Other bits of interest: Justin admits he is wary of Jun. Both men agree that they wish they had ended up on the same “side.” They laugh and shake hands in friendliness as Jack gets up to leave, but no promises are made.

Meanwhile, Jee and Jun talk about the night’s events. Jee admits that he is uncomfortable with how cocky his cronies have been acting: “I never acted like that when I was HOH. I was humble.” (I wouldn’t go that far, but he certainly was no where near as bad as Justin and Robert are being—and to be honest, I think Justin is not even so bad, it’s Robert who is being nauseating.) Jun says that her strategy coming into the house was to “stay in the kitchen”; it’s the middle of the house and everyone comes there to talk. They wonder if they really need Erika and Jack; they waver over whether they want to target Alison next or Jack.

Alison, around this time, heads over to the HOH room to talk to Justin about his chat with Jack. Justin tells Alie that Jack is a “straight-up guy.” He then lists the strong players he and Jack agreed on: himself, Jack and Nathan. When Alie remarks, “You didn’t say me,” Justin tells her that Jack called her, as well as Jun, “a floater,” and Alie gets very quiet. Justin further remarks that he appreciates Jack’s honesty, and he only regrets that the original eight players had to make an alliance: “The game would have been so different.” He tells Alie that he knows he will lose Dana and Jun’s votes in the end if he keeps Nathan, and that even if he goes out because of Jack, at least he will go out on his own terms. On and on he babbles as Jun and the other Stooges wander in. He really believes BB wanted him to win the last HOH; his “gut” tells him to evict Nathan; he’d rather “take one for the team” than save his own hide at their expense; and he really respects both Erika and Jack for being so honest.

As the night winds down and the strategizing fades away for the day, the chatter becomes a simple reiteration of everything we have already heard today. The few new things we learn: Alie states that she has no use for Nate anymore since he would never save her again. Justin doesn’t want to worry about trusting Nathan if he keeps him and then have to worry again when he will need to nominate him again—it seems to be that no one needs to convince Justin to vote out Nathan, Justin is doing a good job of it himself. Alie, Jee and Justin make fun of Robert who is so angry at Jun for playing both sides but won’t actually say anything to her about it. Justin tells the others that, though they may not have “huge followings,” they will get emails every day and have websites built just for them when they get out of the house. It could go on for “years,” he says, and Jee is amazed.

It’s around quarter to three, as it was last night, that the remnants of chatter die into silence and the hamsters snuggle to bed. Tonight I will take my cue from two Stooges. Jee: “On that note, we should sleep.” Justin: “Get that light for me.” Good idea. Goodnight.