At midnight on the 13th of July not much happening except a convo about the boys manicures. Then the three stooges tell Jack he is safe from eviction. A little speculation about if someone will be coming back and then talk about their BB family with Jack as Dad and Erika as Mom. Ali states she is the baby.

Nothing really interesting until about 2 am when Jee, Ali, and Justin have one of their sex talks. Ali states she hasn't slept with Donny. Jee says she must be frustrated and then Justin has to leave the room ( I don't know if he didn't like where this conversation was going or just had to go to the bathroom.).

Justin comes back and they start talking voting. All agree Jack is a great person but a big threat. Justin states he doesn't know how Ali should vote. They talk about HOH and say they should Nathan's deal if the competition is physical cause Erica and Jack would have little chance of winning. If they don't know what kind of competition there will be before they have to vote, then Nate has got to go.

All go to sleep around 3 am. Live feeders see a little movement at around 10 when the early birds arise. They then go to outdoor lockdown around 11 w/ FOTH off and on. When on, not much convo occurring. Lockdown ends at noon.

The HG are told to dress casual for tonight's HOH competition. The women aren't happy about this. Jun stating she hates wearing tennis shoes. Later we overhear Jun in diary room saying she is nervous about HOH competition.

They saw a quick peek of BY and think it will have something to do with balance endurance competition giving Ali and Erica a advantage. Robert mentions Erica hasn't danced in 10 years (Uhh maybe not in a class or studio, but I saw her dance in the house). Jun believes they will shut off internet for HOH endurance competition so us viewers won't know ahead of time who HOH will be.

Nate reading the Bible to Jack and Erica. Around 5:15 pm, Ali starts putting make-up on Robert and everyone is preparing for the live show.

Jack and Erica discuss previous BB and said they would take the $20,000 if BB offered it to them. They go to the bathroom and tell each other good luck and then FOTH as the show begins.

During the show all vote for Nathan to be evicted and then they go into BY for HOH competition (For more info about show read Paulys Recaps).

Tonight's Head of Household Competition is an endurance test. The objective of "Steel Cage Match" is to work your way through all three cages. But there's a catch, each cage is smaller than the last. The first cage is big enough to hold all six competitors, but the second cage can only hold four, and the third and final cage can only hold two. In order for the group to advance to the next cage, two Houseguests must leave each cage. The final two players will be in the third and final cage, and whoever stays in longest--without food, water, sleep--is the new Head of Household. The six Houseguests climb into the small, uncomfortable cage, and as the show ends, Julie says goodnight to the Houseguests, who have a long and tense night ahead of them (Taken right from CBS website).

After the show, the boards were booming while everyone waits a very loooooonnngg time to find out who will be HOH. With 2 and a half hours down, Jun desperately needs to pee and as always wants to eat. Jack hands over his shirt and Jun pees in the cage. Although Jun gets a little on Jacks shirt, he puts it back on. They are all still in when BB reminds them there is a food competition tomorrow. They respond with curses. Then, Ali has to go to the bathroom at 11:16 pm. Using Jacks shirt, she goes covering the shirt with urine.

At 11:21 pm, Robert whose been mostly quiet during this competition can't take it any longer and leaves the cage with a migraine. Thirteen (13) minutes later, Jun decides to get out. They have been in the largest cage 5 hours and now squish into the medium sized one when it hits midnight.

Who will win HOH??? Ali, Jee, Jack and Erica are all left. (Don't forget to check out devines Ode to the Cage).