At the beginning of Thursday, 4 were still in the cage vying for HOH when a deal is made. Erika and Jee would go in the final cage Jee would stay in the cage at least 30 minutes to make it look good. Jee wouldn't be put up for nomination unless veto was used. Furthermore, everything that is said in here (the cage) stays in here. All of them agree he has their word.

Ali states she thinks she has ADD, but has never been diagnosed. Erika says she can diagnose her (as can all us watching). Erika says you have ADD now will you please leave the cage. Allison breaks the deal and won't leave the cage.

Going on 6 hours Jee doesn't look well. Erika starts chatting about Jenna and Heidi from Survivor and how they took it all off for PB and chocolate. Well no clothes are coming off tonight she explains. (Didn't Jack already take his shirt off and Jun and Ali both peed.)

At 1:17 Jack leaves the cage after whispering something to Erica and complaining that his back hurts. The three still in make the same deal as before except Jee leaves first then Ali and neither go up unless veto is used and none of them would use it.

1:21 Jee leaves the cage followed by Ali at 1:23 leaving Erica HOH!!!! Erica goes into HOH, but room is empty her basket of goodies isn't in there. She is told it will come later in the Diary room.

Robert and Justin tell Jee he did great but both give looks of disappointment. Jee said his birthday is coming up but more important, his 3rd anniversary. Jee misses his girlfriend and is telling Jack how much he loves her.

Jack and Erica bashing the right wing media saying they were so nasty to a then teenage Chelsea Clinton, but when it comes to the Bush Twins and their drunken antics, not a peep out of the right wing media. They then talk about JFK and how Jack wrote a 700 pg book on his assassination. This influenced Jack to join the FBI.

All in bed around 5 am. Erica didn't sleep in HOH because she wanted to sleep near Jack. Around 10 Jack and Erica say they should bring Jun and Ali to final four and are going to try to convince Ali its the only way she has any chance of winning. Then Erika suggests making a deal with Rob.

At 11:48 am Erica decides to go to HOH room but it is locked. Inside is shown on feeds. In her basket there is a white rose, pictures of her mom and dogs, including one she had to put down before she went on the show, and Pink's Missundaztood CD.

Everyone gets up around noon and they go into lockdown for food competition set up. Random chit chat until 6 pm. Then Justin and Robert are going over facts to prepare for the veto competition.

Finally about 7:30 the food competition begins. All have 10 minutes to change into swimsuits and are being assigned days of the week. Both Er & Ali have on black bikinis, Er has a red & black sarong, Ali has a orange & red one. Jun has a lavender print bikini and a very short blue print sarong. The guys are wearing different colored print shirts. HGs must eat what is under the tray covers or trade with the person to the left (?) of them, but they have eat is regardless. Each person is playing for one day to eat real food, they have one minute to eat it. "Welcome to the Clambake from Hell!"

Jun is eating a fish called gefilte fish and got it done in under 1 min! Justin was going to eat cod fish, jack said he'd eat it, so Justin got Jack's, which was fried clams and chili sauce. Justin doesn't finish. Jack eats his in 20 seconds. Rob got eyeballs of Albacore tuna plugs his nose and manages to finish. Ali gets Monk fish liver, then switches, and now has to eat octopus. She can't eat it. Jee eats the monk fish liver in under a minute. Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday food for house, Sat and Tues PB&J. At 11: 07 food arrives. They all go in to look at the food and eat except Jee who works on his abs. It is discovered there is no booze in storage and everyone continues eating until midnight. Nominations tomorrow.

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