Jun discusses strategy with Erika, specifically who the stooges will go after next. Jun thinks that they will go after Jack, not Ali. And that they will put up Jack and Erika together with Ali being substituted in if the veto were used. She goes on to tell Erika that Robert doesn't want Erika to get into the finals. Jun also tells her that Jee is threatened by Erika but doesn't trust Ali. Erika tells Jun that she'd go balls to the wall for the team but they don't know if they can trust her. Jun tells Erika that Ali finds comfort with Justin being there. Also revealed in this conversation is that Robert promised to take Justin off the block if he won veto. Jack doesn't think Robert would be that stupid. Jun says that she and Ali told each other that they aren't after each other and hopes she can believe that. Jack says he believes Ali isn't after Jun. Erika asks Jun about Jee. Jun says they have to wait and see. She thinks she can convince Jee to take out Ali. Jun asks if Jack was worried about Justin keeping Nathan. Jack says he wasn't that he thought Justin would go around in circular reasoning and come right back to the conclusion to get rid of Nathan. Jun says that Nathan was difficult to be around when things didn't go his way. Jun says that Jee puts others first in his relationships. That Jun took care of him, she had the money and was generous with him. He took her for granted and admitted that to her. Jack says that Jee is receptive to new ideas, asks questions and listens. Jun then wonders who is tied to each other more: Justin & Jee, Justin & Robert. Jack thinks the best scenario is to have Justin gone because he thinks Jee and Robert are the least connected. Robert apparently admitted to Jun that the stooges made a deal with Nathan that didn't involve Jun. She thought he was a jackass for telling her that. It didn't make her feel any better.

Meanwhile out in the hot tub, Ali tells Robert and Justin that she thinks she can convince Erika to get rid of Jun. Ali tells them she could have won the HOH competition but let Erika have it. Jack is starting to irritate Ali. She tells the pair that she doesn't want them to go. They tell her they want to leave. Ali says she's going to cry, she'll miss them and she wants Jun gone. Ali tells Justin he's one of the most wonderful people she's ever met. She tells him she never said anything bad about him in the diary room although tonight she did say something about him not being able to handle clam sauce.

Ali goes inside and talks to Jack and Erika. She tells them that the food she tried to eat would have ruined her teeth and that she wasn't going to ruin thousands of dollars of dental work just to get food. Erika tells BB ixnay on the ishfay. Jack says that Big Brother is fond of fish. Jun and Ali start in on ab exercises. Erika makes fun of Dana who was always saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Ali asks if enemies make out and then that Dana was psychotic. Jack wonders how far Nathan is from Dana. Erika imitates Nathan saying that he can't get a break because he's stuck with Dana. Ali asks them if they want to move to the love room. Erika replies not until Big Brother makes them move. Erika's mom sent a sleep mask and ear plugs so she's good to go if she has to move out of the desert room. They then talk about how conservative Nathan was. She kept telling him that there was a liberal in there somewhere. Erika says in her goodbye speech she said he was a good guy for a Republican. Ali comes back in and reports to Jack and Erika that the stooges want Jun gone (see below). They don't want Jun to go to the finals and they will ask Erika to go this route. Jack comments that it's a convenient way to save their asses. Ali says this is for next week, not this week.

When Ali goes in Justin and Robert talk about Jun and how she shouldn't be in the final two. Robert calls Jun a snake. Robert says that people like them, normal strong guys don't win this game. Slimy, sneaky people win. Robert's lawyer told him he wouldn't do well in this game. Justin says Julie asked him if he thought he could win the game without lying and tells Robert he said yes, he didn't want to win otherwise. Robert thinks they went farther than people thought they would. They can't believe Nathan's goodbye speech. Justin makes fun of the honest and loyal comments Nathan made but that Nathan had lied right to his face. He claims he told Julie that too. Justin says he'll be so happy to get out of there they have no idea. The stooges said they all knew Justin would go first. Justin says he is fine with it. For him it's cool to earn money all summer and not have to do anything for it and he gets on TV. Jee asks about POV. Justin tells him to do what he wants to do. Robert tells Jee to talk to Erika because he's in a good position. Robert and Justin coach Jee on what to say to Erika about Jun and to not be afraid to F*** Ali over because she'd do the same to him. Justin says they're too tight for Jun. They've paid their dues. Jee tells them that Jun felt left out of the loop. Justin and Robert say that the others know Jun would go to the side with power. Justin goes on to say that she wants to be on the side with the girls so she can do girlie stuff anyway. Robert says their friendship is the best thing that came out of this. When they come visit him he'll pay for everything. Jee doesn't want it to end like this. Jee says he needs Jun to get the F out of here. He then asks who he should go after if he gets HOH. They tell him Jack and Erika - they need to be broken up. Robert says he doesn't think he can go another couple of weeks looking at Jun. She makes him sick. Justin repeats that they have to break up Jack and Erika. Even with one of the stooges gone, they still have as many as Jack and Erika. They say it isn't a coincidence that no one wins HOH twice. Robert says the dream team is still alive.

Jack and Erika talk in the HOH. They say that Jun knows that Ali hates her but that works to their advantage. Erika says they just called a truce saying each wouldn't nom the other. Erika says that Ali said they have to trust her but just last night when only Erika and Ali were in the final cage Ali asked if Erika were promising not to nominate her. Jack says it's ironic that two people who are playing both sides are at each others throats. Erika and Jack say that you have to pick a side eventually. Jack comments on Eric and Roddy last year having attention diverted by Lisa and Chiara. Then goes on to say that they had an artificial alliance this year to start out with. Justin had commented that he couldn't break into that alliance and got together with Jee and Robert instead. Jack muses how different it might have been had they voted out Jee instead of Amanda. They would have missed out on so much character from Jee. They think the HOH room looks like the inside of a motor home. Erika learned to dance from her mother - who was a dancer. That's where she gets her talent from. Then talk more about Erika's mom. They then move onto how reserved Erika is and then to giggling about Michelle. They talk about how Michelle was always unaware of the competitions and when they were. Big Brother gave them something to read and that Michelle said she would have to think and she never thinks. Erika hopes that they saw how hard everyone worked to get POV so they could put Dana up. They wonder if Dana's "whatever" with Justin was real. Erika thinks that Jun playing both sides is interesting. Jack says she destroyed a lot in the game. She just stands at the island and listens. Jack says it's ridiculous for the stooges to blame Jun for the HOH competition last night. Jun is calling as much attention to herself as Dana did and Ali is. Jack continues and says that Ali is not steady. Jack comments on the look on Ali's face when Julie brought up the bedmate comment. Erika says Ali brought it up diary room.

The stooges were still going at it. This time talking about how no one was going to beat Erika in the HOH competition. Robert says she could have gone on for hours. He doesn't think anyone is BB2 or BB3 could have beaten her. He says she wasn't going to leave the cage. Jee says he thought she was trying to psych him out when she said that she was dancing around. Then they talk again about how they knew that a time would come when one of them would go. Jee says no one pays attention to them anymore. Jee can't wait to see Jun go, he thinks she's floating by. Justin thinks it's better for Ali, at least she worked for it. Robert says that Erika stayed on her side, stayed loyal. Robert says that Jun loves to be on camera and that she's shallow as hell. Jee says he's a private person. He can't believe he's in the house and he doesn't even like reality TV. The best thing that happened to him was meeting Justin and Robert. After a bit of waxing nostalgic Robert says they need to talk to Ali and find out what she would do if she wins HOH next. They think she'll go after Jun because she hates Jun. They then ponder if she would go after Erika. Jee thinks Ali has respect for Jack but it's hard to tell because she cries about everything. Justin says he respects Jack and talks about how cool Jack is. Justin says he's not going to talk to Erika tonight. He'll do it after the nominations.

Jack tells Erika he doesn't know what Robert gains by belittling her. According to Jack, Robert is telling some BS about how he told the BB producers that he wouldn't go on the show if Erika were there. Jack says no one knew about the ex's. When he says bad things it tempts Erika to bad mouth him. She wonders why he keeps calling these truces with her then doesn't mean it. Jack talks about how Robert agrees with everything everyone says before they're finished saying it. Erika is sick of fighting with him and just wants him to go.

In bed and the stooges just keep talking. Robert tells Justin that if he has kids he has to name them Robert and Jee. They talk about viewers watching them (and other dirty stuff I won't bother to mention). Robert says chicks get better as you get older so maybe. Justin tells Robert that his dad sounds like a pimp. Justin asks Jee about his sister. Jee is offended and tells Justin to shut up.

(Kudos to Bert to capturing all of the above)

The next morning Erika confronts Jee in the bathroom. Erika tells him that she told him he can't use the veto. Jee claims that's what she told Alison. Erika tells him that's what she told him. Jee says he didn't understand. Erika later tells Ali to keep the veto away from Jee. Ali agrees. Erika then confronts Jee on the patio in front of Jack. She repeats that he can't use the veto and that Ali was witness to his agreeing. Jee says it will make him horrible in front of the guys. Erika goes off to talk to Justin. Jee talks to Robert who says that is the stupidest thing he's ever heard. They can't do anything after the fact. If he gets it and uses it he's safe. Jee repeats that he didn't understand what they meant. Robert tells him he can lie, that it's part of the game. Jee says he likes to think he's a man of his word. Ali reassures Jee and Robert that she is not with Jack and Erika. She accuses Jun of playing both sides. Robert and Jee ask Ali who she thinks needs to go. She says Jack. Robert wants Jun gone before him. Ali says if she gets HOH she'll put up Jun and Jack. They talk down Jun for playing both sides then tell Ali they know she's not like that. They consider confronting Erika and Jack that everyone agrees that Jun goes next. They discuss the jury vote. Ali says Dana would never vote for her. They go on to tell Ali what a great player she is. Ali advises Jee to lie if he's going to use the veto and not tell them before.

Erika nominates Justin and Robert. Ali says to herself that Jack has to go. Ali and Robert talk in the pool about how their side will make it to the finals. Robert says he knew once he went into the house and that Ali had peed that she was going to win it for them. Inside Jee and Jun peel garlic and talk strategy. Jun says that Robert apologized for being such a d**khead to her. She tells Jee that he still hates her. She says if Robert gets HOH he'll put her up and she's for sure out of here. Jack comes in. Jun jumps up and wonders if the couches will get smaller like the table did. Jun tells Jee that her brother told her before she came in not to piss off the blonde white girl - they will always hate you no matter what. Erika and Jack talk strategy about Ali coming to their side. They plot about who they want to put up next week. They agree that they need Jun. Ali comes in. They're wondering when Justin will come in with his offer. Jack wonders what to tell Jun. Jack explains to Ali what Robert's proposal is. If one of the stooges gets the veto they use it and Jun is put up. Jack sees this as a move to take out a possible vote on Jack and Erika's side. Jack says he and Justin discussed a long time ago that nominations are not doing anything to disrupt the game. Jack feels like he is always going to do a nomination that will affect the game in some way. He thinks the best thing to do is wait until Justin comes to Erika. Jack tells Ali to feed information to Jun. That they are going after Justin, then Robert, then Jee. Ali doesn't think that Jun will believe her but agrees to tell her "before too long." Jack says to Erika what better way to bring in Jun than to let Ali do it. Erika laughs at the irony of it.

Jack, Jun and Erika discuss Jack's wife's birthmark in the kitchen - it is on her neck and looks like a hickey. Jack told his boys to give a girl one where it wouldn't show. Anyone can make a neck red. Erika tells them that Jee said they told him to do what he wanted with the veto. Jun leaves. Erika thinks she hurt her back picking up the nomination box. Jack tells Erika about an agent who trained him. Was a football player at FSU. At the man's retirement party he recited the lyrics to "The Rose" and choked everyone up. Because of the man's skills he was kept on as a contract worker. He and another friend of Jack's were in Bosnia and died in a helicopter crash. To this day when Jack hears the song he gets emotional thinking of his friends.

Ali talks about how the water from washing Justin's sheets was black. The sheets hadn't been washed since she slept in that bed. Ali says that in the food competition she was mad at the way Jun was eating with a spoon. She just wanted to shove the spoon down Jun's throat. Ali says she could have eaten Jun's fish no problem. Ali laughs at the idea of grabbing Jun by the hair, calling her a b**ch and shoving fish down her throat. She complains that her octopus had tentacles that had suction cups that were purple. She repeats that she wasn't going to ruin thousands of dollars of dental work for food. She said Robert's eyeball was the worst. She talks about Justin being a puss for losing.

Justin laughs with Jack and Erika about when Michelle got voted off. They laugh at the look on everyone's face. Justin thought at first Julie make a mistake. He knew how he had voted. He looked at Dave who had a surprised look on his face then thought it was Robert but then realized he's been fooled. The three of them looked at each other and realized everyone was coming after them. Justin says he wouldn't mind anyone in the house winning, except Jun because she's floating between sides. Erika tells Justin that you can't criticize her because she's made it this far and that means something. but she agrees that flying under the radar is no way to win. Justin says he wants no regrets in this game. He bets Nathan regrets taking Ali off the block. He almost felt sorry for Nathan being played by Ali because "she'll turn on you and stab you" and he knows how convincing she can be. He says that Nathan's downfall was making an alliance with everyone in the house in the beginning.

The houseguests go on indoor lockdown while BB sets up for the POV competitions. Erika wishes Justin luck. Justin hopes Jee doesn't try for it because of his promise to Erika. Jack, Ali, Justin and Erika are in the kitchen. Conversation turns to Ali and Justin's relationship. Justin blurts out that she was never his girlfriend that they were just f***buddies. Alison whispers to Erika about Erika's conversation with Justin. Ali tells Erika that she's going to go take a nap so she'll be pumped for the veto and win. Then goes out to the sofas and lays around with the stooges and tells them that Erika thinks Ali is going to really go for and win the veto but she isn't. She tells them that they need to throw Jun out. She says Erika can't think without Jack's help.

Jun says that Nathan left his dirty socks in Jun's bed and that they were all crusty and he spread them out under the sheets. Earlier Erika mentioned that Nathan told her he left clothes in the dryer and would she get them for him. Ali was offended that he didn't leave the clothes for her. She took one of the shirts, washed it today to wear for the veto competition. She thinks Nathan will be proud she wore it.

They talk about Julie. How Julie had glitter on and looked good on the show Wednesday. How she is a busy woman. And how they couldn't believe CBS sent her overseas to cover the war. Jun says he was only there about 2 days because CBS received a lot of email complaining that she wasn't serious enough to cover the war and they kept showing her running around in little Capri outfits dashing through the sand. Jack doesn't remember this. But he did say that he saw Katie Couric interview Norman Schwarzkopf during the Gulf War.

Finally, Erika is called to the diary room. She comes out gathers everyone into the desert room and FOTH continues for over 3 hours (and into Saturday - which means you'll have to wait for that update)