Saturday morning begins with all the HG sleeping in (what else?) after staying up extra late. Apparently, the plan is to sleep as much as possible for PB&J day. After startling the updates board by sleeping on his side, Jack is the first to eat PB&J. While Jun works out and Ali brushes her teeth, the other hamsters stay in their bed after BB’s first-call and reminder that the lights have to stay on now. Eventually, all except Justin are up and BB has to speak sharply to him. The 3 stooges talk in the Blue Room about how weak the game is and they hope to win a car in a Luxury Challenge. Ratbert moves outside and talks with Jack and Erika about how little they really know about what is going on in the house. Erika says, "We only see about 25% of what is really going on." and Jack agrees with her. Then they talk about the banners being helpful and "that's why TPTB don't want them sent." Erika jokes with Jack about the skywriting message being about her plot to get him out. Time for lockdown outside.

It is very hot and all of them except Ali are sitting in the shade. She is in the pool lying on the raft. Justin and Jee are playing cards. Ratbert has sprayed the front of his hair red using the hairspray Erika used for the food comp. After Jun tells him he looks like a club kid, he goes over to the shower and washes it out. BB is teasing the feed-watchers with the fish tank screensaver but nothing appears to come of it. Jun jokingly yells out, “Damn you Nathan Marlowe!” after they talked about how the evicted HG are still a big part of the show, since they get to vote. Erika mentions that she won’t put on her bikini until she has a chance to shower and shave her legs. Right now, she’s wearing a T-shirt and PJ bottoms. Ali says she’s growing a small rainforest “down there.” (her legs, I assume).

Still in outdoor lockdown, the HG wonder where Buddy the Spider went. Jun says he went to Buddy heaven and it’s Justin’s fault. Ratbert really misses him. They talk about the POV comp, which showed film and pics of all the HG. Rat says even Amanda is getting exposure. The hamsters begin whining about all the stuff that BB3 provided for the HG. They are wondering if they will get a concert. Jun and Ratbert would love to see some stand up comedians. Jun remarks that there are “still things that we don't know, that the viewers all know” and in her announcer’s voice says, “Remember, what the HG don't know is that their exe’s are going to jail." They discuss everybody being offered money last year and Amy got $10,000. More talk about the twist and how they’re ready for it. Speculation that everyone might get a letter from home on their beds. Erika is sure they will get a phone call or letter. Jee and Justin are talking off to the side and Jee tells his fellow stooge that he has commitment issues because he has never lived with a girlfriend.

Now there is a lot of complaining about how messy Nathan was. There are a bunch of used cups, a bowl of cherry pits, a half-eaten apple, and a bowl of cereal still lying around. They talk about how he left cherry pits all over the house. (ed. note: Nate’s been gone over three days and they haven’t cleaned any of this up yet? Nate’s not the only slob… just the only one who can’t defend himself.) Lockdown has been going on for a while and they figure it can’t be just maintenance or it would be over now. This sends us to FOTH. When we come back, Jee is hoping Ratbert gets the AC. Jun is crying in the HOH room, upset from thinking about her boyfriend. Ali tries to sympathize with her, but Jun is not comforted. Ali leaves and Jun begins listening to music and crawls up under the covers. Jack is outside and talking with an upset Ratbert about parenting. Rat thanks Jack for his help. Ratbert leaves for the kitchen where he tells Erika that he’ll be devastated if he doesn’t get the AC, but will do his best to handle it if that happens. Ratbert speculates that the people in the Midwest might not want to let a Cuban boy get it. He says that if he doesn’t get it he will go in and tell them he has to hear something from home. Erika moves outside to the patio. Jun is still sniffling as she leaves the HOH, but assures Erika she’s ok as she walks by. Erika tells her, “Just think how proud your family will be tomorrow when they see you win the POV.” and Jun agrees that would be a plus. Jun goes inside to freshen up and one of the guys asks if she is ok. Jun says, “Yes. I just hate it when they make me think of home.”

Still outside, Erika tells Jack to get out of the sun, he’s been out there for 30 minutes. Erika mentions a skin cancer scare he had and how he doesn’t want any more. Ali jumps into the conversation from her place in the pool about how great it would be if it were just the three of them at the end. Jack and Erika reserve comment on this and Jack asks Erika what she is eating. (remember, it is PB&J day) She jokes that it is sliced turkey on wheat toast with lettuce and tomato. Jack chuckles and asks her to make one for him. The three of them continue to chat and Ali expresses her shock at Jun winning the POV. Erika begins talking with Ratbert and he tells her that if the stooges win HOH next week, she will be going up on the block. He says that they see her as a strong player and he is not trying to be mean (riiiggghhtt). Erika gets sucked in to this a bit and apologizes for things she has said in the DR and for calling the restaurant where he used to work. She says she was hurt and angry. Ratbert twists the knife and tells her he couldn’t believe that she did that. He always thought she was so beautiful and sweet. He apologizes for treating her badly and for all the drinking. She begins crying and he says that he forgives her. She feels bad because she never wanted him to lose his job because she knows he has a daughter. Ratbert says that means a lot to him.

Justin and Jee are inside playing cards and looking out at Rat and Erika. Jee says the house is weird today and wouldn’t it be funny if they (Erika and Rat) got back together. Justin says that will never happen. Ratbert comes in and begins bragging about how he just made Erika cry. He tells the other stooges about how she called his work and told them he slashed her tires. His boss called him in and fired him, saying he was too unstable. Rat again admits cheating on her and how that is what broke them up, but that was three years ago and she shouldn’t have lied about him. He also brags about telling her that she was going to be the next one voted out. Jee and Justin are surprised and delighted his boldness. Ratbert tells Jee to set him up with some Asian girls when Rat comes to NY. Jee points him to Jun saying, “If you want Asian girls, you need to talk to her.” Rat then wants Carmen to set him up with Latin girls. Ratbert talks about how his friend is mad at him for de-flowering his friends sister even though Rat offered his own sister up (apparently at no charge).

Some of the other HG have joined them and Jee tells them about how he lived away from home from when he was 18 until he was 21. He believes this has helped him to grow up because he learns from his mistakes and doesn’t make the same one twice. While he lived with Jun, she paid for everything and took care of him. When he left, he had to learn to take care of himself which was the best thing that ever happened to him. Justin calls her Jee’s sugar mama and Jee agrees, except that she paid his bills so slow, it FOTH’d up his credit. Justin says that is so funny and Jee replies that it wasn’t at the time. Robert mentions how he didn’t get a job until he was 25 and his father gave him $500 a week allowance. Everyone calls him a bum. Ali talks about getting fired from McDonald’s after two days because she was rude. First, she told a guy who wanted milk in his coffee that “was not an option.” She also said that someone told her a little girl had peed on the bathroom floor and Ali handed them a wet cloth and said “here.”

Ratbert spend several minutes picking at his face and nose in the mirror. Then, without washing his hands, he goes into the kitchen and begins making a PB&J. Jee, unaware of the reservoir of infection that is Ratbert, wants one too and asks Rat to make one for him while he’s at it. Ratbert makes Jee his sandwich (ed. note: agree with nojobny….eeeeewwwww!). Erika and Ratbert talk about how it would be dumb not to vote each other off, but they want to be friends now and outside of the house. Rat said they could go out for dinner and dancing and Erika says she would do that. Erika talks about a possible deal between the two of them if Jack or Jee is gone and they have to take out Ali and Jun. During this, Ratbert assures Erika that Jee and Jun hate each other and cannot possibly have a secret alliance.

Meanwhile, Jee is talking with Jack on the couch, saying Justin is flattered that everyone respects him in the game. Justin comes in after his DR session which stops any more conversation about that. Jack goes to meet Erika in the HOH room and they talk about her conversation with Ratbert. Erika leaves out the part about discussing a deal with him if Jack is gone. Erika said she told Robert that if she (Erika) goes next, he and Jee should align with Jack and work to get the girls out, Ali first, then Jun. Robert is in the backyard telling Justin about the conversation with Erika. He says Erika told him Jun and Ali are playing both sides. Justin warns Rat that there is no telling how Alison will be because after Justin is gone because she will FOTHing lie to your face. Erika, Jack, Jun, and Ali are in the HOH room and talk about getting Ratbert out next week if he doesn’t go this week. Jack wants to ask Jee, who is in the DR, who should go next week.

Jee gets out of the diary room and is getting a haircut by Jun. She tells him that she can read Jack and Erika. The things they say when Ali is not around are more believable than the things they say when she is around. She continues to talk game but Jee is not giving her a lot except “Oh my gawd”. Jee got nervous while Jun was using the clippers without a comb. He is very paranoid about getting his hair cut now. Jee doesn’t want the front to look so square and Jun says she likes it square. She laughs when he insists she take some off the front and touches up the front with the scissors. The other guys play basketball outside and Jee goes to shower.

Erika is outside in the hammock and asks Justin if he was thinking about splashing her and he admits he was. She said she could tell by the look on his face and Ratbert’s smile. They try to set up Ali who just came outside. Rat tells Ali that Erika had to go into the DR and asks Ali to go look for the other turtle over by the hammock. Ali correctly guesses they were trying to set her up when they begin laughing. Justin tells her he was 10 seconds away from splashing her earlier. Jun comes outside and says she has lost two inches on her waist today from being on PB&J. Then she said she was kidding, it was only one inch. Justin gets in the hammock and dares Ratbert to splash him but Rat is not interested. Jun starts practicing her basketball shots and Justin says she has to keep playing until she makes three in a row or she’ll have bad luck. Jun asks, “Who says?”, and Justin says, “You just watch.” Jun complains her hands are getting dirty from the basketball. Jack mentions how dirty the cage bars were during the HOH comp. BB calls Erika to the DR and then FOTH.

After FOTH, we learn that Ratbert won AC (WTFOTH?) and got a letter from his daughter. Jack graciously says they made the right decision. All the men are standing outside on the basketball court with Justin shooting hoops. When Jack tells Ratbert that he’ll see his daughter before too long, Justin jokingly asks, “Is that a threat Jack?” Rob talks daughter's mom doing a lot of print work for magazines, she's pretty. The guys talk about the picture of Ratbert in the hotdog suit being on the cover for the letter. They say his skin matched the color of the suit. Ratbert wants an Advil because his head hurts from crying, then asks how long until they can eat regular food (four hours of PB&J to go). Jee and Jun are in the kitchen when Jee says that Ali is acting shady. She was looking at him funny. Jun says that she was jealous that Jun won the POV and Jee says she thinks she's all the sh*t and she needs to get over it. Jun asks Jee if he cleaned up all his hair and the clippers from his haircut earlier. Robert is in his bed crying, looking at butterfly cutouts his daughter sent him with his letter. When done, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth where Erika comes up and congratulates him on the AC. She says the butterflies got to her, Ratbert says it was his daughter going back to school that got him. Ratbert goes outside to get into the HT but curses when something is not right, gets up and rinses off in the shower, then gets back into the HT. Ratbert asks Justin about the AC and Justin tells him they will probably have one every week from now on. Ratbert asks like what, and Justin said video from home or exercise equipment, things like that. More speculation about the twist.

Jun came out to the HT to talk to Ratbert about what she said in the DR. She talks about the bond between parents and children. His daughter probably got a dog because she missed her father. Rat says that Elena is so smart and mature, she said him being in the house was worth it. Ratbert talks about how everyone appreciated that he got the AC except Ali (basically, stuff about how evil she is). Ali joins them in the HT soon after. Ali asks what the one thing they wish they could have brought from home and Jun says a card from Bob. Ratbert asks Jun if Bob has ever cheated on her and Jun says no. Ali says all of her boyfriends have cheated on her, mentions how she caught Donnie on a date with another girl. She happened to have her journal (diary?) with her and since she normally gave it to him to read each weekend, she went up to him and gave it to him then. Jun talks about how conservative Koreans are, have to still give over paychecks until you move out. She is “too Americanized for that sh*t.” She talks about Margaret Cho, who Jun’s mother says she resembles, was the only Korean on her show (not true) and how all the Koreans on M*A*S*H were really Vietnamese (also not true). After some quiet time, they talk about food and what they’ll make when PB&J day is officially over.

Erika comes out to talk and says it’s really not like a full day since they slept in until 11:30. She asks Ratbert if the HT is too hot and he says 98 degrees is his limit. They begin talking about how Dana made everyone miserable her last few days because she was so miserable. Conversation turns to who gets drunk from champagne and then how Amanda and David got together that night. Ratbert thinks Amanda and Scott would have gotten back together if he had stayed. They say David was young, but mature and the best personality in the house, even Rat agrees. Then there is more Dana-bashing and Jun talks about how Dana was always looking and calling for Jun. Ali says this house can make you crazy. More speculation about the eviction house, maybe it is in Hawaii. Also wondering if David and Michelle will be at the wrap party. Jun says it’s weird how there will only be 3 keys for the next nominations, they should just hand the keys to people. Ali talks about the key box being new this year and whenever she sees it, she feels like crying. Rat agrees it is nerve-wracking because you never know what’s going to happen.

Ratbert is called to the DR and makes a pouty-face that Ali calls cute. Ali says she is having a bad day and feeling paranoid. They have to do something about Jack and Erika. She starts talking about Justin and Erika being in the hammock today and how Dana would have had a conniption fit. Ali lies to them about Erika telling Ratbert that Ali said he didn’t want to be in the HT with Erika (Jun told Rat that last night) and she is PO’d at Erika. Ali talks about how Jack must have thrown the POV so he wouldn’t be seen as a threat since he took so long. Ali just doesn't believe it could have taken Jack 20 minutes. Jun asks what would Jack get from doing that and Ali doesn't know. She does criticize Justin because he walked during the comp. She would rather go to the end with Jun than anyone else. Ali and Jun agree to pair up since the others have. Ali had asked Jun who she would nominate and she said Ratbert and Jee, definitely. Ali says they must get by Jack and Erika first.

Ratbert comes out and they say Jack has never won anything and says he’ll take care of that next week. Justin comes out now so conversation stops. Rat tells Justin that the girls think Jack is losing all the competitions intentionally which Rat doesn’t believe. Ali talks about calling Jack “what’s his face, the old guy” and “Jake” in the DR.

Jee is playing cards with Jack and Erika and talking a bit about Jun. Jack and Erika compliment the haircut she gave him. Jee says Jun is so anal about his hair (LOL) but she did a good job and he thanked her. He said he thinks she wants something from him because she is being so nice. Erika jokes about how you know a woman wants something when she is being nice. Jee asks Jack if he (Jack) told Jun that he (Jee) was making googly-eyes one night when he (Jee) was drunk. Jack denies it and Jee said she made that up herself.

Jun, Ali, Ratbert, and Justin are in the HT. Ali says she wants to move somewhere else when the game is over. Justin suggests Miami and NY and Ali says she would love NY (with Dana?) Jun says there are a lot of jobs there. Ratbert talks about how Ali, Dana, and Jun will move to LA to live with him, it will be BB5. Ali says that she doesn’t think she’s moving in Dana any time soon. Ratbert talks about Nathan never becoming an actor, but might do print work. Rat says Nathan really didn’t have a good picture. Justin talks about how he will do something when he leaves, so of course Ratbert has to do something funny too, but not mean. They all laugh when Ali says Rat has been the highlight of every food competition so far.

Now they’re talking about the other competitions and laughing… David jumping on the heavy-bag upside down, all the falling Jack has done, David accidentally dumping Michelle on the ground by getting off the hammock, and the first HOH competition where the chum was so gross. They all thought that looked cool, then suddenly wondered about the smell. At the goo competition Nate inhaled some and Jun kept telling people to get it off her face there was so much. Elephant murders round out this part of the conversation. Ratbert changes the topic a bit and asks if the evicted HG gets the dinner they ordered for the house after the eviction and Jun says yes. Jack, Erika, and Jee join them outside.

Jack tells them they can eat in 1½ hours and then compliments Jee’s haircut. Justin asks Jun if she can cut his hair the same all around and she says she will try. More laughter about past competitions and Jee says he felt bad hitting Ratbert in the face with the mustard mop. Both Ratbert and Jack say the Clambake from Hell was their favorite competition so far. When Jun goes inside she notices that BB has put the fireplace on. Ali talks about someone will marry her someday and Jee retorts, “Crazy bastard.” (LOL)

Jee and Jun are in the WC whispering and she tells him Ali wants to target Jack next week. Jee seems surprised it’s not him. Jun asks him who Ratbert would go after and Jee says Jack and Erika. This makes Jun happy because if everyone is going after Jack and Erika, they’re in a good position. Time for another outside lockdown, so FOTH. When the feeds come back, everyone is in the BY with Justin, Ali, and Ratbert in the HT. The lockdown is over quickly and Robert is talking about his house, which was originally his grandparents and eventually passed down to him and his brother. The city is considering building a freeway through his area so he can’t add or change the house for 5 years. After that, he can do what he wants. Ratbert says his father’s house is nice, right on a golf course. Rob’s one-story house has a cellar but the cellar has no windows and a low ceiling. Justin talks about making it a hangout room later. Even though Rat is skeptical, he says Justin can do something with it if he wants to when he move in with Ratbert after the show. Ratbert talks about his neighbor who owns a Bob’s Big Boy (no FOTH?) and is really nice. They take good care of him and don’t mind if he has parties.

Jack and Jun are on the couch waiting for midnight and the food. Erika has moved into the HT with Justin. He talks about moving out to LA, which he has thought about for a long time. His stepbrother keeps talking about it but never does because he always has a new girlfriend. Justin has several friends out there with whom he graduated high school. Their talk turns to evictions and Justin says that now he is going, he can’t wait to get out. Erika says she’ll probably see him next week and he is too good a player. Ali talks about how she has gained weight in the house but Erika says it doesn’t look like it. She wants BB to give them some exercise equipment. Ali tells Erika that her clothes still fit fine, but just before FOTH, Ali had told Jun she knew she was gaining weight because her boobs were getting bigger and adjusted them in her bikini top. Jun says she thinks she has put on 3 or 4 pounds, but she is no longer stress-eating now that Dana is gone. Jack agrees that she really started eating a lot then and Jun says she was also PMSing that week.

Jun talked about how Jack probably wanted to hear from his daughter and she hoped that if Ratbert didn’t get the AC, that Jack would get it. Jun mentions that they have been losing girls left and right and it’s now the guys turn. Jun discussing with Jack about how he had asked her about switching sides with Dana (during the Michelle eviction, I think). The feeds move to Ratbert and Erika talking and he is saying that the day they broke up, his car was repossessed. She is the only person who ever told him to believe in himself. He remembers her saying that it’s a man’s world, you can do whatever you want… and talks some more about his drinking. He went to a psychiatrist and an acupuncturist, stayed away from people and didn’t date, and his life started getting better. Ratbert is happy and can’t believe the position he is in (in life). He tells Erika that he has something really personal to tell her when they get out of the house that is really bad. He didn’t hurt anybody but his dad told him not to talk about that stuff because they don’t care and they want you to fail. Then we hear Ali yelling about Jun saying Ali should go to fat camp and Erika keeps reassuring Ali she has a beautiful body.

Finally, Justin calls out that they can eat. Jun is cutting up chicken and everyone else begins eating frantically. Jun say Ali is a cookie dough monster for eating all the cookie dough out of the ice cream. As they eat, they talk about their most embarrassing moments. Ali said she got her head stuck in a revolving door as a kid and Ratbert talks about pooping his pants in second grade because the teacher wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom. His mom got really mad. Ali peed on her friend while para-sailing and Jee peed his pants in third grade soon after coming to this country.

Justin talks about how the DR asked him which was more important to him… the $500,000 or his friendship with Ratbert and Jee. Justin said he could go through the money in a week but his friends will be there forever. They are in the LR with the fireplace lit and are talking about stopping Jee from snoring by just saying, “Jee, stop snoring.” Jun mentions standing up while asleep and dreaming, then they talk about Dana and how things couldn’t have gone more wrong for her. They believe they laugh more than hamsters from BB3 and Ali says they hang out together more than any other group has. More talking about the show and Julie asking Jee about Justin’s shorts. Then they poll each other about who has kissed Nathan, which Jack denies and Ali says he only kissed her once.

Jee tells Jun to stop bashing him and she says she has been good, asking Jack to confirm that to Jee. Ratbert has gone into the Blue Room and shuts off the lights before climbing into bed. Everyone else is still on the sofas. Jee continues to give examples of Jun giving him a hard time and Jun gives an excuse for each of them. This is funny and they are all laughing. Ali tries to comment that she is good about not rambling on and everyone confronts her. Jun tells her to look at Jack because his mouth is open in disbelief. Jack shakes his head and says, “You can’t tell the players without a program.” Jun says he just likes to watch and he’s a voyeur. Justin asks Jee if they should start washing up for bed and Jee says it will take him 45 minutes. Justin suggests they should all go before Jee does. Jee asks Erika if she has lost weight in the house and Erika says yeah, her metabolism steps up with stress and she just burns the food up. Jun and Justin go in to the WC to wash up and Erika just wanders away leaving Ali, Jee, and Jack in the LR, then Jack leaves too.

Jee talks about how it was hard in the beginning because he missed his girl but it’s easier now and he’s gotten over it. Justin wipes his face with alcohol and applies something else in the HOH room. Justin gives Ali a hard time about spraying his sheets with perfume and Ali says he should thank her because now they don’t smell like his dirty a**. He jabs her back with, “You ate my dirty a**,” and she jumps him as he tells her, “Yo, get your hands outta my pants!” which has everyone nearby laughing.

Jack and Erika are talking about how well Justin has taken being nominated and how much they like him. Erika thinks he has been playing like they have, not trying to win competitions and just putting on a good show. Jack says that Justin doesn’t read the other HG well because he thought Nate would have broken his promise to Justin if he had stayed. They also talk about how Jun has been holding back and showed her strength when she won the POV. Erika’s back seems to be hurting. Jack is concerned about Erika in the kitchen earlier and she says the girls get paranoid when she talks with Ratbert. Jack says she doesn’t have to explain anything to them but she feels she has to because she is afraid of their paranoia.

Ali and Justin are talking while in their beds and she tells him that he has to do whatever she dreams about him.

They discuss the HOH curse because they get voted off the next week so often. Jack assures Erika that won’t happen to her. Jack wonders if Jun would try to save Jee if he was nominated as a pawn, but they don’t think so even though they are closer than when they came in. Erika believes Jun couldn’t wait to come over to their side and wonders if Julie asks Jun about them. He says he has a good relationship with Jun since they both get up early and talk about things besides the game. They talk about how Justin started the whole thing about Nate being gay and it being ridiculous. Nate is just a good-looking kid with a dark side. Also, Justin kept teasing Nate about being an Okie. They say the others attack Nate’s character because they are jealous of him. Jack and Erika move on to Jun, saying that her winning POV was like an intervention from God and she really came through. Jun was telling Jack earlier about losing all her extra weight and walking in New York where men would give her their business cards. She threw away some of them, but would call others and go out for lunch. They say she is pretty and smart, shined during the competition. They are getting tired and Jack says that tomorrow will be a big day with the POV meeting. Erika uses the WC and goes to bed in the HOH room. Jack is in the Sand Room and they both seem to have trouble getting to sleep. Everyone else is quiet and another day is over.