Sunday begins with Jun as the first one up. She is in one of the orange BR chairs removing nail polish from her PJ’s. Once done, she moves to a lounge chair and waits for the other HG to wake up, drinking coffee and looking at her fingertips. Appearing bored, she picks up the BY cups left from yesterday and goes into the kitchen to put them in the sink. She continues on into the hall and curls her eyelashes as Jack gets out of bed. After curling her lashes, Jun goes into the kitchen and washes the cups. Jack moves into the SR to get fresh batteries and then goes to make coffee. A brief FOTH and then we get BB with the wakeup call, “Attention HG, the veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.”

Jack and Jun are in the kitchen when Jun finds a double-egg poacher under the sink. She asks Jack if he has used one before, but he doesn’t know what it is. He guesses it is some kind of birth control device, and IUD? Jun says, “Yeah, really painful birth control,” gives a snort and elbows him (I guess she found it amusing) and Jack keeps up with his guessing game. Next guess is that it is for a young elephant…. with it’s juices flowing…. or a contact lens holder for a dinosaur. Jun says it’s for poaching eggs. Jun begins cooking and Jack does some cleaning around her to help out. Everyone else is still asleep. Jack asks her if she and Bob talk much in the morning. Jun says he goes to work around 7:30am and she doesn’t leave until 9:00am (hard to type civilian dates!), but she usually has a message from him on the computer when she gets there. The egg poacher makes noise in the microwave and they wonder if it will melt in there. Jack says the kitchen smells good. They continue to chat and Jun talk about her neighbors being quiet and where she lives. When Ratbert gets up and say good morning, Jack tells him coffee is ready. Another wakeup call with a reminder again that the lights must remain on, then FOTH.

When we come back, Jun and Jack are talking and joking around. Jack is giving out occasional suggestive one-liners, then says that she took his job by putting the shades down on the windows. Everyone else is still completely under the covers. Jun retrieves the egg poacher and tells Jack that it didn’t melt. Jack wants pancakes and guesses Ratbert crawled right back in bed. Jack agrees and doesn’t think people are going to get up soon since “they went to bed at 3 or 4.” Jack and Jun continue to joke around and he looks at a can of olives saying they didn’t use them last night for dinner. Jun says, “I know, it’s all my fault.” Jack ripostes, “We’re keeping score Jun.” BB calls Jack to the DR, then Jun … Jun yells out at this, her normal mini-vent. Jack comments on her flip-flops making noise as she walks. Jun is back quickly and BB calls Ali with Erika following. Probably all taking their meds. Jack greets Justin when he enters the kitchen while Ratbert is still out on the patio.

They ask Jun about her dreams and she doesn’t recall any. Jack says it must have been about him. These two are on a roll this morning. Jun says she doesn’t have sex dreams when she is by herself and she hates it when they talk about sex before she goes to sleep. Ali goes to wake up Jee at Jun’s request saying, “Jee darling, wake up.” After a few minutes Jun, in a horrible voice yells for Jee to wake up. Her and Jack laugh about how annoying that voice was as she says, “He probably thinks it’s a nightmare. He thought this was over 3 years ago.” (When they were together.)

Justin comes in and says he thought breakfast was ready. Jun says 5 minutes even though it takes Jee 4 hours. I’m annoyed when people aren’t ready to eat my breakfast. Jack warns about annoying Jun and says he’s had a few morning experiences and now just does what he is told. Jack greets Jee as he comes in and Jun tells him to go brush his teeth since it takes him 3 years. Just then, BB sternly, and loudly says, “Erika, I said it’s time to get up for the day.” Jun comments on how Erika is now the fallen angel. Justin and Jack watch Jun tap the cooked eggs out of the plastic dish and Justin asks if there was a yolk in there. Jun say, “Yes, a whole d*mn yolk.” Justine wants to know if it’s runny and Jun tells him no, it’s pretty solid. The eggs go on an English muffin with cheese and Jack says he’ll take one instead of pancakes since he’s the only one. Jun rips out, “That’s why I asked you what you wanted.” Jack says he’ll have both and Jun tells him to get a few more eggs from the SR and be quick about it.

Ali pounding on the HOH door finally gets a response from Erika and Ali teases her about getting yelled at. Erika says I don’t really care and Jun calls her a tough a** while Ali say, “Watch out world.” Justin gets called to the DR now. Ratbert loves the pancakes that Jun made with the Betty Crocker mix saying they are really excellent and Ali says they’re the bomb. Jun has made these like she cooks most things, from memory and talent, mixing together until it looks correct to her. Ali dubs her egg sandwiches the “New McJun Sandwich” because it tastes like McDonald’s. Jun has made all of them to taste and preference, very smart, as Ali has bacon and Erika doesn’t since she doesn’t eat beef or pork. Jun says she is too excited to eat because it is her debut. She was going to call Justin ‘"Papi" during the ceremony but won’t because she thinks it would make Dana angry. Ali tells her that Dana won’t hear it, just the HOH competitions. Erika goes to double-check the rule book since Jun was mean during her goodbye speech to Dana and doesn’t want to make another mistake. Jun remarks that Justin never laughs when they joke about Dana and Jee says Justin has a good sense of humor, he just respects Dana. Jun thinks he was falling in love with her and it’s a good thing Dana was evicted then. They talk on the patio while Jun eats and they talk about the veto. She may save Justin with it since he will still be the biggest target and that will keep them safe another week. Jee is not enthused by this idea since he will be the replacement nomination. Jee talks about Jun being a floater and strategy until Ali comes out and they cover by beginning to bicker. Ali doesn’t appear fooled, or doesn’t want to witness the argument, and goes back in, but Ratbert comes out right then. Ali asks if it is safe to come out and follows Ratbert.

Ratbert begins cleans the pool, Jack in the BY also. Ali tells Ratbert he makes a good pool-boy, “you sexy little thing you.” Erika is on the couch with Justin and talking about a commercial agent she knows who is a huge BB fan and would probably sign the 3 stooges right away. Justin says that he appreciates that. She talks about her hair appointments taking around 4 hours and Justin is amazed. He asks how much it costs and she tells him anywhere from $80 to $300. Rat asks if she still goes to Anna and Erika tells him she got too expensive. She shows everybody her dark roots and Ali says, “That is so FOTHing cheap.” Ali asks Erika if she has ever read books by Judy Blume and Erika tells her she loves her. Ali loved the book ‘Blubber’ which makes Ratbert and Justin snicker. Erica tells them, “Yeah, that was about a fat girl. My favorite was "Are You There God It's Me Margaret", where at the end the girl gets her period. Then came the really sexy book "Forever". When I was reading that they kept talking about how "he came" and "I came" and I never understood what that meant (she was 15 or 16). I took the book to my Mom and asked her and she said to go and ask my father.” Jun come back with, “Oh, so she pawned it off on Dad, huh?” Erika says she never asked him and had to figure what it meant out on her own. Everybody laughs at this and Erika begins sneezing. Erika doesn’t know and leaves to go blow her nose. Ali chats about how she sneezed 14 times in the 7th grade which prompts Justin to mention the kid in ‘Jerry Maguire’ who knew all the trivia and begins to imitate him while comparing him to Ali. Justin (using a little kids voice), “Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds? Did you know in the 7th grade I sneezed 14 times?” This prompts more laughter and then BB calls a BY lockdown… they get ready, then FOTH.

The veto meeting is finished quickly and Jun goes into the BY in her bikini and lays out while Jack, Erika, Jee, and Justin play cards inside. Rat and Jun talk about Ali getting fat, how much time left in the house, and naming the evictions… Dana, Nate, Justin (seems pretty sure Justin is going, ignores what happened with Michelle!). Ratbert asks Erika about the pictures they took in Vegas with the bridge. She says she threw them all away and everyone laughs. Ratbert says he woke up thirsty last night and Erika tells him the chips make you thirsty because of the salt. Erika mentions to Jun about the HOH key box, telling her how heavy it is and gives her advice on how to hold it "when you get it". BB announces an indoor lockdown. Jun yells, “OMG Luxury competition!” and Erika asks if she really thinks so. Jun says no and laughs. Jack heads the bathroom while Justin is crashed out on sofa with blanket on his head. Then, Jack is called to the storeroom and in the kitchen Jun tells him to see if they gave them the sponges and sh*t. Jun curses the flies and washes her hands, then Erika goes to the sink, followed by FOTH

When the feeds come back, Ratbert is putting on a red wifebeater and Justin has not moved with Jee having joined him. Jack and Erika put the tortoises into their tank. Jack tells Erika to wash her hands. Jun goes to the LR and sits next to Jee. Jack notices Ratbert still has sunscreen on and Rat says it stays on a while. Ratbert is bored and gathers the glasses to begin doing the dishes. While he works, he tells Erika that they need to go dancing salsa out in the outside world because they are different now then when they first met. Leaning over the counter, she says she hasn't been in a year. Jun wanders away from the sofa to the bedrooms while Jee and Justin continue sleeping. Ratbert and Erika say that there is nowhere to go now. She mentions one of Ratbert’s friends didn't let her in a club, but it wasn't about him because the line was around the corner. She hasn’t been back because she is not going to wait an hour to get in. He says he was going there about twice a week before coming into the house, but usually couldn't find anyone to dance with because his so picky. He used to go out with friends all the time but now he just has dinner and stuff, not much dancing. He had to stop hanging around with the same people so I could change. She tells him he is doing great, so that was the right decision. Ratbert laughs about what his friends are going to say about him and Erika being on TV when he goes back. Jack is napping in the Sandbox and Jun is in the orange bedroom while they talk. Rat tells Erika that Omar(??) says he went out with them (Erika's friends) one time. Erika says no, they saw him someplace. Ratbert says the Cuban community is small and they saw some girl someplace. Erika talks about falling back in that pattern with all those people (warning him about relapse?). Two of the feeds are now FOTH, the other two showing Jun sleeping on one, Ali on the other. Ratbert and Erica are talking about competitions on ‘Fear Factor’ and what they would do or not. Ratbert loves the dress with the roses that Erika wore last Wednesday, says it was awesome and did she bring more like that? She tells him she brought two or three dresses. He asks her about a dress she used to wear and she says she still has it.

Ratbert moves to the pool and talks with Jack poolside, trying to figure out when Amy came back last year. Jack recalls, “She looked like she was having a good time in Mexico. She seemed like a free spirit who was here on a lark.” Ratbert points out that all of the oldest HG are still here and that must mean something, going through the list until he gets to Allie, asking Jack if he know she “won’t be here at the end.” Rat observes that most of the hamsters didn’t come in thinking about the game, then FOTH with some audio of Erika in HOH, trying to get comfortable. Jack states that the longer you stay here the more it influences your vote. Ratbert think the people who go out of the house influence the others who are already out and Jack ends up saying the same thing. Ratbert asks if it can be a tie and Jack reminds him not with 7. Jack believes the next HOH will be a scramble but a jet overhead drowns out Ratbert’s response. They begin talking about Danielle and Ratbert asks why she didn’t win. Jack says the comments she made in the DR lost it for her, if they had they sequestered people last year he thinks she would have won because she played well. Ratbert asks how Jason got so far and Jack explains that Danielle steered him until she couldn’t convince him to evict Roddy. Jack can’t remember where Roddy was from and Rat thinks it was somewhere on the East Coast. Ratbert says the month is going by fast and Jack agrees saying, “Faster that I thought it would.” Ratbert asks if it was the 16th or 17th and Jack informs him it is the 17th today.

Erika sleeping in HOH room and Justin has gone to the WC, Ratbert is on the patio drinking soda with a bottle of lotion and pink nail polish. Even after Erika awakes, she continues to lay in bed with her eyes open. Ratbert goes inside and looks in the drawers at the kitchen counter but doesn't find what he is looking and heads for the bedroom to talk with Erika. He teases her about being a freak for using the mask and how it looks like there is two people in the bed because she has a pillow next to her. He looks inside the HOH fridge and Erika tells him to help himself. Rat is surprised about all the coffee and cokes in there, says they really loaded her up. Erika gets up to offer coffee and he asks for regular.

Jack is laying on the patio in the shade and both Erika and Ratbert go outside. They chat about how expensive Starbucks is, Ratbert loves their white chocolate mocha, but they're $4.00. Jee is now up and wandering the house, heads for the door and looks outside before heading back to the LR. After going through the BR and trying to talk to Justin under the covers, Jee asks Jun if she has seen his jacket and she tells him it’s where it’s at. Jee goes to the kitchen and makes some food for himself and Justin. After a brief FOTH, the feeds show Jee making sandwiches and Jack lying outside. Jee tells Justin to get his a** up and Justin says that Ali has been sleeping since 12:00. Justin asks for apple juice instead of water, getting out paper plates for lunch. Jack and Erika come in and chat for a bit leaving Ratbert outside alone for now.

Soon, the feeds show Ali, Jun, and stooges in the LR on the couches, Jee is getting nails filed by Jun, Jack and Erika are in the desert room. The HGs are discussing The GAP, Old Navy, and other franchises about the types of shorts they wear. Ali hasn’t seen jean shorts in a while and Jee says he brought some but usually wears cargo shorts. When Jack comes into the kitchen, Justin jokes about Jack needing to take his old nail polish off. Ratbert wants a piece of clothing from everyone to show his friends. The talk leads to Nate’s socks and Erika’s high heels, followed by the Spice Girls and Gerri. Jee says she looks like someone from his porn collection, which brings comments from the group. Justin is called by BB to the DR and Jee realizes he slept through the lockdown earlier. He asks what happened and Jun teases him about them messing with the punching bag. He checks it and doesn’t realize she was joking until she says it was supposed to be funny. Jee’s anniversary is the first of September and he wonders if BB will let him say something. They discuss how they’ll never forget this summer or each other and at the 10 year BB reunion, there will be little Jun’s and the little Erika’s will be doing Pilates. Ratbert and Jee talk about what to wear for the live show when Justin gets out of the DR. BB calls Ratbert to the DR and Jun yells, “Not him!” and they try to get BB to call Jee instead. Ratbert returns and they talk about the POV competition and their times. Ratbert mentions that he drove by Erika’s on the way to BB and wondered what she would think when she saw him on the show.

Alison wonders how BB knew so much about her and how the interviewer asked if she had any websites with her picture. She told them two web addresses. Jee and Jun are now alone in the LR and she asks who he and Ratbert will go after if they win HOH. Jee tells her Jack and Erika. They agree to let each other know if they become targets. Jee thinks he is Jack and Erika’s next target and Jun tells him she believes it is Ratbert. At the same time, Erika and Jack are in the BY and Erika is saying she thinks Ali and Jun must try and win HOH next week because if there is a veto, then Ali or Jun would have to be put up. They talk about Erika flying out of the HOH making sure if they both got nominated, they could fight for their lives and Jack agreed, of course. He smiles and gives permission to say all kinds of bad things about him if she needs to. Erika says she would never do that and remembers that it was right after talking with Ratbert that she got scare and asked him that. Jack reassures her that it'll take a lot more than that for Ratbert to scare Erika. Jun is working on Jee’s nails and says that when they were together she wanted to be provided for, not the provider. Jack, Jee, and Ratbert are playing basketball, Erika is in the kitchen/dining area with Jun, and Justin is playing cards in the LR with Ali. Erika joins the boys playing basketball and the talk is about how Jun and Jee have unresolved issues. That’s why she keeps bringing up their relationship even though she told him she didn’t want to talk about it. Ratbert thinks it’s because she is bored and Jack has noticed that Jee always has to have a cigarette after talking with Jun. Jee goes outside to complain to Ratbert and Jun comes out calling for a truce, which they agree to. Jun wants to make Jee a cake for his upcoming birthday but Ratbert wants to know how the votes are going to go. Rat and Jee begin to lift weights, Ratbert wants to know how the votes are going to go because he doesn’t want a tie and Jee says he’ll find out.

Jack comes out and they decide to sit with him and work out after dinner. Ratbert goes into the house and Jee takes the opportunity to ask Jack how the votes are going to go. Jack thinks Justin will be evicted, Jee doesn't want it to be unanimous and wants to give Justin one vote for sportsmanship. Ratbert came back out and said Jun apologized to me for making me feel uncomfortable. Jee also apologizes if he made Ratbert uncomfortable. Jun and Jee are talking outside alone when Ratbert walks up. Jun asks if they can have a minute alone and Ratbert says sure, walks away. They're kind of arguing while trying to call a truce. Jee accuses Jun of being very defensive because she got mad when he brought up Tammy earlier. She says he gets angry when she says anything, even though the others can say whatever they want. Jun got very angry when Jee said she had no credibility in the house and doesn’t like when she says stuff under her breath. Back and forth until Jee tells her he knows she is no longer attracted to him and Jun asks if that bothers him. It all ends with “OK. Cool. Fine” and Jun saying, “It’s going to be awkward though.” Jee wants to continue polling the votes and Jun says she is voting for Justin. Jee is telling her he doesn’t want it to be a tie. Jee goes to tell Ratbert that everybody is voting for Justin, except he doesn’t know about Ali. They both think that if they go up against Jun or Ali in the final they can win. They don’t think so against Jack though and he has to be next. Ratbert feels if they can get Jack, Erika will be easy, so Jack first, a floater (preferably Ali), then Erika. They are worried about Erika’s endurance but not Jun’s. Jee wants them to have a study session with Ali but no more alliances with her, she is not to be trusted. Jee says that if Jack or Jun win the next HOH, he will be gone. Robert figures they need a lot of luck and strategy, but if they make it to the end, they will win. He’d be happy with 2nd place because the WDT would still be first. Jee is hoping for an endurance competition next week because he thinks he can win. He is expecting Julie to put him on the spot for the live show because the other two members of the 3 stooges are up. He dreads having to do farewell speeches for both Justin and Ratbert. Jee is happy that they didn’t let anyone else influence them because they stuck together and that’s what got them this far.

Erika comes out to join them and Jee apologizes for making her uncomfortable earlier when he and Jun argued. She says that she understands completely, but Jee continues to ramble, emphasizing that he is not slamming Jun. Ratbert gives his psychological opinion that Jun is doing just that because she needs attention. When Erika leaves, Jee wonders if they can trust her and Ratbert says yes. Now everybody goes inside to wait for their salmon dinner. Some play cards until it’s ready, then Justin fussed about the scales on the salmon and picked them off, but he promised himself he would eat it. Lots of discussion about Justin not liking fish, but liking other seafood. Jack remarks that he strained his back taking off the pool cover and Jee suggests using ice from the freezer. Jack thanks him and says he’ll also go in the HT tonight. Rat and Justin tease Jee about how much he ate, he kept taking more. Ratbert says he always eats like it’s his last meal and Justin says Jee would have eaten even more if they hadn’t ribbed him about it. Jack asks if Justin is done and Justin lets him take the fish from his plate and eats it. Justin gives out a big eeewwwwww and everybody laughs. Some discussion of how Nate doesn’t eat fish and would have had a hard time at the Clambake from Hell and wouldn’t have eaten any of it.

Jack had promised to do the dishes, so he starts in. Ali asks Erika when they’re going to walk and Erika suggests in a half-hour after they digest. Justin begins shooting rubber bands at Buddy after he killed the other spider Friday night. Ali and Erika turn up the HT since it’s only 85 degrees. Jack, Justin, Jee, and Ratbert start the weightlifting they put off earlier. Jack is not going to lift because of his back. The girls begin their walk and Ali talks about helping a woman’s shelter, then pageant talk.

They plan on going to hot tub tonight and drink, and Ali remarks this is not a good environment for them. Some discussion of how much alcohol they get from BB. They move on to favorite songs and Erika doesn't have one. Jee’s answer is FOTH’d, Ali's is ‘Just my Imagination’, Jack’s is Jackson Browne's ‘Stay’. Ali thinks that if she is HOH again, she will ask for the Monica CD that came about a week or two before they got kidnapped. She talks about missing her pageant to come in the BB house and feels it would be a great honor to Miss Pennsylvania, talks about her community service. She made a chain of pictures that went around her county and made $3000 for the women's shelter. She also wrote companies and got women's products for the shelter. She feels bad that she didn't go for the Miss Pennsylvania title because she could have done more for the shelter. More talk about her work at the shelter, describes her dress for this year's pageant, and how hard pageant week is. Ali also talked about a boyfriend in the Witness Protection Program because he witnessed a murder. FOTH

When the feeds return, Erika and Ali are still walking until Erika gets called to the DR and then it’s just Ali. Ratbert is in the HT, Justin and Jee playing basketball. When Erika gets out, Ali is called to the DR but Erika doesn’t continue the walk. Ali and Erika speculated why Justin nominated Nathan and Erika thinks it's was because Justin knew Ali and Nate were allied, and Justin was breaking up an alliance. They comment that it seems strange to see the guys playing basketball without Nate. Ali believes Jack and Erika are sitting pretty now, but as long as Jun doesn’t make the top two, Ali will be happy. Ali says everyone loves Jack and he would win. Erika reveals that Jack is working on Jee in case she goes so he will not be alone. Erika brings up the girls club again, even chanting it after they talk about the women. Erika believes BB has something cooking right now and thinks she’ll go soon. Ali says no and that she she’d be happy with $20,000 to pay for school (she just said she’d be happy if Jun didn’t make top two… lot’s of different things seem to make her happy.) Erika compliments Ali on playing an incredible game so far and Ali is flattered so Erika lays it on. They talk about having “three hot chicks” around as the final three being cool. They convince Jun to drink with them tonight in HOH and speculate about the twist. Jun is exercising the in BY with Erika sitting next to her asking how she is doing. Jun is not happy (pissed), mostly about Jee and the things she could say to him, but she won’t. Jun talks about giving Jee a good haircut today, then calls him a motherf***er. Ali thinks BB should have told them to wear athletic clothes for the POV competition and Erika adds they should wear them for everything, just to be safe. Jun says that comfortable to her means half-naked. Ali & Jun are going to do abs and thighs with Erika watching.

Diary room asks Ali and Jun (I think separately) the name of their alliance and Jun says “Fallen Angels” with Ali calling them “Dark Angels”. They promise to work hard for HOH and get Ratbert or Jee, probably Jee since he is tougher. After that, they would target Jack since he is in tight with the guys and will win in the end if there. The rest of the stooges have to go or they have no chance of winning. The guys are in the HT with Erika. Brief FOTH. They continue to debate the order of eviction (counting their chickens?) and Ali throws out how she disliked Jack from the first day… “Why would they choose the old guy with fake teeth and long freaky hair?" Jun is questioning is Jack really does have fake teeth. Ratbert is in the shower when Jun walks in and he asks her if everything is ok. Jun says yes, but she doesn’t need to be fighting with Jee. Rat is like, “OMG, I know how you feel, please talk to me when you feel like that, we need someone to talk to, we can talk to each other.”<gag!> Ratbert says the food is good, but the company sucks and Jun says that’s why Ratbert eats so fast. Rat talks about how the only person in the house who knows what it is like to have kids is Jack. The only people who have a real life, not that college stuff, are Jack, Ratbert, and Jun (of course). Both of them think they should have older people on the show because the younger ones can only talk game. Jun says that not a single person is going to learn about the Cuban way or the Korean way of life because no one asks them anything. Ratbert says that’s why he asked Jun about Bob (the Korean way of life?) because he wants to hear about outside stuff. He said the food is great, but he’s used to dinners with his family. His grandparents live with his parents, so dinner is at 7:30 every night and there are 8 or 9 people there talking about their day. Ratbert claims to have approached Erika at the beginning about being able to talk together and she didn’t think that would happen. (Mostly, they are playing each other.) Rat wishes that he would only have to worry about going back to college to finish the two classes he needs. The others make him sick because of what they worry about, but he has to respect it, even though their only ‘experience’ is the prom.

The hamsters begin talking about the death penalty with some lively discussion. Jack – yes, Erika – yes, Ali – No, except for serial killers or rapists, Justin – only the mentally unstable ones unless it’s because someone was in bed with your wife. Erika shares that someone killed one of her family members and Jack talks about how there are few women serial killers. Ali says they generally use poison, but women usually end up helping men dispose the bodies (of the men they have killed). Jun and Ratbert are in the orange room with Jun saying she doesn’t know anything about Dana. Rat was sure that when Jun defected, she knew all about her. Jun talks about how crazy Ali is and gets upset, confusing all the lies she tells. Ratbert changes over to Erika and how the others wanted to know if she was a freak in bed, that’s their level of conversation. Jun believes Erika and Jack can’t stand Ali and wonder how everyone goes so long without real conversations, except maybe Erika and Jack in the Sand Room. Ratbert says to find the positive, it’s almost over and they might win something. Jun thinks this month will drag on and Ratbert believes it has been going fast. Jun is happy about everyone who has left except David. Dana didn’t add anything to the house and Nate was worthless. More HG bashing, both evicted and present hamsters, then FOTH.

When the feeds return, Ali is in the HT talking about after BB told them their ex's were coming into the house, they asked Ali if they thought she had a ex coming in to the house. She said yes, that she knew it was Justin for sure and BB was so mean because she could see Justin's cauliflower ear in the shadow photo of the ex's and knew he was coming in. Jee is showering, Jun is in HOH listening to Pink, and Ratbert is wandering around. Justin talks about how during the eviction, he is going to pull the squeegee out from behind his chair and hand it over to Jee. Ali asks Justin if he asked Dana to put Ali up and Justin said no, he really thought Dana was going to put up Ratbert and Jee. Ali believes BB should pay people in the house more than those being sequestered and Erika tries to soothe her by saying there are luxury competitions coming up. Justin and Ali talk about how she will get a lot more exposure and how America will love him. Ali says her snore is cute and Justin replies that he can sleep through it if he’s already asleep. He says that Jee’s snoring will wake him up and Ali tells him that HOH is almost soundproof. Ali goes on wanting more stuff until the talk turns to the skywriting. Jack discounts it and Justin says, “I’ll find out before you do.” and laughs, he’s teasing. Justin dreams that they will be sequestered in a resort and have a wristband that allows everything to be free except tips. He mentions the vouchers from the pre-show that were way more than they needed and Jack reminds him they’re not supposed to talk about that, even though it continues.

They are talking about trips they have taken, Jack – New Zealand (LA to Hawaii to Auckland to New Zealand, great trip but the flight was torture); Ali – Florida, Texas, Niagara Falls, NYC, among others. Ali talks about Justin and how well he is taking eviction. He’s the most wonderful person she’s met. Erika returns to the HT with wine when Ali says that after 3 years, Jun and Jee should be over their problems with each other.

Ratbert is off with Jee on the patio and gives the details of his conversation with Jun while Jee smokes. He also talks about how the letter from his daughter just makes him want to go home more, but Jee says hang in there… it’s almost over. Ratbert trashes Ali’s boyfriend and her kissing other guys in the house and Jee agrees that she acts like a ‘ho’, what does she expect when she gets asked about flirting. Jee fills in Ratbert about his argument with Jun and Justin joins them, asking what the strategy is for after he leaves. The remaining stooges want to break up Jack and Erika and bring the other over to them. After that, Ali would go, then the survivor of Jack/Erika, with Jun being last since she is the weakest in an endurance contest. Justin advises targeting Jack next and pick up Erika. Ratbert gets called over to the HT by Erika and they talk about how she is not able to try for HOH next and is worried. Jack has gone to make a sandwich. Justin and Jee are playing chess in the BY, with Justin wearing his sunglasses to hide his squinty eyes. Ratbert immediately fills Jun in on his conversation with Erika. Robert talks about how he reads a lot now that he no longer drinks, reading ‘The Millionaire Mind’, ‘Public Speaking’, and ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, while sequestered before the show. He has wandered back to Erika and they talk about how their relationship started and that she loved it when they danced. He watches the chess game for a bit and when he returns, the talk moves on to the breakup and her getting his phone messages transferred to her. FOTH

The feeds return and Erika is getting out of the HT and goes into the kitchen with Jack and Ratbert. It appears Erika accidentally/on-purpose woke up Jun by going in and asking if she was asleep. Talk turns to Alison and Justin hugging outside and Erika wants to bet Ratbert that Ali and Justin make out tonight but he doesn’t take it. He believes Ali will want to, but that Justin won’t do it. Ali is watching Jee and Justin play chess and Ratbert comes out to join them. She sees Jun is awake and leaves to talk with her. Ratbert takes the opportunity to tell Justin they are taking bets that he makes out with Alison, Justin says, “No way.” Ali is now talking to Jee about how it must have been different back then because he was so much younger and now she holds him in such high esteem. He agrees, then FOTH. Feeds return showing Jee admitting to Ali he will vote for Justin and Ali agrees, but Jee continues to ramble. Jun, Jack, and Ratbert are around on the couches, Justin and Erika in the WC area. Jun says Justin is going to try and squeeze Erika’s breast and Ratbert says she is trashed. She said several times that she only had one beer and a glass and a half of wine. Erika and Justin come in and join them saying that Erika turned out the WC lights on Justin. FOTH. Jun believes they are the most unattractive people in America because they have been watched so closely 24 hours a day (I wish…. <sigh>) and seeing them go through their periods. Jee and Ali are outside talking and Jee says Jun makes up a lot of false claims about him and he called her on it today. He shares that Jun’s strategy is to keep everybody happy by cooking and doing their nails. Jee compares his play to Justin’s who has integrity and been true to his alliance. Jee wants Jun to go before he does and that she is very intelligent. Meanwhile, Justin is making fun of Jee and imitating how he says he is tired and will sleep on his back tonight. He wants Jee to bring out the picture of his sister so Justin can say goodnight to her. Jee begins brushing his teeth and others are breaking up and starting off for bed. Personal hygiene time and then Ali moves into bed with Justin who asks, “What are you doing?” She tells him she just wants to lay down with him for a while and Ratbert kids Justin about Ali molesting him. Justin ends up booting her out of his bed and continues kidding Jee about his sister.

The house finally settles down with Erika in HOH, Jack in bed and the three stooges beginning to quiet down. Justin has really been giving it to Jee about what he would do with Jee’s sister. Jee keeps telling him to watch what he says because that’s his sister… lot’s of back and forth teasing, they’re both enjoying it. Justin tells him that he and Yoo Ni would get what she needs and they would have cute babies. Jee asks him how many kids Justin has and he tells him 4. Jee says, “See, I FOTH’in knew it, you ain’t never touching my sister!” Justin ponders the name ‘Yoo Ni Giovinco’ out loud. Jee tells him, “Go to sleep drunkard boy.” and asks what tomorrow's date is, Ratbert tells him and they all go to sleep. All hamsters tucked in for the night.