Many conversations were occurring in the early morning of Tuesday.

Erica states Ali has made it clear she would never put Justin on the block. The reason is they have an alliance. Jack says Justin has very little regard for Ali. He says he is sure of Jun's vote but he still will talk to her. He couldn't tell Jee not to vote for Justin because he doesn't want to be overbearing. He says Justin doesn't want to be embarrassed with a tie vote. Erica states Robert told her he would prefer someone he cared about win the money but that he said they were still coming after her. Erica says she told Ali she hadn't made a deal and that she wouldn't turn on her own people. Jack says he trusts Jun more than Ali. Erica mentions that Ali seems to be content with second place. Jack says she is young enough to be content with it. They both would beat Ali in the finals. Erika says Ali doesn't want to go to the final with Jack and she isn't sure about going with Erika yet. Jack says wouldn't it be ironic if the final were Jun and Ali and that Jun would beat her. Erica says probably, but isn't sure how the boys look at it. Jack says if he and Erika both get put up they will have to "reshuffle" but they both think they are in pretty good shape. Eventually they realized they could hear (barely) the stooges talking outside. The cameras moved and Erika told the camera to stop because they couldn't hear them outside. The cameras start moving around. Jack saying that if Ali votes to keep Justin she's only revealing her alliance. Erika recapping the convo with Ali and how Ali is paranoid about Robert staying, winning HOH and putting Ali up. It's all very repetitive.

Buzzer sounded at midnight to signify the end of real food and PBJ Tuesday. Ali gets out of bed and meets Jee in Bathroom who just got out of the shower after the hot tub. Jun asleep and the rest (Justin/Robert/Jack/Erika) playing Old Maid in Living Room. Ali is so paranoid. She asks Jee if Robert wins HOH who would he put up. Jee responds, "Jack and Erika". Ali says she's just acting paranoid that he'll put Ali up. Ali says that Jun said that if Jee or Robert win HOH, she'll vote with them. Jee says that's how she is. She'll keep moving to the power side. Ali states it makes it so hard to trust Robert when he got out of that cage so early. Ali and Jee agree that there's no way they (Ali/Jee) could've won HOH against Erika/Jack this week. Ali asks Do you think Jack should leave before Erika? Jee answers that is the way he's leaning right now. Ali is telling Jee that if she wins HOH she will put up Jack/Erika as well. Ali says if it comes down to you me and Robert, don't think I'm selfish, but I'm scared to let him have it. Ali asks Do you think Jun is going to try and come to our side next week? They're upset about Jun being in final 4 with them. Jee states we have to split Jack and Erika up. Ali responds you guys have done a good job making them not aware that we're aligned. Ali says that even though she's aligned with them (Rob/Jee/Justin), she still just can't fully trust Robert.
They soooo do not want Jun to be in Final 4. Jee says that if Jun wins HOH, he has no idea what will happen. Ali says that she thinks she will be up if Jun is HOH and Jee says that's why Ali needs to go for it just as bad as them (Jee/Rob). Jee says that Jun will probably throw it. Because she's not a threat. Ali says goodnight to Jee and goes back to bed.

12:55am BBT

Robert stops playing old maid. Jee and Robert outside talking. Jee telling Robert about his convo with Ali. Robert says that he's concerned that Jun will put both of them up. Jee says it's a possibility. Robert wants them to talk to Jun. Jee is saying that it's 3 against 2 in the HOH (Ali/Rob/Jee and Jack/Jun). Jee - I think she (Jun) wants to be the only floater left. They think Jun will go after Ali. Ali told Jee that she thinks Jun will put her up. ( a total act because Jun and her have an alliance) Jee says that it is good for them. Ali will be out leaving both of them. Robert says we have to get it. Jee says I told her, don't get paranoid. The game Old Maid stops in the other room. Erika to bathroom, Justin to outside joining Rob/Jee. Jee tells Justin how he calmed Ali down telling her she wouldn't be put up should Rob win HOH.

Robert asks what do you think Ali will do? Justin states who knows. Robert responds we need to push her towards not putting us up. Robert now realizing that if Ali wins HOH and puts up Jack/Erika they still have two chances to win HOH next week with Rob/Jee. Erika comes out and the convo stops. Lights go out in the house. Erika - Lights out! Erika goes inside. They're repetitive talking about Ali AND Jun throwing comp since they're floaters. Jun has been asleep for a while. Ali has gone off to bed after the game broke of Old Maid stopped.

Back to conversations - Justin explains that if they don't put Ali up then Ali may stay with them. He says they should put up Jack/Erika. They are now discussing options about how to eventually get Ali out. Rob says one good thing about Erika is she doesn't talk about everything to everyone. Justin says if they get HOH they are gold. Justin says that Lisa won HOH 3x last year, the first week, and the last two weeks. Saying that at the end, the outgoing HOH can compete. Rob realizes that it wouldn't be fair if that wasn't the case, cause the next to last HOH would be an automatic loser. Back to talk bout promising Ali not to put her up. Justin says that they have to tell her that before they give their word, they need to get her word. The target for next week by the stooges is Jack. If Ali gets it and puts up Erika and Jun, they should put Jun out. Justin doesn't think that she will do that, since Jack would vote for Erika. Jee says that she won't do that, she'll put up Er/Ja. Justin says Ali already put up Jun once, and once you have someone targeted, you go for them.

Erika asks Jack if he can hear. He can't.

Justin says if Jack gets veto, Er goes up. If Jun gets it, Er goes up. Justin says if one of them gets HOH how do they control who goes out. Rob thinks it might be best if Ali gets it, so they can both vote. Justin adds they can include the promise that Ali vote like they say if they don't put her up. The worry now is that if Jun goes, Er/Ja are both competing, and only one of them will. they are strongly leaning to let Ali get HOH so they have two competitors in the following HOH against the two remaining from the other alliance

At 1:30am BB announces. . . No live eviction vote Wed
At the end of the night Jee holds Carmen's (his girlfriend) picture in the living room and says goodnight to her and says that he loves her. The last couple of nights Justin has requested to join Jee and say goodnight to Jee's sister Yoon Hee to mess with him. Jee says Justin can join him if he doesn't get his fingerprints on the picture. Justin leaps out of his bed and grabs Yoon Hee's picture. They go into the living room and Justin says, "let's do this together" and Jee says "no, you go first, I need my privacy. "
Erica and Jack are questioning the rationale behind some of the BB rules. Ja wonders why BB took their watches, but they have a clock in the house. Er wonders why they (females) couldn't have lip liner. She says, If someone abuses it [writes messages?], evict them. Er says BB has locked her out of HOH room.
Nothing much happens. At 9:15 BB announces voting will begin in an hour.
At 10:00 Erica says to Ali I just remembered a dream I had last night. I was dating Will of BB2!Ali asked "Who's that?" and Erika told her the winner of BB2. Ali then said "ewwww" and after a pause asked, "Is he cute?". . . Erika replied yes and Ali said "Then it wasn't a bad dream. "
Pillow fight occurs between Ali and Justin which begins an argument.
Ali-you're only in here because of me Ju-If I knew you were here I would have never come Ali-why are you being so mean to me Ju-Why don't you leave me alone. Ali-I'm not doing anything Ju-just get out then Ali-I don't have to. Ju-You are a pain etc Ali-You are the one who stinks and is nasty and sleeps in filthy shorts. . so on and so on. Justin then said why do you always try to get in bed with me and touch my b*lls? She said that is such a lie!! If I did touch them they would disintegrate in my hands.

Around noon Ali asked Erika if she ever cut her own hair. Erika told her that she had and was planning on doing it again soon. Ali went into the house and came back a few minutes later with a box, and asked Erika what she thought. She wants to put in a few streaks of red. Erika told her to go for it! Jun is in the bathroom with Ali getting the color ready-reading directions. Ali screams my mom is so going to kill me! (Very excited) Should I wash my hair first? Jun re- reading directions. "Nope. It doesn't say. "Erika is now in the bathroom. "Did we try it first? We're not going to test it first. "Jun applying color to a small section on the nape of Ali's neck. Ali's still reading the directions, "Oh, DON'T wash your hair first. Oh good. "

BB states Allison, please do not obstruct your microphone. . . Ali says, "one. "
Rob is in the bathroom now, too. He asks what her record is. for one day getting reminded to put on her microphone or problems she has had with her microphone and the audio people. Ali replies Eight or Nine.
Jun telling Erika and Ali about Dana's paranoia about not being able to see the reflection of the kitchen in the bathroom mirror (bounced from dark mirrors in tub) if the Sand Room door was open. She would freak if anyone left it open because she couldn't see. Ali stands up and looks in the mirror and sees the kitchen. OMG I never realized that! You CAN see! All laugh. Ali is walking around the kitchen with foil in sections of her hair
Jee tells her she looks like an Ali-cat
Odds and Ends-

Jun talks about not liking to swim. She said she told her gym teacher she had her period so she didn't have to swim.

Ali dropped her microphone in the toilet. (It hasn't been her first time)

HOH practice in BY, the HGs must roll the ball closest to a hole in the lane without having the ball sink in or going past the lane.

BB called Erika into DR at 11:40 and gave them body paints for fun.t then you get a FOTH’ing kick in the nut. Justin asks if you still don’t tell her and Jee says of course he would tell. Justin and Ratbert both ask why and Jee says it’s a different story if it’s his sister. They ask about the code and Jee explains that families are never involved. They argue back and forth if the code applies to families and Justin says you can't make up your own rules. Ratbert says that if he caught his sister's boyfriend cheating on her, he would make sure she doesn't find out. Jee doesn’t get this and would defend his sister and be honest and tell the guy to FOTH’ing break it up. Justin would give the guy a warning to tell her or Justin would and Jee says that is good advice but his sister will never give him the time of day anyway. They’re getting very sleepy and are now talking about how they sleep.

Back in the Sand Box, Jack is talking about when there are just four in the house, there won't be any secret talks. Erika wonders who the 4 will be and Jack is thinking Jun and Jee or Jun and Ali. He muses that Ali might be better, because she will be so paranoid and won't do well. Erika saying that Jun said that Jun and Erika will be deciding what will happen, not Jack. Erika says they were talking about Jack's angels (Jack/Erika/Ali/Jun) and that Jun said Jack won't have a say in anything. Jack has been thinking about the order and wants it to be Ratbert, Jee, Ali, then Jun, but they may be able to use Ali to take out Jun. Jack says he thinks that Ali is so tough, it may be better that the 3 of them take Ali out. Jack says that if Erika gets into the finals with Ali, Erika is gold. It will be nearly unanimous, but Erika isn't sure. They are now talking about game styles, saying it doesn't matter how you get to the end, just that you do it and even though Ali lost her alliance, she's still there. Jack says that many have said they won't vote for so-and-so in the finals, but Erika isn't the one they talk about. Jack says if he's in sequester land, who is he to say who's playing best? Erika says they are playing with babies and how when they were 22, they didn't know their ass from their elbows either. Jack says that if he goes out of here, he goes out with an open mind. They comment on people saying Jun doesn't play, she just cooks. Jack says that is true, but they all just eat. Erika told Jun a while back that she may be cooking her way in to $500K. They talk about how Jun’s wires get crossed if she drinks and that she shouldn't drink, but Erika thinks she knows that. Jack thinks they have the order straightened out. First Ratbert, then Jee, Ali, and Jun, then it will be just them. It takes time and luck, like the luck of Jun winning the veto. Justin was walking on the veto competition and then Jack says, who am I to say what Justin was thinking... what was I thinking? Jack says his mistake was starting the countdown when he heard the instructions end and he thought she started right then which threw him off on the veto time. He says if they get in the finals, they will look at that veto as the turning point that got them where they were. Erika comments that that veto couldn't be better television. Now they’re talking about Dana making things interesting and how naive they were at the start. When the O8 split into two factions, and with Scott, they were stronger than the others. Erika points out they were more like 5, with Michelle. They Wonder if Nate regrets Michelle going out but Jack thinks Nate has a few regrets, but not the Michelle vote. When the nominations were made, he told Nate they have to keep Erika and was worried that he would object, but he never did. They say her crying was an intolerable mess, but it was the only way Michelle could have gone out. Jack says it gets tricky when they get Ratbert out and they nominate Jee, who will want to be a pawn. They have all been there and decide it will depend on who is HOH, as they will make the decision. Jack says that the ones they are working with have their own order, and might not be the same as theirs.

The stooges are now asleep and only Jack and Erika are still up and talking. Jack says they will face the crucial HOH when four are left, one of the 4 coming off the HOH won't be able to compete. Erika wonders if that will be the week they let them compete for back to back. She thinks that will be the only fair way and Jack says you wake up here after a long day and figure it all out, feels like you start all over again from the beginning. says it's not always fun to wake up here. He's never been a sleeper, but sometimes he just doesn't want to wake up and face it. He is tired of the stooges’ sense of humor, Jee said to him today in front of the other two "Jack, you must really be tired of this. I wonder how you put up with it." Jack says he was trying to figure out what makes them tick and it's usually Ratbert ragging on Jee, and looking for Justin's approval. Erika wonders if Jee is over that already and Jack says, you'd think, but today they were on Jee about getting fat and eating all the time. He was wondering how they can talk about that stuff on and on, most of it is Ratbert. Erika says it's boring and Jack agrees, saying it will be totally different when Justin is gone. Erika says Ali is funny and ready for HOH, ordering stuff already. She wants this and this and this and this. Erika says that Ali told her, you go girl, go get that HOH. Erika asks if Jack wants the HOH and Jack says yes, he wants to win something, they were laughing, saying he wanted to put Justin out, and she wanted Ratbert out. Now it will be reversed and Erika thinks it is working better this way because it's less personal. Erika is amazed that Justin is still calling the shots and what surprises them is that they others deny it. Jack says he's talked with Jee about that and Jee won't admit Justin is still their leader, they can’t admit they aren't all working together. Jack says he felt this week he should spend time with Jee to work it out and do some other boy stuff. They question the rationale behind some of the BB rules and Jack wonders why BB took their watches, but they have a clock in the house. Erika can’t figure out why the females couldn't have lip liner. She think if someone abuses it, evict them. Jack says Dave liked that wall behind him because cops and soldiers like their backs to the wall and their eyes to the door. Erika wonders if he considered that and Jack is not sure, he's not so worried about that. When he was an agent, someone would have to have their back to the door and no one wanted it, they would all say "we've got your back." They talk about Dave's crazy sleeping hours, all night and all day, he was like a kid… he'd go out and do his thing, and sleep to recharge and get ready for another one. Erika say that she’s gonna go and Jack tells her he’ll see her in the morning and to be careful going home. She asks if she should call when she gets there and he says yes, he wants to make sure she’s all right. Everyone is now in bed asleep.s, the talk moves on to the breakup and her getting his phone messages transferred to her. FOTH

The feeds return and Erika is getting out of the HT and goes into the kitchen with Jack and Ratbert. It appears Erika accidentally/on-purpose woke up Jun by going in and asking if she was asleep. Talk turns to Alison and Justin hugging outside and Erika wants to bet Ratbert that Ali and Justin make out tonight but he doesn’t take it. He believes Ali will want to, but that Justin won’t do it. Ali is watching Jee and Justin play chess and Ratbert comes out to join them. She sees Jun is awake and leaves to talk with her. Ratbert takes the opportunity to tell Justin they are taking bets that he makes out with Alison, Justin says, “No way.” Ali is now talking to Jee about how it must have been different back then because he was so much younger and now she holds him in such high esteem. He agrees, then FOTH. Feeds return showing Jee admitting to Ali he will vote for Justin and Ali agrees, but Jee continues to ramble. Jun, Jack, and Ratbert are around on the couches, Justin and Erika in the WC area. Jun says Justin is going to try and squeeze Erika’s breast and Ratbert says she is trashed. She said several times that she only had one beer and a glass and a half of wine. Erika and Justin come in and join them saying that Erika turned out the WC lights on Justin. FOTH. Jun believes they are the most unattractive people in America because they have been watched so closely 24 hours a day (I wish…. <sigh>) and seeing them go through their periods. Jee and Ali are outside talking and Jee says Jun makes up a lot of false claims about him and he called her on it today. He shares that Jun’s strategy is to keep everybody happy by cooking and doing their nails. Jee compares his play to Justin’s who has integrity and been true to his alliance. Jee wants Jun to go before he does and that she is very intelligent. Meanwhile, Justin is making fun of Jee and imitating how he says he is tired and will sleep on his back tonight. He wants Jee to bring out the picture of his sister so Justin can say goodnight to her. Jee begins brushing his teeth and others are breaking up and starting off for bed. Personal hygiene time and then Ali moves into bed with Justin who asks, “What are you doing?” She tells him she just wants to lay down with him for a while and Ratbert kids Justin about Ali molesting him. Justin ends up booting her out of his bed and continues kidding Jee about his sister.

The house finally settles down with Erika in HOH, Jack in bed and the three stooges beginning to quiet down. Justin has really been giving it to Jee about what he would do with Jee’s sister. Jee keeps telling him to watch what he says because that’s his sister… lot’s of back and forth teasing, they’re both enjoying it. Justin tells him that he and Yoo Ni would get what she needs and they would have cute babies. Jee asks him how many kids Justin has and he tells him 4. Jee says, “See, I FOTH’in knew it, you ain’t never touching my sister!” Justin ponders the name ‘Yoo Ni Giovinco’ out loud. Jee tells him, “Go to sleep drunkard boy.” and asks what tomorrow's date is, Ratbert tells him and they all go to sleep. All hamsters tucked in for the night.