The morning starts off as usual with Jack and Jun up first then the BB morning wake-up call at precisely 9:48am. Jun is once again the house chef and after lockdown the HG's all "ooh and aaah" over the HOH competition which is essentially a ski-ball competition (the likes of which are usually found at your neighborhood Chuck E. Cheese.) BB has warned the Hg's of the "live show from Hell." The Stooges begin talking about wanting Jack and Jun with them until the end because they'll be easier to beat and "AliCat" can't be trusted, blah blah blah. Ali is under the delusion that everyone is going to throw the HOH competition and Jun sets her straight that the stooges are fooling her into not competing (ahem - DUH!) Jun tells Jack that Ali is looking to align herself with Jun and Jack isn't surprised as he puts it "Ali bounces around like a pinball!" We learn the pathetic fact that Erika spent $3000.00 on vet bills for a stray dog (of course, this poster's own mother spent the same amount just this week on a 14 year old cat, so who am I to roll my eyes in a sarcastic, demeaning manner?)

Jun lets Ali in on the "backdoor plan" the stooges had been tossing around. That is, they would put up Jack and Erika and then encourage whoever won veto to use it then put up Ali. Ali is stunned and scared ('bout time!)

Jee undergoes a brief moment of introspection - he is concerned that Ratbert spends a tad too much time dissing women (oh, really?) There are some house antics as Jun and Rob alternate putting Erika's stuffed animals in sexual positions (Jun = 69, Robert = doggie style.)

Er tells Ja she may have to lie to Ali and tell her that Jack is the next target just to keep her on their side. They comment that they now understand why Dana put her up! Mid-day excitement is limited to Rob actually doing the lunch dishes and then he proceeds to complain about the boredom. Jun makes a funny - she suspects the food they're getting are leftovers from corporate baskets! Hahaha. Probably true.

The rest of the afternoon is intermittent FOTH and them getting ready for the show. We know that Justin leaves and Jee wins HOH (damn, Jack!) Robert practically creams his pants in sheer and utter joy (sorry guys, that just seemed to be the best and most accurate description as it relates to Rat.) The non- stooges try to bolster their sinking hopes on Julie Chen's parting words, "Don't get too comfortable, expect the unexpected!" Jun takes this opportunity to eat. Again. And again... it's a regular binge-fest.

Erika asks Rob if it's her (Erika) and Jack going up and Rat says yes. Then she asks if she's leaving and he tells her NO. Meanwhile, Ali is moaning over Justin's "Tender goodbye" (apparently he actually shed a tear over her back-stabbing self as he left the house!) Jack meanwhile feels so crappy for having let his alliance down, he wants to start campaigning right away for everyone to vote HIM out over Erika (not so fast, Jack!!!!!) Erika and Jack then conclude that if they go up and one of them uses the veto, that they'll have to put up Ali. Then with Ali gone, they'd have an advantage over the remaining competing stooge, Rat (um, not rocket science here, folks, you think Jee and Rat can come up with that?) There is some confusion with the posters at this point as to whether or not Jee and Rat are considering putting up Erika and Jack and getting Erika out or putting up Erika and Ali. either way, looks like they want Erika out.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The Sandbox will be closed and Cuff & Link are going bye-bye.

Jee decides to call in each HG one at a time to talk privately- without Rat there. He starts with Ali and blows a lot of smoke up her butt telling her that if he doesn't nominate her, she MUST vote to evict Erika and she can't use the Veto. Ali thinks she's on his team (oh, silly, silly Ali!) Next Erika, It was a sickening display of mutual respect. Jee does tell her that he'll put her and jack up and if they get the veto, it's a 50/50 chance with Ali and Jun as they're both "floaters." Then it's Jacks' turn. Again, the same sickening display of mutual respect. Jee confirms he'll probably put up Ja/Er as they are a strong and worthy alliance. Then Jun. We're holding our breath because we anticipate hearing the "real" deal. And we do. Looks like at this point Jee will put up Jack and Erika with the hopes that Erika will leave. Jun agrees to vote her out. Jee tells Jun if someone uses the veto, that JUN will go up as the pawn because they'll need Ali's vote. In that event, whomever is left from the Er/Ja alliance will go. Jun and Jee confirm their steadfast and secret alliance and their plans at this point are to get Erika, then Ali out taking Jee, Rat, Jun and Jack to the final four. Rat gets his "turn" in there and he is simply overjoyed that Erika is going to go (this is in direct conflict with the bold statement he made to her earlier that she was definitely NOT going to be the one to go, but then he goes on to call her so many other nasty names that he's his old Ratty self and really, is anyone surprised?)

Finally the scheming ends for the day and the hamsters finally go to sleep.... Phew~!