Midnight convo
Jee is telling her that if the veto is used Ali will not go up IF Ali agrees that if she's HOH she will not put Jee up, even if veto is used. Ali says she trusts Jee more than Robert, and not to say anything to him about that. Jee says he'll be honest about telling Jack/Erika they will probably both be going up. Now talking about the 19 minute veto comp. Ali states He controls her (talking about Jack controlling Erika) .Jee responds The way I look at it, they have to be split up.

A little later Jee is talking with Jack and states if you won veto using it would be best strategic move for you. It would be Ali or Jun. I haven't decided in that case. Both have equal chances of going up there. I know Jun has aligned with you guys, but is not necessarily part of your alliance. She deserves to be here, because obviously she still is here. I can't commit to who I'd put up. Maybe the night before I'll let you know. I'm leaning towards you two, because I respect the strength of your alliance, and you'd do the same thing. We're opponents right now. As Justin said, you're worthy opponents. Our alliance is fortunate we got the HOH this week.

Erica is next.
Erika joined Jee in HOH room. Jee saying he respects both Erika and Jack. Jee asks if she has anything to ask or say. He tells her to not be afraid to say anything. Erika says she respects any move he makes. She won't tell him to do this or that. Jee says the announcement tomorrow might change everything. (Apparently, the turtle/desert room announcement wasn't the 'twist' ) Jee saying that she's a tough competitor. Erika moans and says that he's going to put her up again! (jokingly) Jee says that nothing is set in stone. If Jack won HOH, they would've come after Jee and Robert. Erika saying that whichever one of them is left - will join the alliance, should they break up. Jee tells Erika that Jack told him that if they come after both of them, to leave Erika because he screwed her over tonight during the competition. Erika tears up and says it breaks her heart. Jee says that just shows how much he thinks of her. Jee says you're a very classy lady compared... I don't like to judge people... You've handled the game a lot more maturely than the other ladies in here. Erika replies You're making' me cry, Jee! Erika says "Can I ask you a question without this leaving the room?" Jee replies Yeah. Erika asks If Jack and I go up and one of us gets the veto, who would go up? Jee says I don't know until we get the announcement. There are only 2 choices. In my eyes, they're both floaters.

Now Jee is with Robert...
Jee: I'm worried Jack or Erika will take me out next week. Rob: Don't worry about it, we're in a good position. Jee wonders when to let Jack know info. Can he trust Jack to know he's safe? Rob: we'll blow smoke up his ass. Jee: we'll say we don't know yet, things can go either way for you Jack. Rob: offer him an alliance. Don't let Jun suck up to you, she's a ***** snake in the grass. I'm so happy you won, because she's such a bitch. I told Ali, we don't need the others, Justin recommended you to us. If either of us win, it's because of the team. They've forgotten about Dave. I was tripping' out when you gave your speech, you were classy. ***** the TV, you were talking to us. It proves you are a classy guy. You talk great, you kept getting better and better. You looked at us in the eye. ***** spiders everywhere.

Jee: I'm gonna quit this ***** (smoking) Rob: Justin's probably partying right now. Jee: he took a handful of condoms. Rob: that guy is so ***** happy for us. He can talk *****, because he's still a part of us. We're on the doorstep, we just gotta open it. The only one I was scared of was Jack. Jee: ...it went short. Rob: You weren't all elated, it was like you had to think about it. You are the first guy to win it twice. You're money. You're going to be one of the most popular guys. Me and Jun were saying, we're going to be like players, we'll be on TV more, we'll get more interviews. People are rooting for us. The Dream team, the Dream team! They hate it. What made it sweet today, is that ... the floaters are caught? Jee: we're going to break up that alliance. Regardless it's going to happen. Rob: we have a lot to think about, we have a lot of days. Do we need to make an alliance with Jack? Jee: but we need to go after Alison first, we can't be sure about him not winning. I couldn't believe I was the first player to win HOH twice, I'm not trying to be cocky. Rob: I wouldn't want it any other way. I needed you to get that pump I got. Out there in the world, I wanted you to get it...I just needed her to send me something. If you go with a girl, make sure she's hot and awesome. Jee: this is a good day for me regardless. Rob: it could have been loosing Justin and me going out. ***** money. BB announcement about competition tomorrow. Jee: they keep doing that, they want us to go to sleep. the reason I'm feeling good and positive is that the alliance will be broken up this week. I'd rather Erika go this week.

Everybody asleep at 4. BB says good morning at 9. Erica and Jack move out of the desert room. Erica moving to love room while Jack moves to blue.

At 11 all HGs are napping.

At 12:30 Jee says Ali is too emotional to Jack. Then they start talking about JFK and terrorism.

At 2:00 stooges are outside trying to figure out twist while one by one people go into the diary room. 2:49 there is a lockdown. All going crazy outside. Jee says Rob is going crazy because of his ADHD.

We have FOTH till 6:00.
Jee took an offer to make the whole house eat PB&J for a week except himself and Jee received veto because of it.

FOTH again at 7:30 because of nominations. Jee nominated Erica and Jack. Robert said they are voting Erika out...Don't tell Jack how voting.

At 9:00 Ali and Erica in Hot tub singing about cheddar popcorn... acting weird and silly when people come outside but asking questions about competitions and drilling each other when everyone is inside.

Ali declares herself "America's B!tch" but Jun says Ali's the second runner-up with Jun being the first runner-up for the title

Ali and Jun are leaning towards getting Jack out and pulling a "Michelle" since Jee and Rob think Erica is leaving. Then it would be boys against girls.

Now its Midnight.