We start the day with Ali telling Jun that they have to do what the stooges want or they will be targeted. Jun agrees. Jun says Erika is nervous. Ali says to keep reassuring her. Jun doesn't want to do that too much, because if something happens, Jack seems too confident. That makes Ali nervous. Ali thinks that the stooges have something up their sleeve because Jee and Robert wanted to talk to Jack after nominations. Ali thinks that they need to make them think that Jack is stronger than Erika. If they do, then they might not come after them next week and will go after Erika if Robert wins HOH. They discuss the chances of Robert winning against 3 of them. They talk about Jack throwing competitions and not being able to handle the pressure. Jun was in shock. Ali says that Jack told her around 4 weeks ago that his whole strategy was to lay low and that she can now see that's what he's done. Conversation turns to sharing a room with Jack and Erika and not being able to talk now. Ali tells Jun that she is the only one she wants to be with in the end (repeat after me - this is because Ali can't win against anyone else) Jun says same thing (uhhh her too). They talk about how they won't go to Las Vegas afterwards and probably won't talk to most of the others. Ali says she'll probably call Erika. Jun invites Ali to New York. Jun says the stooges want Jun and Ali to go at it - but it won't happen. Ali says even Erika has to go but they need to ride her to the final 2. They talk about Erika's eating habits and how PBJ is no big deal to her because she hardly eats anyway. Ali wonders if Erika is smart. That she can do endurance but... Jun says Erika can do mental as well. Ali ponders if they can get Erika out so that it was just them in the final 2. Jun curses Jee. Ali says he didn't mess up - that he can't compete next week. Jun says he didn’t have to put them on PBJ. Ali says they can do it, who cares about the rest of them. They plan to talk to Jee after the Veto meeting on Sunday to tell him that Jack had a change of plan to get rid of Jee next not Robert. They think that will scare Jee into getting rid of Jack.

Erika and Jun discuss how difficult Ali is. Seems like Jun, Erika & Ali have a deal to lay low until the veto isn't used so that 2 girls don't go up. Jun calls Jack deadweight in front of Erika and Erika laughs.

Ali tells Robert that in high school her only girl friends were the ones on the dance team. That she hates girls. She says all the phone numbers in her book are wrestlers, football players etc.

Jee and Robert talk in the HOH room. Jee told Ali that he was being approached for a deal to turn against her and Robert. And for her not to be taken in. Rob says he has been enforcing the idea that it is in Justin's name. Jee says that she is so f'cking believing them. She told Robert that it is the three of them to then end (meaning Ali, Jee and Robert). And that whoever gets HOH can vote her out - she doesn't care. Robert says that Jun told him that she doesn't hate anybody except her (Ali) and that they're f'cking gay. That the Dream Team name is gay and they're cheese balls. Jee says it doesn't matter. Rob can't wait until she's out. Robert says he knows but he can't wait until she walks out. Jee says that people like her make themselves look bad, that she thinks she's better than everyone else. That's why he called her out in front of everyone else when she asked about PBJ. That's what he's doing with Jack - to get the target off his back. She questioned him in front of the whole house and did it just to mess with him. Robert says that it's bad karma. She wanted to be the first Korean to do this and that. He tells Jee that he's getting everything. That he's going to be the most popular guy ever in the house and that she's never going to have that. That Jee wasn't supposed to be there and he has a better chance of winning. Jee says that's why he says what comes around goes around. Robert says Jee is humble and honest and Jee is a snake b'tch. Robert says she says chit about everyone else. Jee says that she thinks she's the ultimate b'tch. That she's nothing but a b'tch a selfish b'tch and that it's coming out in the game. She talks about how some people have some growing up to do but that she's the one. She's 28, never question her intelligence, she's f'ckin smart but she's got a lot to learn about life. How to treat people right. That's what she needs to know. That you can't just judge people that way. That everyone has value in this world. Robert agrees. Jee continues that you can't think you're above everyone. That's they way she is. The two of them just clash. Opinions, views and everything like that. She's been the same way forever. Robert says she'll never be happy. Jee says that Bob is close to her and that's what she wants right up to the end and then breaks up. That's why Jee is with Carmen and she's still alone. Robert says that's right. Jee’s not saying this to make himself look better, he’s just happy with his life, happy with his girl, she’s not. Robert says he knows she isn’t. Jee adds that the dude probably knows he could do better. Robert says that a break means I’m going to f’ck someone else (heaven help us the poet laureate of BB4). I’m done with you; I’m disgusted by you, done. Jee says exactly. Robert says he’s never taken anyone back. Taking a break means he’s done. Dude is slamming a whole bunch of girls. Jee says of course. Jee says that she even wants to go across the country with his boys. They say that he’s hitting everything. Robert says that he has to know that he’s got better things, especially in New York. What the f’ck’s he doing with her. Jee says the way she talks about life, I don’t respect her that way. And how she’s going to put her parents in a home and stuff. Wouldn’t think twice about that chit. That’s how she is. Jee isn’t saying that if your parents are sick and you can’t help them maybe that’s the best thing but she won’t think twice. She’ll say f’ck em. They need to go, I need to live my life. Jee says that she puts him down because he’s a mama’s boy. It’s not that. He’s giving respect back to his parents. Robert says that’s the way she is. Doesn’t give a chit about them. Break away from them. Jee says that’s what he can’t stand about her. She’s a selfish b’tch. That’s what he told her. She’s not the same girl he met when he was 15. He loved her back then. He fell out of love and that’s the best thing to happen to them. She changed on him. And she’s never changed. He’s true to himself. She never evolved. He evolved. Robert says that he has. Jee says that she doesn’t know a thing about him. Stop judging him. She’s still the same shallow b’tch who judges everyone and thinks that she’s better than everyone else. Stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking and start thinking about yourself. Try to make yourself a better person. Don’t think about anyone else. He doesn’t want to say that chit. He doesn’t want to bother (then why did I have to transcribe this conversation?). I’ve been through with you three years. We haven’t spoken. Keep it that way. Keep it real. Don’t scr’w me. Once we get out of this house, we’re not going to talk and it’s going to stay that way. Robert finally gets up and goes to bed.

The next morning, BB has to drag certain HG’s out of bed. Jee tells Jun that she should be thrilled by the PBJ diet because she’ll weigh less at the end of the week. Ali wants to put the food on the counter away. Jun tells her no – that is the only food they are allowed to eat this week. Jee announces that there is a 2- part luxury competition – part 1 tonight, part 2 tomorrow. There will also be a food competition but no one understands why. Erika and Jun are alone. Erika is crying and says “Then I guess it is over between me and Jack.” But our feeders cannot determine the reason for this comment. BB announces that the HG’s are not allowed to sleep in the living room during the day anymore. Rob announces that he has Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits.

The luxury competition involves gnomes scattered throughout the backyard. Bushes have been brought in. Face covers and hammers will be involved. The HG’s are clad in coveralls and tennis shoes. Ali worries about where to put the microphone. Jee wonders if he should take off his glasses. Coverall colors: Erika – pink (what else), Ali – yellow, Jee – navy, Robert – orange, Jack – gray, Jun – army green. Ali says she looks like a walking banana. The HG’s get excited when they see the gnomes. And our host for this competition is none other than MARCELLAS. The winner gets a McDonald’s meal for 5 days. And they get to do it with the person of their choice. A few of the gnomes have gold tickets in them. A few have black. Black eliminates you. First person to collect 3 gold tickets and put them on the proper slot on the board wins. The HG’s begin smashing gnomes. Ali and Robert are eliminated. Jee wins again. Jack is second. Marcellas congratulates Jee. The HG’s get to pick a gnome to keep. Robert and Jun wonder in the kitchen why Jee won. He already gets to eat. He should have given someone else a chance. Robert says we all could have eaten. What the f’ck was he doing. Jun says he is stupid. If there was ever a time to throw a competition.

Jee says he thinks it’s his time to go next week. This comment is met with silence from everyone else. In the living room, Jee tells Robert that PBJ is not the end of the world. Robert gets up and goes to the HOH room to listen to music. Jee gets mad and goes off on how it’s a game. Robert later says that he just found out that every time he talks about Jun to Ali, Ali runs to tell Jun. Jun goes in to the HOH room. Jee says you mean I should have let someone else win? Jee tells Ali that he should have let Jack win, he wasn’t thinking properly. He knows Erika was b’tching. He’s taking this as an omen that he’s going next week. Jee goes to the orange room to check that Jun will vote his way. Jun sidesteps the question. Jee is angry with Erika for being upset.

Ali and Jun talk. Jun is afraid that Tuesday Jee will tell them to vote Erika and when they don’t he’ll be pissed. Ali says that Jee put up two not caring who went and it was a time for them to have a say in what happens. Erika joins them. Jun talks about how ruthless Jee acts with her and is nice to others. She says that Jee is intimidated. Erika says he should be. Jun tells them about his mean reactions and gets angry at Jee. She calls him an idiot. Saying she thought he was a great guy but is proving himself to be an ass. Ali says that Robert wants them to vote out Erika with him and not tell Jun. Jun says that they can’t sway Jee to vote out Jack because he hates Erika. They have a study session (for the luxury competition perhaps). Jun is struggling. Ali tells her not to be the weakest link.

Robert and Jee want their normal lives back. Jee does some thinking. He thinks that Jun wants Ali out and that she is playing for second place. She is hoping to slide by while Jee and Robert fight with Jack to make the final two. He thinks Jun would put Ali and maybe himself on the block. Later the McDonald’s arrives. Jee is eating it with Jack. Jun says she wants to lie under the table should they accidentally drop food. She says she might take up smoking again because it will help with her hunger pangs. BB says that Jack and Jee have to eat for 30 minutes before they can store anything in the fridge. Ali says that if they toast bits of bread until it’s real crispy they could dip it into the nuggets sauce. They wonder if this is allowed since they didn’t win. Jee makes an underhanded pass of the sauce containers to them. They are stashed in the drawer. Outside, Robert says that they should be kissing your ass everyday because you didn’t have to do that for them. Robert says he wouldn’t have done it for them.

Ali talks about how she was anorexic her senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Her father would drive out every weekend, take her out to dinner and buy her groceries to make sure she ate. Jee says that’s a good dad. Her mom didn’t come. Jee thinks Ali’s mom sounds hard. Ali says that she’s had eating disorders all her life. She was captain of the gymnastics team at Pitt. Ali goes on to say that her dad played professional baseball for Philly. Robert and Jee are impressed and ask what position. She doesn’t know, but thinks second base. She says he’s old, 56.

The HG’s are called into the living room for the luxury competition. As they wait, Ali mentions that her boyfriend didn’t want to sign the releases for BB. He wondered why they wanted her on the show. She told him they cast her for her looks. They are told to get primal war paint and return to the living room in five minutes. The outfits are loin clothes and primal wear. Ali says they always make them wear f’cking naked things. Erika comments that she isn’t in the mood for this at all. Jack ties a loincloth around his head. Ali asks Erika what she is wearing underneath. Erika says a thong. She says she isn’t doing this but keeps getting ready anyway. Jun paints Roberts face with red paint. Ali blow-dries a bit of fluff into her hair. The guys are wearing shorts with loin clothes on their heads. Jun paints Roberts chest. Erika decides against a bra under the top because it was showing. Jee thinks the girls look hot. Jun paints footprints on Jack’s back. Ali wants a handprint on her belly. The backyard has tiki torches and barrels. Jee and Robert have DT on their arms. Jee reads off a list of HG clothing they must gather: Ali – white short shorts, Jack – black sweats, Jun – black mesh shirt, Erika – pink pimp hat, Robert – red tank top, and Jee – orange shorts. The HG’s speculate that they will have to burn these items. One of our feeders reminds us that yesterday Alison had been repeating the question they were asked in the diary room about what article of clothing of other hg’s they hated. Erika is angry about the potential loss of her pink hat. She claims she can’t find it and says she hates everyone. She finds it. Each HG has to sit on a log next to a tiki torch with their number on it. If everyone burns their clothing, they receive a high speed-shopping spree at the BB boutique. Jee is forced to repeat the instructions for the cameras. Erika burns Jee’s orange shorts in a sexy stripper dance. Jun burns Jack’s black sweatpants. The HG’s chant burn the pants. Ali burns Jun’s mesh shirt. Jack burns Ali’s white shorts. Jee calls Roberts red tank top “a bit fruity” before he burns it. Robert wipes his but with Erika’s pink hat before he burns it. Tomorrow the BB Boutique will commence. The HG’s go clean up.

Jun tells Erika that the guys haven’t told her how to vote yet. That she thinks they’re going to wait until the last minute to tell them how to vote. Erika thinks its ridiculous that they think they can dictate how Ali and Jun can vote. Jun tells Erika that Ali is afraid to tick the guys off. Erika doesn’t understand. She says that Ali pulled a pretty ballsy move and proved that she’s strong, independent woman. Jun tells Erika that she wants Jee out first. Erika says she wants someone to put against Jee so she thinks Robert needs to go first. Jun says okay, whichever. Erika something Jack said rubbed her the wrong way. That Robert assured Jack that Ali and Jun would vote whatever way Robert and Jee tell them to. Ali tells Jun that she doesn’t think they should tell them how they’re voting. Jun says you mean totally surprise them? Ali says they’ll be so shaken they won’t be able to compete. The girls listen to the guys out in the hot tub through the wall. Jun thinks she hears Jee say that he thinks they can get the three girls out. Ali uses a glass to hear better through the wall. Jun does lookout duty while Ali listens. They then decide to crack the door open a bit so the sound will come in. Jun tells them to use bouillon cubes to crack the door with – it won’t clank. All they get at this point is Jack making chitchat with the boys. They laugh that the camera will give them away.

Outside in the hot tub Jack had tried to propose that Jee use the veto to take off Erika, put up Ali and vote her out, but Jee and Robert call it weak. They will probably tell Ali about the proposal. Robert says that Ali decides their fate and they mention her going behind their backs and perhaps making an alliance with Jun and Erika. A bit later Ali and Erika get in the hot tub. Erika tells Ali that she predicted Ali would win. Ali says that she’s not mean in the diary room at all.