Saturday begins with the hamsters being awakened by BB, with Ratbert and Jee being the last ones up. After something falls with a loud bang, Jack figures out that it was the dustpan and broom in the SR. Jun asked him if he used his FBI powers of deduction and Jack says he ran some fingerprints. She quips back, "Did it take you 18 minutes?", and he comes right back with, "It took me 18:49 (his time for the video competition) and I still got it wrong." BB calls Jee and Erika to the SR for their McDonald's breakfast and they begin eating them at the dining table as Jack and Ali watch. Jun and Ratbert are outside and he asks her how Erika ate when they were going out. Ali says that Erika only ate her hash browns and two bites of her McGriddle sandwich and said she was full before throwing away the rest of her meal. Erika explained that her stomach was rejecting the food, but most of the others appear angry because they are still on PB&J. Ali says that she doesn't want to hear another FOTH'ing word about how hungry and skinny Erika is because Ali was going to offer up her McDonald's meal tomorrow. Ali says Erika can forget it now and Jee asks if everyone heard Erika say that if Jee hadn't accepted the veto, everyone would be eating McDonald's now. He calls her a FOTH'ing b**ch and Ali responds that she can't wait until Erika is out of here. Jun goes outside and shares some information about plans and deals that she has heard. Jun doesn't want Jee to think about any deals Jack may offer since he wants Jee out next and Jee agrees with her. Jee asks Jun if she called him a stupid ghetto boy and Jun says no. We are then treated to FOTH and an outside lockdown.

Ratbert asks a clueless Jee if there will be shoes at the shopping spree, but says he would settle for some nice shirts. They hear a lot of noise inside and figure they are moving around the clothing racks. Ali is in her bikini doing her laundry while everyone else is sitting around. Ratbert thinks BB should install an outside WC since they do so much outside and for outside lockdowns and Jack agrees with him. Ratbert speculates that it will look like FOTH'ing Macy's inside when BB is finished setting up and asks Jee if they have a Macy's where he lives. Jee tells him, "Of course, the original Macy's on 34th street." They begin talking about different stores and mention Emporio, Armani, and Polo, among others. Jee goes on to say that you can get anything you want in the city. Everything goes quiet for a while as they wait for the outside lockdown to finish. Ali and Erika are playing cards and there appears to be some tension between them, but they are both trying to ignore it. Earlier, Jun was looking at her reflection in the windows while checking the fit of her shorts. She thinks she is losing weight and tells Jee that even if he can't see it, she can feel it. She adds that Erika had definite issues with food this morning and Ratbert talks about how alcoholics frequently quote the Serenity Prayer and accept the things that they cannot change. He says that it is just like the game where you have to accept it when you are a target, like Justin was a target from day one. He then stretches and mentions how sore he is because yesterday he and Jee worked on their oblique abs and their calves. Jee had been telling him that Ratbert's were too skinny, adding, "It hurts like a bit*h, don't it?" They talk about when Justin was HOH and they all got so drunk on the Veto Competition champagne. They say Justin was wasted and called Nathan in for a meeting at midnight. They remember Jee talking about Justin's shorts on the live show and how that will follow him around. They look forward to seeing him in a few weeks and wonder about his interview with Julie because he wanted to get all "pimped out" for her, Ratbert thinking he was crazy. Just then Jun sees a white butterfly and Ratbert thinks this is amazing for such a little place that is so closed in. Ratbert says that when he goes to the WC he takes off his mic, and Jee makes fun of Ali since BB can hear every noise she makes in the WC because she doesn't take off her mic. Jee remarks this would be a good day for a sky message (still thinks skywriting was for them or talking about banners?) and we get FOTH.

When the feeds return, Erika is applying makeup, Ali washing clothes and dragging the laundry tub across the yard after declining Jack's offer to help her. Ali says she has to pee and she's "feeling nauseous, people." The wringer is making a lot of noise as she runs the clothes through it. Erika and Jack are talking about BB getting them up so early today. Jack thinks there is a schedule, even though they don't know what it is. They see a small helicopter and watch it, Erika noting that it's a small two-seater, and thinks Jack seems like someone who would like to learn to fly. Jack talks about being in LA to interrogate someone, and then driving down to San Diego to visit the navy yard and tour a ship. They used their credentials to get a tour and spent a few hours doing some recruiting and meeting people. He went home with a few souvenirs, a hat, and such. A few months later, this ship was at sea and apparently shot down an aircraft with civilians on it, causing a big incident back in the 80's. Someone involved with it, named Jack Rogers, had his car blown up in San Diego but wasn't killed because it detonated too early and missed him. The guy who wrote The Hunt for Red October was somehow involved or tied to all this. Jun really needs to go to the WC, "Let me FOTH'ing pee, you FOTH'ing motherFOTH'ers!" Jack says he thought San Diego was a delightful town and Erika agrees that it is very nice. Jack visited Coronado and had a drink at the hotel where they filmed 'Some Like it Hot', Erika adding that, "It's very expensive." Jun begins singing over and over about how she needs to pee and Ali is spraying the water hose and driving her crazy. She tells Erika that she's going to run over and impale Ali on a camera, turning to BB and asking, "Do you guys hear me at all? Do you have any FOTH'ing mercy?"

BB asks how they are doing, Jun again saying that she has to pee. BB assures her that it won't be long, then tells Jee that they will somehow pass him some instructions. He needs to sit by himself and read them and BB will cue him to read them out loud for the competition. Jack says his bladder is starting to tingle and we get FOTH while BB talks with them. When the feeds return, everyone is standing on the chessboard and Ratbert asks the girls if they are ready. They must have been allowed to go to the WC because Jun responds, "FOTH Yeah!" and after another brief FOTH, we hear lots of yelling. Jun is saying, "OMG! OMG! Fishnets!" as the hamsters each find a section labeled with their name. After gathering up armloads of clothes, BB tells them they have to get outside right now and they head to the BY. Everyone is talking about what they got from BB, but nobody says thank you. Jun pulled on a slinky black dress and a bucket hat, saying, "A Dolce and Gabbana dress! H*ll yeah!" Erika got a fur-lined jean jacket with a matching miniskirt and Ratbert got an Armani shirt with two pair of pants. Everyone is impressed with Jack's haul, Jun saying that Jack looks like a FOTH'ing pimp. Everyone also got a picture from home and is very happy at everything, still no thank you to BB. Jun complains about the picture BB gave her while Erica looks good trying on a bright red, strapless top. Jee is reading the price tags out loud on everything. Erika compliments Ali on how her new pants look and fit, but says that everything is too big for her. Jun tells her she'll fill it out when she gets home and can eat. As things wind down, they discuss a skirt set that BB picked out for Ali that she thinks is too long and matronly. Jun thinks maybe it's because Ali is from Pennsylvania and Ali asks, "What do they think I am? A FOTH'ing Mennonite?" Jun doesn't know what that is and Ali explains that it means an Amish person. They keep asking each other if they are happy and talking nicely about what the others got. Jee begins trying on his new clothes and Jun says he looks like a gangster. Jee is surprised and Jun goes on to tell him he looks like one of those Chinese guys that steal money from kids or extort money from restaurant owners. Erika holds up a dress that she thinks is like Mariah Carey and Jun agrees that it is Erika's style. Ali wants to do it all again.

Still on outside lockdown, Jee is wearing Jun's new red bucket hat that says "Mercedes" on it and tells her the label says it was made in Korea. Ali tells Jee that it looks ghetto while Jee is really wanting to get back inside. After a brief FOTH, we see the lockdown is over and the HG are back inside. Ratbert is hungry and goes straight into the kitchen to open up the bread while Jee gathers up all his new clothes to put them away in the HOH room. Ali returns to doing her laundry and asks Erika if she is happy as Erika also gathers up her new clothes and tells Ali, "Yeah." Jack is in the kitchen with Ratbert eating sandwiches, Jack has PB&Mayo and Ratbert chows on his mustard & mayo. Jack muses that he keeps trying to find a way to fit ketchup into his sandwich and Erika says that is disgusting as she starts to make a sandwich of her own. Ratbert moves into his room and ponders his pendent and Ali has tried on a new outfit to show the other hamsters... A tight, flesh colored T-shirt and some very tight white sweatpants with a modified Rolling Stone logo on the rear (mouth and tongue hanging out). Ali claims she didn't see the logo, she just grabbed them. Ratbert is now in the BY looking at his pendent, which has a picture of his daughter, looking forlorn. Ali and Jun eat in the LR and Ratbert goes into the HOH room with Jee to bad-mouth Jun.

Jee Tells Ratbert that Jun told him the other girls are pissed at her because she got three Victoria Secrets robes. Jee understands them being angry because he thinks each of the girls was supposed to get a robe and Jun grabbed all three. Ratbert laughs that girls are like that and Jee agrees, enjoying the show and saying that Justin would have loved that... they would have had a lot of Bang Bang clothes. Ratbert questions that and Jee explains that it's a retail chain with really tight polyester clothes that Justin really likes. Rat asks if Jee had called them 'Guido' clothes before and Jee says, "Yeah, he loves that." Ali is now taking her clothes out of the dryer and begins trashing Jun and Erika to the guys who have moved outside. Ali tells them the other girls are complaining about the stuff they got and that's why Ali doesn't have a single girlfriend back home. Ali talks about the picture of Donnie and Ali on her new necklace was taken the same week she was kidnapped. They were at a water park and Ali doesn't think her Mom would have given BB that picture if Donnie wanted to break up with her. Erika, Jee, and Ali play cards at BY table while Jack watches. BB has told them to wear one of their new outfits for the DR sessions later and Jun goes in with her Dolce and Gabbana dress and high heels, Erika waiting to be next wearing her jacket and mini (now saying it is too tight). Ratbert makes the rounds complimenting everyone else on how they look. Erika puts on her new pink boots and wonders why they would give an animal lover a rabbit's fur jacket while she and Jun tell Ali her outfit is too conservative. Jun says to Ali that she looks 47 years old and Ali quips, "I'm Amish." She asks the other two girls if she looks stupid and should change, now complaining that she looks "like a d**n nun!"

Jack and Erika are now in the BY and he tells her that he could deal with his HOH competition mistake if it meant that he had to leave, but having it mean that Erika would have to pay for his mistake is very hard for him. Erika tells him that she felt responsible for Dave leaving--he fought hard for her the second week, and it made him a target. Jack tells her that Dave was a strong player, period, and that he would have been a target regardless. Both agree the game was bearable because they were able to play together, but now it doesn't seem worth it. Jack tells Erika that he hasn't heard anything yet about which way they're voting but he believes that Ali will vote with Ratbert. Jack thinks that somehow it will come out after everyone casts their votes in the diary room and they should know something before the eviction show. Jack assures Erika that she hasn't made any mistakes and is not in trouble because of anything that she did. Erika tells Jack that she hates Ali and Jack agrees, saying that she is intolerable. Erika puts it back on Dana for not nominating properly, saying that it gives her a whole new reason to hate Dana. Jack says even the evicted people don't know how to play this game just as BB calls out, "Alison, ...". Erika jumps in and says, "Please go to hell and stay there." Jack says it's getting worse and worse because Ali is psycho and the guys were talking about taking a shirt for Justin into the Diary Room. Erika asks Jack what they are going to do and Jack says, "Go insane, that's what." Erika figures that one of them would be in the final three by taking out the two guys first and then fighting Ali or Jun. She now thinks that it'll be Ali and Jun in the finals and Jun will win. She tells Jack, "If you and Jun and Ratbert are in the last three, Ratbert doesn't get his sequester vacation and he doesn't get his money." Erika adds that if Ratbert wins HOH however, he'd take Jun into the finals. They believe that they could win if Ratbert takes one of them to the finals since it splits the stooges vote, leaving Ali as the deciding vote. Jack and Erika discuss several different scenarios, but ultimately realize that Ali on the jury is just too unpredictable.

Ali and Jee are in the HOH room complimenting one another as Jee tells her that Ali gave him her word and kept it which meant a lot to him. Ali believes there should be a third prize or final four, Jee adding how important this week is. Ali says 'they' both have to go and they discuss how the decision has to be made as a group. She whispers, "Jack?", and Jee asks her if that's what she wants. Ali tells him she doesn't really care and Jee tells her to grab the FOTH'in HOH title and make it happen. They question how Jack has been behaving around Ali and wonder if Jun has been stirring up sh*t. Jee tells Ali not to drive herself crazy over it, maybe Jack's bullsh*t is over, with his polite "I appreciate the game." Ali can't believe it, telling Jee she heard him say, "I can't believe I've been here this long and I'm not getting anything out of it." She says Jack is so ungrateful and lazy since he's just been riding on their coattails. Ali goes back to trashing others about the shopping spree (ed. note: Still, nobody has thanked BB) because Jun is so shallow and Jack doesn't appreciate anything. Jee wonders what happened to Ratbert and Ali jokes that he probably got swallowed by Erika. Ratbert is in the hammock still appearing sad, he had muttered something about it being his daughter's birthday. Jack is up and making himself another sandwich as Ratbert begins to test the hot tub. Jun is eating in LR and both Ratbert and Jack started playing basketball. When Ratbert goes to the WC, Jack continues playing basketball himself while Erika sleeps. Jack quits the game, leaving Ratbert to play by himself, Ali asking where they get the energy to play basketball. Jun is now on the couch eating PB&J when Ratbert goes inside where she tells him that she is an eater and is bored. They move to the kitchen and talk about Jun's clothes and the pictures they received. Jee has been sleeping and Jun gets him up after making a beef broth that everyone begins drinking. The guys are going to work out soon and all the hamsters tell Jee to eat because there is a lot of good food in the refrigerator and he shouldn't waste it. Ali and Jun go off together and talk about how the guys think Erika will be going and they have to quit talking game when the guys come around.

Erika, Jun, and Ali are all sitting in the LR discussing how Jack has been saying that after Erika is gone, then Jee is next. Jun tells them that Jack is more about playing the game with the guys. The girls discuss which guy should go after Jack and Jun suggests that it should be Ratbert, adding Jee might not think that she would come after him, but she would go after him with a FOTH'in knife. The girls now question why Jee and Ratbert want to keep Jack this week and get rid of him next week. Then, BB asks the HGs to open the inside blinds, so Ali and Erika are now up and walking around. Ali continues to harp on whether or not Donnie is still there for her. Ratbert is now in the shower, Ali sitting in the bathroom now, wondering how many days they have been there. Then, FOTH. When we come back, Ali is talking about she how she hasn't had her period since she's been in the house, telling Ratbert that she stopped taking her pill before she came in (ed. note: Huh? Why!?) and still hasn't had it, she says she has been on the pill for nine years. All feeds show the WC, 2 on Ratbert still showering. Ali is talking about how her dad and brother will probably kicks Donnie's a** if he dumps her as she and Jun begin changing into workout clothes. Ratbert, Ali, and Jun are discussing how Ali went off the pill before she came into the BB house and hasn't gotten her period yet and Jun explains to Ratbert how this can occur. Talk turns to how Dana would freak out if anyone touched her stuff. All 4 feeds are now on Jun sitting on the floor stretching before her workout.

Ratbert goes into the kitchen and is making toast, talking with Ali that Dana wanted so badly to punch her out before she left and Justin convinced her not to. Ratbert tells Ali that Justin said he would never talk to Dana again if she did that. Ali laughs and shares that Nathan told her that if he won this game, he would give Ali half if she took out Dana. Ratbert says that Justin told Dana not to smack Ali and she should go out with some class. Erika and Jack are outside playing cards with someone playing basketball in the background. Ali is now jumping rope and Jee is hitting the heavy bag like crazy, Jun asks Jee if he is stressed. Ratbert and Jee go into the kitchen and Ratbert tells Jee that everyone in the house needs the money except for Erika and that's why he wants her a** out. Jee is stressing over the fact that he won so much of the competitions lately and is concerned about what everyone must think. Ratbert is sitting at the table reading and Jee is using an icepack for his shoulder, deciding that he doesn't want to go in the hot tub tonight and will go take a shower. They go into the HOH room and Jee is eating fruit salad. Ali and Jun are talking in the bedroom and agree again that they will vote Jack out, they have still have an alliance but everyone thinks they hate each other, and how Ratbert is always repeating to them how the much the other says they don't like each other. Ali and Jun discuss the possible benefits of keeping Jack over Erika and agree that no matter who they keep, the other side will be after Jun and Ali in the weeks to come. They talk about how the guys are trying to turn them against each other and how sexist Ratbert is. They discuss telling the guys that Erika is staying, but decide against it as because they are gonna be pi**ed about it so they will make excuses about why they evicted Jack. Ali tells Jun that she is going to tell the guys that Jack creeps her out and she's been telling them about all these things that Jack's supposedly doing to me. Ratbert and Jee come out of the HOH room and Ratbert announces to the other hamsters that Jee is on his last cigarette and Ali goes into the WC.

Ali is now in the HT and Ratbert is sitting on the edge when Ali realizes that Dana may see the "Camera Comp" where Ali screamed each time a camera focused on Dana's face and remembers yelling to BB, "Well, at least you filled in the gap in her teeth." Ratbert is laughing and agreeing with Ali when the talk turns to how they didn't play water polo today. He didn't like the idea of boy/girl against boy/girl teams because Erika is so skinny and would break. Ali thinks that Erika's not eating is a problem, but Ratbert appears unconcerned, eventually telling Ali he will ask Erika why she doesn't eat much. Ali tells him she had an eating disorder and what she would typically eat. She said she was a size zero, and clothes still hung on her, but she's a size four now. Ratbert and Ali are now in the HOH room and Ratbert is coaching Jee on how to host a POV meeting. Ratbert tells him not to use any persuasion, just ask each person why they should be the one to stay. Ali tells them that Jack when Jack was in the HT with Erika, he was wondering what he'll get next week for food... then said, "One of us will." Ratbert tells Ali that they haven't told Jack, they never do that. Ali says that it's kind of obvious. Jee asks if Jack was just in the DR and Ratbert tells Jee that Jack can't hear. Ali says that the only thing Jack could confirm was that he wasn't leaving and asks if everything is still good. They say yes and follow with some talk about sore joints and muscles until Ali leaves. Jee assures Ratbert that Erika can't win over them anyway and they have to make it together. He thinks that was what Justin would have wanted and they only have to win HOH next week. Jee believes that he, Ratbert, and Ali will all be working together. Ratbert says that they will win and Jee tells him that after they get one of those two out, it will be 3 against 1 and it won't matter if Jun or Ali votes for him to leave. BB tells Erika and Ali to please adjust their mics and Ratbert thinks Erika is likely asking what the FOTH's going on. Ratbert says he knows they need her, then gloats about how they didn't have a FOTH'in chance when they walked in and ended up making the biggest difference in the game by breaking up all the alliances.

Ali and Jun are together and laughing about Erika's 'Christmas pants'. Ali asks Ratbert, who just joined them, what they are called and he tells her 'Present pants'. Ali puns that Erika's pants 'rank' right up there with Justin's shorts (not washed). Then, Erika comes back from the memory wall into the bedroom and Ali asks, "Erika, when was the last time you washed them ... your present pants?" Erika appears offended and says they are fluff and fold, but Jun jokes with them saying, "Fluff and fold ... them's fighting words," and everyone laughs. Ali teases that they weren't sure and thought they might be right up there with Justin's shorts. Erika says, "B!tches! You're all b!tches!" and they all laugh. Jun tells the group that she is so hungry she would sell her body and Jack asks for how much. She laughs, saying that she would give a BJ for a Big Man <ed. note: sorry, typo there... meant Big Mac really... had already posted.... really!!! ;c) OK, couldn't resist.> The girls all move off into their own room and are giggling in the dark because Jun has hiccups. Erika seems restless and goes out to play cards for a bit, then wander around until getting a glass of water before sitting alone in a chair. It must be contagious because now Jee is up in the HOH room and drinking something, then he sits in the chair. Erika goes back to bed and Jee goes out to the WC before returning to bed. Everyone is now asleep for the night.