Sunday morning begins with Jack up first and going to the WC, Jun soon after to begin doing her laundry. Then Ali is up and talks with Jack in the kitchen after brushing her teeth. They talk about being out of butter and whether it is a condiment or not. Since everyone is on PB&J, this is important because they will not get anymore unless BB says it is a condiment. Jack asks her if she likes tea better than coffee and Ali says that she doesn't drink coffee. Ali tells Jack that Erika is sleeping with her headphones on and probably will sleep late. Ali says that she wakes up hungry while on PB&J diet, then Jack gets called to the DR for his meds. Jun enters the kitchen in her bikini with the Mercedes bucket hat and when Ali tells her she had a lot of dreams last night, Jun tells Ali she was talking in her sleep. Ali hopes she didn't say anything about the game. The dream was about Ali hosting a pageant and having to come back to the house afterwards. As she left, people told her she needed to get rid of the girls and she told them the girls were all working together. She says the girls in the dream weren't Erika and Jun, but Marcellas and Jason were trying to get her to vote out the girls. Then the dream changed into a bunch of babies running around and falling off a balcony. Jun tells Ali she is weird.

Ratbert is now up and Ali tells him that Erika will be a mess during her interview with Julie and Ratbert laughs that Erika will have on her pink boots. Then, BB tells them it is time for an outside lockdown. Jun jokes with Ratbert that she is going to ask both Jack and Erika to order Thai food so that no matter who leaves, that will be what they get to eat, and Ratbert tells her that is cool. Jun is now complaining about the dryer not working right and drying clothes in the sun makes them hard. She begins talking about all the spider webs in the BY and walking through one on the way to the dryer earlier. As she talk with Ratbert about the spiders, she goes over to the hammock to sit and finds a huge spider right on the hammock. Ratbert goes over to kill it for her, but when he sees it, he screams too. Jack and Ali join in and Jack brushes it off the hammock to the ground and Jun says, "You all thought I was exaggerating."

Outside lockdown over, Ali begins talking about how happy she would be if she had her period because she hasn't had one in two months. Jee is surprised and Ali explains that she quit taking her pill and it just hasn't started since. Jun jokes that David got her pregnant and talk turns to how David and Dana were demonstrating sexual positions. Ratbert says it was disgusting because they were touching and turning each other this way and that. Jee says that he could tell Dana wanted David badly, but Jun says she missed that. In the WC, Jack is shaving without a shirt on while Erika is taking a shower. Jun has been called to the DR and Ratbert is talking to Ali about how Jun has no idea what is happening, sharing what Jun told him about getting them both to order Thai food. Jee complains that he is never around when anything like that happens and Ali tells him it's because he's always in his room shoving turkey down his throat. Jee says he has only done that twice. Ratbert proclaims that they are now representing New York, LA, and Pennsylvania... three great cities! <ed. note: thanks valentine... that was hilarious!> Ali says her favorite HG from BB3 was Danielle and Jee agrees that she played the game really well. Jun again forces Jee to throw his being able to eat up in everyone's face by calling him a sinner if he lets the food go to waste. She offers to cook it for him since she is so bored and Jee declines. Ali tells him he is about to scarf down a huge McDonald's lunch and he says that's different, he won that.

Ali mentions that she thinks she may have a lump and tells BB that her armpit is aching. Erika came over to feel the lump and Jun says it is a pulled muscle, but Ali is still acting concerned because her mother had a lump in her breast. Erika suggests asking BB to have a doctor look at it and Jun says yeah, it's free. Ali says she had insurance until she quit to come into the BB house. Eventually, Jee agrees to ask BB about the doctor when he goes back to the DR. Ratbert suggests that Ali should see a psychiatrist at the same time and Ali tells him to suck off. She can't remember the doctor's name and Ratbert tells Ali it is Dr. Zachary who he's had two sessions with since he came in the house because of all the freaks in here. Erika says she also saw Dr. Zachary the first week and it was nice to talk with someone that isn't part of the game. Ali and Jun go lay out in the sun and Erika joins them. They're not really talking, but BB tells Jun not to obstruct her mic because she had turned over on top of it. Jee goes into the WC to shave and Jack is standing in the kitchen. Jun jokes with the others that Jee has won HOH, POV, and the food competitions this week, so they should get up during the live show and tell Julie to just give him the $500,000. Jee then gathers everyone for the veto meeting and the feeds stay on the empty BY.

After the meeting is over, we see Ali mock Jee saying, "I choose NOT to exercise the veto power." Jack, Erika, and Jun are in the LR talking about when Michelle was evicted. Jack says, "It shocked the sunspots right off her." and Jun remembers that she started crying. Now Ali is complaining about the dryer and yelling, "Tech support, we need a new dryer!" Jack has moved out into the BY and Jee asks how he and Erika are doing. Jack tells Jee that it is just a waiting game now. The girls are off together giggling and congratulating each other about how their plan is working. Erika talks about how Jee is going to be nominated and he doesn't have any cigarettes left. Jun begins singing, "What'cha gonna do when the b*tches come after you?" to the 'Cops' theme. They continue to laugh and joke, Jun saying that she will stick her tongue down Jack's mouth when he leaves. She says the oldest guy she has been with was 7 years older than her. Jee is stressing because he is now out of cigarettes and thought about smoking some of the butts earlier, but went inside instead. Jee says he's ready for this whole thing to be over... the game... everything. Ratbert suggests drinking some coffee or eating, but Jee says it's not too bad so far, he just thinks a smoke would take the edge off of how he's feeling. Ratbert assures Jee that he'll be ok and it's possible. Jee says it's definitely possible and that he can do it. They begin talking about playing basketball this afternoon and Ratbert tells Jee that he will FOTH'ing smoke him. Jee responds that Ratbert always talks smack about playing basketball, but never comes through. Ratbert says that he needs to eat first and that he's not 21 or some sh*t like that. After a pause, Ratbert starts trash-talking again telling Jee, "I'll tear you a new a**hole, man." Jee says that's nasty.

Now Jee, Ratbert, and Jun are in the LR where Jun is cracking up over Jee's veto speech and the way he said veto 'POWER'. Jun tells them that Jee likely has a lot of 12-year-old Korean girls for fans and begins chanting his name and imitating his imaginary following. Ratbert tells Jun that even though she likes Bob, she is going to be getting a lot of guys after the game is over. He wants her to throw some Korean girls his way because he likes Asian chicks. Talk turns to the show and Jun says that BB is the best, it's on all FOTH'ing summer and even if people don't want to see them, they're on 3 nights a week. Erika has come in and put her dress on over her bikini. Jun is pretending to be a cheerleader and everyone laughs, remembering a cheerleading skit on Saturday Night Live with Cheri Oteri. BB tells them they are having a lockdown and the hamsters speculate it may be an America's Choice. Ali wants Jee to ask BB how long the lockdown will be. All the HG's are outside and we hear Ali saying that it's week seven and Jun is in the pool. Jun has gone in a little ways and then went to get the raft. Jee asks her what the FOTH she is doing in the pool and Jun tells him that she is bored because of the PB&J. Ratbert asks Jun if this is the first time she has been in the pool and Jun tells him yes, David kept trying to get her in but she never did. Jun lays down on the raft, undoes her bikini top to avoid tan lines, and says she should have done this a long time ago. She jokes that she could accidentally flip over and have her boobies fall out all over the place and Ratbert suggests he should go over and flip her. Jun tells Ratbert that it would be in his best interest not to. Ali tells Jun she is proud of her and Jack says to Jun, "Where you been?"

After the lockdown is over, Amanda's picture is missing from the memory wall. They look around the house to see if anything else has changed and Ratbert wants Jee to ask BB in the DR why Amanda's picture is gone. Jee suggests that she may be coming back and Erika tells them that Ali said the same thing. Jack says that something fishy is going on and he doesn't trust them (BB). Jack tells Erika that Jun guesses Amanda is suing CBS because of Scott... then we get FOTH. When we come back from FOTH, Jee is eating his McDonald's and Ali is thanking him for taking her to lunch. Jun, Erika, and Ali are talking about the engagement rings they want. Erika wants a flawless one like her, she says and laughs. Three carats or so on a platinum band. They talk about J-Lo's pink engagement ring and Ali says a heart shaped pink diamond ring with a gold band would look good on her. Erika says gold is passé and Ali asks what that means. Erika explains that it means 'not in, out of style' and Ali says that her mom has a gold one. Erika tells Ali that's because that was in during her time. Meanwhile, Jee is wandering around trying to forget about how much he wants a cigarette. The girls continue to talk together and Ali tells them she was Miss Crawford three years ago and that is a big deal in Pennsylvania, Sharon Stone was Miss Crawford before too. Ali tells them the board hated her because she wouldn't listen to them and they were old. She had called a board member a liar and was going to press charges against them for photocopying her ID. Jee has gone into the HOH room and is listening to his CD, then FOTH again. When the feeds return, Jun and Ratbert are making sandwiches while Ali laughs because she has to wait until her nails dry before she can go to the WC. Jun tells Ratbert that she is so hungry and Ali asks Jun, "If I throw up, will you eat it?" Jun tells her that's gross and to shut up. Ali goes on to say it's a Quarter-Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, and some fries. Ali moves on to a story about when she was 10 and the lady driving wouldn't believe that Ali had to go to the bathroom. Ali ended up farting and crapping her pants in the ladies car. Ali keeps pressing Erika on why Jack doesn't like Ali and thinks it may be her personality, but Ali doesn't like his either. Ali tells them she didn't like him from the first few seconds and thought he was a creepy old guy from the beginning. Then we get another outside lockdown.

Ali quips to BB that unless there is going to be another shopping spree, they should stop putting her in lockdown. Jee asks why the lockdown and Jun teases him that he is HOH and should know. Jee says he doesn't know diddly-squat because he was sleeping. Ratbert mentions that if someone had chosen the PB&J until the end of the show option (POV competition), he would have walked out. After this brief lockdown, BB tells them they may move about the house. Ali goes straight to bed and Erika calls out that a bird pooped on her and that is good luck. Jack says he's never heard of that and Jun retorts that people who get sh*t on often are the ones who say that. Ratbert believes that Nate is going to hate himself because he was punked on national TV by a girl. Jack and Erika are talking together and she asks him what he is going to order for eviction night. They are not really sure, but mention Thai or Chinese would be good. Jun, Jee, and Ratbert are in the WC and Ratbert is telling them that everything is now out in the open, no secret alliances. When Jun leaves, Ratbert tells Jee he said that because he wants Jun to think it's every man for himself. Jee tells him to make sure he eats up his McDonald's tomorrow because Ratbert will need his strength for Wednesday's HOH competition. Things continue to disappear from the house, but nobody seems to notice.

Jee, Ratbert, and Ali are reviewing house trivia and Ratbert learns that Ali has not won the POV yet. She vows she will before the d*mn game is over and Jee points out he has won every competition at least once, except for the luxury competition. Ali says that is the only one she has won (ed. note: Ali was HOH after Dana, so Ali may be intentionally misleading the stooges while they are studying.) They all complain about being bored and then FOTH. When the feeds return, Jee and Ali are cleaning the windows with the squeegee. Ali asks Jee how tall he is and Jee tells her he is 5'9". Ali leaves to go skip rope and Jee continues cleaning the windows on his own while Jack and Erika play cards quietly in the BY. Nobody is talking much, nearly 20 minutes straight at one stretch. Now Jee, Ratbert, and Erika are in the HT, Jun is in bed asleep, and Ali is still exercising on the chessboard. The updaters continue to notice more missing items, but the hamsters seem oblivious. so far, except for Amanda's picture. Ratbert goes into the shower and Jun is now awake. Ali tries to get Jun to exercise with her, but Jun says she just woke up so Ali goes over to sit by the pool while Erika is in the hammock. They talk out loud to BB, complaining about the boredom and asking why they can't have any fun or sing. They say they hate whoever is working tonight BB!!, and BB replies, "Thank you!" (ed. note: ROFL!!!)

Ali is talking with Erika about Jack and how she doesn't really hate him. She thinks he just hasn't tried to get to know her like he has others in the house. Ali wonders if she appears unapproachable to him. They both go into the house to have broth, Erika asking if it's beef or chicken broth and "Uh Oh" if it's beef. Ali and Erika are having fun with a song they made up with the words "This is my song and you can't make me shut up!" since BB stops them every time they sing a real song. Erika speculates that maybe one of the light bulbs fell and broke Amanda's picture, but Jun questions, "Why would it take them 5 hours to glue together a piece of wood?" Erika begins reading the BB manual as Jack leaves the HT, which is now empty. Ali has gone into the HOH room to listen to music and dance, Ratbert appears alone in the BY sitting in the (spider less?) hammock but Jee is out there somewhere, Erika is on the floor of the kitchen, Jun is in the kitchen also as she munches on toast, and Jack is taking a shower. Ratbert tells Jee that they are "almost there, brudda!" and Ali joins them. They tell each other that it is "Us three until the end!" Ali is relieved that she started her period today and shares that it was "Like, two minutes apart" from Jun starting hers. She talks about how girls frequently synchronize (ed. note: my word, not Ali's) their cycles when they are together like this. Ali tells them she wants to tell Jack to keep his bags packed. Ratbert asks Jee what is wrong with Jun and Jee says he wouldn't know. Erika calls out to BB asking if they are boring and couldn't BB just throw them a bone? Like maybe a steak bone? Ali is still outside with the stooges and tells them she just can't be in there with those people. They ask Ali what is wrong with Jun and Ali reminds them, "She's on the FOTH'ing rag! I'm just so happy!" Ratbert reflects that all of America is happy they have a girl on the WDT and goes on to say that Dana told him she got her GED online. Ali tells them a story about how a 5-year-old she was babysitting outsmarted her by telling her she could shut off the light by clapping three times. When Ali did it, the kid fell over laughing at her.

Inside the house, Erika is saying that Ratbert is so FOTH'ing cocky, he just rides other people's coattails and it p*sses her off. Jack says there are four adults and two children in the house, counting Ratbert. Jun asks Jack why he would want to do that? Back outside where most of the conversation is, Ali tells the stooges that a pageant is a big deal in her town. Her picture is all over the front of the newspaper (FOTN?) and how she has won all the same pageants that Sharon Stone did when she lived there. They move on to how Nate said that "Curls get the girls" and Ali says that she liked his body, except he picks at his back and shaves it. Ratbert and Jee ask if that lowers his value? Ali calls Nate a 'total cheeseball' and she doesn't do blondes or curls. Ali says she takes guys like that and chews them up and spits them out, even though Nate has the exact personality of her ex-boyfriend. She goes on to bash Jack, Erika, and Jun by saying they have done nothing to stay in the game. They talk about who they would vote for in the final and Ali asked Ratbert who he would pick between Erika and Jun and he tells her that he would pick Erika because he hates Jun more. Ali says she doesn't think any of those three deserve anything and promises that she will not break her alliance with them and she's with them until the end. Ali says she would vote for Jack before Jun and Ratbert tells her that's not possible since it would be the three of them in the end, or at least one of the stooges. Ratbert compliments Ali on saving herself by getting Nate to use the veto and Ali tells them that she and Nate left the O8 when Dana nominated her. Ali says that Justin never made time for her because of that skinny little b*tch Dana, but then says they would talk game. Ali admits she freaked out on Justin and talked about how they fought, the only alliance she ever really had was with Nate. Ali asks what Jun did to p*ss them off so much and Ratbert said that Jun was a snake. When Nathan called her out in the HOH room, Ratbert was happy because he agreed with everything Nate said about Jun. Ali emphasizes to them how nobody else in the house is as strong as they are.

Jun is called into the DR and says, "Oh, they got Pamprin." Erika thinks Ali has been working out for three hours and starts singing, "She's a maniac, maniac..." Erika and Jun are now wishing for a new game, saying that they (BB) hate us. Jee and Ratbert have gone into the HOH room and wonder if Ali will put up one of them against Jack as a pawn. They think Jun is trying to FOTH with the vote and Ratbert says that his ex is gone this week and then it's time for Jee's ex to go. Jee tells Ratbert they have to ensure Ali would never tell on them. Ratbert agrees and doesn't trust her, but if it backfires, it backfires, and there is nothing they can do at this stage of the game. Jee thinks he knows enough about them now and he's really not interested, Ratbert laughing and saying that Jee has had enough and doesn't want to hang out with them anymore. Ratbert reassures Jee that Jun is still playing both sides, but Jee says that since they never gave her all the details she is just asking around. Ratbert says that he hates that b*tch and won't tell her anything and she thinks she can influence Jee because she is his ex. Jee says they have to get rid of her and wonders about the stooges against Jack as the final three because Ali is a wildcard. Jee thinks the final three competition will be an endurance test and Ratbert says that they have to demoralize the others. They talk about who they want as the final three and say that if the final four are Jee, Ratbert, Jack, and Ali, they'll vote out Ali. Ratbert tells Jee that as HOH, he could have any of the girls. Jee says that his girl had better appreciate him since he's been good and talking about her. Then Jee is called into the DR. Around that time, Erika tells Jun that she giggles just like Betty Rubble.

Jee and Ratbert are still in the HOH room and Jee is talking about what he's going to do when he gets back home. He'll bring his stuff home, take his girl out for dinner and have a serious talk about their future, and what she did while he was in the house. Jee tells Ratbert that if she did anything with anyone while he has been in the house, she's gotta bounce. Jee says that she should be prepared for him to start flirting like crazy in the house but the girls in here are nothing compared to my girl and don't do sh*t for him. Ali and Jun are whispering in the WC, getting their cover story together about why they voted Jack out instead of Erika. Ali tells Jun that she'll just tell them that Jack was freaking her out and she knows he was going to go after her. Ali says that if Jack says anything perverted on Monday night, she'll throw a fit. Jun tells Ali that Jee is a dumbFOTH and if he was smart, he would have put Jun up against Erika. Now, this will be the second time in a row he gets screwed as HOH. Back in the HOH room, Jee is bragging about being the first Korean HG (ed. note: Jun was the first Korean HG.) and the first two-time Korean BB HOH. He says he doesn't want to sound cocky, he's humble, it was chance and luck. Ratbert says that he was the first Cuban (ed. note: Dana was half-Cuban and was in before Ratbert.)

Erika is now styling Ali's hair with the blow-dryer while Jee asks Jun if she is going to try for HOH next week and then put him up. Jun says she's not going for it, but Jee presses on who she would nominate, and Jun tells him Ratbert and Erika. Jee questions, "Erika?" and Jun says that she meant Ratbert and Jack. Jee seems so concerned about making sure he will not be put up that he doesn't catch on to Jun's slip about Erika still being in the house. Jun asks Jee if he wants her to take out Ratbert for him and he says that it's her call. Now Jun presses Jee and asks if this is the week he wants Ratbert taken out. Jee still hedges by saying it's her call, but it would be fortunate for him. Jun points out that if someone doesn't take Ratbert out this week, Jee will have to do the dirty work. Jee is worried that she will then work against him with Jack because he compliments her. Jun smiles and asks if Jack compliments her to Jee and he says yes, starts to explain, then says he's not going to feed her ego anymore. Jun busts out laughing but then asks Jee again if he wants someone to take out Ratbert. Jee finally says that if anyone does it, he doesn't want to be the one. Jun asks Jee that if she takes out Ratbert will Jee be p*ssed at her? Jee is unclear with his answer and says it will be based on the game after that. Jun says that it will backfire on her if Jack wins HOH because Jack will put up Jun and Ali. Jee thinks it would be him and Ratbert, is she FOTH'ing crazy? Jun says Jack told her what he would do and asks Jee if he has made any deals with Jack. Jee denies making any deals with Jack and again asks if she's FOTH'ing crazy. Jee goes back into the HOH room alone to eat a sandwich and chips while reading the BB manual. Everyone else is in the LR playing Old Maid.

Jun is now crying out on the hammock and Ratbert comes outside to sit with her. Jun tells him that she is worried that things won't be the same at home and Bob won't be there. Ratbert tries to comfort her and says that things don't change that much and if he felt something for her before the game, it will still be there. Jee comes out and Ratbert tells him that Jun is homesick so Jee asks Jun if she would like to talk with Ratbert alone. Jun says uh huh and Jee goes back inside. Ratbert continues to comfort Jun for a while and then heads inside to talk with Jee. Jee and Ratbert are recalling Michelle's eviction and say it won't happen again, but if it does, it's because Ali screwed them and they will go insane. Jee says that he would leave the game because he doesn't deserve to play if they're surprised again. This finishes up the hamsters day and all go to bed and are soon sleeping.