Monday morning begins with Jack and Jun being the first hamsters awake, as usual. Jun begins fixing something to at and Jack walks through the kitchen and they decide to pull the inside shades down because it is so sunny. They walk out to the patio and Jun is telling Jack about Bob, that he's trying to lose weight and has gone from 200 pounds to 190 pounds. Jack asks if Bob works out and they talk about how much it costs to join a gym. Jun says Bob pays $90.00 per month and Jack pays $70.00 for the whole family. Jack tells her that churches own most of the gyms in Alabama and Jun says she'll probably join a gym when she gets out. They talk about Amanda's picture being gone and Jack thinks that maybe BB is giving them something to talk about, but Jun thinks that if they broke it (while dusting, etc.), it wouldn't take them that long to fix it and put it back. They finish talking and Jun goes to lie in her bed, then on the LR couch, Ratbert up and checking out his face in a hand mirror. BB calls Jun into the Dr and on her way, she picks up the watering can and takes it into the DR with her.

Ratbert has gone outside to talk with Jack in the BY. They wonder if BB is letting them sleep late because they feel sorry for him. Jun comes out of the DR and is lying out in the BY while Jack and Ratbert take care of the pool, adding water and chlorine. BB gives the HG their wakeup call. Ali and Ratbert do a high-five in the WC and say one more day until the next vote and they anticipate the next HOH competition. Ali brushes her teeth once Ratbert leaves and returns with Jee. Ali, Ratbert, and Jee begin talking about how and when they fell asleep, yelling out to Erika to ask if it is hot outside and she tells them yes. Erika has gone into the WC sitting area and Jack walks through the house, returning to sit down with Erika, Jun is sleeping on the patio lounge while Ali sips coffee nearby <ed. note: I thought she told Jack she doesn't drink coffee? Jee and Ratbert are talking about working out later after lunch when Jee asks Jun something and doesn't get an answer. Jee and Ratbert talk in the BY, pumping each other up for the game, and Jun tells them that she is not hungry anymore, her stomach feels empty. She jokes about being interviewed by Julie and saying that after Jee won everything, it made her hot for him.

Jun moves into the WC with Ali and complains that Erika makes her feel fat. BB calls for an outside lockdown and Jee asks for how long, but doesn't appear to get an answer. Ratbert speculates that they are putting Amanda's picture back while sitting at the outside table with Jack, Jee, and Erika. Ali has gone into the pool and Jun is lying out getting some sun. When the lockdown is finished, Amanda's picture is still gone and now one of the stools in the bathroom is missing as well. Ali is now in the HOH room listening to music when Ratbert comes in and tells her not to give Erika and Jack any indication of how the vote will go and say that they'll find out Wednesday. Ali tells him that she can handle that and Ratbert goes back outside where Jee, Erika, and Jack are playing cards, then back inside to read his letters from home again. Jun goes to get something to drink and doesn't notice that one of the yellow chairs is also missing, there are now only seven instead of eight.

Jee and Ratbert are on the patio discussing how they can't wait for next HOH competition because it is crucial. Ratbert wants Jun out and says that he will tell her all the mean things he is thinking when he sees her at the wrap party. Jee says that the stooges have played the game, everyone on the outside respects them and no one can take that away from them. Ratbert agrees and talks about how they never let Jack or anyone come between them. They look forward to seeing Justin again and didn't really get to know the early evictees, like Amanda. Jee says that seven weeks seems like a year and they have been like roommates or brothers. Jee tells Ratbert that trust and communication were big factors that helped them stick through the good times and the bad times. At the start, the whole house was against the three stooges and Ratbert says, "That's right, it was week two." Jee takes credit for screwing up the whole game plan when he won HOH the second week because the O8 tried to pressure him into going against Dana. Ratbert says they would have been screwed and Jee tells him they needed the power of numbers and grabbed Dana and Jun even though the odds were against them.

Jee is now talking with Ratbert and Jun about marriage, Jun says that Jee is going to break Carmen's heart. Jee asks how, he is a really good guy, in what way would he break Carmen's heart? Jun tells him that Carmen wants to get married now and Jee has this "Let's be cool" attitude. Jee explains that he sees a future for them and when he is ready, they will get married. He says that Carmen doesn't nag him and it's been a pretty good three years. Jee wants there to be more good times at the beginning of the marriage than bad times. Jun asks him where they would settle down and Jee tells her in New York, or maybe Pennsylvania, depending on work. Jack calls over for them to, "remember guys, you only get married twice!" Jun says yeah, you should try to marry only once, but you should be able to give yourself a second chance. Jun then moves over by Jack to put something on his back. When she comes back, Jun talks with Jee about his comments to Ali getting fat and that he shouldn't make them. She cautions Jee about talking about a girl's appearance instead of the stuff she does because she can't do anything about her appearance. BB calls Jee to the SR to get today's McDonald's and Ratbert rushes to get the door open. Once they get the food, Ratbert begins eating so fast that Ali and Jee both tell him to slow down since he has plenty of time.

Ali and Erika were talking in the LR before the food cam and Ali was assuring Erika that Jack was going to be voted out. Erika seemed pleased and was smiling, even though she was sorry for Jack, that she would apparently be staying. Ali and Erika began to discuss who would go next. Ali said that she'd be glad to avoid HOH if Erika will promise not to use her as a pawn. Erika told her that she would never do that to her 'little girl', and that Ali would be safe if Erika got it. Right now is sounds like the plan is to get rid of Ratbert, then Jee, and making the girls the final 3 if all goes well. Even if Ratbert gets HOH, they hope to get POV and keep the girls alliance alive. Ali and Erika also agreed that if the girls were the final 3, they would get rid of Jun. Soon after this conversation, Jack tells Erika, "If the stars were aligned, I'd be the one out of here, there's no way you should have to get kicked out for my downfall." Erika tells Jack that she doesn't think they are keeping her. Jack tells her that at this time tomorrow, Ali will be telling her about the vote and Erika says that she wouldn't even ask. Jack is still disappointed about the HOH competition and his poor roll, saying that he regrets choking. Erika offers some of her soup to Jack because she says it is much better than the sandwiches. She begins singing her made-up song again and again, "This is my song, that I made up. This is my song, and ya can't make me shut up!" <ed. note: LOL!> Jack jokingly asks Erika if she thinks they could all fit in the shower together, Erika replying in a funny voice, "Nooooo Jack, we cannot all fit in the shower together." Jack continues to joke around and says that he just meant "me and you and Ali and Jun, I was excluding them."

Things continue to disappear as Jee and Ratbert realize the stool and the X is missing and tell Ali about it in the HoH room. Everyone says not to tell anyone else and they all try to figure out everything that is missing so far. They mention the clock, the shell, the WC stool, a dining room chair, and Amanda's picture. Jee tells Ratbert that he hasn't seen anyone else looking around for missing items, so they have an advantage. After Ali leaves the stooges, she goes over to Erika and Jun and talks about the missing items. Ali tells them not to tell the boys, the boys told her. BB calls for another outside lockdown and Ali talks to Erika in the hammock together about the marbles in a little yellow bowl being gone as well, adding that she didn't tell the boys. Ali asks if there is anything missing outside and Erika says no. Jun comes over and Ali says, "Hot Asian chick." Ali and Erika begin talking about when they get out who they will call first and Erika says, "Momma." Ali then asks her if she'd call anyone else and Erika says she would call the guy she is dating if she could remember his number. Ali says she can't remember too many numbers, but she's afraid to call Donnie because he's probably fallen out of love with her and in love with someone else. Erika tells Ali not to be crazy and everything stays pretty quiet until BB announces the lockdown is over. Erika, Jun, and Ali go back in and start checking out the house. Jun says that her ex-boyfriend is on a power-trip, on power that he doesn't have. She begins mocking Jee saying, "Shoulda done this, shoulda done that." Erika tells Jun that Jee says he will probably keep Erika because they think I'm weak from PB&J. Erika mentions that she thinks the other girls are making her get her period.

Ratbert and Jee come in and the stooges and Jun are now in the LR. They tell her she only slept for an hour earlier and she says that she had wanted to kill three hours. Rat tells Jun that she will love her McDonald's adding, "You think you had fun staring at my mouth?" Ratbert asks Jun what she normally does on Fridays and Jun tells him she gets off work about 6 or 7, has a drink, and then goes home. She doesn't cook too much because she's alone, so she meets one or two friends for dinner, and then at 11 they go clubbing together. Jun tells him that she has two groups of friends with 5 or 6 girls in each group and never mixes the groups. Her friends have many different personality types, and she doesn't get along well with Indian girls because they're either too rich or too Americanized to the point where they have huge egos. On Saturday, she usually has a nice dinner at her parents, then maybe goes clubbing again, with Sunday being brunch at the trendiest places before going out again if she can. Ratbert asks if Jun has any girls for him and she tells him about one of her family that is 33 or 34, and has never been married because she was raised a rich kid and she's nice looking, but can't get married because of her attitude. The girl probably would like to marry a Korean guy because her parents are strict, but that Korean guys that age usually haven't gone to college and work in a store or something. Jun begins talking about another Korean girlfriend who doesn't like to date Korean men because they tend to work in Korean restaurants. She tells them about some guy whose parents tried to make him get engaged, so he took 9 years to graduate college. Ratbert asks if Jun's parents care if she dates a white boy and Jun tells him that they just want her to be happy. Her dad knows a lot of Korean guys are very traditional, and what's the point of being disappointed five years down the line. Jun says that she is not a sellout and embraces her Korean culture, but she doesn't go around waving a Korean flag either. Ratbert says that he's noticed it always works - a Cuban man and an American woman... not Cuban woman and a white man...not Cuban/Cuban, and wonders why.

Jun tells Jee that he couldn't marry a Korean girl because they're too picky and too harsh, but Jee doesn't think he would have a problem. Jun tells him that she would want to know what you ate for breakfast and look down on him. A lot of Korean families wouldn't understand about things that Jee couldn't control. She tells him that they'd like you to have both parents, with honorable jobs, and educated brothers and sisters. Jun recalls a story about a Korean mom asking for a resume from a kid's date and says that she can't deal with that, and it should just be between her and her man because it's not a business arrangement, it's for love. Ratbert goes to the WC and Jun tells Jee that our kids (Korean culture) have to grow up and it will take another generation, maybe sixty years, "Our kid's kids." Jun goes to take a shower and Jee notices the marbles are missing and tells Ali and Ratbert, then the feeds show a close-up of the duck just before BB announces another lockdown. As they leave to go outside, Ali tells Jun that she thinks there is a new lamp on the wall. Ratbert speculates that they're probably fixing a camera inside that was stuck earlier. Jack and Erika are playing cards while Jun and Ali talk about previous HG and fan webpages. Jun tells BB that she has cramps and to let her in. Once the lockdown is over, Jun heads back to the WC because she hadn't finished her shower and Ratbert notices a barstool is missing. Ratbert also claims that a mirror by the door to the BY is missing, but there was never one there.

Jack and Erika have stayed outside while Jee, Ratbert, and Ali are checking to see what's missing. As they spread out, Ali wonders what BB is doing to them and mentions the "X", the marbles, and the glass. Ali and Ratbert go back and forth about keeping Jack or Erika and Jee joins in with them. Jee and Ratbert end up saying that Erika should go this week and they promise to get Jack out next week. Ali and the stooges then go back to talking about missing items, wondering if there are more. As foreshadowed, the rubber duck is no longer by the tub, but only Ali has noticed so far. Ali goes to check on her room and takes the opportunity to update Jun on missing items, including the duck, and telling her not to tell the boys. Ali then goes into the kitchen and starts eating with Ratbert, followed by them talking in the WC and Ratbert asking Ali if she thinks this is all about the next HoH competition. She tells him 100% nothing else it can be and that tomorrow is the eviction vote. Ratbert leaves and Ali sits alone, thinking to herself before getting into the bathtub. Jun comes in and Ali tells her about Ratbert not thinking Erika is after him, and how p*ssed they'll be with both Jun and Ali after the vote. Ali wants to know if she can trust Jun.

Jee comes out of a long DR session and says that everyone will be called in. Ratbert gets Jee alone in the HoH room and says that Ali is a lying b*tch and he doesn't trust her. Ratbert wants to get HoH and the veto so he can get her out. Ratbert also wants Jee to ask Jun to vote out Erika as a personal favor to Jee. Jee says that he has already thought about it and Jun will vote to evict Erika out since Jun and Jack have been getting closer, possibly forming an alliance. Jee says that Jun wants Jack to be her alliance partner and he will talk to Jun tomorrow, adding that if they give Ali a reason to turn on them, she will. Ratbert tells Jee that he made up the stuff about Erika not putting him out and she will in a minute. Ratbert swears to God that Jack hasn't thrown any competitions and Ratbert doesn't trust Erika or Ali. They call Ali a wildcard and Ratbert says that it's a day before nominations and she want to FOTH'ing wants to change her mind. Ratbert tells Jee that Justin had talked about it with Ratbert, because Jee wasn't there. Jee tells Ratbert that he has to get HoH and they continue to talk strategy and order of eviction. They hear the people outside talking game and Jee can't believe just Ali did that. Jee says that he'll tell her that we trust her to make the right decision tomorrow. Jee wants to make the point, and not even threaten her. Jee also wants to try and secure the vote with Jun, since Alison can be talking about the vote with Jun. Jee wonders if they could be thinking about the three girls being against them and that's what he's worried about. They say that if Erika stays in, it's going to be another battle for them to fight. Ratbert will try and talk with Erika if she stays in because he doesn't want to take on the three girls. Ratbert says that if they tell Erika now, she'll try and win over Ali's vote, Jee pointing out that Jun has already left them once. Ratbert goes to Ali and returns to tell Jee that Ali is going to vote their way.

Ali gets called to the SR after BB instructed her to put on her mic and she told them that it had toilet-juice on it. When Ali gets back she tells the girls that, "They're like, make sure you don't tell...It's everything in the common areas." Ali says she was waiting for the brown vase to be missing and Jun tells them that all the plates and mugs are all there. Ali says to keep those towels there, so that they don't notice the duck's missing. Erika tells Ali that it's good they don't think you're hiding anything from them. Jun and Ali talk about how Jack is not FOTH'ing staying and Jun mocks his FBI training by laughing, "The couch is missing!" Ali says that unless the HoH competition is about Cuban art history, they won't win it. She recalls that Dana wigged out on everyone because it was four against three. Ali speculates that Jack had a deal with the guys for some time and he's been throwing comps. Erika notes that he was doing so good when he was practicing with the ball. Ali says that she doesn't trust him and Ali is flat out telling Jack that I'm not voting to keep you in. Erika tells the other girls that they have her thinking back now and Jun says that she is the only loser who hasn't gotten sh*t from home. She says that she hates Jee and what the FOTH is he still doing here? Talk turns to getting the stooges out next and Erika wants Ratbert out first because she thinks he is smarter. Ali is sick of hearing him talk about his daughter and Ali feels bad for her. She says that Ratbert lies all the time about things that don't matter, and that's the problem. Ali wonders why he would lie to her about Dana's FOTH'ing degree and Erika tell Ali that Ratbert is feeding her with gossip to make her trust him. Ali says that Ratbert doesn't care about anyone but himself and Erika adds that his family is not poor by any means. Ali talks about how he gets a $2000 allowance from his dad and she believes that Ratbert is happy about Jee is making an ass of himself since it makes Ratbert less of a target. Erika is saying that she really wants Ratbert out, but he is not a clutch player, just a talker, and it might be strategically better to keep him. Ali asks about what they should do if Ratbert is out on the first question, and they agree to fight it out so at least one of them has it. Ali gives her word that she won't put the girls up and they anticipate seeing the boy's faces. Erika speculates that Ratbert is going to throw it because he thinks they're targeting Jee. Jun laughs and says that's how cocky Ratbert is. Ali talks about how quickly Ratbert left the cage and Erika wants to confirm that they will surprise the boys.

Ali says that she tried to turn Ratbert against Jee so they need to surprise Jee more than Ratbert, but Erika says that is too risky because they will talk. Jun says that they're best move would have been to put Erika up against Jun to get one girl out. Erika muses that it was stupid of them to think she would piss off Ali and end up getting voted out. Jun says that in the DR she called Jee a dumba** and should have used the veto, she's embarrassed to be his ex. Ali tells them that Jack never did them a favor and is a FOTH'ing moron because he was conniving against her, instead of asking for her vote. Erika says that Jee looks worried and Ali says they will reassure him. Erika speculates that the missing items may be for a luxury comp, or America's choice, and Jun adds, "Food competition" They talk about how the rules might go and if any more unexpected stuff will happen. Jun says that Julie will definitely ask about Jee clean-sweeping everything and she's going to joke that she wants to get back with Jee. Erika asks them both about why the stooges would tell them about Jack trying to get them to use the veto and Jun covers up their earlier lie by telling Erika that the stooges are just stupid and trying to plan many steps ahead. Jun is sure their tactics would have worked on the other girls in the house, but not them. The girls talk about eviction day and the surprise again and the advantage they will have. Ali and Jun are trashing most of the people who have already been evicted and Erika tells them that she and Justin had a heart-to-heart before he left. Jun and Ali switch to trashing the stooges for a while and then Ali says that she is hungry. Erika tells Ali and Jun that they should hide stuff and Jun wonders if BB would let them do that. Ali says that it should be after the next lockdown and Erika says to keep it to 2 things and then tell the boys. They laugh and say that BB could take it on their own or announce something like, "Jun, put back the vase," which would suck.

Jack and the stooges are working out in the BY and the girls are now in the WC and going to work on Erika's nails. Jee says to Ratbert in the BY, "Think about it, one of us is gonna win a half a million dollars!" The girls are now quiet and trying to listen in on what the stooges are talking about. When they find Jun's nail kit, they move into the LR to paint Erika's nails. There is a lot of girl-talk and light-hearted bonding and Ali says that, "We wear the FOTH'ing pants right now, how da ya like them apples?" Erika and Ali call the stooges Dumb&Dumber and Cheech&Chong. Ali brings up Dana and calls her a stupid FOTH'ing ghetto b*tch with the gap in her tooth, remembering that Erika was laughing at them. Erika says that she was laughing because Ali was so mad and Ali said that Dana is paying for it now, look at where she is. Ali says they will die when they get out and see her DR conversations, telling Erika and Jun she told the DR before it happened that Nate was going to win the veto, get her off, and then she would get HoH. They start talking about the missing items and what order they disappeared in, Erika mentioning that she would rather see Jee get the money than Ratbert and Jun saying that she is tired of Jee riding on her coattails. Ali begins talking as if she were mentally handicapped and says, "I wan ta beon da Dreem Teem!", repeating it after the others laugh.

Erika, Jun, and Ali go into the BY only to have Ali and Jun start screaming at some grasshopper they find. Ali says that she hates most of the books she reads and she just started reading. Erika tells her that 'Catcher in the Rye' is a good book. Ali smells smoke of some kind and Ratbert says that Justin is just two doors down. Jee is in the HoH room making two large ham and roast beef sandwiches. Then FOTH followed by BB saying that there is another outside lockdown. Ratbert tells Jee that he has to promise that when the Korean chicks start coming after him, Jee has to send them Ratbert's way, once Jee has approved them of course. Jee tells Ratbert again that his girl is incredible and if he had married Jun, his life would be over. Ratbert thinks it's 'gay' that there will be fan websites about them and online chats. When the lockdown is over, Jack goes inside to change for the HT and Erika asks Ali what is missing. Ali tells her they just fixed the SR room door and that she and Jun looked everywhere. Erika says that Jack hasn't said anything about missing items and they laugh about him not seeing anything missing. Ali says to tell her if Jack ever catches on about the items because if he does, the boys probably told him and that will be a big clue that Jack and the boys have an alliance. Erika tells Ali it doesn't matter because she thinks they do anyway. Erika and Ali think Jack and Jee have probably had a secret alliance since week 2, or week 3 at the latest. They talk about Jack and Jun having a secret alliance as well and Jack purposely acting like the bumbling old man in the house. Erika says that even if Jun and Jack have a secret alliance, she thinks Jun will still vote to evict Jack because she's sure Jun doesn't trust Jack as much. Ali whispers, "The boys are going down... the boys are going down." Jack comes out and Ali joins him in the HT. Jack is going on and on about Jun and his conversation about Ali just now in the bathroom. He also talks about Ali getting worried and voting with the boys. All Erika adds to the conversation is a couple "uh-huhs," and at the end, "I guess we'll see on Wednesday." Then she goes inside without another word.

Ali in HoH with the stooges and keeps pushing them for Jack to leave, but they refuse and Ali says she'll vote with them, they are the only two people she likes in the house and she hates everyone else. The stooges bring Jun in and Jee asks her several times how she is going to vote, Jun saying that she will vote with the house. Ratbert says that Erika being evicted will be a surprise and he wants it to be another "Michelle Moment". After the girls leave HoH, Jee says he doesn't care who is evicted and if Erika stays, he'll make up stories and split up the house. Ratbert finally notices that if Jack is evicted, it will be the girls against him for HoH, and starts to worry. They both start to work on Ali again and try to convince her that staying with them is best. Jee tells her that Jack offered to get rid of the floaters and wants to salvage his team. Jee tells Ali that he is the biggest target now and he knows it, she is safe, and that the others will try to break them up. They keep giving her reasons to vote Erika out and she agrees, then talks again about why Jack should go. They talk about Jack possibly having an alliance with Jun and then Jun walks into the HoH room saying she doesn't want to go in the HT. Ali tells Jun they were just talking about tomorrow and asks Jun again how she will vote. Jun asks how they want her to vote and Jee tells her not to be like that, it's majority vote, Erika. It gets a little tense and then Jun asks if she's not allowed to question things as Ali says that she's about to cry. Things calm down as they do some Jack-bashing and then Ali leaves the HoH room. Jun asks if Ali was in all this time and Ratbert says that Ali is just freaking out. Jee and Ratbert try to smooth over not telling Jun any of this before, but after she leaves, Ratbert tells Jee they are in deep sh*t and really need Ali's vote. They agree that they may be screwed and Jee tries to pump Ratbert up saying, "Stop thinking about numbers. You better FOTH'ing do it."

Jun and Jee begin talking in the HoH room and Jun told him that Jack is leaving, then Ratbert will be gone next week by all three girls. She explains that this is all in Jee's best interest and Jee appears to be going along with this. This is a long conversation that boils down to Jee wanting to make sure he is safe and can't be blamed for Ratbert's demise and Jun telling him not to worry and shut the FOTH up. Jee goes outside to play cards with Ratbert and is asked about what Jun just said to Jee. All Jee tells Ratbert is that he is really worried right now and Ratbert turns to talking with Ali about exercises. Erika and Jun talk in the hallway about who told what and when they told it. Ratbert and Jee move back into HoH after seeing Jun and Ali talking and decide to expect the worst. Ali and Jun were talking about some of the BB staff that think it will be them in the finals. Ratbert says that if Erika stays, there is no way he can win, but if he wins HoH he will put up Ali and Jun. They go back and forth, increasing the number of FOTH's in their conversation until they have pretty much decided that they are tired of the game and go brush their teeth.

The girls are horsing around and talking about Ratbert and Jee in the HoH room, probably playing with themselves, and even Jack chuckles at their comments. The girls are really giddy and bashing the stooges, Ali asking where Ratbert went and Jun saying he went to wash his hands. Ali then said that Ratbert's mouth was full, and Jun quips, "What, he doesn't swallow?" Everybody finally gets to bed for the night and soon all are quietly sleeping.