Wednesday begins with Jack up first and heading for the WC, surprising some of the BB staff who had entered the house, then returning to bed until Jun and Erika are awake. When the three of them are up, Jack tells them about seeing the staff and them taking off running into the yard. Jack tells them that one of them was pulling the shade, so he didn’t get a good look at them, but one was tall and the other wasn’t so tall. Erika laughs and asks Jack what he says to people when they describe like that to him. Jack chuckles and replies, “Uh, gee thanks.” Jack repeats that he didn’t see them well because of the shade being pulled, but both were in their 20’s and one had dark hair, the other light hair. Ali has come in and hears Jack’s comments and says that she saw them too, adding that they came back after running away. Ratbert is next up, as Jack makes coffee in the kitchen while talking with Erika. Jun has moved to the couches in the LR working on her nails and BB instructs Ratbert to put on his mic. Jack asks Erika if he can buy her breakfast and she tells him, “Yes, I’d like that.” Erika and Jack are talking about losing weight and she tells him that’s why she doesn’t work out, so she won’t burn calories. Erika tells Jack that you know you’re in trouble when you start playing with your own mind.

Jee comes out in his HOH robe and starts for the PB&J, telling the others that he won’t be getting his McDonald’s today. The doorbell rings several times and Ali says, “Come in!” Jee heads back to the HOH room and is eating alone as Ali, Jun, and Erika go into the BR. Ali asks Jun what she is going to wear today and Jun tells her that she was going to wear a dress that she had tried on and it made her look like a FOTH’ing Mexican fiesta girl. Jun puts on a pink dress she bought while on a shopping spree and finds out it has a problem. Ali leaves and heads for the HOH room to talk with Ratbert and Jee. They chat and Ali tells them about him crying when they said goodbye to one another as she left for the BB house. Donnie told her that the first thing he sees that he doesn’t like, he won’t watch the show anymore. Ratbert tells her that she hasn’t done anything wrong in the house because she hasn’t slept with anyone or made out with anyone. Ratbert tells them that he never says anything bad about anyone when he’s in the DR, only the things they’ve done maybe. Jee starts complaining about Jun and how judgmental she is. Ali says that she has lost a lot of focus this week and admires how Jee has handled himself. Ali heads out and returns to the BR to talk with the girls.

Jun, Ali, and Erika talk about the need to get Jee out first, saying Ratbert is the master and Jee is doing his dirty work. Ali wonders if Ratbert can do his own dirty work and will probably be really nervous if he gets nominated next week. Erika says that it’s a deal; Jee goes first even though she hates that, then Ratbert. Ali says that Jee has shown a completely different side of himself this week. Now the guys are hearing noises outside and guess that it might be some kind of electronic game. Jee says that the house has broken up into estrogen and… Jack inserts, “And I’m kind of in the middle, but that was my own doing.” Feeds now show FOTH, then everyone outside in the BY until they see a big spider. Ali talked like this HOH game had been used before, except they added the clock noise. She was very happy as she went up to Ratbert saying how good she was at the game, Ratbert saying that he is very good at it too. Then FOTH again, with a brief feed shot of some BB staff moving stuff inside the house. When the feeds return, all the hamsters are on the patio. Jee and Erika are playing cards, Jun laying on the lounge, and the others at the table. They mention having a practice game for HOH, presumably while the feeds were at FOTH. Still on outside lockdown, Ali says that she is concerned that Erika is not going to try for HOH this week. She wants Erika or Jun to get it this week, and Ali wants to get it the following week, as there will only be one stooge left.

After the outside lockdown is over, Jee and Ratbert argue about trying to get one of the girls on their side. Jee wants to make them mistrust one another by telling Ali that Jun came to them with an offer to align if they would target Ali next. Jee says that he has no problem with telling lies to those mother-FOTH’ers, but Ratbert says that they should just leave things the way they are and Ali will vote their way. They move into the HOH room and Jee is still trying to convince Ratbert to try his plan. Ratbert doesn’t want to and tells Jee that he can do it if he wants, but Ratbert can’t do it. Jee won’t make the decision by himself and heads out to talk with Jun. He asks Jun how things were going to go and says that she doesn’t have to tell him if she doesn’t want to. She says that she doesn’t want to and adds that, “Ratbert is going to throw HOH.” Jee goes into the WC and leaves after seeing Ali in the shower and returns to Ratbert. They are still talking game and Ratbert says that he really believes that Erika will be evicted because Ali was saying goodbye and he knows that Erika’s sad look was real. Jee still wants to try and deal, but Ratbert tells him to leave it alone now, he doesn’t want to look like Dana making a lot of last-minute deals.

Jun has lain back down while Jack and Ali are in the kitchen. Erika moves from the hallway to the SR. While in the SR, she whistles the song “I’ve Got It Made” and goes into to the WC to blow-dry Ali’s hair as Jack takes a shower. Jee and Ratbert have moved to the patio and are still talking game. They say that it doesn’t matter how the vote goes, they have already kicked a** in the game and are winners. When Jack finishes showering and Ali’s hair is dry, Jee goes to the WC for his shower. Not much talking being done in the house, Erika and Ali are in bed trying to sleep and we get around an hour-long FOTH. When the feeds come back, Erika tells Jack in the LR that she needs to talk to him about something that happened. She says it's more about personal stuff than game stuff and she'll tell him later. Jack says okay and Erika says, "I'll tell you as I'm walking out the door." Ratbert wanders into the LR and they change to small talk. Jee brushes his teeth and then goes to play cards with Ratbert. Jee, Jack, and Ratbert on the LR sofa and Jee tells Jack that they should talk about things after tonight, how each vote counts. Jack tells Jee that he thinks Jee will end up regretting not taking Jack’s suggestion to use the POV and put up Ali.

Jack goes into the BR and the girls are in the WC doing their makeup. Ali asks the other girls if they think the guys are preparing for the worst, Jun saying, “The devil-woman is staying.” Jun tells the girls that Jack thinks he is staying and Ali asks if Jun is serious. Erika leaves for a moment and Ali tells Jun that she is giving 110% and doesn’t trust Erika. Ali starts talking loudly, about clothes and a fly that is bother them, to throw off any eavesdroppers. Ratbert walks in briefly to ask whose water this is… Ali talking very nicely with him. Erika comes back in and all four of them look for something on the floor until Ratbert goes back outside. Ali tells Jun that the boys are scared and that Jun looks pretty. Ali tries to get confirmation from Jun about the HOH and POV competitions.

When the girls come out from the WC, the guys tell them that they look nice. The live show is about to begin and we get FOTH. As Jack was leaving, Erika told him that Jee had threatened Ali and that’s why Ali voted to keep Erika. When the feeds return, Jun has won the HOH and is gone for her trip to New York City. The hamsters are kept wondering when she will return, or if she will return. Ratbert goes into the BR and talks with himself, saying “FOTH’ing bitch” over and over again. Jee moves over to Ali and Erika apologizing for taking the POV deal and making everyone eat PB&J for the week. Jee says that he believed Erika and Jack would take the deal and his decision was strategic, not personal. Jee tells them that he is not upset with them and hopes they are not upset with him. Erika says that she wasn’t upset with Jee, she just kept losing weight and was frustrated for herself. Jee is trying to make up with Erika and says that he wants to be up front with her about everything that happened this week. He tells Erika that what he told Ali was, it was Erika’s idea to put Ali on the block with the POV. Jee then tells Ali that she should have been honest with him and she responds that she was going to keep Jack and vote for Erika to be evicted until they threatened her. Jee says that it wasn’t a threat and Ali says that she felt threatened by Ratbert and not Jee. They ask BB if Jun is still in the DR and BB tells them that the show is over. Erika says that the next competition is to find Jun. Ali says that she thinks she read Julie’s lips say something like, “being outside for 15 minutes.” They notice the DR is open and Jun is gone. Ali suspects that Jun took a deal that will put them on PB&J for another week.

The guys are now alone in the kitchen eating PB&J. Ratbert tells Jee that he will not talk with Ali tonight and Jee says he knew they couldn’t trust Ali from day one and that some of the others have talked to him about Ratbert saying that Jee is annoying. Ratbert wants to know who said that and Jee tells him that it was y’know, others… not now, but before. The lockdown is over and they move outside, Ratbert saying that he’ll call them out right now. Jee says no and Ratbert says that it’s funny they did that to Jee and not him because he’s never said anything bad about Jee. Ratbert tells Jee that it’s not for them to win; it’s for one of the FOTH’ing whores to win. Jee tells Ratbert that it’s not over because Ratbert could win consecutive contests, so don’t give up. Ratbert says that Amanda deserved to win, but these three b*tches… Jee talks about how Will was going to be a doctor and didn’t need the money, but he played like a scumbag and he won. Jason played like a nice guy last year and he didn’t win. Jee says that it’s a game and Ratbert says that he’ll get over it. It’s these three FOTH’ing whores, evil b*tches that are going to win, and people like Justin get sent out of here. Ratbert tells Jee that he won two HOH competitions and is going to get blown out of here and Ratbert is not going to give a FOTH anymore. Ratbert tells Jee that when they bring in food, he’s going to bring it outside to eat.

Ali and Erika have been talking in the LR about how they have to keep Ratbert this week. Ali tells Erika, "Ratbert hates me now!!" and Erika replies, "I know." Ali tells Erika that, "Oh well, he's gonna have to live with me for two weeks. He better learn to like it!" Erika calls Ratbert a baby...a dumb ass baby. Ali says that all Jee had to do was give Jack the golden ticket. Erika gets called to the DR. Ratbert and Jee have still been talking outside. Jee tells him that this house is going to feel really empty with just five of them and he can't really be hanging with them. Jee says that he won't be starting conversations with these people, he’ll just respond because he doesn’t want to be anti-social. Ratbert goes in to get a sweater, and comes back out.

Jee says, “I don't know dude, it's just two more weeks.” Jee says that the girls are saying it's a fun game, and it is fun for them. He has no respect for Ali because of the way she did it and if he was outside, evaluating her as a player, she's so disrespectful. Ratbert says that you know she's like that out there too. Ratbert says that he’s not going to Vegas because he knows Ali's going and they both have girls they want to get back to. Ratbert says that, “Like I told you last night in your bed, it's going to happen.” Ratbert says that it’s like a nightmare because his ex is still in the game and Jee’s ex is HOH. Jee tells him that they’ll try to win the veto and he’s not going without a fight, but if they don’t succeed, they leave. Ratbert and Jee hear Erika yell to BB, “Where is Jun?” before she got called into the DR. Then Ali gets called in and Jee says, “Alison… that was a weasely move,” then talks about how when Ali was on the block, she was the most unfriendly person in the world. Now that she’s safe, she wants to talk to them. Jee tells Ratbert that none of them are real and he is the same person every week. Jee just wants this FOTH’ing game to come to a FOTH’ing end and life is not about this game for him. Jee says that it’s annoying to put their life on hold but he appreciates the chance to be on.

Erika comes outside and asks the boys if they are ok. Jee says that he’s not bothered by any of this stuff, it’s a game, it’s cool, and adds that it’s not like he’s hurting inside because someone lied to him. Ratbert says that they’ll get to eat soon and Jee responds that he really enjoyed it the last time they ate. BB calls Ratbert into the DR and he jumps up quickly because he’s been talking about how he was going to let everything out when he did go in. Erika is walking through the house and then doing the dishes until the food gets there. BB told them it would be a half-hour and Ali laid down in the BR because her head was pounding. Erika joins her and begins to unpack as they wonder what Jun is doing. Erika tells Ali that Jun is probably watching them, “Win the chance to watch the houseguests for an hour.” Jee and Ratbert are pacing in the BY while Ali and Erika munch on Cheez-its, then set the table. Finally, the Thai food gets there and they all sit down to eat, despite Ratbert’s declaration that he would eat outside alone. Everyone is quietly eating until they begin wondering if they should save some for Jun. Ali says that there is no way BB hasn’t fed her already and Jee points out there is really only enough for four people anyway. They decide to finish it up and Ali wonders if Jun is getting any alcohol. Jee says that Jun is probably having a blast and Ali thinks she may be at a club or something, worrying that tomorrow BB will tell them that they are back on PB&J.

After dinner is gone, the guys go back outside and Jee starts playing solitaire while Ratbert sits completely motionless. Jee says that it must mean something because they didn’t apply for the house. Some people came into the house very prepared because they applied to get on the show and knew what was needed. Ratbert tells Jee a little bit about his family, explaining that his mother is actually his stepmother and his real mother is in Vegas. Ratbert says that he is going to apologize to Ali because he was being a d*ck. Jee says that she could have just told them the truth and not beat around the bushes. They moan a bit more and begin wondering about where Jun could be, Jee saying it’s a bit off to take somebody away for three hours. Ratbert reminds him that they did that before and Jee says that was for a luxury competition. Jee says that he respects the way Jack carried himself in the game and that they’re the last two guys. He now regrets not vetoing Jack or Erika and getting Ali evicted. The girls come outside and head for the HT, so the boys go inside and sit on the couch talking quietly about how Justin kind of okayed them making an alliance and they went a whole week with this b*tch without knowing how she’d be. Ratbert says that it was a smart decision to try and pick up another person, they just got FOTH’ed, and he’ll say sorry for being a d*ck, or not. Jee is then called to the DR.

Ali and Erika have decided to still fight for POV and HOH because they aren’t sure what Jun will do and they don’t want to be used as pawns against the stooges. Ali tells Erika that after this POV, there are no more, and Erika asks how Ali knows that. Ali tells her that last year Marcellas had the last POV when they were down to five houseguests. Erika asks if Ali would like more wine and shall they toast? Erika toasts the women of Big Brother 4 and Ali raises her glass to “The Angels”, and they both begin giggling. Ali tells Erika how much Ratbert wanted Ali to evict Erika and when she suggested voting out Jack, Ratbert kept saying, “No! That would ruin our plans!” Ratbert told Ali that Erika was the one plotting against her. Erika just shakes her head and Ali adds that it wasn’t Jee who said it, it was Ratbert. Erika says that Ratbert does all the lying for Jee. Ali yells out to BB, “Where in the h*ll is Jun?” and Jee comes out with a BB menu for the girls to fill out. Jee tells them they have to write down three specific food items they want to compete for tomorrow and once they are done, take it to the SR and leave it there. Jee tells them it has to be done quickly, they have 15 minutes to write down something good for the week. Erika notices that Jun’s name is not on the list and they begin talking about what they want to put down.

BB calls for an inside lockdown and the feeds show a brief shot of a bell on the basketball court and a ‘Missing’ poster with Jun’s black and white picture on it being adjusted. Ratbert has peeked outside and notices the setup, suggesting to the girls that they get dressed up because he thinks it’s for the veto competition. The girls go change and when Erika comes back out she suggests it might be a food competition where they have to figure out where Jun is. Jee says they should stop guessing and Erika agrees because her head is starting to hurt. Everyone is now sitting on the couch chatting nicely and they realize that nobody told Jack about the missing items. Ratbert wonders if Jack threw the competitions and Erika says that Jack told her that he didn’t, but she doesn’t know. Jee says that if they got to the end, that would be the one thing he would ask Jack, Ali saying, “Yeah, but 20 minutes?”

The inside lockdown is over and they go outside and see a huge apple in the BY, along with the bell and the poster. They get the instructions from BB that the setup is for the veto competition. The rules are that there will be three clues to where Jun is at, the first one tonight, the last two tomorrow after the food competition. After the last clue, they have 30 minutes to make their guess. When a hamster is ready to guess, they must ring the bell, go into the DR to submit their answer. The first correct guess winning the POV and, if nobody guesses correctly, the POV goes to the HOH. The winner will be displayed on the plasma screen sometime Thursday evening and all guesses must take place before this. Ratbert says that she’s not in the FOTH’ing Big Apple and she’ll be back by tomorrow, it’s somewhere locally. Ali says that BB couldn’t fly her out there, how would she do nominations? Jee sarcastically says that there are only two keys and, just guessing who Jun will nominate, “Oh yeah, big surprise… Erika and Alison!” They separate, boys in the BY and girls in the BR, and begin grilling each other for events that happen in New York City and figure the next clue will give this away. Ratbert talks with Jee about how to do this fair because he doesn’t want the both of them to think of the answer at the same time, like flipping a coin. They decide to help each other through the second clue. Ali and Erika are in the BR and they are working together, Ali mentioning Radio City Music Hall, but continuing on.

The girls go back outside and join the guys and they all begin talking about the internet fans and Erika says, "The internet fans are bigger fans than the TV fans, they love the show." Jee says that they know us how we really are and Erika talks about getting the free 7-day trial, but thought it was boring and she kept wondering if they were going to do something. They all discuss how they look on the internet and what is being said about them before turning to game talk and why different people were targeted. Jee wonders who will be the first to ring the bell and take that risk, adding that he realizes that they are all very sneaky. Erika asks if he just came to that conclusion now and Jee says he knew it before, but it’s cool, it’s cool. They talk about how Jun must have been blindfolded before she left and Erika says that CBS has a private jet. Ali says that Jun is still there and has to get back for the show so she can’t just get one plane ticket, she’d need two. Erika talks about Jun being in a hotel room somewhere and able to masturbate, saying come on, they’re humans. Ali claims that she has never masturbated, Erika telling her that it’s such a stress reliever, and Ali saying that she guesses she is just satisfied by her man. They mention the book that Jack wrote about the JFK assassination and how the movie didn’t have a lot of truth to it. Ali gets called to the DR and everyone goes inside after Ratbert says that when he leaves the house, he is going to leave a pair of underwear with peanut butter smeared in the a** for Jun. Soon after going inside, everyone quickly falls asleep.