Thursday begins with BB serving up a continental breakfast to wake up the hamsters as part of an outside lockdown. They ask if BB thinks they can’t cook because Jun is not here and Erika jokes, “Where’s the kitchen?” Ali says that she had the eggs and bacon out because she was going to cook. Erika says that the internet viewers are probably wondering what they are doing up so early, telling the others that the internet calls them gerbils. Jee wonders if Carmen is watching the feeds and that if she were on the show, he would be watching. Jee asks Ali if Donnie is at football practice and she says that he is probably at class. Jee begins singing, “No more food, no more food, we have no more no more food.” Erika sneezes again and Jee says, “Bless you, bless the h*ll out of you” and Erika says, “Sneeze the h*ll out of me!” Erika sneezes over and over, so Ali asks if she took her Claritin, Erika telling her she took it last night. Ali wonders if BB is inside taking their food and Jee says she could be right, he doesn’t hear it, but it could be gone already.

Jee talks about living with Carmen and how it's only been 2 months officially, but she's been staying over his place for like a year now and her parents are cool with it. Ali asks if Jee likes her parents and Jee says they’re great. Ali asks, “Do your moms get along?” and Jee replies, “Yeah, my mom loves her, thinks she is great.” Jee talks about how the moms think they should get married already, but Jee wants to take his time, finish school first, he has a semester and a half left. Jee assumes his girlfriend or sister cancelled his classes for him. Ali asks if he’ll pick it back up when he gets back home and Jee tells her he will. Ali wonders if he could graduate by August if he takes summer classes and he tells her that he has specific classes to take and is not sure he can get all the ones he needs for his major at once. Jee says that he doesn’t want to take anymore bullsh*t classes, just the ones he needs.

Ali doesn’t understand why college makes you take classes you don’t need and Jee tells her it’s for diversity. Jee informs her that his school offers classes on cultural diversity, and though Ali says she’s interested in cultural diversity classes, she thinks it’s dumb to take things you don’t need. Ali brings up physical education classes such as cross-country and wonders who would take that. They figure that college makes you take physical education classes to bank more money. Jee says that he is also a media major and Ali says that he and Carmen could do a TV show together. Jee tells Ali that he is more interested in behind the scenes work. He says he is a double major, Sociology and Media, but doesn’t want to be a social worker. Ali asks what his dream job would be and he says Guidance Counselor would be a good job with lots of perks. Jee talks about real estate being really hot and Ali says that it can take a while to be a teacher if you’re not an Education major.

Still on outside lockdown, Erika mentions the orange juice is fresh-squeezed. Jee and Ali continue their talk, now discussing travel. Jee wants to go to Australia or Amsterdam and would love to see Greece. Ali tells him Greece is beautiful and Jee doesn’t care where he goes, as long as his girl goes with him. Ratbert and Erika are talking about restaurants and Ratbert begins complaining about the lockdown because he has to go to the WC. They all talk about how there should be a WC outside so they can be on outside lockdown all day if they need to be, or not get the house wet by walking through to the WC after they have been in the pool. Ratbert tells Erika nobody should take a nap today, they need to go to sleep by 11:00, then FOTH, most likely for WC break.

When the feeds return, they are talking about movies and wondering if they will have any time to get ready. Jee wants to change and put gel on because he thinks he has morning hair, Ali telling him it looks fine. Jee says that if you look close, he has a lot of gray hair and his girlfriend thinks it will look cute. Erika asks when Jee’s dad went gray and Jee tells her that he didn’t, Jee’s mom did. Ali asks if it’s usually from the dad’s side and Erika says not the gray, and then says that she doesn’t know. Ali says her dad is all gray and used to have pitch-black hair. She says her mom has real dark hair too. Erika asks how Ali got blonde and Ali replies that her family is from Scotland before we get another FOTH. The feeds return briefly and we learn it is time for the food competition. Ratbert takes them to the desert room as they chant “No More PBJ, No More PBJ” and Ratbert says, “You guys are going to love this!” (ed. Note: The feeds keep going in and out before and after the competition for the HG to get instructions from BB, or do re-takes. I’m going to skip over and recap events in sequence without FOTH interruptions.) When the feeds return this time, we see the desert room has been turned into a large ball pit filled with red and yellow plastic balls up to waist-high. Ratbert reads the rules and says that they must catch the balls with food named on them and place them in the tubes in alphabetical order to keep that food. Ratbert tells Ali that if she finds octopus, don’t put it in, and that they have five minutes to complete the task. They don’t have to keep any foods that they don’t want or like.

The competition begins and they begin gathering up balls and calling out the foods named on them, hold them in their shirts. There is lots of fussing with each other and too much talking, not much communication. Ali is calling out the letters and feeding the balls into the tubes. After time expires, Ratbert reads off the food items they won and everyone cheers after each item they get and groan after each item that is out of order <several takes>. The items were: almonds, apple sauce, angel food (out of order,) berries, bratwurst, brie (asking what is that?), cola, corn, cream, chips (out of order), donuts, eggs substitute, ground beef, guacamole, halibut, half and half (out of order), hot dogs, Italian sausage, iceberg lettuce, lasagna, lutefisk, mozzarella, nectarine, refried beans, rigatoni, rice (out of order), scampi, shrimp, sour cream, and tuna. Lots of talk about what they got, what they like, etc… followed by playtime in the ball pit. Everyone begins swimming around, diving into the balls, general fun-making and silliness and Ali says that Chuckie-Cheese is her favorite. As they play, they find several balls that they wish they had gotten during the competition, even though they appeared happy about the overall results. Jee finds lobster and groans, Ali finds beer and groans, then she finds the octopus and everyone laughs.

They go outside and chat nicely for a while and someone says that they could hear HT conversations. Talk turns to Dana and Ali says that she was really mad at her for disrespecting Jack, Erika adding that Dana is a mean-spirited person. Erika does a hilarious and very accurate imitation of Dana’s walk and talk. Everyone goes back into the house and look for any clues to Jun’s location, but don’t find anything. Ratbert and Jee comment on how well everyone is getting along with Jun gone. Jee tells BB that he’ll go on PB&J for a week if they don’t bring Jun back into the house. The hamsters are just chatting as Ali and Jee play cards and Erika cleans the microwave and patio. Ratbert wonders how much time is left in the game and estimates two week because Julie said that Dana’s eviction was the halfway point on a live show so it must be true. Erika says their contracts run through September 25th and Ratbert thinks that just may be for appearances and stuff.

Then they talk about getting an America's Choice soon, Erika saying she doesn’t care if she wins the "internet thing", because it's kind of cheesy. Ali says she has no chance of winning. They talk about having to find Jun first and Ali says, “What if we just say FOTH it?” Jee doesn't care if they vote his a** out this week, that's cool. Ratbert wants his Coke and they wonder when their food will be delivered. Ratbert and Jee argue about if he can drink all the Coke. Ratbert says that he never shared their beer and Jee points out that they didn't get booze this week, so they will have to share the Coke. Everyone talks about the time they got drunk on champagne and Ratbert is called to the DR. Jee gives advice to the girls about cramping, saying to rub Tiger Balm on their lower abdominal area because it really helps his girlfriend. Ratbert returns from the DR and we get FOTH. They go outside to find their second clue in the BY is a videotape. Everyone is generally clueless still, Ratbert joking that he has it, “It’s Apple tape!” and laughs. All the hamsters figure that the third clue must tie things together. Lots of speculating, but nobody is willing to make a guess yet. Ali asks Erika where the MTV Video Music Awards are held and Erika tells her it’s different places. She mentions that MTV is affiliated with CBS and Ali thinks it’s Radio City Music Hall, but Erika isn’t sure. Everyone takes a nap while waiting for the final clue.

Ratbert is the first one back up and finds that they have food now. After telling only Jee, he heads to the kitchen to make a non-PB&J sandwich. He thoroughly enjoys his meal and picks his teeth after he’s done, the BB cameraman zooming in nicely for the home crowd. Ratbert goes in to take a shower and all the others are still asleep. We get a brief FOTH and then see Ratbert in the SR looking for more food. He finds a carton of powdered donuts and munches a few, then goes outside to clean the pool. When Ratbert finishes the pool, he goes back in to look at his daughter’s photograph before going back outside to sit in the hammock. He goes back inside and BB announces an inside lockdown. Now, everyone is up and in the kitchen making food. Jee tells a story about when he was sequestered at the hotel and eating some fruit. He tells them he found maggots in it and everyone says “Eewwww!”, Ratbert asking, “Are you sh*tting me?” Erika says that whenever you eat fresh fruit, you should always check it for bugs. Ratbert gets called into the DR while everyone else finishes making their food. Erika is eating on the couch while Jee and Ali eat at the island in the kitchen. When Ratbert returns, he calls everyone into the LR for an announcement, and then says it was a joke. BB calls Ali into the DR as everyone else hangs out in the LR. Jee gets called into the DR next and comes out joking about instructions like Ratbert did. He says that he has no clue about what a big apple and a videotape mean. Erika tells him not to worry, they’re all in the same boat.

When the inside lockdown is over, they all go out to the BY and see a spacesuit on display… nobody rushes for the bell. After about five minutes, Ratbert says, “That’s it, Jun won the veto! I can’t wait to hear the stupid answer.” Ratbert rings the bell and goes into the DR to guess. Jee whispers to Ratbert about the Space Needle and Ratbert tells him it’s in Seattle. Jee rings the bell and heads for the DR to make his guess. Ali finally remembers that the MTV VMA trophy has an astronaut on it and rings the bell saying, “Damn, I knew it all along. Why didn’t I guess? Remember, I said that’s what it was.” Erika asks her why she didn’t guess and Ali says, “I don’t know?” and goes in to wait for her turn to guess. Ali finishes her guess and jokes with Erika, “Dude, you missed me running for the bell. I just got the answer and I bolted over there.” Erika says, “I’m like, who are you running against, me?” and everyone laughs. Ali says that Jun couldn’t have really gone where she guessed and Ratbert says that she couldn’t have gone where he guessed either. Ali believes that her guess is too public and they couldn’t send her where people would talk to her. Erika reminds everyone that someone from BB1 went to the Emmys and watched the show. Ali says that wouldn’t be fair, how could they go and not have someone talk to them. Erika says the show was different back then and nobody is going to really know she’s missing until Friday and won’t really recognize her. Erika reminds her about the internet people knowing and Ali says, “Oh, that’s right.”

BB calls for an inside lockdown and everyone goes into the LR and pulls the shades. The hamsters think the answer will appear on the plasma screen. Jee hopes that if he was wrong, America agrees that it could have been right, not “What a FOTH’ing idiot!” They ask each other what the guesses were, but everyone has been pretty quiet. Erika says that, by the way, if she is where they guessed, that b*tch! Ali adds that she would be so incredibly jealous. Jee starts to figure out the right answer after Erika mentioned the Emmys and says that the only thing I did know is that Viacom, CBS, and MTV are affiliated. Ratbert says that he knows what they think, but he doesn’t think so because it’s just too far. Erika goes into the kitchen and talks to herself, “She’s at the fricking MTV music awards and I’m here making tuna fish! Stupid, stupid… just one question… seashell, silly… seashell!” Erika, Ali, and Jee begin playing cards while Ratbert sits looking thoughtful. Ratbert goes into the kitchen to make a sandwich and we get FOTH.

The feeds return to show Ali saying that Jun was on TV and Jee congratulating Ali for winning the POV. Ali says that she is jealous and her GPOV better be in 14k gold after this. Ali says that Jun got to see Britney Spears and Madonna <almost typed ‘madman’ there, Freudian slip?> make out. They go into an outside lockdown, the girls get into the HT and the guys start working out. After the lockdown is over, Erika is shaving her legs and Ali is in the shower, Ratbert in the WC talking with the girls, Jee still outside working out. Ratbert asks if they think Jun will be back tomorrow and Erika says probably. Ratbert goes back outside to be with Jee and Ali asks if Jun had to have handlers 24/7 and Erika replies of course. Ratbert tells Jee that if he gets HOH next week, he’ll put up Jun because she already has some votes in the jury house and he is worried. Everyone gathers in the LR to play Old Maid and Ratbert and Jee say they never heard of it until Justin got it. They ask Ratbert if he’ll play with Elena now and he says she’s a little old for this game. Jee laughs and says you’re 33 and you’re playing. Ratbert says that Ali is transparent and you can always tell from her face when she has the Old Maid in her hand. Jee says this is a game where you have to bluff and Ratbert heads to the WC between hands, Jee talking about the Hungry Hungry Hippo game and everyone laughs.

Ratbert gets back from the WC and goes into the love room for a massage from Ali while Erika watches Jee still playing with the cards. Jee says that he can’t blame Jun for their breakup because he tried, but his best wasn’t good enough. Erika asks Jee if there is anything he would do different and Jee says a couple of things, but not really. Jee talks about how well Jun is playing and how Ali is proving herself as a player and with the veto. Jee tells Erika that he would probably vote for her and she should be careful because they will try to take out her and Ratbert next. Erika and Jee talk about playing as a floater being a valid strategy, but Jee doesn’t think you get the same awesome experience if you do. He wishes Ali had been more honest with him but credits her game play. Jee says that everyone has to fib or tell small lies and thinks he plays the game similar to Erika. He says he knows how you play the game isn’t necessarily how you are on the outside. Erika tells Jee that nothing will ensure a win in this game and a lot of it is luck. Jee tells her that he has felt unsafe a lot, not really knowing what would happen week to week, and he is proud to have gotten past the O8 alliance. Jee says his HOH in week two really helped since Dana came to him that week. Erika wonders when Dana went over and Jee tells her right at the second week. Jee says, “Nothing against you, but everyone wanted you out.” Erika asks what he means and Jee backpedals saying that it wasn’t her alliance because Scott was already out; Dave, Jack, and Nate were with you. They discuss Dana flipping out and his not wanting to use the veto to get rid of her because he had given his word. Jee says that no matter what, his grand prize is waiting at home and Erika says definitely. He says that he doesn’t mind hard work and this has been fun while it’s lasted, asking her not to act differently around him all week. They try to figure out the rest of the schedule and don’t think the final two live a full week in the house, but neither of them is sure.

Ali and Ratbert are talking as she gives him a massage and tells him that she doesn’t think that Erika could ever win, no matter who she is up against. Ratbert says that Jee, Dana, and Jack will vote for her. Ali tells him that Jun wants Jee out and Ratbert says that he knows. Ali asks Ratbert if he is ok with that because Ali has the veto and if Ratbert wanted her to use it… you never know, she could come back and put me up. Ali tells Ratbert that she’s happy she won POV and wants HOH next week, but really the last one to “take care of business, if you know what I mean.” Ratbert notes that next week would get Ali into the final three, so it is the most important. They go back into the LR and Jee says that Ratbert is all cut up and stuff now. Erika asks Ratbert how Ali rubs and Ali offers to rub her feet, but Erika would rather have a shoulder rub. Ali tells her to go put a tank top on, asking if she wants oil? Erika says maybe a little and Jee says he’s about to pass out. Ali goes into the SR and gets some cola and Ratbert asks why she is bringing those out. Jee says that he would like some too and Ratbert says that he’s been up since 7:00 and he’s still up. Jee asks him how long he slept after clue #2 and Ratbert says maybe an hour and a half. Ali says she can’t believe she didn’t get it after clue #2 and both Jee and Ratbert congratulate her again. Jee said he made a guess, but it was really stupid. They tell him it wasn’t stupid and he says the video threw him off, but now it makes sense. Jee says he likes hard massages and goes off to find a chocolate donut. Erika says it’s nice to have someone actually touch your body and Ali tells her not to get carried away. Ratbert talks about touching Ali’s hair and she says she loves that. Ratbert is giving Jee a hard time about closing the donut box so they don’t get stale like the white ones, adding that Ali looks really tired.

Ratbert wonders if the next HOH gets a trip to Cancun and Erika says the tape of Jun talking to them keeps going through her head, over and over. Jee says that Jun got what she wanted, attention, a trip to NY, the spotlight, a trip to NY, red carpet, a trip to NY, fans, a trip to NY… Ratbert wonders how they know it was a red carpet, it might have been a valet spot, and Erika tells him, “It was the red carpet, dude.” Jee asks Ratbert if he thinks they have red carpets all over the city and Ratbert says, “I can’t believe she got it, she’s the biggest tramp and she gets it.” The hamsters talk about the house temperature and threaten to throw Erika in the ball room (food comp) when she says a blanket is fine when she sleeps. Jee begins teasing Ratbert about how he has more hair than Ratbert does, even though he’s 33 and Cuban. Erika asks Jee what that means and Jee says that Cubans are hairier than Asians and Ratbert’s a fruitcake.

Ali finishes rubbing Erika’s shoulders and offers Jee a backrub. Jee says that he is fine and she must be tired and deserves a break. Jee says that he’s going to brush his teeth and Erika jokes that they’ll see him in an hour. Jee says that it’s not that bad, now all America knows about him. Erika tells him she was just kidding and Jee says that his girl told him that when he came in, everyone would see how he brushes his teeth, and that she never gives him a hard time about it. Erika moves into the kitchen to eat some donuts and says they’re so good. Ratbert has gone to bed, Ali and Erika are talking about it as Jee heads to the WC area. Ratbert tells BB to dim the lights, turn off the lights, it’s only the girls up! The lights dim and Ratbert says thank you BB. Jee yells out to BB, “Why the hell you listen to Ratbert??" Erika says that it's 1:45 and they are amazed, Ali saying that she is going night-night and off to brush her teeth.

When Ali gets into the WC, she asks Jee if Carmen hates Jun. Jee says that she doesn’t really know her or hate her and calls her Buddha-girl, because she’s only seen pictures of Jun when she was heavy. Jee says that he tried with Jun and stuck it out through thick and thin, that she was good to him too. Jee says that she changed too much for him and there was nothing he could do about that. Jee explains that Jun really changed when he was 21, after they broke she was working on her career and lost weight. A lot of factors were involved, but he has never doubted her intelligence. Erika comes in from the kitchen and now all three are brushing. Ali moves on to flossing as Erika is done and applying skin cream. Jee, still brushing, offers her some Noxzema and Erika thanks him. Ali finishes and Erika rinses her face as Jee continues to brush and says, “We have really gotten to know each other better.” Ali says that she remembers when she first saw him and Jee says he was China Boy, but Ali says that she thought he was cute. Jee tells her he thought she was cute too and the producers asked him what he would do if he saw a cute girl. Jee says that he told them he had already seen one on the elevator and Ali says that she was getting off as he was getting on, Erika laughing as she asks, “Did you guys have an elevator moment?” Erika says she saw Justin, but didn’t have any boy moments. Ali goes into the love room tells Ratbert in the blue room to have sweet dreams, he says thanks sweetie, you too. Jee rinses and finishes up with the toothpaste, now brushing the toothpaste off with water, says to Erika that he has clear skin. Erika agrees and heads off to the love room to hear Ali mutter, “That b*tch gets to go to the awards!” Erika says that someone sounds bitter and Ali replies, “Am I bitter? She gets two nights out of the house!” Jee now heads off to the blue room as Erika get up to put on her sweatshirt. Jee gets back up and goes to the LR with Carmen’s picture for a quick goodnight, and then back to the blue room into bed. The house is now quiet and dark and everyone appears asleep.