Friday begins with Erika up first with a visit to the WC and brushing her teeth, we get our first brief FOTH when she starts whistling a Madonna tune. BB calls for the other HG to awaken, and another FOTH when Erika starts whistling Madonna again on her way to the BY. Ali gets up and helps Erika with the shades after BB tells them they have an inside lockdown. Ali asks if they can let the boys sleep in since she and Erika are already awake and that’s all that really matters. BB turns all the lights on and Ali goes into the WC to brush her teeth. Jee is now up and in the SR as Ali and Erika are both putting on makeup in the WC. Ali and Erika move into the kitchen and attempt to make breakfast, but they don’t seem very comfortable there and Ali searches through nearly all the cabinets because she doesn’t know where anything is. Ratbert is now up and both he and Jee are just sitting there, waiting for the girls to finish making breakfast. They are talking game and planning to tell Jun when she gets back that if she counts the jury votes, only one of the stooges can get her to the end of the game. Then, Jee tells Ratbert that he is the only one that can beat Jun and they have to tell her to take out Ali because Jun has taken out all the strong players.

After breakfast, Ali is outside in the BY getting some sun and soon the others join her outside. Jee keeps saying that Jun has played a good game, but he thinks he can beat her at the end. Erika is in the pool and says it’s freezing, but Ali thinks it feels good. Jee and Ratbert are talking about getting Ali to use the veto to save one of them and they will help her get to the endgame. Jee tells Ratbert that Ali said Jee was the biggest threat and Ratbert says that will FOTH up the whole plan. Ratbert tells Jee, “Do not threaten her.” They say that if she makes it to the end without helping one of them, she will not get their vote at the end (ed. Note: And this is not a threat because….?) Ali wonders if Jun will be out all week and then begins talking with Erika about getting Jun out. Ali says that Jun’s DR sessions were all about badmouthing people and Ali has never done that. Erika gets into the pool, and then gets out saying that she needs to shave her bikini area. While Erika gets into the shower to shave, Jee begins talking to Ali in the LR and telling her she can get second place.

Jee says that he is honest and trustworthy and Ali replies that she believes him totally. Jee tells her he and Ratbert have been counting up the end votes and believe Ali would come up second against Jun or Erika. Jee wants her to consider using the veto to take him or Ratbert off the block and they could vote out Erika, then the three of them could go after Jun. Jee says that Ali knows she can trust them and that she let them down by voting to evict Jack. Jee tells her that she should consider using the veto to get Jee or Ratbert off the block, then Jun will have to put up Erika, because if Erika makes it to the finals she will win. The feeds are cutting back and forth to FOTH through all this. Jee tells Ali that he would vote for Jun and not her if they make it to the finals because of how well Jun has been playing. Ali tells Jee that she needs the money because she doesn’t come from a lot of money and her father is a lawyer in a small town. Jee again tells Ali that he is not threatening her, but please keep in mind that he told her he had her back, and he was true to his word. Jee also reminds her that after she voted out Jack, he told her that it was a good move on her part, and to basically give him credit for not turning into a punk because she didn't vote the way he wanted. Jee keeps saying over and over that he thought it was a very good game move on her part, and he didn't whine about it and that she shouldn’t think he is threatening her, because he is not. Ratbert says for her to do what is right for her and Jee adds <ad nauseum> how helping the stooges would gain her Jack’s respect (ed. Note: Huh?) Ali asks if they are going to be fair in their voting or stick with their alliance and doesn’t get much of an answer.

Everybody is now in the BY and wondering if Jun will be coming back or did she take a deal that puts her out of the house? Erika says that Jun should be back any minute because she probably had an AM flight out of NYC and less than five minutes later, the doorbell rings. It’s Jun at the door and everyone goes crazy, Jun begins telling them all the details of her trip. Sometime during this there is a brief FOTH where BB calls an outside lockdown. Jun tells them that she had a handler and had her hair and makeup done for her. There was a limo that drove four blocks away from where she works and when she got there, tons of interviews on the red carpet. One of the interviews was live and she was so nervous that she doesn’t even remember what she said. They ask if she saw Britney, Madonna, and Christina kissing and Jun tells them that she was in the pit, right there! Jun tells them the dress was picked out for her and even though lots of stars walked right by, she didn’t say hi to any of them. She tells them that while she was on the red carpet, people were screaming her name and she was freaking out. Jun said a girl came up to her in the pit and said, “I just want to tell you I am a huge fan.” then ran away. When Jun was leaving, some girls yelled, “OMG, it's Jun! She must have gotten kicked out last night!!!” Jun tells them that most just said hi and not many came up to her, but we all must have fans, not just me. She says that she was not allowed near magazines, newspapers, radios, etc… but she did get to see “The Core” on the plane, but got so sick on the plane. While she was there, she had a private room adjoining her handler, and did “help” herself, laughingly asking if that was too much information?

Erika tells Jun they were very happy for her and mother-FOTH’ing jealous as h*ll!, but happy for her. Everybody goes outside and Jun says that it’s good to be back, Jee retorts, “Oh, shut the FOTH up!” They tell her that they had an exciting game of Old Maid, played basketball, and worked out… not much changed. Jee asks Jun if she can give him a haircut tomorrow or something and Jun says sure. Ali tells Jun about finding out the DR was empty and the clues for the veto competition. Ali goes on to say what parts of the show they saw and asks Jun what Beyonce sang, Jun telling her about the music and outfits people wore. Jee says that he could talk about this all day and Jun says that it doesn’t bother her, continuing with more about the show and who she saw. She mentions the interviews and she liked the guy from Extra, but not the one from E! who she said was rude. BB tells them the outside lockdown is over and the girls go off to talk together. Jun tells the girls that she was told the nominations are on Sunday and they continue with more about the show and some strategy talk while they wait for the HOH room to be ready. Jun is talking with Erika and Ali in kitchen and says that she wants to nominate Ali and Robert, have Ali use POV on herself, and she will have no choice to put up Jee, as to not make things look "as bad" as nominating Jee off the bat. That way she doesn’t get the guys harassing her about deals, strategy, etc… Erika mocks Ratbert saying, “I swear on my daughter!” and says he is so full of sh*t.

Jee is outside with Ratbert talking about how Jun got HOH and got to go out of the house and how she got to stay in a hotel. He wonders how come she is so lucky, and has had too much this week. They can hear Jun announcing the room is open and Jee says that they should go in there just for a minute because they have to, as Ratbert kept up his yes man routine. Jun finally gets into the HOH room and starts looking at the things she got. English Toffee Cookies (homemade), a tulip, a picture of Bob, and a note saying, “Congrats on winning HOH and going to the awards and hang in there”, a little penguin which is from their first date, a CD (which Ratbert grabs and puts on the headphones to listen to it.) She also got Corona and Ali asks if they can have some. The tuna melts are burning in the oven and Ali and Erika run to rescue the food. Jee tells Jun that the girls were so jealous and upset (not him of course) and Jun says she knows. Jun hears the music coming from the CD and starts to sing, so FOTH.

Ali and Erika are talking with Jun about how jealous they were about Jun going, but only because Erika wanted to know every single detail. Ali says she wasn't jealous because she never did anything like that before. Jun tells Erika and Ali that as soon as they left the room to rescue the food, Jee and Ratbert were at her about the girls. Jun says she asked BB about the veto, but BB told her let the HG's tell her. Ali has already informed her that she has the POV. Ali asks Jun if she still wants to get rid of Jee first and what Jun will say at her nomination speech. Jun says that she will say that she is going to continue where Erika left off. Erika and Ali tell Jun all the stuff Jee and Ratbert were ranting about while she was away. Ali says, “I choose not to use the veto on Ratbert.” The girls are laughing and then go back to whispering. Ali says Ratbert is going crazy and Jun adds that Jee has been such a jacka**. Ali talks about her conversation with Jee while Jun was gone and how Jee said that he saved her butt and that he was honest with her. Ali says that she bit back and said to him, “Oh yeah, keeping Jack would have been a good idea. I would have then gone up because Jack was after me.” Ali also tells Jun that Jee said if Jun puts up him and Robert, that Ali should save Jee or Robert, and Jun would have to put up Erika. That would be a vote to get rid of Erika, then next week we can get rid of Jun. Ali says that Jee doesn't realize the two people he wanted to get rid of while he was HOH didn't work out and that Jee was going to have Ali as the third member of the Dream Team. Ali is going on and on about the conversation and Erika is just giggling, but not really confirming anything.

Ali finds it extremely funny that Jee put up Erika twice, and twice she stayed. Ali says that the night before the vote she told Jee, “Every time I came to talk to you, you had Ratbert with you” and how Ratbert was talking about how everything was set to vote out Erika. Ali says that Jee told her that they had already made up their minds about voting Erika out that Ali joined as the third member after that. Ali says she told him that, “Yes, "you" made up your mind. I wasn't part of the team at that time.” Ali tells Jun about the food competition in the desert room. There was a barrier at the door and the room was filled with balls with food names, like Chucky Cheese, but for big people. Ali goes on to describe how they were playing in the balls and when they sat down, the balls came up to their necks. They were throwing balls at Ratbert who was standing by the wall. Jun has been playing with the penguin and tells Ali and Erika that she is going to take a nap because she has took Dramamine and it has made her so drowsy. Erika and Ali leave and Jun rearranges some things on the shelf, and then goes into the orange room to gather some of her things for the week.

Erika tells Ali to remember, there are still three members of the jury in this house, whoever they are. Ratbert and Jun are talking and Ratbert is trying to make it seem ok if she nominates him. Then Jee talks with Jun and tells her he is not making a deal with Jun, although he keeps proposing he has her back. Erika has gone outside and is in the hammock talking with Ratbert, saying that Jack forgot his souvenirs (mostly t-shirts BB gave out in comps.) Erika explains how the BB1 nomination and voting procedures worked to Ratbert and he says that he would have liked that, but Erika says it was dull TV. Ratbert and Erika make a brief mention of Erika's boyfriend while they talk about BB1 and Ratbert says that it is cool that Erika is in the same house as BB1. Ratbert assures Erika that he hasn't said anything to anyone, and asks what her boyfriend’s prize was for second place.

Later on, the girls are napping while Ratbert tells Jee as they play cards that things are not the same without Justin. Ali gets up and starts playing cards with Jee; Ratbert goes to check the HT. When Erika gets up she starts playing cards with Ali, Ratbert and Jee are talking with Jun about who on the jury would vote for whom. Ali and Erika talk about how Jee is trying to make them think he isn't a threat by saying he isn't going to get votes from the jury. Ratbert and Jee are telling Jun how people on the jury should vote for how someone played the game, not because they like someone. BB begins to get playful and tells Erika to please put her microphone higher, thank you. Erika appears confused because the mic is pretty high on one strap of her tank top, but she puts the mic on the other strap anyway. Then BB says, "Erika, please put your microphone lower." So Erika moves the mic down to her cleavage and says, "Testing, testing" as she stares directly at the cam. BB says thank you and Ali asks why she doesn’t get any thanks and that she’ll remember that, so BB says, "Alison, thank you" and orders an outside lockdown and to pull down the outdoor shades. Jun tells the other girls, “I'm going to get that stupid-assed chink out of here.”

Girls talking strategy in the LR and say that Jee sealed his fate when he didn't put up two girls, or use the Veto, last week. Erika says that she wanted to tell Nate that he had no chance when he was up. They agree that strong guys lose in BB and ask Ali what her strategy was before coming into the house. Ali tells them that she wanted to get in the middle and break up alliances. They laugh and say that they won't have to pack this week and the boys will. Erika says that if there is any justice in this world one of them will win HOH next week because Ratbert has no patience, and wonders how he got in here. Erika says he could win a Coke drinking competition, maybe, and Ali tosses in Cuban history, cigars, and pathological lying. They are rehashing the end stages of BB3 and how Marcellas didn't save himself, and then Jason had to break the tie on the live show. They go on to Dani winning, Amy leaving, the key-holding HOH competition that Lisa won, and then Jason leaving. All throughout this they throw in some stooge-bashing. BB announces to the house at large that if they win the half million dollar prize, they'll never have to eat peanut butter again. One girl says, "They're just FOTH’ing with us." Erika finds the key to the Desert Room and opens the door to find the balls from the food competition are still there.

Ali comes in from the HT and says there were people screaming outside. Ratbert says something happens every Friday. Ratbert goes into the LR and begins listening to Jee say that he tried to do it, but couldn't. He says that Ratbert was outnumbered three to one and he shouldn’t feel guilty at all. Jee says that he had a chance to survive with the veto, but he guessed and didn’t get it. Jee admits that it was a good guess on Ali’s part and that he’s in Justin's spot now and is cool, what's going to happen is going to happen. Jee says, “That's it dude. Let my time come. That's it.” and begins talking about playing solitaire and from the day they lost HOH this week, solitaire went bad. Jee didn't think he could have beat her in the competition anyway. Ratbert says that he could have seen Jee in New York and it p*ssed him off, Jee saying that he would have said the same thing that Jun said. Ratbert says, "Dream team all the way, mofo!" Jee wonders if the fans screamed that and believes that during the middle of this game, the fans were really supporting us because they are the underdogs and turned it around. Jee says that they were loyal to each other, like brothers, and they have fans because of that, that's cool. The fans are going to enjoy that part of the game and if he has fans because of that, cool. If Jun has fans, we could too.

Jee goes to the WC while Ratbert touches his face and sniffles. Some of the girls can be seen through the window as they sit in the hot tub. Jee and Jun are in the WC and Jun is drying her hair. Jun says that Ali is very cocky, “She's like, you're not going to win.” Jee calls Ali a childish FOTH’ing sh*t and twisted before returning to the LR to ask Ratbert if he is falling asleep. Ratbert tells Jee no and Jee says that he’s going to get a haircut tomorrow and that Ratbert’s eyes are looking better. He thinks that Ratbert slept on a knuckle or something. Ratbert says that he pulled a Justin and Jee tells him that he usually sleeps on his back, but here he sleeps on his side out of consideration for the others. Jee says that he wakes up so thirsty, he likes to keep a cup of water at his bedside, but doesn’t like getting dust in there because he’s so anal. Ratbert says, “That's why I use a water bottle.” Jee says that he throws something on top of the water so the stuff on top is gone, it’s a habit he learned from his dad. Jun walks into the kitchen and Ratbert calls over to ask for a massage and Jun says sure. Jee says that he doesn’t usually get them and he’s not giving Ratbert one because, “That's gay, dude!” They talk about how Justin would do massages as part of high school wrestling.

Ratbert calls out to Jun in the kitchen asking if she is done. The guys talk about what exercises to do tomorrow and Ratbert talks with Jun about John Kelly and the VMA awards. Jee says that it was live and they saw it already, but they probably play the interviews again. Jun says that a friend probably taped it for them and Jee says that he only has two people who would tape it for him. Ratbert talks about a friend who has BB on DVD and nobody who is a friend would miss them being on the show because they freak out once you’ve been on TV. Jee says that he has a job where he couldn’t be interrupted by fans and would say, "Sorry, I can't talk to you." Jee starts talking about New York and how 18th and Chelsea is a gay district now. Jee and Jun begin talking about redevelopment in their NYC neighborhoods and Jee says the name is terrible, but the mall is pretty “phat...high end sh*t.” Ratbert talks about how he loves the graveyard shift and Jee asks him if he works the weekend too. Ratbert says that he has ten to twenty tables of people he knows every night and can't think of a better business. He tells them that he has people kissing and hugging him. Ratbert says that if you don't like that, he doesn’t know, everybody goes to eat when they are having fun and actors say to him, “Ratbert, I know you're oversold, but I need to get a table.”

Jun starts talking about the limo drivers she saw while in NYC, and the drivers talking about what celebrities they were taking. Jun’s driver wasn’t allowed to say who he was driving and the other drivers thought he was taking a huge FOTH’ing star. Ratbert tells Jun that is cool and really funny. Jun says that some old Korean couple recognized her in the airport on the way back and that Kelly Clarkson was noticeably booed at the MTV show, but Jun got some cheers on her way up. Jun tells them that everybody has fans, but most are fans of the show, they love everyone. She thinks that local fans will like certain BB players more than others and her NYC fans will be different than Jee's, because he's her ex. Ratbert tells her that’s cool and he loves hearing it, Jee adding that she will never forget it. Jun tells them that only her wedding will be more memorable. Jee says that he will be one of the BB players who will quickly be forgotten and Jun says that she feels like she has won already because of the trip and how the others were excited first, then jealous. Ratbert describes to Jun what parts of the show they got to see in the BB house and Jun tells them that after her interview, she was literally buzzing and can’t remember what she said, just that she talked too long. Ratbert tells her that he didn't notice that and he expected her to throw a baby voice or be a FOTH’ing a**hole, but wasn’t. He says that she was great and he’s never seen her so happy, she looked like a twin sister that wasn’t even her. Ratbert tells her that it was fun to see and that nobody can ever take away the one night you were a superstar. That's better than this whole experience because even if she gets the first prize, she couldn’t get into the VMA because money can’t buy that. Ratbert says that it feels like a part of him went and goes on to speculate that they’re getting something good tomorrow and Erika has come in and says that she thinks it may be laundry. They start teasing Jun about her jet setting to NY and she tells them, “It’s so tiring.” Jun says that she was asked how the other HG would feel and she answered that the girls would hate her.

Everyone is together now and they’re talking about everything that has happened and the food from the competition. Ratbert thinks they're being messed with and that the eyeballs are in there somewhere because the lutefisk was, and that at least this week has gone fast with everything happening. Ali goes into the WC and Jee says that he’s a bit drunk, and then we get FOTH. When the feeds come back a few minutes later, Jee is sitting in the WC, brushing his teeth. Jun is there and is talking about the nominations, Ali yelling that it’s 1:00am, and Erika wondering how it got so late. Jun goes off with the girls and they’re talking about Jee, Jun saying that, "He knows me better. He can't say sh*t. He's asking me things." All the girls are giggling again and Erika says that the boys are so stupid. Ali tells Jun that she has prepared her POV speech and Jun will sh*t her pants, and Ali will have to do it again because she will be laughing so hard. Jun tells them that it’s Sunday and not tomorrow. They say that Ratbert’s going to die next week and Jun tells them that they won’t leave him alone. She jokes about having him do the pool, the spa, and the windows. They wonder if the toilet seat cover is back on and check to find that it is. One of the boys is singing as they both walk in and we get FOTH. We return and Ratbert is asking Erika if Jack left her some crusty shorts and Erika shrieks. Jee and Ratbert move off to their beds and Jee says that he thinks BB dims the lights more now than in the beginning. Everyone is very tired and quickly falls asleep, leaving the house dark and quiet.