Hey everyone, I’m back! Let me preface this summary by saying that I’ve only had time to read the previous two or three sums to this one, so that if I make a comment about something that seems off (perhaps I’ll think something is new that is not new), forgive me! Also a big shout out of thanks to AddictedtoTV3, Clueliss, Stashiu3 and amhlawyer for helping out with the summaries while I was gone. I know it is a lot of work, and y’all ROCK for keeping up while I was lazing my butt around Tofino.

Also, one last note: I have a few days to catch up on, so until that happens the sums are going to be mostly quick, informative sorts.

Well, it’s Day 54 of the live feeds and Day 57 for the HGs. Can you believe it? Er, well, maybe you can, but when I left off, Nathan was still in the house. Egads. Saturday dawns with an early-morning wake-up call at just after nine in the morning, and all is right in the house as Jun is the first to roll out of bed and greet the day. Alison, Erika, Jee and Robert are not far behind, and it is not long before the usual morning routines of breakfast-making and teeth-brushing are underway.

Early on, we realize it is Jee’s birthday today (August 30th), but after a rather pathetic round of less than enthusiastic “Happy Birthdays” from his fellow HGs, the house disperses and what is a special day for Jee doesn’t seem to be shaping out to be a special day for the others. Various chatter, as trivial and small as it ever was, but less diverse now as the house’s occupants have routinely been picked off, rules the morning and the few things we hear of interest are as follows: Alison is smugly gleeful that Robert still doesn’t realize Jun knew all the answers to the previous HOH competition because Alie fed her the information the two Stooges shared with her (what was missing from the house). Alie also dwells on the kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna that Jun got to see (and I wonder why does Britney get all the attention when Christina was kissed, too?). The boys sit outside; Robert sniffles and Jee looks sullen, missing his “girl.”

At 10:30am, Jun gathers up the HGs to read the rules of an upcoming competition (not food or luxury, just a diversion), and thankfully it is something fairly amusing since this house needs to be LIVENED UP (but eh, don’t we all start singing this tune when the HGs’ numbers start dwindling to so few?). BB has given the HGs a video camera, one tape, and some “carefully chosen props” to help them “portray” the evicted HGs who have been sequestered. If they complete the task, they will be given a special screening of the movie along with some goodies to munch as they watch.

Immediately, of course, everyone wants to be Dana, but after much noise over casting, the evicted-personas are divvied up as: Erika is Dana, complete with short, dark wig, cowboy hat, slippers, bathrobe, and gap between her teeth. Oh, and she sprinkles in a healthy dose of the F-word for authenticity: “I’m the coolest person on this ***** show ever!” Robert chooses Nathan and looks more than a little hilarious with a blond wig perched on top of his angular head, a six-pack painted onto his belly, and a straw dangling out of his mouth. He highlights his performance with a rather exaggerated and yet still hilarious Oklahoma drawl. Alison dons a ridiculous looking grey and flesh-colored wig to portray Jack, and though she wears glasses and Jack’s green Dairy T-shirt and talks about “empty swimmers” while making a PB&Mayo sandwich, Alison’s characterization of Jack proves to be the least entertaining of the four. Finally (Jun is manning the camera), Jee tackles he who is Justin, and with the funniest little wig on his head that truly DOES make him look like the Stooge Moe, he struts around in a towel, grabbing his package, scratching his back on the corner of two walls, and impersonates Justin impersonating himself (Jee that is). Much hilarity ensues as the HGs re-enact LoveRoom massages and as they switch characters and each get a go at Dana.

By two in the afternoon, the scheduled deadline for their video, it appears that the day has seen its climax as the HGs retire to their beds or to the BY to lounge about and relax. Even the chatter is sparse. Robert seems to think that the show is ending in a little over a week (it’s actually not ~bad~ speculation, even though we know or believe it to be inaccurate: he is assuming that once the fourth person leaves in a little over a week, there will only be a few days from HOH to the finale; of course, if he did his math correctly, that would be two weeks, not just a little over one). The HGs wonder if they will get an America’s Choice reward soon, and Alison tells Jee that, if they do, she hopes he wins it since it is his birthday. Jee thanks her and tells the others that it would be very special if he ~could~ get something like a phone call, because he wants to hear his girlfriend’s voice, tell her that he misses her, and wish her a happy anniversary. Alie then tells Jee as their talk moves to strategy that she ~has~ to get rid of Erika as she knows that she has no chance in heck of winning against her.

The afternoon and evening falls to more mundane chatter, more card-playing, more napping, and more munching. They complain about being woken up so early on a Saturday morning (9:15am! Egads!). Alison doesn’t think that Justin has said anything bad about her in the house, and Jee only laughs at her while Jun backs her hands up and says she is not getting involved (as Jee tells Alison, what does she expect three young guys talk about when they get together?). Eventually they do tell her, however, that Justin called her “immature” and a “pathological liar.” Alison is understandably upset, but seems to be under the delusion that she has never said one bad word against Justin the entire time she has been in the house (well, to be fair, she certainly never dissed him the way she did other HGs). When Erika is missing for over an hour and most of the HGs assume she is in the DR, Jee wonders if she has left the house; but dude! Robert tells him that Erika is napping. Robert tells Jee that the best thing to come out of BB for him so far is that he became friends with his “arch enemy” (Erika).

There is boysenberry pie for Jee’s birthday, but the event passes, well, uneventfully. Erika takes a dive into the room full of balls from yesterday’s food competition. Robert insists over and over that no one on the jury in their right mind would vote for Alison over anyone else left in the house. Jun worries that having won the trip to the MTV Video Music Awards, she will be discriminated against—that no one will have a problem ousting her next week since she already won something.

Around nine in the evening, the HGs are let into the Storage Room where they find pop, popcorn and candies awaiting them. Their movie is on soon! They rush to gather up their goodies and move into the Living Room where they snuggle down into the couches and await their evening’s entertainment. Soon enough it starts, but as none of the feeds are on the plasma screen, we are only able to hear the movie (it has been edited with music added into it) and watch the HGs’ reactions to it. Much laughter abounds to the point that Jee has tears brimming in his eyes. Once it is over, their chatter is loud and noisy as they all agree that Dana is going to “freak” when she sees it, that they all want copies, and how much fun it was to see themselves on the screen like that.

The HGs disperse for a half hour or so, but when BB chooses to play an encore at ten in the evening, they all eagerly head back to the Living Room to watch. This time, Feed Four shows us the movie and we get to see how BB has edited what took place earlier in the day and laugh along with the HGs.

And so the evening goes. There is ab work, during which Alie and Jun plot to dispose of Erika next week; there is shower-stealing (Robert takes a shower when it is Jun’s turn; he apologizes sincerely, while she jokes that he is selfish); there is arachnicide when Jee takes a broom to a poor little spider; and there is a very long, somewhat mysterious FOTH that begins sometime after midnight and doesn’t end until two in the morning. What on earth could BB be doing that late at night? Well, it looks like we unfortunate souls won’t be made even a tad wiser as, when the feeds do come back, all the HGs are tucked away in bed and journeying into dreamland for the night. Belated goodnight, HGs.