Sunday morning, and this time I agree with the HGs: 9:30am is too early to be woken up! And yet that is exactly when Wake-Up Call #1 is issued. Jun, as usual, is the first and only one to heed the call, and as she moves about getting new batteries and brushing her teeth, BB issues Wake-Up Call #2. This time, the tone used is less cordial, but still something definitely short of terse, and yet their patience and kindness is not rewarded. Even when they tell the HGs to keep the bedroom lights on, the HGs only comply to then pull their blankets over their heads.

Slowly, reluctantly, the HGs make their way out of their bedrooms. Perhaps it is the smoky smell of bacon Jun is making for breakfast that lures their lazy bums from bed. Jee comments while watching Jun sauté onions that he has been having nightmares; Jun tells him it is because he misses home, but Jee only grunts and walks away. As Jun adds what appears to be parsley and egg whites to her onions, Robert heads outside to tend to the pool (I miss Jack!!!). Alie and Erika take their time moving from bed to bathroom to kitchen, but the egg white omelet's stuffed with turkey, mozzarella and salsa Jun has prepared are a welcoming start to their day (or stomachs, at least). Alison professes not to have slept well last night as yesterday was Donnie’s first football game of the season; she is afraid that he and his friends went out and “got retarded and did whatever” after the game. Jun passes on the eggs and picks through the fruit to make herself a salad for breakfast—but before you think she’s learned some healthy habits, it might be worth notice to see her squirt a heaping helping of ReadyWhip on top of her carefully selected blueberries. When Alie comments that Jee has not been eating very much lately, a caring and generous Jun remarks in a mocking tone, he’s “too depresssssssed.”

At eleven o’clock, BB tells the HGs that there is one hour left until nominations. During the ensuing time, the Stooges talk about the women and their newfound “alliance.” Jee believes Jun who has told him it is not really an alliance so much as strategy for the current week. Robert only shrugs and says that regardless of what it is called, his and Jee’s chances for surviving are much worse than the women’s (though he may have called them whores, sluts or bitches since all those words are synonymous with “woman” for the Rat). The Stooges wonder why BB didn’t get a “hotter pageant girl” than Alie; Jee remarks that perhaps hotter ones wouldn’t have been willing to give up the pageant world the way Alie has (since she can’t go back after having done what she has done in the house). Jun comments that Alie has a personality that people can love to hate. She then wonders if people see her that way, too, and concludes that there must be some viewers who hate her.

Talk then turns to auditions and how Jun was called almost immediately after sending in her tape (Jee surmises that it must have been “awesome”). They assume a *****-load of actors applied for the show, and then Jee and Robert wonder if people who applied are pissed that the exes got on the show without having to submit applications and tapes. Jun tells the others about how someone had made a website about applying for BB and wanted to be on it obsessively: “This is, like, some people’s lives,” she says, and then remarks, “What a loser.”

At half past noon, nominations get underway. There is the standard FOTH, and when the feeds return, we learn soon enough that Alie and Jee are nominated. A couple people ask if Jee is okay, and he shrugs it off; apparently, as he says, he knew that he was going to be nominated, but he didn’t know that Alie would be, too. The HGs fall to eating and card-playing and there is very little chat. Jee does remark to Robert that Jun made a good move by nominating Alie: now Jun can ensure that Alie only uses the veto on herself. He also tells Robert that he will likely take Alie’s place, and Robert agrees. The women, meanwhile, as soon as they get alone, giggle over how they’ve “outsmarted” the boys. “Don’t be ***** with the chicks in this house,” Jun jokes. “You guys got rid of the useless ones.” (Interesting that is, indeed: The final three women, Alison, Erika and Jun, ~are~ noticeably smarter and more competent than the first three evicted [Amanda, Dana and Michelle], while the not-so-bright guys tend to be the last ones left in the house. Hmmm.) “So much for the Dream Team.” Erika does a happy dance, and Jun wonders if Jee knows he is going to be evicted this week.

Alie also tells the women that Jee really thinks he is going to stay this week—or at least before nominations, he really held out hope that Alie would use the veto on him. He also apparently said that “the producers wouldn’t let the girls win like that.” Oh Jee, Jee, Jee. Too much time with the Ratbert! The three women also remark over how stunned Robert looked when his key was pulled from the nomination box.

The afternoon subsides around this point into a general laze-about and idle talk kind of day. Alie kisses a picture of Donnie in her locket and singsongs to him in a baby voice that she can’t wait to be married to him and have his babies one day (*gag*). Alie admits to Robert that she knew she was going to be nominated. Jun wonders if Dana and Justin have been ***** all night, every night, and Alie retorts, “He can’t go all night.” Alie and Erika lie outside catching some rays in black bikinis while Jun, inside, wonders if she should have something to eat again. Robert spends some alone time on his bed re-reading the letter he got from his daughter. Jun reads the BB manual so she won’t “go dumb.” Jee, despite knowing he will have to work full time and go to school full time not long after he gets out, longs to go home; he doesn’t even care about the sequestration house, he says.

More chatter and happenings: When the HGs revisit Jack’s personality in the house and someone reminds everyone of a comment Jack made about Jun’s glow- in-the-dark pajama pants (that they “lead the way”), Alie remarks: “If my father ever said that to someone as young as we are or younger than him, I would freakin’ clothesline him. I don’t care if he is my dad, that’s gross.” While everyone lazes about in boredom, Jee sings, “It’s so boring in here,” and then adds, “Someone shoot me in the face.” Outside, Robert accidentally pops the purple inner tube and starts calling frantically for Jee. When Jee emerges from the house and Robert tells him to go to the DR and ask for either a patch kit for the tube or another inner tube altogether, Jee angrily replies that Robert should get out of the “***** pool” and do it himself. Jun later gives Jee a haircut, but this exciting event is interrupted by a FOTH when two water balloons are thrown over the BY wall and the HGs eagerly exclaim over how “cool” it is. Alie even wishes that they had been “egged,” because, you know, that would have been, like, really cool!

Alison and Erika head off for naps (that momentary excitement must have gotten to them). Jee complains that Jun cut his hair too short, but she tells him not to worry, that it will grow out by Wednesday. And so the evening rolls around in a rather tiring, unfashionable way. The HGs play a little basketball, slurp a little bisque that Jun made, complain a little (or a lot) over how bored they are, and kill a little group of ants on the patio making its way into the kitchen. Chatter, chatter, ab work, and chatter. Alison remarks to Jun as she did on the previous night during abs that no one can win against Erika—she has played the game fairly, sticking with one alliance. As such, they should get rid of her next week, and Jun agrees. Alie also thinks that Erika may have an alliance with Robert to go with him to the end, and she and Jun should beware. Erika, meanwhile, is hanging out with Robert discussing the improvisations from the day before. Robert remarks, “That is one of the days I won’t forget for the rest of my life. That was one of the funniest times I’ve ever had. Oh my God, who’s not going to laugh about that? America’s gotta like that!”

At eleven at night, Alison, Erika, Jee and Jun decide to play a drinking game while Robert watches on from the hot tub. Wine is involved, and Jun gets more than a little hammered. From her comments, too, as they all tend to a rather raunchy and X-rated slant, it’s apparent that she’s getting a little bit, uh, randy, too. If our suppositions weren’t made secure enough by her vulgar talk, they’re made flagrantly obvious when she begins to, uh, “hump” the air. Soon the tipsy folk head inside to dive into the room of balls, while Robert quietly heads over to the hammock and relax. Even outside, however, he can’t ignore the ruckus that is coming from inside: the HGs have decided to create a beat by stomping and clapping, and as FuggyBootnling remarks, “They got some degree of syncopation going on.” Their antics collapse into chat and teasing, and the three women have a grand time bugging Jee. He wants to know if he is going, but they skirt about the issue until Alie basically admits it. Jun jokes that Jee never liked to “eat out” his women, to which Alie interjects, “Justin was a very giving boyfriend!” Jun admits during this late night chatter that her dress size for the VMAs was an 8, while she had come into the house as a 4.

It’s not long after one in the morning that the HGs head to bed. Jun and Robert talk a bit longer into the night about Jee and his family and how they coped with Jee’s father’s death. Apparently his father had been told by a doctor that he may have cancer, but after visiting a fortune teller who told them he was fine, they ignored it until it was too late. By the time he was diagnosed, he was given six months to live, but only lived four. Jun also tries to explain to Robert that Jee may continue to smoke, even after watching his father die of lung cancer, because he wants to “beat it” the way it beat his father.

And so ends Day 58 for the HGs. Mostly uneventful, mostly tiring, but there you have it.