Tuesday dawns for the HGs before ten o’clock when BB issues a wake-up call, soon followed by a louder and somewhat terse repetition as each HG tries to ignore the call and drift back into dreamland. They s-l-o-w-l-y make their ways out of their warm beds and into the house, only to find that they are under an inside lockdown. This does, however, spark hope that there will be a luxury challenge scheduled for the day. Chatter seizes the kitchen as they wait patiently to go into the backyard and topics of conversation include discussion about a staffer named Curtis that the women think may be hot, the fact that BB keeps giving them egg whites when they won egg ~substitute~ in the food competition, new fall fashions, and Jee’s apology for how he acted last night—sulky and a tad petulant.

Around 11:30am, a few of the HGs head out into the backyard and, to their dismay, nothing is being set up. They are then informed that lockdown is not over and they are to return inside. As the delinquent HGs pout and walk back into the kitchen, Robert continues his leering ways from yesterday when he offers to help Erika on with her robe after she is finished taking a shower. Not surprisingly, she declines. He then tells her that he left her a nice goodbye (each of the HGs had to tape goodbyes for all current HGs but Jun this morning), unlike in previous weeks. She retorts, “Not like last week when you wanted me gone?” He tells her he wants to talk later with her about this, and as Erika heads off she quietly sings to herself, “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.”

Noon rolls around and now the HGs are told to go outside as there will be an outside lockdown for at least an hour. For awhile, there is little talk as Jun lazes in the pool, Alie stretches out to tan, Erika curls up on a chair, Jee buries his nose in a manual, and Robert plays with his nose and surveys the scene about him. Minutes tick by. They wonder if there is any adverse effect on their bodies from the “jet fumes” they must be sucking in being so close to the Burbank airport. They play cards. They talk about Jee and his desire for his girlfriend to be tattooed as a symbol of her devotion to him; he adds that he would get one for her, too. Jun threatens to call Carmen up someday and teach her how to annoy Jee, and this conversation leads into the general bicker that only comes from siblings or two people like Jee and Jun who spent many close, formative years together. Intermittent FOTHs sprinkle the afternoon, but for no obvious reason. By 2:30pm, the lockdown that was to have been finished by 1:00pm is finally announced over.

Once the HGs head back inside, the respite from the outside heat doesn’t liven things up as we might hope. Instead, the HGs each make something to eat, pack and lounge about. Alie talks briefly about the veto and the speech that she is supposed to give: “I’d be such a jerk-off not to use it! And I don’t have to explain why!” Erika adds, “Just make sure you make (the speech) dramatic.” Erika moves into one of the bedrooms at this point to work on her packing and surprise, surprise, Robert trails behind her. They chat about trivial matters for a few moments until Robert suddenly asks her if she would go out with him after BB is over. She looks cautious and asks, “On a date?” He says yes, and an obviously uncomfortable Erika smiles and answers, while walking away, “Let me think about it.”

After a momentary FOTH sometime after three in the afternoon, the feeds come back to show us the HGs lounging outside and talking about the increased air traffic in the area on that day. “It must be a traffic accident or a police chase,” Alie ventures, while Erika cracks, “Maybe Dana got loose!” Jun adds, “Dana’s on the lam, running down the highway: ‘I’m coming mother *****!’”

Soon the late afternoon hours and early evening fall to the usual: exercise, naps, cooking and hot tubbing. A few of them take to cleaning the house, as they are required to do before each live show. Alie and Jun take a couple of opportunities to slam Erika and say that they don’t believe what she says about her and Robert in the house (meaning they think these particular exes have an alliance of some sort). They also agree that she is the biggest threat in the house since it would be hard for any of them to win against her in the final two. Jun then goes on to declare her satisfaction that Jee will be leaving the house on the morrow.

Evening bits of chatter: Jun announces that Part One of this week’s food competition will be tonight. Jun admits that she and Jee didn’t have much sex the last year that they were together. The women discuss what they will wear for the live show, and Alie is shocked when Jun tells her that she won’t wear her white shoes again since it is after Labor Day. They talk about how sexist Robert is and are surprised how he doesn’t let his negative feelings about women tarnish his love for his daughter; Erika adds, “It’s funny because he does this not thinking this is how some other guy may treat his daughter.” Jun points out that Robert probably only views his daughter as a little girl and can’t make the connection yet.

Around eight o’clock, the HGs gather in the backyard for Part One of the food competition. A table covered with large, plain white piñata figures, scissors, glue and colored paper is set up and a decided Fiesta flair enhances the BY. Their instructions? Decorate their piñatas for the rest of the competition tomorrow. Jun is noticeably excited and picks a star, Erika calls out that she wants the “dog,” while Alie takes a human figure, but Robert only mutters that he will leave his white and heads back inside the house. If our indignation is provoked by his disgruntled attitude, we are soon less apt to blame him as we see him head to bed and take out his daughter’s letter. Jun, on the other hand, gestures rudely after him and implies that he is going to go engage in some self-love, “flush his frustration down the toilet” and come back.

The night falls to piñata making, eating and routine conversation. Alie tells the others that she is making her piñata into an “Indian”: her “Donnie is going to get smashed.” Jee asks Alie ~again~ if he is certainly the one going tomorrow; she replies that he is. Alie then asks Jee why Robert doesn’t want to be around her (apparently he leaves whatever room he is in that she enters); Jee only says that Robert was upset by her vote to evict Jack last week and is in a general grumpy mood since Jee is leaving on the morrow. The women agree that Robert’s daughter wouldn’t be proud to know how irritable her father is acting in the house. Robert eventually comes out and takes the left over piñata (a star—Jee took the dinosaur) to work on. He might, in fact, have been told in the DR that he has to participate since he only does so begrudgingly. A haphazard smiley face gets drawn onto the star, and when Jun tells him it is cute, he only remains silent. Jee, meanwhile, talks to his dinosaur and tells it that it is going to be ugly, but at least he takes more time than the Ratbert who quickly finishes up and moves back inside.

Dinner is served around nine o’clock. Robert continues to dwell in his ill-temper as he takes his plate and heads outside to eat, away from everyone else. Jee tells the women he is going to go eat with him to make sure he is okay. As soon as he leaves, the estrogen-infused kitchen turns to Robert-bashing. They find it amusing that they will keep him despite his seeming desire to get out of the house. They muse over ways to drive him nuts next week and force a walk-out or blow-up. Lovely girls. Alison then begins to talk about her desire to become “Mrs. Patrick” after BB (Patrick is Donnie’s last name) and, not one to covet materialistic worth, the two carat diamond that she wants as an engagement ring.

The night winds down now into more piñata-creation, while Robert works out, hot tubs and looks on. Alison has made a Native America holding a tomahawk and wearing a headband with Donnie’s name on it. Erika’s dog is cute and yellow and named “Joey.” Jun’s star is pastel and fru-fru-ish (the “Diva Star”), Jee’s dinosaur is green with eyelashes, named “Carmensaurus,” and Robert’s star is a pathetic blue and white smiley face that took about five minutes to create.

As midnight rolls around Robert approaches Erika once again and he asks her if they could go out after BB to “hang out” and “go dancing.” Erika tells him that “this isn’t the place” and that she feels “put on the spot,” so immediately Robert backs off. “Maybe I was ***** lonely. We’re in here; it’s tough. It wasn’t about you.” He says he is ready to leave, even if he wins HOH—he just can’t fathom another week there. Soon Erika makes a beeline for the Storage Room to help store the piñatas away, and Robert simply looks on sadly as she disappears. Alie, meanwhile, complains to Jun in the bathroom about how much she hates Robert and wants him gone. Jun reminds her, however, that Jee is the biggest threat right now and must go tomorrow and that even Erika should go before Robert next week as she is a bigger threat in the final three than Robert is. Alison sullenly agrees, and as they head outside to rejoin the others, she mutters to herself, “God, he makes me so sick.”

Before bed, Jun gives Robert a massage, a few HGs play Rummy, and Robert admits to Jee that the reason he wants to talk to Erika so badly is to plead with her to do anything with him to get Alison out next week. He will also work on Jun, he says. By no later than 1:30am, the HGs head to their beds and another BB day is over. Tomorrow is eviction day, but as far as we can tell, there shouldn’t be any surprises. So, to Jee and his last night: good night, good game, and good bye.