(Note: Sorry about the staid writing in this one, but I’m tired!)

The morning of Day 6 begins its advent into the day much as every other BB day does: Jack once again using the WC without washing his hands afterwards (he may not look like Gerry, but he seems to have learned some of his bad habits) and Jun up and showering long before the others begin to stir in their beds. As noon approaches, Erika, David and Jack begin conspiring anew while huddled in their beds with an added emphasis on Dana: “It’s all of us against Dana,” David remarks and they giggle. They agree that all of them (including the others) will have to confront her. Jack then makes the first comment about the shocking turn of events last night when he remarks that David will have to “keep up his humor” now that Scott is gone. He had a “deep well of humor,” and now it is going to hurt them that he is no longer in the house. Really? I think many of your fellow HGs, Jack, feel quite the opposite. Don’t forget Alison and Michelle clinging to one another in abject despair, claiming they didn’t want to be anywhere near “him.” In any case, though nothing official has been said on the subject yet, it appears that my prediction of only a few days ago has come true: being an obnoxious lunatic had him evicted. I’d pat myself on the back, but then I think anyone with a Grade Two intellect could have foreseen Scott’s conclusion.

The trio’s conversation then turns to Nathan whom they say is very religious, but not a “Bible Thumper.” He is a good Christian who doesn’t say nasty things about others. Erika then interjects that the meeting on the previous night was very un-Christian-like. There might be hope that the three arguably most intelligent HGs in the house this year will have an interesting conversation at this point, but unfortunately their minds are diverted quickly back to the game and we are subjected to more alliance blather. They don’t trust Jun, they think Alison is unstable, and they think they have Michelle through Nathan. They agree to study the inside of the house today in order to prepare for what might be part of an upcoming HOH competition. When Dana comes in, all talk dissolves into mundane chitchat that isn’t worth noting, and as soon as she exits the room, what are David’s clever words trailing her exiting form? “***** bitch.” It seems to a lot of these male HGs the women fall into one of two categories: someone who will help them get to the end to win or bitches. But they’ll screw any of them regardless of which one they fall into. *Sigh.* Erika and Jack are concerned that Dana might have overheard what David called her, but he disagrees. Jack says that, nevertheless, they should be careful. That’s it, Pop, keep a tight reign on that boy of yours.

Their concern over Dana, however, is not misguided. While out on the patio alone with Robert, Dana reveals that she doesn’t understand why Nathan wants to “play it so safe;” they are in a position of power so why not take this opportunity to use the veto and put up Erika? Well, the fact that Dana wants to get rid of Erika is not such breaking news, but what ~is~ interesting is that she told this to Robert, one of the so-called “exes.” Really, I think if we did a thorough examination of everything that has been said in the last five days, we’d find that not a single person in that house has not formed an alliance with every single other HG. The only sure bet at this point seems to be that Amanda is going to get the axe first, and even that is a precarious assumption. We don’t even know yet how BB is going to handle Scott’s departure.

Breakfast is on and pancakes are on the menu. Nathan mans the spatula while the HGs munch away and dispense random prattle. Dana again refers to something as “ghetto”—this time it is the milk made out of dry creamer and water. Outside on the patio Robert is now joined by Jee and there is finally a conversation about Scott. They figure that he was chosen for the house to “stir things up,” but that BB ended up getting more than they bargained for. After all, he lasted only a week, which was less time than he spent in the “finals” before being picked as one of the 13 HGs. Jee asks Robert if he was worried that he would be the first one out, and Robert replies, “Kind of. I didn’t want to be the first guy out.” How appropriately male chauvinistic of you, Robert. It’s no wonder that, day by day, your personality is living up to that weasel, rat face of yours.

Nathan joins the two men and they begin to reminisce about the slime competition and how much fun it was. Nathan remarks, “That was back in the day when we were eating and all getting along” (oy! It’s only Day 9 for the hamsters! Space-Muffin help us when another few weeks go by). Already they admit that they can understand why former HGs have cried when fellow HGs were evicted—they’ve all become very emotionally attached and very quickly. It also makes sense to them, too, why last year’s hamsters were so excited to see a new face when Sheryl Crow performed for them. To this Robert adds his speculation that something “really big,” similar to that event will happen for them this year as the budget is bigger and the ratings are higher (how does he know the ratings are higher?). The conversation then moves on to Hollywood, how Robert knows some people in the business and can get Nathan’s resume to them, and how Nathan will most likely move there when BB is over (as he says, he has no assets or debts and no girlfriend, so why not?). When Robert mentions how Jason from BB3 is seen driving all around Hollywood in a Mercedes (he gives talks on BB at two grand a pop), they all muse that they are going to be “mobbed” when they get out of the house, that they will have to call ahead to casinos in Vegas to get VIP rooms, and they will want to arrive in style in limousines. Okay, all together now, one big collective *GAG*.

Michelle saunters out at this point in a never-seen before turquoise bikini that the men all verbally appreciate, and she heads out into the sun to begin her tanning session of the day. David says what we are all thinking now when he jokes, “You’re going to get skin cancer by the time you’re 30 and your shoulder is going to fall off.” And what are Michelle’s words of wisdom for the day? “By the time I am 30 they will have a cure for it.” They already have a cure for rabies, Michelle; why don’t you go out and chase some wild dogs?

Oops, well I guess my musings are exactly the sort that David would attribute to “those internet people” who are “some sick *****.” That’s okay, Dave, I’ll just leer at you some more while you sleep and live up to your high opinion of us.

A bit later inside the house, the ever-wily Jack corners Nathan in one of the bedrooms and initiates a conversation about Alie. Jack thinks she is uber-paranoid and is keeping close to Justin so that she won’t be nominated were he to win HOH. Nathan agrees and calls Alison “flaky;” she is “all over” him in the HOH room at night, jumping around and acting very insecure. They agree that they will have to keep an eye on her (with all the “keeping eyes” on people, it’s a wonder that their peepers don’t explode). With Alison discussed, Jack then approaches Nathan with an idea David had last night: Dana use the veto and put ~Justin~ up for eviction. Nathan, however, fears that he would be a “dead-man walking” if that were to happen and somehow Justin stayed; also, he points out the fact that Dana might very well have an alliance with Justin already. Still, he agrees to talk to Alison about the idea. The conversation then takes various turns as Dana enters and then Justin, and after everyone goes their own ways, Dana, Jee, Justin and Robert group together and talk about how they know something just went down, that Nathan was at the centre of it, but that all his scheming is going to come back and “bite him on the ass.” I think Jee sums it up best when he says, “This ***** house is crazy.”

By the by, an interesting snippet to take note of: according to Jee, Scott left of his own volition. Hmmm.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, veto preparations are in gear as the HGs arrange the two orange chairs the nominees will sit in and the HGs gather. Just as Dana begins to read instructions for it, we go to FOTH.

Once back, after ALL the ***** scheming about it, it is immediately clear that Dana did not use the veto. Lovely Jun begins to make fun of both Scott and Amanda and how little money they will have made from BB (clearly assuming that Amanda is a dead duck in the water), while Robert decides to resume one of his favorite pastimes and bash his ex. This time, however, he goes a step further to say that not only is his “ex a bitch,” but his “ex’s mother” is one, too (and this feed-freak here finally realizes while listening to these disgusting HGs how Jerry Springer continues to find enough guests to keep him on the air). Jee meanwhile is regretting that he never knew he would have to make a speech at the meeting, and Dana and Jun take this opportunity to try to make him feel like an idiot (Jun says that they should try to make their speeches more “convincing” in the future when they use a decoy nominee, and when he says, “I meant what I meant,” Dana repeats his words with utter disdain lacing her voice).

And yes, folks, after all the talk about the damn veto, Dana now tries to convince Nathan that she was never going to use it. Tip from a viewer who is more than a little tired of your crap, Dana: if you’re not going to do something in the future, then just shut up about it.

Afternoon chatter: Jee is appalled at how Erika cried the night before about Scott and then immediately went outside to play chess. Robert tells the HGs that Erika’s breasts were a “shitty” A-cup before she had them done and that they looked much better afterwards, while Dana thinks they look horrible. This could be cattiness at play, or it could be that Dana has an aversion to implants in general since her mother had them and then developed breast cancer. Her mother’s battle with the disease was very rough on Dana and this prompts Jee to talk about losing his father to cancer (this is one topic on which I can truly sympathize with these HGs, as I am sure many of us can). Everyone suddenly becomes all about the “family” and agree that winning the game means nothing compared to losing a loved one. When Erika comes out during this particular conversation, however, she clears the patio and the poster who watches this comments that the “cool kids’” behavior to her is “morphing into clear cruelty at this point.”

More afternoon chatter: Dana, as she talks about Nathan, dons her tough-guy attitude and tells Jun, “Like, seriously, does he not know what I can do to him? Seriously, like, don’t make this ugly.” Like, seriously, Dana, when are you going to start calling yourself the puppet master? In the kitchen, Alison, Jack and Erika have a quick meeting to discuss alliances and Dana’s relationship with Justin, and as soon as they are finished, Alison heads to the HOH room to report to her master. Once that is accomplished, she and Jun agree that the original-8 is no longer; now it is the “original-7” (does this mean they no longer count Erika in on it?). Michelle comments by the pool to David that it is boring without Scott; David doesn’t seem very happy at this—after all, he’s giving Jim Carrey a run for his money, isn’t he? Dana reveals that she dropped out in high-school and got her GED so that she could work and be independent; then, when she went off to college, she was the most popular person and “had a blast.” Amanda believes that she will be the one to go come Wednesday. The “cool kids” (Alison, Dana, Jun, Michelle and Nathan) take turns making fun of Amanda (whose sheets they will have to wash when she is gone, as though she has cooties), Scott and Erika. They later have the nerve to accuse the others of over-thinking and over-plotting and being unable to talk about anything but the game; what is super- laughable is not only does a lengthy session of scheming ensue after these comments, but that Jun cautions each of them (excluding Dana, who is out of this particular confab) to not talk too much about their alliances with the others as if the rest of the HGs are blind to Nathan’s Harem.

Even more chatter, though by now evening is in full swing: Dana is getting so desperate that she is trying to talk strategy with Michelle now. In particular, she is trying to convince her that the “girls need to stick together.” Later we hear Jun say, “That is why I have such a great personality; I peaked at 192.” Jun, honey, if being fat made you a better person, you ought to go gain another couple hundred pounds. She also tells the others that she was high on pot when BB came to get her and was paranoid because her tongue was sticking to the roof of her mouth. Ah well, as she said, it was her one last “hurrah.” There is then various chatter throughout the evening about drinking games and the rules to them; they are considering playing one that night. Robert tells David how turned on he is by Amanda; he thinks she looks exotic, that the other “girls” look bad in comparison to her, and how he loves how “different” she looks. “I love that ***** *****,” he exclaims, and I think where the ***** do they GET these people?! She is half black so she looks exotic and different? Doesn’t he live in L.A.? Erika tells Amanda that she is getting tired of the boredom (tautologically redundant…ha!) and when it is her time to go, it’s simply her time to go (I think this is in general reaction to Jun telling her that people were thinking of nominating her for eviction).

Finally, the hamsters get around to playing the drinking game they’ve been discussing off and on all night, and though the rules seem to be confusing, there is general laughter and noise and a good time had by all participants. As things wind down a bit, there is talk about when they lost their virginities: Nathan in high- school, Alison when she was of voting age, Jee when he was 14 (and Jun was 19, egad). Alison and Justin tell the others that they met in a bar when he tried to pick her up and she kissed him because her ex-boyfriend’s best friend was nearby. Jee and Nathan react negatively to this and say they don’t like women who do that (because, of course, their women should be pure and innocent and empty-headed like Michelle). A bit later, a still-tipsy Jee is rather effusive in his bonding with Robert as he tells him, “Since Day One, I felt something. I trusted you from Day One… I felt the connection. We have to keep it strong.” Robert reacts good-naturedly to this, but Jee extends it further when he remarks that the girls inside might make more out of Jee and Robert being together than there is. Kinda strange that.

Once this slight intermission is over, the partying continues inside as the HGs choose to play a potato-passing game in which one person must pass a potato to the next without using their hands. The positions they end up in make it look like some veeery interesting antics are at play (heh, can’t wait for the caps). When someone fails, they decide to stand in a circle and spin that person around and around with the object that that person not knock into anyone around them. David is a victim of this particular game and he ends up sprawled on the floor and taking someone else down in the process. Next it is Alison’s turn, but she finishes spinning and remains stable and erect in the middle of the group. After much laughter and agreement that the game was fun, the HGs disperse into the house to continue their fun as they will.

By 12:30am, all six women gather into the hammock to gab about the men and sex and everything else that pops into their heads. They are very animated and mirthful, whereas the men are sitting at the patio table talking quietly about relationships (though quietly doesn’t necessarily mean respectfully as the expression “who would you like to pound” comes up again). Soon the groups break up and we have the house settling into the pre-bedtime chatter and wind- down that it normally sees in the wee hours of the morning.

Of note: Alison tells Jun that her current bf has cheated on her at least five times that she knows of (and yet you could see yourself marrying him, Alison??). Michelle comments that “Mrs. Jack” is going to hate her because of the groping her and Jack went through during the game; Jack laughs at this and tells her it is okay. Robert bugs Alison for not being with Nathan at that particular moment, and after she insists they are only friends and it is “not (her) job to watch him,” she immediately heads to the HOH room and hops into bed with him. Dana comes in to snuggle up, too, and Robert pops in only to jokingly throw a condom at them before he pops back out. After Dana leaves, Nathan and Alison get ~very~ close as they snuggle and soon they start pecking each other on the lips… We all think that it’s going to amount to nothing, but…

Finally, some real kissing going on in the house! These aren’t just pecks, they are serious kisses. They joke about using one another and they wonder if the kiss will be on TV. You’d think that Alison would be concerned because of her boyfriend, but as she says to Nathan when he reminds her of him, “No, he dropped me about six episodes ago, remember? And if he didn’t, then he sure as hell just did.” As they kiss some more and he straddles her, their making out is interrupted by occasional talking and protests that they should stop. Okay. Meanwhile out in the LR, Dana and Justin are getting mighty close, as well. They are snuggling into one another as he touches her hair and kisses her shoulder and she seems to be enjoying it a lot. There’s something in the air, folks, cuz Robert, too, is sharing with Jee that he plans to make a move on Amanda soon. He’s going to invite her for a back massage in his bed and then “get it on.” Um, as I said, okay. Oh, and EW!

Alison gets up several times and leaves Nathan (to do “damage control” by making rounds with the HGs who are still up), but keeps coming back; eventually he heads out, too. Dana appears to have gone to bed and Amanda is playing cards with David, which infuriates Robert. Apparently by doing so, he is “sobering her up” and ruining Robert’s chance to get with her (because he was going to try to take advantage of her while she was inebriated and vulnerable; excuse me for a quick rant: RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT!!!). There are bits and pieces of chatter here and there, nothing too interesting. Amanda does say, however, that she can’t take Scott’s bed because “that’s just not right.” She says she’d rather sleep on the floor. The HGs who are awake seem intent on waking up the sleeping HGs when they play basketball and Nathan, well, he just goes right in and ~does~ wake up Jun. They joke and play and eventually they go to sleep, while outside David and Amanda play cards long into the night until daybreak. They talk of alliances, of her possible upcoming eviction, about the other HGs, and on and on and on…

Until I can’t be bothered anymore. And there you have it, Day 6 as it turns into Day 7…