It’s Friday, Day 60 of the feeds, Day 63 for the HGs, and the day of the last POV competition—the one that will prove to be most valuable. At ten to ten, BB issues a wake-up call. The HGs, no better than teenaged kids, ignore the call, and an unusually impatient BB issues a second call within only a couple minutes. Intermittent, loud Mexican music is pumped over the speakers, the lights are turned on, and the HGs crawl out of bed. Erika proves to be stubborn, however, as she hunkers in bed a few minutes longer than the rest.

Jun makes pancakes for breakfast for her fellow HGs, but opts for fruit for herself. The HGs order their dinner for the night and decide on Japanese, though Alie in particular stresses that this must mean more than Sushi. Alie and Jun discuss dieting (as Jun says, “I am allowed to talk about dieting—I was once a fat girl”), eating Special K for breakfast, and whether or not Jun “made Jee fat.” Robert points out that Jee “eats like it is his last meal,” but Jun blames the “pot.” She states that Jee, when high, would buy a bag of Snickers Bars and eat the entire thing for a meal. Erika and Robert dig into the pancakes and turkey bacon that Jun has prepared for them, Alie eats cereal, and Jun eats fruit. When Jun reaches for a piece of bacon, Alie reminds her that she is only “allowed” two pieces. We also learn during this breakfast conversation that Jun, at her highest, was 190 lbs, but when she met Bob, she was 145 lbs.

More interesting morning conversation as breakfast finishes up and everyone heads back to bed to nap: Robert is asthmatic, but ever since he visited an acupuncturist, he hasn’t had to use his “puffer.” Jun and Robert discuss the possibility of being offered money in the POV competition; Jun asserts that no matter how bad it seems, they have to take the money (to win the POV; an example she gives is having all the other HGs sleep on the floor). Jun also tells Robert that, if Alie wins the POV competition, she will “never believe in God again.” Erika overhears someone behind the walls have a conversation on a cell phone (she distinctly hears him say, “I love you”).

From just after eleven until well after one in the afternoon, the only person actually moving in the house is Jun who prepares a sandwich for lunch and busies herself in the fridge (even when not eating, Jun really does have a food obsession). When her fellow HGs join her, however, the chatter that does form is almost as mind-numbing as the silence was. Erika wonders if there will indeed be a POV competition today as there have been no lockdowns. Robert checks with the DR and finds out that, yes, it will be today—probably tonight. The HGs comment on how hot it is outside. Jun jokes about how Jee didn’t get anything from home the first time he was HOH, but did the second time. Erika decides that she needs to wash her hair as it is getting “greasy.” Erika and Robert mention that Jerri from Survivor: The Australian Outback used to work with them and was as “horrible and mean” as she was portrayed on the show.

And so the afternoon goes. The chatter is as boring as their actions: napping, playing solitaire, lounging outside, lounging inside, boring, boring, boring, boring. I’m not a miracle-worker, folks—I can only make this so exciting! Erika and Robert have a tidbit of a conversation around 3:30pm in which Robert apologizes to Erika for believing what other HGs told him earlier in the game—that she was saying horrible things about him, that he was weak and a liar. Erika only nods her head and offers non-committal murmurs in response. Robert later lies to Alie again when he tells her that he won’t try for the veto; she thinks this is good strategy since he would be placing a “target” on his back if he won (having just won the HOH competition). Robert only replies with a certain amount of exasperation, “Everybody’s a target!” The HGs notice that a camera in the backyard has moved; thus they reason that the POV competition will be held outside. Erika, Jun and Robert discuss all the lies that Alie has told and how Justin was right: she ~is~ a pathological liar and can’t keep her lies straight.

At quarter to four in the afternoon, Robert gets a surprise from the DR to relate to the other HGs—it’s time to see America’s Choice for the week! The HGs gather into the living room and watch: “Which HG would you like to see get a phone call?” Alie declares immediately that she doesn’t want it, as does Robert, and both reactions are understandable. Alie will certainly need more than a couple minutes to explain herself to Donnie, and Robert may have a tough time talking to his daughter (if there is one good thing I can say about Robert, it is that he loves his daughter and obviously misses her a great deal). As he says after they leave the living room and enter the backyard, “I don’t think I can handle it.” In fact, every HG seems to be both excited about the probability of a phone call and nervous at the same time. Jun in particular comments that talking with people from home could “***** up” their game.

Pre-evening happenings: Erika plucks her eyebrows. Alie curls her hair. Jun remarks that the shower smells like “piss”; it turns out to be the towel hanging on the door, so Jun quickly deposits it on the ground (while she is in the shower). Alie and Erika play cards, while Robert looks on and sniffles. BB announces an outside lockdown. The HGs pull down the shades, complain about having to be outside in the heat of a California day, and head outside as told. It lasts no more than ten minutes, and soon the HGs are inside again, playing cards and looking dreadfully dull. Jun shouts that she sees a “Ferris wheel” outside, but immediately she is called to the DR and the feeds go to a brief FOTH. Erika claims that she likes it “long and hard”—er, that is, card games.

By the time six rolls around, the HGs are getting more than a little restless. They expect not only the veto competition tonight, but the results of America’s Choice. Erika paces around and chants, “Ve-to, ve-to, ve-to!” Robert remarks, “Let’s get this ***** on!” Jun wonders if they have to wear anything in particular for the competition. While they wait, they can hear construction noises coming from the backyard. They discuss the previous year’s veto competitions. Silence stretches long in between comments. If I have to recount all their trivial comments here, I might slit my wrists, so suffice it to say this has to be the most boring day so far in BB history!! I don’t even think Jamie and the boys from Season One could come close to this.

Nail polish, Dana-bashing, eye color—thank the Space Muffin above that the food finally arrives. Jun is by far the most excited about the food, while Alie looks on and reacts in disgust to anything uncooked (“normal people don’t eat that!”). There are chop sticks to add to the experience and little balls of Green Tea ice cream wrapped in rice paper for dessert. As Erika, Jun and Robert dig in, Alie looks on warily and only tries her food with hesitation. Erika and Robert prod her to try the Wasabi, and though Jun warns her not to, saying she’ll cry, Alie stuffs a large amount of it into her mouth and promptly gags (does this woman not know what horseradish is?). Jun laughs and munches with glee: “Oh God, I’m so happy right now!!” Alie only picks and offers an occasional “ew” and “people don’t eat that” comment. After the meal is finished, however, she pats herself on the back and says that she is proud of herself for trying Sushi. (Yet she doesn’t try the ovary—“It’s the reproductive system of a ***** fish!” she yelps as Jun slurps it down.) As for tomorrow, the HGs decide to order a less adventurous Greek for their dinner.

It’s after seven when the HGs finally relax from their meal, and while Alie and Erika brush their teeth, Jun reposes in fulfillment and says that she feels like she is back in New York. Jun estimates that the entire meal probably cost BB over $300 US, but Alie can’t believe it (“For this *****?!”). Robert goes to the DR to ask about the competition, comes out and tells the women that they have to wear their bathing suits. Each of them falls for it, but he quickly tells them that he is only joking. As they relax and wait for the competition, Jun begins to tell a traumatic story about almost drowning as a child, but Alie quickly takes over the conversation and relates a couple of stories in which she almost drowned (is there anything that hasn’t happened to this woman?). Finally, as eight o’clock rolls around, BB announces that the veto competition will be starting within an hour. They quickly modify this and say that it might be an hour and a half.

The HGs get ready and gather in the living room to wait. Robert is wearing his new Converse shoes and pink socks that Erika lent to him. Trivial chatter weaves among the sitting HGs. As BB announces almost an hour and a half after the first announcement that the competition will now be starting in an hour, Alison yells, “This is horse-*****!” Well, Alie, at least you don’t have to listen to the blasted FOTH music as we do—because for the next hour and a half, that is exactly what we are subjected to.

It’s not until after eleven at night that the feeds return. The HGs are all inside, some lounging, some cleaning, some poking around in the SR. We hear Robert comment sarcastically, “That took four ***** hours to set up?” Jun has “surface wounds” from the competition. Alie comments that she has “never had to pack,” despite being nominated twice—and we clench our teeth and furrow our brows and hope to the Space Muffin that this doesn’t mean she won the POV! Alas, our hoping proves futile. Alison has won…the ~Diamond~ Power of Veto. Now, what that means, no one knows. But what we do know is Alison isn’t leaving this week. Gah!

The medallion that Alison has won is actually a clear plastic medal, unlike the metal Golden POV. She takes it and hangs it on the memory wall under her picture and heads to the DR. Erika, quietly in an aside to Jun, apologizes for not winning the veto. Robert says he wanted to cry when Alie won it, while Jun only mutters that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Robert, however, is apparently upset by how the competition played out, because he can’t stop talking about it; in fact, he says, “They should ***** do it over.” The feeds quickly cut to a short FOTH. And so it goes for a good fifteen minutes: every time the three of them bring up how something, we don’t know what, was “unfair,” or how the competition should have been “restarted,” BB cuts to FOTH.

Alie returns from the DR, and Jun heads in. Immediately Erika asks the POV winner if she has to pack. Alie replies, “Of course.” When Erika makes a shocked sound, Alie adds, “Everyone has to pack. They’ll make you pack, and it’s not my doing.” Alie does say, however, to both Erika and Robert, that Jun will be the one to go, but regrets now that she is the one to have to vote someone out—it means one less vote for her in the end, she says. “I have to be real smart about this *****.” Erika only asks that if Alison chooses to oust her, that she tell her before eviction day.

The night quickly winds down after the climax of the POV competition. The HGs chatter for a short time about the competition, about the upcoming America’s Choice phone call, about a luxury challenge on the morrow, etc. At one point, Alie and Jun talk alone and Alie tells her the exact opposite of what she told Erika —that Erika is her target this week. The two laugh at how “*****” Erika and Robert are, but as Erika joins the two, they quickly switch the conversation to making fun of Robert’s poor performance in the competition. Apparently he came in last.

By one in the morning, the HGs feel the fatigue of a BB day weigh down upon them. After quickly prepping for sleep, they all cuddle into bed and settle down for the night. If it’s yet again a restless night for the house in general, at least we know Alison is sleeping soundly. Until tomorrow.