Sunday morning dawns and the first HGs to rise are Alie and Jun in preparation for their early-morning blimp ride. While showering and dressing, Jun comments that she “so” needs to go on a diet—one of her shirts doesn’t fit her properly anymore. After making themselves properly pretty for their outing, the two are called to the DR just as Erika finally makes her way out of bed (Robert has been up for a little while). At just before eleven o’clock, the two house-bound HGs escort the lucky blimp-riders to the backyard door through which Alie and Jun exit the house.

The chatter between Erika and Robert is as insistent as it is repetitive. Robert is encouraging Erika not to give up—that Alie trusts her, that she can be worked on, that they can use mean things Jun has said about Alie against her. At points they both comment how nice and quiet the house is without Alie there. Robert attacks Jun and says that he “can’t believe” how she talks about “guys the way she does. That is classless for me. I wouldn’t look at her for anything other than hooking up.” (Robert, just listen to yourself for one second and then ask yourself again how she can talk about men the way she does—not only are you are clear example of why women might distrust men, but hello? Pot? Kettle and all that?) Erika replies that Jun has insecurities from having been overweight that she tries to hide and one way to make herself feel better is to put others down.

The exes’ afternoon: They apply sunblock to each other’s backs, Robert a little more enthusiastically than Erika. Erika tells Robert that, if he wins, she wants $20,000 cash to pay her bills, and he agrees. Erika jokes (and she stresses it is a joke), “Wouldn’t it be funny if the blimp popped and they fell out of the sky and died?” They relax and prepare lunch in relative quiet, a quiet unlike that of past days filled with boredom and tension; today it is a quiet of relaxation and ease.

Around 1:30pm, the exes are treated to a surprise when the Goodyear blimp makes an appearance over the house. “Erika,” Robert yells. “Oh my God!” There’s a message scrolling on the side of the blimp, something to the effect of: “Congratulations to BB4’s Final Four HGs: you’re flying high!” A helicopter from “Channel 9” is accompanying the blimp, and Erika and Robert eagerly wave towels above their heads and wonder if Alie is throwing up (Erika says, “Alison is terrified—she ~hates~ flying!”). The blimp makes several passes over top of them and the entire time, while eating their lunches and chatting about this eventful afternoon, Erika and Robert arch their necks and train their gazes on the sky. At one point, Robert thinks that he can see Alie, but Erika doesn’t believe him.

More blimp talk: Robert is happy that he didn’t win the trip now—it looks too nauseating and he wouldn’t have gotten to see the sign if he were in the blimp. He also thinks that it looks completely unsafe, and Erika agrees. Robert wonders if Alie and Jun think that they are miserable, but Erika says that they probably think they are scheming. Robert laughs and says there is nothing to plan at this point (though you wouldn’t have known it to hear him talk to Erika this morning). They wonder how long the ride will last; anything more than a hour seems like it would be too long and become “unfun.”

As the afternoon rolls along and Erika and Robert wait for Alie and Jun to return to the house, the conversation wanders among many things. Robert is glad to have beaten many of the people who thought he was a goner early in the game (for example, Nathan said “goodbye” to Robert after the original-8 alliance surprised the exes with evicting Michelle instead of Erika). Both he and Erika congratulate themselves for doing so well in the last HOH. Robert says that Alison, Jun and Michelle are all pushing “maximum density”—five more pounds and they’ll all be fat. Robert insists that he will “push his boys” to vote for Erika if she is in the final two and he is not. He also tells Erika that she is the only woman in the house who has any qualities that he can admire or like; as for the other women, “none of them was worth *****.” Finally, he promises (or threatens?) to give Erika a “big, long kiss” if they both make it to the final two.

Just before 4:30pm, Alie and Jun return to the house, blindfolded and all. The first thing we learn is that Jun got sick; the second is that they had a “stalker.” Some “fat and sweaty” man, apparently, hid behind some bushes and trees where they boarded the blimp and took pictures of them. Erika asks if he was press, but Alie replies, “No! An internet stalker that knew we were there!” Alie also professes to have seen Jay Leno driving by while they rode in their limo and insists that he waved at her.

Once in the blimp and up above the city, the two women saw many L.A. sites over three hours: Merv Griffin’s mansion, the Playboy mansion, Dodger’s stadium, etc., as well as the BB compound (obviously). They liken the inside of the part of the blimp in which they rode to a minivan and said it was a very bouncy take- off. The pilot of the blimp apparently asked for Alie and Jun’s autographs and taught Alie all about piloting the craft while Jun rested in the back and complained about the helicopter getting too close to them.

Other bits of interest heard in the post-blimp ride enthusiasm: Alie and Jun got to meet the man behind the BB-voice that wakes them up and calls them to the DR. People (fans?) were lined up by a fence to see Alie and Jun exit the blimp. Alie quietly makes fun of Jun for getting so sick, but Jun actually never threw up —she only became nauseated (Erika and Robert say it was “karma” that Jun got sick). Robert wonders why anyone would ask for Alie’s autograph: “Everyone in L.A. has been on a reality TV show. It’s not a big deal anymore.”

By the time evening rolls around, the step-sisters are napping while Erika lounges in the hammock and Robert plays with his nose. At seven o’clock, dinner for the night arrives and everyone rouses to dig into the Cuban food. Though there is not nearly as much excitement as on other nights (Alie and Jun had taken Dramamine to help them with motion sickness on the blimp and it has caused a bit of drowsiness), everyone seems to enjoy the meal, or at least shovels ample amounts of food down their throats.

Happenings/chatterings as the night progresses: Erika comes up with the plan to tell Alie that evicting Jun, a strong player, would be a good move on Alie’s part in order to prove to the jury she is a strong player herself—which may be the only way for Alie to get votes (for they certainly won’t vote for her for her personality or how she has treated people). When Robert tells Alie to “go with her feeling,” she professes not to have one: “Whatever I do, someone is going to be mad at me.” She asks him whom he would vote for in the final two if Jun were up against Erika; he answers Erika. She then asks him whom he would vote for were Alie to be up against Erika; he stumbles, he appears flustered; he ultimately answers that he would be “fair” and tells her, “You against anyone would win.” Once their conversation is completed, Robert runs to Erika, pats himself on the back for his “performance” and tells her that he just “saved (her) life.”

More tidbits to note: Robert asks Erika to promise to take him to Vegas someday if she is not dating anyone. Erika reminds him that they broke up in Vegas, but Robert doesn’t really remember (when she asks him if he remembers their last time in Vegas, he replies, “What, the mirrors on the ceiling?” She quickly yelps, “No! We broke up!”). Erika asks Robert to stop picking his nose (for Space Muffin’s sake, it only took 65 freaking days for someone to finally say something). Alie tells Jun that she is safe. Not only does Alie think Jun deserves more than Erika to go farther in the game, but she knows Jun will take her to the end over Robert (since Jun knows she cannot win against Robert; also Alie determines that Erika would have a better chance against Robert than against her, so she doesn’t trust that Erika would take her). Alie wonders if the “stalker” is watching them on the internet right now, happy that he got to see them. Erika tells the others that, when she complained in the DR about the lame luxury prizes they’ve gotten (as opposed to cars and money in previous years), they told her, “This isn’t the Price is Right.”

As ten o’clock rolls around, Alie and Jun get their pictures that they snapped from their outing and the HGs pour over them in enthusiasm. Alie mentions that she had hung her body out of the blimp, 1500 feet up in the air, and Robert exclaims that he had seen her or thought he had—a black spot hanging out. Alie tells Erika and Robert that the air traffic controller from the Burbank airport said over the radio, “Tell Alie and Jun we said ‘Hi’!” Eleven o’clock ticks onto the clock: Erika is curled up on the hammock, Alie is jumping rope, Jun is making burgers, and Robert is watching the scene while he plays with his nose. He discusses AA with Erika and admits that he no longer goes to meetings. He’s doing well, however: “You have to go through ***** to appreciate things. You can do anything to me. As long as I’m sober, I am happy. You can take away everything, and I’ll get it back. And I have. I don’t want to do it again.” Erika tells him that his “baby will thank him later” and Robert agrees and says his psychiatrist tells him that, too.

Soon enough the HGs get ready for bed. Just before they do, however, Alie kills a black widow spider and uses a plethora of bug spray to do so. Robert is smart enough not to want to smoosh the poor thing with his shoe because he doesn’t want to trail the bug spray into the house (this is especially important if you have children or pets at home!). Erika says as she readies herself for bed, “I’m ready to go home.” Well, Erika, if you can’t pull off a miracle soon, you’ll at least be free from the BB house soon. Goodnight HGs.