It’s Monday morning, so get up and get a move on it! Or stay in bed until 10:30am when BB finally decides to give the HGs a wake-up call. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our Mondays started that way? The morning falls to the usual: tooth-brushing, new battery-acquiring, coffee-making, and breakfast-eating. Oh, what a life.

As the late morning dies into the afternoon, not much happens in the BB house. Erika does a bit of laundry. Alie tans. Robert checks the pool and the hot tub. Jun tans. Erika heads into the DR and is in there long enough that the other HGs speculate that she is with the “shrink.” Alie does her laundry. Erika tans. Jun pokes around in the kitchen. Erika lounges in the hot tub. Erika lets the HGs know that she actually saw a physician—apparently she has a “spot” on her throat that she wanted looked at. Erika plucks her eyebrows.

Three o’clock and the day trudges onward. The HGs eat burgers prepared by Jun and Robert (on the BBQ) and talk about how they’d love to watch their competitions on TV. Alie especially loves the burger Robert grilled for her—not overdone with cheese and lots of ketchup. Erika has corn on the cob. They discuss the blimp ride from yesterday. Alie mentions that the exterior to the part of the blimp they sat in was as thin as the doors to a Jeep, and Erika comments, “Like a tuna can—so they can fly right up.” They discuss past food competitions and having to eat PB&J (they also mention a gnome competition and Marcellas; I was obviously away for this, so is there anyone who could pm me and let me know, did Marcellas actually enter the house?). Alie flips out when she can’t find the bug spray and a cricket is nearby. She rummages through the house to find her insecticide, but to no avail.

Alie tells the group as they munch on lunch that she still doesn’t know how she is going to vote this week and that she is sorry to be in the position she is in. No one says much, and as soon as Alie and Jun are alone, Alie asks Jun if “they” bought it. Jun answers, yes, it seemed unplanned, and Alie replies, “Good, we don’t want either one of them to know she is going yet.” The HGs chatter about the cities they live in, about cab fares in New York, and about Jee and Jun’s relationship and how she fell back into the old habit of correcting him when he spoke. Robert says that he wants to lose more body fat, and Alie and Erika tell him that he is already lean enough.

The evening arrives and the house is divided into four: Alison lounges in the hot tub, Erika shoots hoops and then trims her hair, Jun is curled up in bed, and Robert rests in the hammock. It takes the arrival of dinner to rouse them from their languorous activities. Tonight it’s salad, garlic cheese bread, clam chowder, shrimp scampi, stuffed filet of salmon, lobster tails, pecan pie and carrot cake. Can we say yum?! Around this time there is a FOTH and when we come back, the HGs are talking about themselves as seen on TV—apparently they saw footage of themselves on the screen. They all agree that everyone looks better on TV except for Nathan. More video plays on the screen now, and we get to watch them watching various competitions: the Duckball competition, the Burger King Paratroopers competition, the Spin-to-Win luxury competition, Niagara Balls POV competition, the Foam competition, the Fashion Fire Pit, etc. The women swoon over David and remark how handsome he is; Alie bashes Dana and calls her “ugly” on TV; everyone comments on how strong Jee’s accent seems on television; the women scream when the foam competition appears on the screen (since they had to get naked for it); they laugh at clips of Erika wearing her pink hat before it was incinerated—basically the HGs have a loud, cheerful time as they watch the screen and see past energetic days come to life. The only frowning moments come from Alie and Jun who both think they look fat: Jun says, “I need to diet. My face looks like a big, fat dumpling.” Jun also sums up that she is portrayed as the bitch of the show: “snotty and materialistic.” Erika and Robert both tell her she is not, that she is funny, and Jun thanks them.

It’s nine o’clock now and the HGs have dispersed as following: Jun is jumping rope, Alie and Robert are working on weights, and Erika is wandering about doing nothing much in particular. An hour later, Jun and Alie jump some jumping jacks together, Erika shoots some hoops, and Robert jams to his music in the HOH room. Yet another hour later, some excitement finds its way into the house as Alie goes on a spider-hunt: she finds one outside, heads inside to grab the bug spray, and gets assaulted by another one (“It almost jumped into my mouth!”). Soon after a double count of arachnicide is performed, the HGs watch the video of the competitions again. BB has fun this time rewinding some of the funnier moments and replaying them much to the HGs’ delight.

And so the night goes. After midnight, the step-sisters tumble into bed and drift into Dreamland while the exes stay up a bit later and let their conversation wander and roam. Erika misses her hat. Robert is glad he won America’s Choice both times (the letter and the phone call). He misses his daughter. Erika thinks she looks “tall and lanky” on television and Robert agrees. At half past one, they finally decide it is time to head to sleep, and as they snuggle into their separate beds and join their fellow HGs in Slumberville, another BB day is completed. Sorry it was such a short, uneventful one, but I can only work with what I am given. Adieu.