The BB morning wake-up call comes early on Day 8 of the live feeds and today the morning voice tells them at 9:00am on the dot that they have only an hour before the in-DR voting sessions begin. The HGs only half-heartedly and sporadically oblige while the cameras outside pan and we see that a new game is set up at the pool area involving some rubber duckies and a large blue circular mat in the middle of the chess board with a bucket in the centre of it. Also new are some inflatable rafts, a ball and an inner tube in the pool. Dana and Jun survey the scene and mutter that at least they will have something “fun” to do while voting.

By ten to ten, another BB wake-up call rings out and more HGs grudgingly get out of bed. As they get ready, we hear various snippets of conversation such as Dana saying, “If I have a low rating on the internet, I’ll be pissed” (oh well, that’ll be no different from any other Dana-day). Jun wonders if their ratings change over the three month while in the house, and I scratch my head in bewilderment at the question—Jun’s usually one of the bright ones in the house. Dana assures her that they do and that she knows her friends will write down her rating everyday. Jun doubts her own friends will be so diligent, but don’t worry: BB’s “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em” Poll will keep track of their plummeting ratings quite nicely with the brightly-colored graph we’ve all come to love…er, well, hate (depending on what it has to tell us).

As the day rolls into action, Justin, Nathan and Robert immediately jump into the many joys of Duckball (yup, it’s the same game as last year with Marcellas’ ducks) but are called back inside when BB tells them to come inside to get their microphones and replace their batteries. Once inside, Nathan quietly mocks Dana in the kitchen with Jun when he waggles his finger and says in a high-pitched voice, “Don’t mess with me!” His sidekick in hilarity (*sarcasm alert*) then remarks to a group of HGs sitting around the table who are waiting to vote and are discussing whether or not BB will give them food today that if so, she will make a great farewell dinner. “I’ll ask Amanda what her favorite dish is…and then not make it.” As you may have noticed if you’ve been reading my update summaries, my humor can be rather scathing myself, but the difference is that I have nice things to say, as well—Jun seems to delight in being as nasty and two-faced as she can almost all of the time.

The HGs mill about as they wait for their turn in the DR and general conversation rules the house. Jack half-jokes that he won’t let his daughter near the men from the house, especially at the wrap party. Dana expresses a desire to meet Will when outside of the Hamster Abode because he is “so (her) type” (she is, after all, a Puppet-Master-in-training). They discuss how voting must precede the actual eviction day so that BB can arrange the voting clips for the live show and bring in the evicted HG’s family and friends. Jun remarks that she is a “pioneer” being the first Korean female on a reality show. Meanwhile outside Erika is giving Duckball a go and she is clearly very bad at it; she admits herself that she will need a lot of practice. Others join in and are met with varying success with the men commenting that they will only go for the bucket and not “lay up” and try for the mat. Some score tallying: Justin beats Jee 15-13; Alison smokes Dana (whom the poster jokes "can’t hit the broad side of a barn”) 15-4; Nathan beats Jack 15-10; Dave beats Jun, much to Jee’s delight, 15-4.

A little later in the bathroom, we overhear Alison and Jun scheming about the upcoming HOH competition (it will be on the live show tomorrow, won’t it?) and agree that they will not try for it, but will lead Dana to believe that they are–and that if they do win, they will put up Justin and Robert (as Jack and Nathan plotted yesterday, there seems to be a general plan to throw the competition to Dana to force her to put up members outside their alliance, most especially Justin). Over in the LR, a few HGs are speculating about what happened between Amanda and David a couple nights ago and Rob insists that they must have had sex (I mean, what other reason could David possibly have to stay up all night with a woman? Being a dead duck in the water, she couldn’t help him in the game after all, and do the women have any other role but to be objects for the men’s sexual lusts? Whether he is right about their feelings or not, Robert is scum). Meanwhile the “couple” in question are engaged in some good-natured fun in and outside of the pool, pelting ducks at one another and laughing with their sport. At one point Amanda slips and falls hard to the ground, but she only giggles with embarrassment as David assures her it will end up on TV. Their antics wind down a bit and they take to lounging on the new inflatable rafts in the pool. They discuss the general assumption that they either had sex or came close to it the other night, and Amanda says she knows it bothers him even though he tries to be so tough: “You attempt to be a tough guy, but I can tell you’re sensitive.” They tease each other and seem to enjoy one another’s company a lot.

Around 1:30pm, Nathan calls the group together for a meeting in the LR. He reveals that regular food will arrive today and up until a food competition that will take place on Thursday. Much to everyone’s dismay, they learn that this will be an either-or competition, meaning some will win food and some will be stuck on PB&J all week.

The house falls into chatter mode and as usual I will note only the interesting bits here. Jun tells the others that in her farewell speech to Jee (all voting HGs must record a farewell note for both of the nominees) she was “mean,” telling him that she hopes they go back to the way they were for the last three years (i.e.: that they never see each other) and how he has “piggy-backed” off her (to get on the show) for the last time. Nathan remarks, “I’m glad I am on your good side.” Only for so long, Nate, only for so long. General strategizing between Nathan’s Harem, minus-Dana, reveals that they almost wish for one of the “other side” to win HOH and “knock Dana out” (as if they would go after Dana who has been their ally! The Harem seems to think everyone is playing the game for them). Alison mentions that Jun told her she hated Justin, but tried hard not to show it (with Scott gone, her hate has to find an outlet, I suppose). The group discuss David and Michelle’s past relationship; when Nathan asks her if she is “trustworthy” and she replies yes, someone comments, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” When someone points out that David cheated, too, Justin defends him and says it was only because he was sexually frustrated (gotta love the double standards…not). Michelle counters that if that were true, he should have broken up with her. Nathan claims that he can’t pick up a “girl” in a bar or a club, but at church would be okay. He also likes tennis players, and when the others tell him that Amanda is a tennis player, he says, “No, like on a real tennis court.” Um, okay. ??? He goes on to charm me some more (*gag*) when he says that if his son ever wanted to be a cheerleader, he’d probably kill him, and then displays the same prejudiced contempt for “band geeks” and “drummer dweebs.”

Alison speaks for women everywhere when she tells Nathan that he would make a bad boyfriend—he would go out with his friends and expect his girlfriend to stay at home. Michelle agrees that he seems to be a control freak. He then tells them that he couldn’t sleep with a “girl” who’d been sexual with more than a couple guys, and Alison quips, “Then you’re going to have some crappy sex.”

Closing in on four in the afternoon, the HGs get their supply of food for the day, and it’s a feast compared to what they’ve had to do with for the past week: tomatoes, cucumbers, mozzarella, roast beef, turkey, bacon, tuna, salmon and grapes (just to name some). Michelle chooses this as her moment to utter one of her daily idiotic phrases: “Do we have silverware that is paper?” It might even make a bit of sense if she said plastic, but paper? She heads outside with Alison where they exercise and teach each other dance steps. Inside, Nathan picks up an avocado and wonders what it is (isn’t he from the south? Don’t they have Mexican food down there?). Jun mentions that her birthday is on the upcoming Saturday, and Nathan says “a big ‘ole cake with icing” would be great.

Over manicures, and while Michelle is missing (off somewhere doing something else), Alison and Nate make fun of her saying how they’d die if she beat them in a competition and how Alie was surprised that Michelle was “thinking” when she talked earlier about perhaps winning one. They mock her “valley girl accent” and how she says “like” and “okay” too much (wasn’t Nathan engaged in this exact conversation about ~Alison~ yesterday? Bah. In any case, they are making me feel a bit sorry for the pouty little dwarf, and I don’t like it). Nathan then admits that he cheats at cards, and I don’t think any feed-freaks are surprised. Cheating talk turns to Alison and at what point her boyfriend must have ditched her—they decide it was during the “lap dance” from the Truth or Dare night. Alie laughs and seems unconcerned and makes a point of remarking that she is now single. The feeds now find Michelle and she is expressing to David in the bathroom how she is upset that he is never serious with her and jokes with her in a manner unlike with the other HGs. He says it is because he already knows her, and that because they’ve already dated, he cannot talk to her about certain things. But Michelle doesn’t take his explanation as a balm to her anger—in fact, she tells him that she is being serious that the situation is getting really “bad” and that she needs him to be “nice” to her so she doesn’t get “madder and madder.” Through a conversation that cycles for some time, David basically says he will stop joking with her (though this isn’t exactly what she wants—she just wants him to be nicer to her). As the argument subsides and she smiles in pleasure that things “are much better now,” he looks into the camera as she bounds away and chuckles as he says, “Argh! Did anybody see that?! What was that? What the ***** was that?!”

Later we are treated to a FOTH when Dana comes up with the bright idea, “Imagine if some car pulled up into the parking lot and people just started screaming at us?” I guess BB doesn’t want any Californians to get any ideas (because without Dana’s intellect, I am sure no one could have thought of that one on their own—despite there being parking lot-yellers since BB1). When we come back, the HGs are speculating on what the HOH competition will entail; most seem to think it will be trivia about the inside of the house and the other HGs (Dana doesn’t seem too happy about this). We get the joys of FOTH again when someone asks Erika if she is dating; when she says yes and Dana asks, bug-eyed, “Is that J.A.?” the feeds are immediately cut. As the poster muses and I considered, too, could it be a celebrity? As we come back, Erika is telling the others that she was not born in the US (and neither was Robert).

Evening chatter: Dave, Justin and Robert ask Amanda how they should approach a woman about joining in on a threesome and she says to play it as though they have never done it and want to experiment. Dana tells the other women that Justin has a “black booty” (meaning his ass is hot because it is shapely, I assume). When Alison asks Jun if she has ever cheated and Jun refuses to answer, we all figure out easily enough that this means she has. Jee and Justin revisit convos about their exes, Jee being rather diplomatic about his comments concerning Jun, while Justin rips into Alie. Alison refers to Erika and Jack as being from the “dark side,” and Justin remarks that Jack must really be “sweating” it right now. Alie acts as though she agrees, and we as usual don’t know if she is being sincere or not. In the kitchen, Jack and Nathan engage in an animated political discussion and in particular about the electoral college. They both seem rather knowledgeable, though Jack is clearly the one who knows more and is very interested in the subject. Unfortunately, BB doesn’t think its feed-freak audience wants to hear something of actual substance, however, because they switch all feeds to a card game taking place out on the patio. (And if you haven’t heard me mention Erika in awhile, it is because she hasn’t talked much at all today.)

Amanda and Jee go through the customary before-eviction day nominee packing rituals, and as she does so, Amanda gives three little bears to Dana, David and Jun, while Jun returns the favor and gives her underwear (strange, but she hasn’t worn them at least). Amanda tells Nathan not to worry, she knows she is going and it is okay. Everyone seems to be more upset than she is, but she doesn’t care very much—it is, after all, only a game. There is general small talk between several of the HGs over what Amanda should wear tomorrow for the live eviction. What is interesting to note is how Amanda and Dave flirt together throughout all of this and how when Jun makes the comment that the two of them together are “sooo cute,” Amanda blushes. Seems like their friendship is not so platonic after all…hmmm (okay, okay, I know already; I peeked ahead).

Dave showers at one in the morning, and we feed-freaks knowingly (hopingly?) smirk when he asks Erika if he should shave and when she replies in the affirmative starts lathering up. He moves on to brushing his teeth, takes a moment to brush his nose (yes, his nose) and then moves back to his tongue. When he heads out to the LR, Amanda asks him to come outside with him and have a glass of wine and he accepts. As they are out there together alone, Robert pops outside to tell them that Nathan has given them the HOH room for the night. Uh-huh, uh-huh, that’s what he said, folks; Nathan even comes out with a smile and puts the HOH key around Dave’s neck to make it official. It looks like being in the presence of two people can actually make one more astute to underlying vibes, because I don’t think that ~any~ of us feed-freaks would have believed what happens tonight if we didn’t see it for our own eyes (or hear it from people we trust).

They have sex!!!! Okay, sorry, I couldn’t contain myself. As a writer, I should have led up with a little more suspense, but how can you tease when something so momentous in BB history happens?! They have sex!!! Ahhh…and I truly never thought it would happen on BB. And in the first week!!

Apparently somewhere along the way of today, Amanda and David ~knew~ that this was going to happen. Why else the hygienic preparations? Why else would Nathan give up the HOH room? Why else would Amanda tease Dave about being “scared?” Why else would she put her ~legs~ behind her head to show David?? (LOL, some of the other HGs walked by and saw this, too…she was fully clothes, folks.) Why else would they go to the DR together on their last night? There are obviously deeper feelings between the two than we could have guessed (or maybe just a let’s-shag-animal-magnetism?).

Before the actual deed, they joke, they laugh, they talk strategy; David wears a clown wig for awhile (kinky, kinky); they head into bed and start kissing. At this point, we must have all been thinking that it would go the way of Alison and Nathan, but no, no. What Alison and Nathan do always has hidden subtext about the game and power-struggles; what Amanda and Dave do is…well, have sex.

Highlights? David says earlier on, “This sucks, I can’t see you.” Well, you could always turn the lights on, Dave (*leer*…lol). They moan. They kiss. They cover themselves with the blanket. Dave accuses Amanda of “corrupting” him, and she says, “Like this is my fault.” He only murmurs and resumes kissing her. He tells her that he will only think about her from now on and not the game (awwww) but she tells him she thinks he can win it. He also wishes they met under different circumstances, but at least they met. When he starts fumbling with, ah, something, she asks what he is doing and he replies, “I am just adjusting my, ah…my, ah…” “Feet?” she quips. They laugh. She says that she needs to take a cold shower.

Soon we see a curious movement happening on Dave’s lap…except ~his~ hands are free. Uh-huh. They kiss. They moan. They kiss and moan. They move into the missionary position. Uh-huh. They move into “full-tilt boogie action,” as frustratedposter puts it. While there is no nudity, we see some definite thrusts happening and some definite headboard-banging happening until…

FOTH. Bloody BB bastards. They’ll show someone getting a knife held to their throat, but Space-Muffin forbid that they show two mature adults who ~know~ the consequences of their actions (i.e.: cameras everywhere!) getting it on.

And when we return (at least 50 minutes later), there is no one in the HOH room. It is looking lonely and used (ha). It appears at first that everyone is sleeping, but gradually we see that Amanda and David are in the bathroom talking. Apparently David had a bit of an upset tummy (too much food? Wine? The realization that you just had sex with people across North America watching?) and threw up in the HOH room. Amanda considerately asks what will make him feel better (I think you already helped with that, honey) and he says that he wants to sleep near the bathroom. They move to his old bed, squeeze in together and fall asleep peacefully in each other’s arms just having committed BBUSA history! Woohoo!

I am sure that some other chatter happened while the other HGs prepared for sleep, but really, does anyone care? I skimmed it and it was much of the same chitchat and joking that happens every other night. What will be remembered from tonight is not Erika and Jack whispering strategy or Nathan goofing around with Jun and Michelle. No, tonight will always be the night that we feed-freaks joined in harmony across this large continent of ours and let out a resounding hurray that two American BB HGs ~finally~ did the nasty.

Peace out!