August 1
Sunday Morning

While everyone was sleeping soundly this AM, BB introduced us to the latest twist, the growing ant colony in the kitchen. The filthy house tour did not end there as BB showed us the filthy shower and the mounds of towels in the bedrooms and the bathroom.

The first morning wake-up call came a little after 9:30AM. Nakomis counted the ants on the refrigerator (total 22). Adria/Natalie told everyone that she didn’t sleep well last night due to a sore throat and a mouthful of cough drops. Marvin woke up and made himself some breakfast, eggs and toast. He left the dirty pan out. An hour later Scott woke up and decided to use the same pan to make himself some eggs.

Will and Nakomis started talking strategy at 10AM.
Next week they want to win HOH, because Drew will most likely win next week’s VETO (but not next week’s HOH??). If Will or Nakomis wins, they plan to put up Diane and Drew. Then, when Drew wins VETO and takes himself off the block, they will put up Jase and 'nail him to the floor' during the veto ceremony.

The women talked in the HOH room later and were split on whether to vote Marvin out (Karen) or Scott (Nakomis, Diane, Adria/Natalie). Nakomis reminded the women (and later Will, who agreed to do whatever the women want) that the 4-Horseman want Marvin to go. The women (plus Will) tentatively agreed not to be swayed by the Horseman. However, Karen continued to campaign for Marvin to go.

Marvin and Will tried to figure out Diane and Drew’s relationship. They think that Drew is using Diane to advance himself in the game and to gain camera time. Later, Drew advised Scott how to play Diane this week. He told Scott to make an agreement with Diane to make her safe next week. Drew filled Scott and Cowboy in on Diane’s plan to put up Marvin this week.

Adria/Natalie, Nakomis, and Will complained about how filthy the house is today, including the fruit mess in the bathroom. At 11:30AM, BB provided another wake-up call (this time not so pleasant) for Jase, Cowboy, Di, and Drew. A few moments later, BB announced to the HG it was time to clean their house.
Will battled the ants in the kitchen. Nakomis taught Scott to wash clothes and to not just squirt them with water. Adria/Natalie defined “Ajax” for Scott (cleaning product).

Miscellaneous conversations peppered the house today. Nakomis told the HG about her 8 foot Burmese python that bit her pet Chihuahua and wouldn't let go. Apparently, the dog jumped on snake and snake bit, clamped down, and wouldn't let the dog go. After 4 hours, she finally decided to sacrifice the snake to save the dog. She skinned the snake the next day and kept the snakeskin as a remembrance.

Karen spent the afternoon rehashing Jase peeing on the towels and BB’s lack of response to the incident. She was also upset about the secret Spy Cam, and that the 4-Horseman spied on them and made fun of them. Scott (not Jase) was still talking about Holly. He found a pair of panties she left behind and decided this was a sign that she wants him. Cowboy shared the story of his first marriage and his plans to get married next June. Drew and Diane spent the afternoon cuddling and sharing stories of past relationships in the Cloud Room.

OOPS she did it again. Natalie slipped this afternoon when talking with Will on the hammock about gifts. “My mother does the same for me and Adria .” Will did not appear to notice.

Around 8PM, Will convinced Jase that they have a 'secret alliance.' Jase tells Scott and Cowboy that they have Will now and that Marvin will be gone this week. Will filled the women in on his conversation with Jase and how Jase thinks he can manipulate Will. Will does appear to have a secret alliance and it is not with Jase or the women’s group, it is with Karen. Will and Karen compare themselves to Danielle and Jason.
Will: “The only way to play the game is to have one true ally and the rest are smokescreens.”
They want Scott to stay and hope that Jase gets HOH next week so he can put up Diane and Adria. Karen really wants Adria gone. Will agreed saying, “When somebody talks that fast, you know they are covering up something”.

By 3AM, all the HG were soundly asleep again, anxiously awaiting Monday’s POV meeting.