BB announced wake up call at 10:10AM this morning. Di and Drew get up. Di says to Dr, “I had a dream about you last night.” BB asked Houseguests to open the shades to the house. (Side note: It will be 100+ degrees here in BB land today.)

W, K, and Nak talk about how mean Jase was being to everyone last night. Di, A, & Nat are in the kitchen talking about their alliance. Di asked the Twins to talk to Dr to make him feel secure.

At 11:20AM or so, BB asked the HGs to gather in the backyard. Lots of small talk occurs. There is not much going on.

Lock down is over at about 12:30PM.
CB goes to Karen and asks who the majority is voting out. Karen tells him to follow his heart and no one will hold it against him.

Then CB goes to A and asks her the same question. A is non-committal; she says that she doesn't know yet; that it's too early in the week. J walks in and A jokes that she's voting to send J home because he asked her to. J hugs A and says, “I'd stay if I could. I feel like everyone in the house hates me and wants me to go... I want to go, but maybe I want to stay.” J’s whole thing now is to tell people he wants to leave, and hopefully they will force him to stay.

THEN CB goes to Nak in HOH and asks her the same. Again, no commitment! CB tells Drew that everyone is voting with their hearts this week. (ya right!)

They are back on the whole Holly has a twin thing. J says again that Holly is a twin. J says, "Wait a minute, Julie Chen does not lie. She said that 14 people were playing the game. A/N were playing as one person and Holly/Molly were playing as one person. That's 14 people. I stared at this person's belly button every day, so I don't think so, but you never know and there was the gap in the tooth thing.”

CB is now telling J that Di said, “I am voting out J, but that the rest are voting out M, but that you never know it could change.” J says he wants to talk to 2 more people. With that, and his reverse psychology idea, he thinks he will save himself. J thinks he can get the Twins votes because they are a threat to everyone. Then he would also have CB and Drews votes.

Dr asks if J if he really wants him to vote him out. J says that if he has the votes, then vote against Marvin. Dr says, "I don't know what the Hell these people are thinking."


J went into the Cloud Room and said to A, “Can we talk sometime, just you and me? I think I got a little plan.” A says, “Uh-oh, okay, later.”
J was saying how weird Scott must be for taking Holly’s underwear, and how much S wanted her.

(This afternoon is really boring in the house, so sorry there is not much content to this point.)
The HGs are sunning (frying in 100 degree heat) in the BY. Nak is making lunch. (Whoopee) Speaking of lunch, J says he has no energy because of PB&J and just wants to sleep.

It is 3:30PM and W & Nak are talking about the FISH tank. (ooh-wee) Karen is showering. (I mean, that’s it folks; there is nothing going on right now.)

CB tells Dr that he wants no surprises on Thurs. That’s why he keeps trying to find out how everyone is voting, but they won’t say.

Karen said ,“This is such a dead day. It's obvious when the camera men try to get your attention. It’s kind of like when you tap on the side of the fish tank to make the fish move.”

The HGs are putting on mud masks. Once J saw the girls doing it, he decided to do it. (because of course it will make good TV) Will did one too. One of the Twins had to take hers off, in case of an allergic reaction.

Nak is telling K that if you win America's Choice, you can have a chance at talking to a family member. She wouldn’t have many options because even though they signed the release for her to talk about them, they don’t want to be seen on TV.

K says, "Well, if they signed the release maybe they will change their mind." Nak said her Dad can't do it for reasons that relate to flash backs from being in the war. Her mom could not do it because she had signed some morality agreement with her work that states she could only interact on a Christian base, and with streaking and other things that go on in the house she cannot do it. Lastly, her sister is only 16.

She is saying that her mom and dad found out she was going on the show after she got into sequester. (ed: She must not know that her Dad was the one that referred her to be on the show after he declined.)

Karen is in HOH with W & Nak saying she wants to tell CB that Jase has done some stuff that comes across funny, but that's not really funny, at his (CB’s) expense. She wants to tell him that J is not really his friend.

Nak is telling them that CB approached her today about nominations. Then K is saying he cornered her in the storage room. She said she feels bad that CB has made the rounds and no one was giving him an answer.

She said, "I told him I am voting with my heart, just vote out who you want." He was exasperated.
She told him that part of what goes on in the game is private and he is not privy to it so he should do what he wants.

W says that J has been up to something today and is planning a plan of attack.

K saying that CB is unstable. It’s like putting a person with down syndrome behind the wheel of a car. (ugh) They think he will be a mess when he gets out. Nak says he likely will not have a fiancé when he gets out, but she does think he is book smart. W says that April is probably just as bad. K says, "Oh no, she makes the money and does all the driving."


HGs are talking about playing charades tonight, in two teams.

Nak was making signs for the cameras naming them. She is talking to the cameras as she hangs the name tags. Mr. Bigglesworth is the HOH camera, the camera in the kitchen is “Pi.” She was told not to stick the tags on the camera but on the wall near the camera.

J is using Scotch tape to make horns and put them on Di’s picture. Then he made a halo over Drews.

A and Dr are in the bedroom making a commitment to an alliance. A tells Dr that J had told her today that the two biggest targets in the house are couples Di and Dr, and A and Nat. He is not on to all 4 of them being aligned together. Dr says that he knows Nak and Di are close but that Di doesn’t talk game with her. A wonders where Nak stands with W & K and says she thinks W & K are floaters. They are very concerned about CB winning HOH because there is no telling what he will do.

HG’s are patiently waiting for alcohol and will not play charades without it.

Nat says, "No alcohol, no charades... We aren't doing anything until we get alcohol." CB brings up the idea of BB offering money again, and they all say how quickly they would take it.

K makes a comment about how attractive Lori was. K says that she finds women attractive. She had a girlfriend in junior high, nothing sexual. She says she looks at women with the eye of an artist and finds them attractive.

J now asks Nak where she stands on being bi-sexual. She says to describe a specific situation. She says in the house, no action with women. Out of the house she would kiss a woman but she is "afraid of the pink bat" and wouldn't go there.

Shortly after 11:00PM and the BOOZE has arrived!
The HGs have engaged in a lot of quite humorous sex talk that I will let you find in the threads. as I am not sure it is appropriate to post here. (it’s very graphic) Although, I will say that when asked, Dr rated himself a 10 in the sack! ;o)

CB says to J, "I'm the only one left if you go." J tells CB that he should try to develop something with Nak, but on the other hand he shouldn't really listen to him because his own game was so bad. CB says, “Everyone tells me not to worry, but how can I not worry? They took out my whole team. We got too cocky...but I wouldn't change it for the world."

J tells CB he should put up Dr & Di or the Twins. CB says he doesn’t want to mess with the Twins; he thinks they deserve to win if he doesn’t. CB thinks that he and J need the money more than anyone else, even if J is an actor.

A & Nat ask W, within their six, who he is committed to. Will says, “Seriously, nobody."
One of the Twins says they adore him. They tell him the word on the street is that he is a floater. He is quite taken aback by this and he keeps asking who might be saying this, doing his very best not to mention K’s name. He just keeps saying that he is with the group and that there aren’t any “sides” to pick from anymore. The girls finally let him off the hook and say, “That’s what we wanted to hear."

After a long make out session between Di & Dr, Di went to another bed to sleep by herself. All the HGs are asleep, somewhere around 2:30AM.