It was a pretty dull day in the BB House until about 9PM, when liquor arrived and the Houseguests got a little rowdy. All day, Jase was in a pretty good mood. However, he was restless and moved from room to room a lot. Will slept most of the day because he was sick, as did Nakomis, whose tooth hurt. But, they both livened up in the evening. CB also felt sick, but it seemed to be mostly depression about Jase leaving.

Because it was voting day, we had only two cams for most of the day, with both cams on a single conversation. The cameras moved from shot to shot a lot, so we often only saw portions of conversations. Also, the feeds were especially choppy today. So, we often heard only parts of sentences or were cut off at critical points.

Dull or not, here is the blow-by-blow of the day.


BB wakes up the HGs over the speaker at around 9:00AM.

A little later, Karen, Will, Diane, and Nakomis talk in the BY about what they plan to say when they vote, and in their good-bye video to Jase. They want to watch what they say – concerned that BB will put words in their mouths, or edit them to say something they didn’t mean. Diane asks the other HGs to help her get ready for the DR and to remind her of things to say about Jase.

K/W/D/N talk about how Jase looks so much older than 28. K thinks he looks 42. Diane thinks early thirties. There is speculation that the kids in one of Jase's pics aren’t his brother and sister, but his kids. K mentions several times that Jase has “old man” balls because they hang so low. There is also some talk about last night’s “bowling ball” conversation. They like Marvin’s comedy routine conversation, but say it gets old after awhile.

CB and Jase are still in bed. About 10:10AM, BB says in a strong tone, “Jase, Michael, I said it’s time to get up for the day!”

Marv has joined the group in the BY. There is misc chat, including a discussion of Mindy in the DR, wondering if she is Jewish. Karen says that Mindy was the one who gave her a demerit.
Marvin: “Mindy is hell, she tears your ass off.”

The HGs have gone back inside, leaving Marvin and Jase outside talking. Jase talks about taking the “red-eye” on Thursday. “Get out of here and head home.”
Marvin: (realizing Jase said earlier that he lives in the LA area.) “Oh, so you are flying back home?”
Jase: “Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm going to go see my family for sure.”

Jase talks about how his step-dad is a successful executive. Jase’s real father has tried to contact him, and Jase has had to change his phone number to avoid him. Jase talks more about his family. Marv asks about the kids in his picture. Jase says they are his step-brother and sister. Marv and Jase joke that when Jase leaves, BB will sequester him with his real dad. Talk moves to Holly. Jase brags about how he crushed Holly so hard that she farted. They laugh about Drew and Diane, and Jase wonders if Drew will propose to Diane before BB is over.

Later, the camera takes us to the BR, where we find out things we wish we didn’t know. Jase and Marvin are waiting for Drew to come out of the WC, and they talk about how long he takes.
J: “I just get in and squeeze it out.” (Ed. note. We only have two feeds and this is what BB chooses to show us. <sigh>)

Dr/Marv/CB/Jase chat in the BR. Drew says it’s hard to remember life before the House.
Marvin: “You’ve died. This is Hell”.
The guys joke about things BB would do in Hell – it’s hot, frogs come out of the faucets, the walls keep moving closer, BB keeps bringing new HG’s.
Marvin: “The eviction wall would look like the Viet Nam Memorial.” Marvin jokes: “They’ve mixed Hell with federal prison. Same kind of thing.”
They discuss Shapiro’s “Scared Straight” documentary about prison. Jase tells Marvin that the two of them keep each other sane and that he’d go crazy if he were still in the House and Marvin was gone.

The guys also diss on Scott for the fact that he never showered and never wiped his a$$, but would instead rinse it with water from the toilet.
J: "Toilet water? You beat your dog for drinking outta there. Why would you clean your a$$ with it?"
M: "You got to get up deep in there sometimes. It gets crusty."
J: "Yeah you have to spread those cheeks."
CB: "Maybe that's his (Scott’s) culture (how he was raised).
Marv: What? Pittsburgh?" (Ed: LOL)

CB asks Drew if he has voted. Drew says, “No” and asks Jase what he wants him to do. Jase says he would like to have Drew and CB give him a vote, so it looks like they had something. Jase says he is afraid he might stay, and CB says, “But that’s good.” Jase replies that he would just go next week if he didn’t win HOH and it’s not up to him now. Karen comes in briefly, and Jase asks, “Where’s my wink of death?”

The camera moves to Diane and the Twins in the Cloud Room. The twins are showing Diane how to say cuss words in sign language.

The feeds next show Jase in the LR, sitting in the nomination chair practicing his speech. Then he goes to the Cloud Room and talks briefly with Diane and the twins. Jase goes to the bathroom to primp, while the other camera shows us CB sleeping in the Wood Room. The morning ends with Jase continuing to play with his hair in front of the BR mirror.


The feeds move to Drew and Diane lying on a double bed in the Cloud Room chit chatting, reading the Bible for a little bit, having some game talk, talking about growing up, talking about who they dated in high school, and going to the county fair. Diane says that she felt frustrated in college because she would study a lot and wouldn’t do well on tests, but she really liked her philosophy class because it made her think. At first Diane won’t let Drew kiss her because she has put on lip gloss, but soon after, Drew leans over her for a long kiss. After about 45 minutes, Drew and Diane decide to get up, and the cameras move to...yup, Jase.

Now Jase has decided to cut his hair and stands in front of the mirror cutting it himself. Adria/ Natalie/CB are in the kitchen. Karen/Marvin are in the BY talking about his Web site and about music. Then we see Diane and Nat in the Cloud Room talking strategy. Nat says they just have to win HOH. Diane says that if it comes down to it, they will put up Karen and Will. Natalie agrees, and later mentions that Karen keeps bringing up the Twins issue. They both think that the House will get crazy in the next couple of weeks, but Diane says she feels at peace with it. Nat says that they just have to be happy now, but stay alert, and take what they want. Talk turns to card games, and Nat leaves to go play cards with Adria in the BY.

While they play, Nat and Adria discuss Karen. They feel that she always dominates conversations; she is insecure. However, Nat admires how Diane is playing the game. She tells A that Diane was worrying some. Nat told her not to worry, but that Drew has to make sure that Marv or CB targets others, not the three of them. They have more game talk. Adria complains that she is hot so they go inside to the LR to continue their game.

CB walks by A/N in the LR and says it’s roasting out—his nuts are roasting like chestnuts over an open fire. He stands to watch A/N play for a minute, then leaves. Nat says, “Thank god. I can’t stand that.”

CB has joined Jase outside by the pool for some strategy talk. CB is back on the “honor” system, saying he will have “honor” if he goes down. CB is now saying he has no chance of winning, but if he wins HOH next week it will buy him one more week. Marv joins them. Marv tells Jase he wants to talk to him outside the House. He has lots of stuff to say. CB asks Marvin what he thinks should go down if CB wins HOH. Then Drew comes outside and they stop talking for a minute. Marvin walks off. Jase tells CB that because of Drew’s betrayal he should put up Drew and Diane for nomination. CB says if he had to pick between Drew and Jase, he’d pick Jase, but he can’t put up Drew.

Nakomis/Karen/Drew/Twins are all in the kitchen chit-chatting. Karen says that if the Food Comp next week is split into teams, she wants Drew and Diane to be able to eat, because she has eaten pretty well this week. Around this time BB calls an inside lockdown.

The talk turns to Scott and the fact that he said he grew up in a trailer. Karen says that some trailers are nice. CB says he grew up in a trailer and it wasn’t nice. His parents have now moved into their dream home and it’s already run down. Everyone under the "blue moon" lives with them; nobody helps, and it's embarrassing. CB says that he knows CBS doesn't want to show his family's house and he won't even go there. He lives 1/2 hour to 45 minutes away and he doesn't have time to help them keep up the House. CB says that he feels like he's the parent because he has to tell them what they have to do. It’s now a little after 3PM and lockdown is over.

Twins/Diane go outside and are playing cards and talking strategy. Diane says that Nakomis is acting weird, but thinks its the Nicotine Patch and Nat agrees. Diane thinks Nakomis is too smart to act weird if she was up to something. Nat wonders if Will and Karen will try to gather up Nakomis. Talk turns to Jase and Marvin. Adria says that they are liars. Diane says they are making her sick. There is other strategy talk, then Diane warns that Nakomis is coming outside, so they quickly deal the cards. Nakomis comes out.

Not much going on—several HG’s are sleeping.
A/Nat/Di move to the kitchen. Diane makes herself a ketchup sandwich and says it tastes like a hot dog. She is going to pretend there is a little pig in there. Jase walks into the kitchen and the Twins keep talking about cooking as if he's not there. Jase admires himself and messes with his hair above the sink. Nat talks about deer meat and Jase joins in, saying that deer jerky and sausage are really good.

The feeds switch to the BY. K/Dr/Jase are talking about school starting. Jase talks about being on Will & Grace and that his sister told her schoolmates her brother was on TV and they didn't believe her.

Karen goes inside and Di/Jase talk about her being crazy. Jase thinks that Karen’s DiaryRoom entries are probably a mess, and that she cries. Diane thinks that Karen goes in the DR and makes fun of the other HG’s. Jase says the only flaw in Karen’s act is kissing everyone's a$$. Marvin (who has joined the conversation at some point) says that Karen is aware of what she is doing and knows she is irritating. M says that Karen has said to him 50 times that "You put me on the block."

M/J continue to talk.
M: "It's going to be ugly when the chicks start battling. Cat fight, cat fight."
Marv: "CB is saying he is sick. CB hasn’t been right since we told him we’re going to be going home."
J: "Don’t count on Drew saving you, buddy."

The feeds move to the inside of the House where Nakomis is explaining the personalities of the FISH to Karen. There is an inside lockdown and not much goes on inside the House for awhile, although at one point the HGs are telling fraternity hazing stories. There is more strategy talk between the Twins. (pretty much what they have said earlier) It’s now about 6:00PM.


The feeds show us Jase and Marvin packing. Jase asks Will for advice for what to wear tomorrow. Then Will goes into the LR and gets a massage from Karen. Natalie/Will/Karen are in the LR chatting about past competitions. Karen says that she got “psychotic” in one of the past competitions.

In another room, Marvin says that the DR told Jase he didn’t have to pack. (Since Jase has been packing, it appears that M was joking.)

Finally something new happens—BB has given the HGs shuffleboard in the BY. They figure that shuffleboard will be part of the competition tomorrow, but with some twist. The HGs take turns at practicing—Jase first. Nat says that Karen should love this, because she likes to play Air Hockey. Jase puts on a 'Karen' voice, "Me and Larry play this all day in the summer, you can play this for a quarter." <giggle>

In the House, Drew comes into the kitchen with Jase, and Jase says, “I have a bad feeling that I’m not leaving tomorrow.” Drew asks why that would be bad. Jase just repeats again. Jase then is alone playing with a Band-Aid and the kitty that Holly left him. He assures BB that this will be funny.

Karen goes into the kitchen and appears to be talking to the camera, “This is not interesting. My junk food, peanut butter and potato chip dinner is not interesting.” A comes in and K tells her about the camera. K says that she has enough food but continues to eat. They talk about the shuffleboard game. After awhile, A leaves, and Nakomis comes into the kitchen.

Karen asks Nak how she is doing. Nak says she has been sleeping because her tooth hurts. Karen says that the Twins are acting weird.
Nak: "I don’t know what that means."
Karen tells Nak that the Twins are running around trying to get everyone to commit to the team, and that they freaked out Will last night. Nak replies that the Twins haven’t asked her, but did say they were joking when they were talking to Will.

Karen says that she doesn’t like that the Twins are running around saying that “Karen said,” or “Will said.” She wants to speak for herself. Karen has a feeling that the Twins don’t want to win HOH and then just push people around. Nak says that’s the safest way to do it right now, and that if she sees someone getting bullied she will do the same thing she did to Jase. Then there is more Karen discussion of the Twins. Nak isn’t really replying. One of the Twins leans in the house and yells to Karen that it’s her turn at shuffleboard, so K goes out back.

Jase is in the Hot Tub and yells to Marvin to join him. Marvin doesn’t join him right away so Jase yells that he has something funny to say. Marvin joins him and they chat for awhile.

Inside, Diane admits to Will that she is a Marijuana smoker at home and found something on the Internet to help her get around the drug tests at work. She suspects that Drew won’t like that about her since he doesn’t smoke. Will admits that he likes to smoke because he gets a great orgasm, but then feels bad that he admitted this on camera.

Will and Nat discuss Marvin’s need to talk about p*ssy all the time. Will thinks M wants a career in comedy, so is always “up” for that reason. Will loves M’s comic timing, and says that he makes him laugh. The talk turns to CDs they’d like to have if they were HOH. Will says, “The only reason I want HOH is that damn CD!” Nat describes the picture of Breck she will get if she wins HOH. He is wearing a T-shirt and playing a guitar.
Will: “Oooooo. That might get me hot, too. A sweaty man in a white T-shirt playing the guitar? Is it V-neck or crew?” (For the record, it’s crew.) At this point it’s about 9PM and liquor has arrived.


The conversation between W/Nat/Nakomis turns to sex. They don’t understand people who swing and meet on the Internet just to have sex. Will has slept with nine people and keeps a book with all their names in it. Nakomis has a friend who does this with pictures of c*cks and faces. Nakomis has been with nine also. She sampled when younger but now is more picky. Will agrees that you have to do some sampling to know more about yourself. Then Nakomis talks about how the town where she went to HS had a big herpes outbreak, and she was freaked and had tests. Will explains about herpes testing.

Then Nat talks about having sex in front of the Troy State Library in the bushes with folks walking by. Nak talks of having sex on the third bench near a statue in Travis Park in San Antonio. They move to their most embarrassing sexual moments. Will tells a story about having loud sex in a loft, while his lover’s Mormon virgin roommate and his family were in the living room listening to the whole thing. Nat says that she and Breck have sex on Sundays, and once a friend came over and interrupted them. Nak tells a story of spending the night in a BF’s bed, and waking up to find her BF gone and his mother sitting at the foot of the bed. Nak and the mother chatted for about two hours. When Nat was first dating Breck, they were making out while she had gum in her mouth. After kissing his chest and neck, she found her gum matted in his chest hair.

Meanwhile, Adria is in the bathroom with Jase, cutting his hair with his sister’s scissors. Jase said he took a lot of stuff from his sister, but the flat iron is his.
A: "So were you there (in IL) before you came in the House?"
J: "No, I had to go out there, ya know, for the Fireman thing. Well you'll see on the show."
A: "So they flew you there, then back? Are you going to go back when you leave?"
J: "Well I’m going to go back to see my family, 'cause you know” ...and the feeds switch.

Diane has joined W/Nat/Nakomis in the LR and they talk about how Karen needs her hair cut, but she won’t let anyone touch it.
W: “We need to get that girl a makeover after the show, but we have to take her so she doesn’t end up at SuperCuts or Wal-Mart, and we need to have her spend more than $5.00."

A little later, W/Karen/Nat/Nakomis talk about having a limited, monitored time with family during sequester. They ask K if she has ever drank. She says, “No, and Larry doesn’t either, and they met while she was in high school.” Karen has never had any friends that drank so she never did. In the past she has had a very weak Pina-Colada, and a sip of wine and Margarita, but she would rather get her calories from chocolate. Also K’s grandfather was a drinker, so she thinks she could get compulsive in that, too.

Di/Dr/A/J are eating condiment sandwiches while CB eats a hamburger. Talk turns to Taco Bell and what they would love to have from there. Will has had 3 beers and some kind of wine so he is feeling good. CB is still feeling sick, and is eating his hamburger plain, which is what he does when he is “under the weather.” Diane feels sick from a protein shake shot she took earlier (They mixed protein shake in concentrated form since they can’t have milk.)

Will/K/Di go out to the BY for some strategy talk. Will is excited that the “monster” is going tomorrow. Nakomis joins the conversation. D thinks that J doesn’t really believe he’s going tomorrow. Nak agrees. Apparently Jase has been looking around and trying to take stuff from the other HGs. Di said that Marvin told her that Jase was eyeing her jewelry, so she put it in her tampon box. Will plans to go through J’s bag while he is in the shower.

Karen says to Di, "I am just so happy, especially for you and Drew, because when Drew was HOH, and you, that just started a whole chain of events." They discuss who to get out next week and Nak asks them to get out CB for her. Diane leaves and Will says that Nak/W/K have to keep their eyes out. Will didn’t feel like Nat’s conversation with him last night was a joke. Karen says it wasn’t a joke because you could see it on her face. (Ed note: Not sure if K was in the room during Wills convo with Nat.) A Twin comes out and they change the subject.

A little later, Drew and Diane are talking. Dr asks Diane who Marvin would put up. Di thinks M would put up the Twins or maybe Karen. Di asks Dr if he has talked to the boys.
Dr: “Well, Jase is gone, so it’s just me and CB, and Will is not a boy.”
<both giggle> BB announces lights out in an hour. (It’s about 11:00PM right now) Di says it’s scary, and that they need to win HOH. Di says, "I really like Karen; she's kinda annoying sometimes, but I like her." Drew says that CB is kinda sad. Diane says that he is like a puppy dog. Dr/Di agree that they want M out more than they want CB out. Diane says they can keep CB because he can’t make his own decisions.

CB and Jase are in the BY. CB tells Jase that he thinks Jase is really going. Jase asks if CB has heard anything. CB says, “No” and then tells Jase about a remark from K that made him think J is really going. (Ed. Not clear exactly what K said) Jase says he almost wishes that he had told Drew to vote against him. CB interrupts and says that he thinks that’s what happened. CB gets onto Jase a little for giving up. Jase replies that he didn’t ask to be on the block. CB replies that he is homesick too, but is here to play the game.

Will/K/Nakomis/Di are in HOH. They laugh at how CB gets all giggly when Will makes a gay joke to him. They try to get Karen to steal the only beer left in the frig and start singing the Secret Agent Man song. They can overhear part of CB’s conversation going on in the DR, “Who is your biggest competitor?” CB’s answer can be heard in the background, but the HGs seem to be talking over it on purpose. Diane thinks it would be awesome if they heard something better. They remark how they have to be careful because of these mistakes on BB's part. Karen has returned with the beer. Nak opens it, and they all swear not to tell who took it or drank it. After waiting for CB to go by, they drink a toast to rising above the tyranny of the guy’s alliance. Nak wants Di to jump out and steal Drew’s towel as he walks by.

The HOH talk continues. There is discussion of how they can get CB out; maybe put up CB and Marvin and CB goes. Karen can’t stand how CB whines and pouts. Will asks Diane who Drew would put up. Diane says probably CB and Marvin. Will is shocked that Drew would put up CB. Diane says that if Drew wins, they have no problem, and Karen and Will agree. Karen brings up the “He said/she said” topic again, and says that if she doesn’t hear it for herself she’s not going with it. All agree that they aren’t thinking that far ahead—it’s just day by day. Karen says, “But I hated being up on that block, it was like week 3 and no one knows anything about anyone." Diane assures K she will probably not be on the block anytime soon. Diane and Karen find Marvin hard to read, and Di is worried that he would put up the Twins.

Diane is worried about what Jase will say in his Eviction Speech. J mentioned his speech to Di, and that he was going to say something funny to her, and that it would be nice. But J had an evil smile on his face. Will assures her that if J says something offensive no one will laugh so it won’t work. Karen says that Jase is just trying to get the most of his last TV time.

Drew comes in and they all tell him how good looking he is. Will asks Drew and Diane if they have any gay friends. Drew admits that he hasn’t before, but Diane says that she has a good lesbian friends and some gay friends. Drew starts to tell a story about a gay guy from school who was really drunk at a bar and came up to Drew and grabbed... FISH!

A little later, Nakomis/Adria/Diane are in the Cloud Room and Jase comes in. They say, “Welcome to Nak’s sex lair.” Jase replies, “It was mine first.” (Ed note: Huh? J was in HOH for the first two weeks.) Adria teases that they watched the boys on the secret Cloud Room Spy-Cam. The girls try to talk to Jase into streaking across the LR for the Spy-Cam. J resists and starts to talk about how the other HGs call his long balls “old man balls.” Jase imagines being in a bar and some guy commenting on this. They keep pushing Jase to streak and he turns it on Nak, and calls her 'boobs' and tells her to do it first because she hasn’t done anything. Nak gets excited and says “Okay, me and Diane.” J likes this idea a lot, but Diane says, “No way.”

Next, we see all the HGs except Karen in HOH. They tell Marvin that he is the only “pen-eye” they haven’t seen. M says he offered to let Diane hold it the first week and she turned him down.
They beg M to go in the kitchen and dance on Karen. M goes in the kitchen and dances; then dances dirty with Karen. M pulls down his pants for the Spy-Cam, and they all love it. Jase goes out to try to hump M. The Spy-Cam goes off. Marvin goes back in the HOH and they all laugh about Karen and how she looked so natural. Nak is going to check on Karen, and Marvin tells her that she has to flash titties if she goes out. They all leave the HOH and Marvin applauds Karen, so everyone else does.

The HGs all get ready for bed, reliving the last few moments, and teasing that Karen is probably going to get questioned about her antics with Marvin in the DR. Marvin is interested in getting a Bootylicious sister in on this.

In the Cloud Room, the Twins are again talking strategy. Among other topics, they worry that Diane could blow the Twins alliance by talking too much.

Drew/Diane are cuddling, chatting, and teasing each other. Nothing serious happens. Di talks about old BF’s. There is lots of smooching and movement under the covers. It’s now about 1:15AM. They stay together until about 2:00AM, then Diane goes to sleep in the other bed. (They are in the Wood Room with single beds, and found that they can’t sleep well together in a single bed.)

All the HG’s are sleeping, snug in their beds, with visions of saying bye-bye to Jase in their heads. Good-night Houseguests.