BB Update August 12, 2004

The Houseguests were awakened by BB at 11:00AM. Everyone did their normal rountine with showering, eating, etc.

Karen started strategy talk at 11:47AM with Nakomis. She told her that the Twins are making targets of themselves by not mingling with everyone else. As always, Karen said they were tight and a huge threat. Nak listened and responded that she could see that as being threatening. Nak tells Karen that first she wants Marvin to go. Then Karen said CB next. (with the comment it is not like you two had holidays together or anything) Nak said she hopes Marvin gets HOH because he would put up the Twins. Karen said yea, but what scares her is that if one Twin goes, the other one will be in here all pissed off. Then Karen said that she is afraid to put people up. (so just go around telling everyone else what to do) Karen then replies that the Twins are just a female version of Jase with the bullying. (Has anyone seen this? Must be when we are aquarium watching.)

The Houseguests (except Jase) clean the house for the Live Show.

We had FISH from 4:30PM until the live show at 8PM. (5PM, BB Time)

A brief recap of the Live Show:
It starts with Jase, who is mad that Drew used the VETO and now he was on the block. He confronts Drew with CB and tries to put a guilt trip on him. He put him on the block for a girl, one that he wouldn’t look twice at outside the house, etc. Afterwards, Jase confronts Diane and says the same thing. The show showed Diane being upset and that no one stuck up for her. CB talks to Drew saying that he messed up and should not have used VETO, but gone down with honor. Jase then tries to use some reverse psychology on people and goes around the house telling people to vote him out. He thinks it is working. They had a segment on the BB4 Houseguests. Erika still talks to Jack. The 3 amigos are all still friends. Allison enjoyed her Amazing Race experience, and explained that it broke her and Donny up. Jun bought an apartment in NY City and took the year off of work to be with her father, who passed away a month ago.

Then by a vote of 6 to 1 Jase was evicted.
He left, not causing a scene, and did a little tap dance out the door. The Houseguests clapped. He had no regrets, he told Julie. He played the game how he wanted to, and he had fun. Holly came to greet him. (that was the only time he looked scared)

The HOH competition was a shuffle board type game where the Houseguests had to take their puck and using a stick push it to go around a corner; bounce off some elastics and end up in a certain spot. Adria was first and eventually won HOH.

When the feeds return after the Live Show all the Houseguests were still in the kitchen eating. CB looked lost, like a lost puppy.

Drew and CB talk in the bathroom.
CB was upset over the vote and asked how he could vote against Jase. Drew tried to explain that he had to do what he thought was right. He didn’t agree with Jase’s game because he was in people’s face, and he said things about people, etc. CB listened and replied that he thought Jase was OK leaving, and everything happens for a reason. He then complains about not winning HOH and hugs Drew. They go back into the kitchen with the others.

Later in the bathroom CB (I think that bathroom is his office) tells Nat that he was glad one of the Twins won HOH. He said that if he couldn’t win it he wanted them to have it. He tells her that the Twins (they have names CB) did deserve to win this game since neither he nor Jase could. Nat said that she will not lie in this show, and that she did not feel that the Twin Twist was a lie because she was herself in the house.

Some gather in the Cloud Room (Nat,Will, Marvin, Diane and Adria) and they talk about Jase. His good-bye speech was not that bad. Nat found his nasty old socks and shoved them in his bag. Diane wants to break that cat (from Holly) into a million pieces. They again try to guess his age. (Most think close to 40.)

Adria gets her HOH room and everyone goes in. In her basket is the Usher CD which everyone loves and ^5’all around. In her goody basket was Cheeto’s Chap Stick and some work out bands. She also got a picture of Lenny and her mother.

Drew and Diane talk and Diane said she hopes that they shake the house up this week with nominations. She comments on how Karen looked after Adria won.

Later Diane talks to Adria and mentions something; the look on Karen’s face when Adria won HOH. They basically agree that they will target Will, Karen, and Marvin. They also agree that CB is harmless and will do what they say and that they need to get Nak but just not right now.

Funny thing is that Karen is following the Twins around like a puppy dog. It does not matter which Twin she just follows them around. She even went into the Wood Room and stripped Jase’s bed so Nat could sleep there.

CB does corner Adria in the HOH and tells her that he would never break the Twins up and that he is a man of honor. Adria said it really comes down to who she can trust. CB then said he wants Marvin out; he can’t be trusted. CB then tells Adria that he swears that she and Natalie will be safe next week. Adria thanks him for talking when others enter the room.

Adria talks to Nak and tells her that she is safe right now; that she doesn’t know who she will put up, and that she has mixed feelings about CB and Marvin. Nak said she would like to save CB; that she feels bad for him because he lost his alliance, but if she put him up against Karen she would vote out CB. She then tells her that she hopes everyone doesn’t crowd her, that she needs alone time to think this out.

Everyone but Marvin, CB, Diane and Drew are in HOH having fun, Dirty Dancing. Nat tries to teach Karen some moves. Someone goes and tells Marvin what he is missing, They all now go into the HOH and CB and Marvin offer Diane $20.00 to kiss Karen.

They are all in HOH and decide to play Truth or Dare. Diane’s first dare is to lift Dew’s shirt and to lick his nipple which she gladly does. Drew dares Diane to kiss Karen with tongue. Diane does it and Karen starts telling her that she will never go on the block. Will was dared to kiss Nak. He gives her a quick peck on the lips. Diane then dares CB to do the "Hat Dance." CB leaves and after a bit of self stimulation comes back and does his "Hat Dance." (ewwwwwww) Marvin and CB get dared to moon everyone on the Spy-Cam. Then Marvin dares Nak to go topless with Band-Aids over her nipples. Nak leaves and then flashes the Spy-Cam. Then Will runs naked through the house. Marvin was dared to strip and he did, then was all over Nat. She said she was not part of the dare. All looked like they were having fun.

The game breaks up and Karen remains with Adria. OF course, they talk strategy. Karen tells Adria that Will would never turn on their group. (yea right, Karen) She is really pushing for CB and Nak to be put up. Adria said that Nak has not given her any reason to not trust her. Karen finally leaves when Nat comes in.

Adria tells Nat that she doesn’t like people going to her (Nat) with HOH stuff. Then Adria talks about her conversation with Karen. Adria then said that she really wants Marvin gone; that she is sick of his sexual comments and actions. Nat agrees. They talk about how Nak won’t put CB up and admire that in her. They talk about how CB is not a treat. Adria said she does not want to send CB to be in the sequester house alone. He can go afterwards, but not alone. They talk about Karen and how she is Will’s little 'Secret Agent Girl' telling him everything. They talk about how people cannot look them in the eye when they talk to them and that those people can’t be trusted. They talk away and decide to put up Marvin and Will with Marvin to go. They want to cut a deal with CB for the next week in case he gets HOH. (like he will) They know Karen will freak all week (which they agree might be funny) if she is up. They talk about how Karen and Will are throwing competitions and how close they are. They decide to put up Marvin and Will, with Karen going up if VETO is used. Marvin leaves first if he saves himself; then Karen will go. They talk about putting Will up because they think that Karen will vote him out. They talk about how psycho Karen is with her cleaning jobs. Discussions turn on how they are worried about their hubbies. They talk about growing up in a big family, fighting for food, being respectful to their mother, etc.

Finally all is quiet and everyone is sleeping by 4:25AM.

Food Competition and Nominations tomorrow! This could be great.