There is small talk between K & W this morning before getting out of bed. K says to W that A is thinking of putting one of them up “to see how it feels.” W says, “Oh Lord.”

The Houseguests are up by about 8:20AM and gathered in the kitchen. There is a flash of the outside on the camera where BB is setting up the Food Competition. It looks like long tables with food on them.

CB and W are talking about past BBs.
CB says that CBS in his area is very community oriented. When CB went down for the initial audition of BB3, they were giving out T-shirts, etc. W says, "I heard BB1 was a flop." CB says, "Well, the public voted them out so there were a lot of problems with that, because like when George was up his town friends and family called so much to keep him in." He said that one-legged dude won. W said he didn't watch much of season 2; he caught the end of it when it was down to the bottom 3. W loved season 3. CB loved Gerry; he says he was a school teacher and had the attitude of "if I can do it, you can do it". He says G did pretty well in the show. Robert from last season was his second fave; he admired his passion towards his daughter.

BB: 5 minutes to Food Competition, then,

Food Competition:

Adria is reading the rules. The Houseguests must split up into 2 groups of 4.
Group 1 - Nat, Dr, Di, & M Group 2 - W, K, CB, & Nak
It will be all or nothing. One team will win and one team will lose.

Back Yard Burger Bonanza

The winners get food for the week and a BBQ!
Each team must have a "bun" catcher and must catch the ingredients being thrown at them on the bun. (The buns are about as big as a Frisbee.) CB & Nat are bun catching.
STATION 1 - tosses the meat patties and cheese from the grill. The grill masters will be Marv and Nak.
STATION 2 - throws lettuce and onion; the garnishees will be K & Di.
STATION 3 - squirts mustard & ketchup. W & Dr will take charge of the condiments.
They have 5 minutes to make as many cheeseburgers as possible and must have ALL ingredients. The team with the most cheeseburgers wins!

Red Team had 2 burgers removed from their pile due to violations. So, A announces that they have 10 hamburgers all together and the Blue Team has 11 hamburgers, and with that the Blue Team wins! (K, W, CB & Nak) This means that Di and Dr eat PB & J again!

A or Nat saying the competition wasn’t really right, but that she leaves it up to production and that's just the way it goes. Di says, "BB, I just want you to know that was the stupidest f'ing game I've ever played! We looked like kindergartners out there; it was so f'ing stupid. If they want the bitchiness to come out, I will bring it."

W is in HOH with A trying to see who she might nominate. She isn't going to say. She says the decision she makes today might be shocking, but she has valid reasons for who she puts up. She said, "Who leaves the house is not my concern; I will not push for one over the other. I am just giving you guys a choice of who to kick out." She said that some people are missing out on enjoying the game by not partaking much in the game.

(LOL) Marvinism: He is telling Di that K is an a$$ kisser, "She's as far up her a$$ as a 30 foot flame."
Di says don't worry she is a target. Marv says, "She makes me sick." He is quoting her at Food Comp: "I will be happy for whoever wins." Marv wants K on the block and he said he would vote twice for her. Marv says the Twins are all fresh, cuz they haven’t been in the house as long as everyone else and “they runnin' the house.”


Everyone is sleeping (I think) except the Twins. Well, and Marv, who is using a toothbrush and ketchup and appears to be calculating votes. (It’s around 1:00PM) K is lying down rubbing her head. CB is asleep; Dr and Di are asleep; Nak and W are facing each other asleep.

Nat and A are in HOH.
Nat says, “Do you want to talk to K, she is awake.”
A says, "I wanna talk to you first. Close the door."
Nat says to be careful because K can hear.
They are saying that the Food Comp was a crock. A says that there were no standards. The ketchup and mustard on one side was closer to the HG than on the other side, plus there was an obstacle of some sort around one of the sides. They said CB didnt get ketchup & mustard on all the buns.
They thought the teams should have spread out more, so that the non-eaters from last week might be able to eat. Now the eaters and non-eaters are aligned the same.
A said the decision she makes will benefit them both, but she said, "I am not sure I want to tell you."
Nat said, "You don't have to tell me."
A says, "I am not putting Dr up, it's a given." She says he is on her side. She is cool with Nak. (on the other side) She said she is a good player; she doesn't like to be threatened or to make deals. She (Nak)won't put CB up, but will vote him out.
A says Di is a spitfire. She said Di would put her (A) up if A was responsible for her getting into the jury house. She says W is a consideration at this point. Nat says W was calling out Nat for not playing fair in Food Comp.
A may put W up because she thinks he will choose K or Nak for VETO and they could save him. She thinks he will choose Nak, and then she could put up K. A says that W is liked by the majority of the house, she says that K came to her last night saying things about W giving A the impression that K would not save him.

A says we now have 2 Houses; this is not the only House in the game now. She says who do I want to send to the Jury now? A is convinced that one of them will be going very soon. A says she knows how M is. She thinks he is a bigger threat to her in the Jury House, because he is very persuasive. Nat will have no problem with being put on the block. It is out of her control. She says to A - I will never put you on the block. She thinks she would like to see Di win or A win. She is trying to figure out Dr. M is all about the money. (Who isn't? LOL)
Nat asks A, "Who will be the least mad to go to the jury house right now?"
A says she told W she wants to see people play this game and not just sit back. She told him he is competitive and he said, "Oh yea, I'm competitive." She said again, that whoever she puts up will be a surprise to the house. A thinks W boosts morale in the house and is a leader. As a person, he would not want to go, but if she puts him up, she is not the one putting him out, the others will.

A says so many people reveal so much to you when you are on the block. A also says that she has been somewhat removed from the group this week and that Nat has been out there. A says, "These jokers come in here and say, 'I feel so much closer to you now'" She said to Nat, "Yea right, you've been hanging with Nat all week."
Nat says that CB, K, and Nak were all saying how sorry they were that she didn't win food. CB says he didn't really want to win. Nat tells A, if he didn't really want to win he would have dropped burgers on the ground and threw the comp. Then Nat says that they said they won so that Nak could eat. Nat says that's a pretty good alliance then.
A says she didn't like W grabbing her butt. Now they are on to HGs touching them. They don't want any more massages from anyone; keep their grubby hands to themselves.

Nat says she wants to be surprised; she likes surprises. Nat knows her key will come out of the box today. She says W is true to the Girl Alliance. Nat says that by putting Marv up, you are giving him a chance to save himself by playing VETO. If you need to put W up, here’s what you can say, "You are a key player in the game, liked by everyone, are intelligent and are a threat." Then you tell W aside that you put him up because everyone likes him and will not vote him out. If Marv gets put up and wins the veto, she doesn’t know who she would put up, but she absolutely does not want to "back door" anyone.

Nat and A are so tired of all the HGs giving them compliments, saying it's been a month and a half of BS. Nat says CB just sits outside the shower when she is in it, just waiting to talk strategy.
A says the team is now split, there is no more 6. Di has told her how bad she wants one of the other team gone. A says to Nat, "Don't mention anything about the Jury House to the others." She said, "Oh I would never."

HGs have been on lockdown for a lot of the afternoon. They showed us the BBQ that was put in the backyard; it’s a nice gas grill by Kitchen Aide.

Nominations will be running later than usual. A was called into DR shortly after 5:00PM. Then around 5:15PM HGs were put on lockdown outside and asked to pull the shades.


Nominations are W & Marv, both of them in back with Nak in shock. Marv is very mad. Nak says, "I'm p*ssed off." Nak says, "I am just sittin here like what in the h*ll?"
Nak is in the hammock saying she just doesn’t get it. Marv says, “I have zero allies in the house; what the f*ck sense does it make?” He brought up when A was crying to him at the pool saying, "I just wanna stay in one more week, that's what god wants." He says so then it was a religious issue. Then he says, "Di and Dr are sleeping together, but no, let’s not break them up." Will thinks that if you're going to nominate someone you should have the balls to have a good reason.

A could hear Marv and later asked Dr if he was goin’ off. Dr says, “A little." A says to Di and Nat, "Just let them show their true colors and vote however you want to. We will see what happens after VETO." Nat says, "How stupid; just because you are on the block, you still have a chance to get off with VETO."

W came into Kitchen to get water and Nat says, "Are you gonna grill?" He says, "I'm not real hungry; I lost my appetite for some reason." A says, "I know how that is," as he is out the door. Then A says under her breath, "Personal feelings."
W came back in and said, "I didn't mean to be passive aggressive just then, but I have some things to get off my chest." He said, "I am surprised, I thought after all the stuff with Holly that we had the same goal and stuff, and I am shocked."
A says I understand you are shocked and when you are comfortable and want to talk to me, then lets talk. W says, "I am comfortable!"
A says, "If you think about where you are in the game you know you should be okay." A says, "I don't play chess, so you are not a pawn."
Di says, "Leave me out of this, I feel bad."
A says, "I am willing to talk to you right now."
W says, "Lets go to HOH so no one else gets involved."

W & A are in HOH now.
She is telling him that she appreciates him wanting to talk. She says, "Everybody loves W." A says if he sat on the block all week he wouldn't get voted out. She says he lifts the house with morale, and it is his chance to be a leader in the house, and she wants him to learn from this. (ugh) She is saying things have been revealed to her in her prayers. W says that he is not worried about it, but he said he thinks that the level of trust that they established with each other, he thought she could have hinted to him what was going to happen.
A said she didn't make this decision until the last minute. A explains that she has a team and they are all still in place. W keeps saying, "Honestly, I am not really worried about it, but I just didn't expect it from you." He can't think of one reason that would make her think that he hasn't supported her. A says when her time comes in the game she likely will not have the backing that he has now in the game. She wants him to "learn."
A says her decision today "won't be the hardest decision to hit you." W asks, "Because of what others have said?" She says, "Yes." So now he thinks that everyone is talking about him and now he doesn't want to talk to anybody.
Will says the ole stand by, "Maybe I just don't need to be here anymore."
A says that right now you probably wouldn't have one vote. He says oh Nat wouldn't keep me in; she doesn’t support me at all. W says, "Nat has been p*issed at me today" and she said something to him about him calling her out during the Food Comp where he thought she was using her hands. (when she shouldn't)
W is now over the nominations and is saying now he is more concerned that either Nak or K must be talking bad about him. He was gonna leave HOH but A grabs his hand and says, "Come on sit, boo,"holding his hand.
W says he loves Marv and will not say anything negative about him.
A says honestly I don't think there is anyone in the house I could have put up without them being p*ssed off. In the position she is in she should not be scorned for playing the game.
A says she has never felt more alone since she came back in the house. She is starting to cry. She said that the team she was playing with didn't come to pow-wow in her HOH.
W says, "Let me tell you something before you continue. Everyone is saying the same thing, and they are all saying they didn't feel welcome." Now she is more upset. (They have both changed the focus for each other.)
A is really crying and saying there is so much she has to hold in. There are things she said that she can't even tell Nat until next year. She thinks that everyone perceived her as being a tough a$$,so she decided she would take on that role and make her own decisions. She is real upset that people came into the HOH to listen to CDs but not to pow-wow or talk strategy.

Marv is inside now with W saying that he is saying good bye now; when he gets kicked out he will probably leave sequester.

Now, W outside with Di, K, and Nak telling them everything that went on in HOH. (Why Di? I can’t figure this one out!) A said she thinks that W will screw himself by going out and spilling the content of their conversation with everyone.

Nak is in the HOH with A telling her that she freaked out people by not letting them know she was putting them up. Nak is leaving HOH and A says something about how "Adria feels about what she did." Then Nak says, "Nadria or Adria?" This brought A to tears. She is really choking them back. When Nak leaves, A says, "Dammit."


Feeds switch to W & Marv outside.
W tells Marv he would be stupid to think he wouldn’t get VETO. Marv says he put up people that were threats and that if people like K fly under the radar, so be it. Marv says, "If lightning hit, I am fk'n d*mn still in here and you go, who I'm gonna talk to?"
Marv is outside talking to A saying that, "Listen, I put J out and H out as they were strong players. I ain't got no allies here, I'm just shootin from the hip and it is what it is." He says, "There's no ripple effect by putting me up."
A tells him that he has been a contributor to the House and that he is a good player. She is giving him a fair chance to get through this, rather than using the back door method used on J. A tells him that she chose not to tell anybody in the house, so she couldn't persuade the vote in the end. A says a suggestion was made in the house to back door him this week. Marv says, "You chicks is tight, and that how it is." Marv also says, "I am sure you could find two other people in the house with a stronger bond than the black dude and the gay dude."
A said, "I don't appreciate you saying the black guy and the guy, I nominated Marvin and Will."
Marv says, "So the Bible tell you to nominate me?" She explains that the Bible plays a part in her life totally, so, "Yes."

A in HOH with Di.
She just doesn't understand the mentality of what’s going on and the reactions of the HGs. Dr came in; gave her a hug says, "I know you been through a lot of stuff." A says, "I've now used the Bible to get rid of the black man and the gay man. Yes, I did use my faith to make this decision, but Marv's comments about being black and gay were uncalled for.”

W says, "You know what that b*ch doesn't realize, is if they would have gotten CB out, they would sail through another couple of weeks because we keep our word." W says that if he stays and gets HOH he is putting up the Twins. He guarantees the best d*mn TV ever. Nak says that the more she tries to explain, the more it doesn't make sense. This after Nak said to A, "I totally get it now."

Nat is outside with W & Nak now saying that people are acting weird with her now.
(Oh jeez) Now Nat is crying because A made a decision that everyone is making them both feel bad about. Now she is bawling saying that A is trying to be so fair. W says do you realize how much easier this would have been to digest if we had a heads-up on this? Nat is re-iterating what A said about seeing who is really playing the game by choosing M & W.

CB is now in the BR. Nat comes in and again they are re-hashing "all of the above." CB is quite comfy in his position as it is in the house right now. CB says, “I wouldn't mind seeing you two (the Twins) and Nak and me in the final 4." CB says he deserves to win, he has had a hard life. Nak says, “I know you have."

To sum this up, in the words of one of our posters, “They have managed, tonight, to create more drama, in this one 8-9 hour period, than Jase, Scott & Holly managed in the weeks they were all in the house, both together and as they each left! And J thought the ratings would go down."

Di tells Dr that Nak and W are on the 'War Path.' The Twins will be gone next week if the wrong (I say the right) people get HOH. She feels stuck in the middle. If she shows where she stands she's going to be hated. Di says that if things shift and anyone else gets HOH next week the Twins are going up and we're going to have to switch. I want you and me to still be here.

Nat tells A that she was so mad at W after the back yard conversation and that he is acting ridiculous. Nat said, "If we had the votes, I'd vote him out this week." A said, “We do have the votes." Nat then said, "I'm so tempted to get rid of him. He's got a vendetta to put us up." A says she wanted to align with M to evict W, “but the accusation that the Bible told her to nominate the black man and the gay man has burned that bridge.” Nat says she is still tempted to vote against him.
A says that W didn’t learn anything. I say something to him and he goes out there and twists it all around. He just says what he wants to say. (to everyone).

HGs all asleep now, around 2:30AM.