Early AM
2AM in the back yard. Will says to Adria "I've been called 'fag' and 'queer' since day one. I know how to take a shot. This is the best of what I've had. I was thrown food at in the lunch room for 4 years, so I can take this. Fo Sho!" Marvin was evidently tossing remarks around. He told Adria she nommed minorities. That’s just him, Will says.

Later, Will Karen and Nakomis say they’ll throw the food ceremony so Diane and Drew can finally eat. (ED: as if!)

Will says to Diane that the twins reasons for nomming him keep changing, and that if he’s there next week, he’ll be a man on a mission. He wants the twins GONE.

Nik and Will say that A said the 6 finger plan was cowardly. Will, still pissed, says "Don't put a knife in my back cause I'll remember."

Will gets angrier as time goes on. He says if he leaves, he’ll tell the twins to sit “While my friends lead me to the door.”

Diane goes right back to the cloud room to report to drew. Nak and Will are on the war path. The twins will be gone next week if the wrong person gets HOH. If she shows where she stands she's gonna be hated. She asked Drew who he's voting for and he said he didn't know. They agreed they have time to figure it out.

3:22 AM
Diane says Nakomis and Will do not lie, whilst the twins have lied for 5 weeks. Diane says Will has received three different stories about being nominated. Drew says that Adria was probably trying to make Will feel better. Drew still trusts Adria. He says that when Adria was on the block she did not act like Will and Marvin.

Meanwhile, back in HoH, Natalie is mad as hell. Says Will is acting ridiculously. Says if they had the votes, to get rid of him. A assures her they do have the votes. Nat warns her that Will has a vendetta to put them up, and Drew and Diane. Cowboy, also in HoH, says he too will vote out Will if they want him to.

4:40 AM
And Drew is getting a handjob from Diane. (ED: I ain’t going into specifics!) Diane actually tells Nak that “You have to be over 18 to see what’s happening under the covers.”

Finally all the HGs are asleep.

1:25 PM
Will to Diane in the Cloud Room: "I think the Girl Alliance needs to shift to me, you, Drew & Karen."

BB announces the Veto Comp will be in 2 hours.

General chit chat throughout the house as they go on lockdown.

4:00 PM: FISH for Veto.
5:300 PM: FISH is gone, and the HGs are playing with a digital camera. Drew has the camera, it seems. Cowboy has ice skates, and Will, a Pirate Hat and an IPod. We find that Adria won the Veto. She’s wearing it inside the house.

6:00 PM Karen thinks she’s pregnant. Nik tells her to ask for a test.

Short flash of the HoH room, which has been transformed into a movie theater. Two posters of the film “Without a Paddle” and a pair of paddles dominate.

A bunch of fun with the digital camera. They take shots in front of their pictures, make little videos. They discuss the comp: it had to do with Christmas and stockings, we find out.

Saturday show from Close Caption
---- TV Channel 10 Sat Aug 14 21:00:10 2004 ----
------------------------- TV Channel 10 Sat Aug 14 21:00:10 2004 -------------------------
Previously on "big brother 5," after dieon and marvin were nominated as decoys...

I've selected you, diane, and you marvin, for eviction.
Drew won the power of veto and swore to keep jace safe.
There is no way i would use it.
But drew turned on his former ally. I'd like to give it to the lovely diane.
And jace was put on the block in diane's place. I feel really betrayed by you, brother.
New factions were formed. We rule the world.

Jace tried his hand at reverse psychology in a desperate attempt to save himself. Please vote me out. Please vote me to go. Will you promise me you'll vote me to go?
Julie: Jace, you are evicted from the "big brother" house.
Jace was gone and michael realized it was the end of an alliance. I took your word as a man.

The remaining houseguests fought for head of household and a twin took the prize.
Julie: Adria, you are the new head of household.
Can michael survive without the horsemen? What new alliance emerge and which two houseguests will adria nominate for eviction? Find out tonight on "big brother 5." Captioning sponsored by cbs

Julie: Bay vote of six to one, jace, you are evicted from the "big brother" house.
I wasn't true to my word. I vote to evict jace. I just voted to evict him because I knew that it might be in my best interest to do that. So that's how it worked.
Diane, baby. Walk me to the dur.
I'll walk you to the door.
I thought I would be nice. I was raised differently than he was to, kill with kindness, not with meanness. So I wanted to walk him to the door. I just wanted to be the one to lock the door behind him.
Cowboy. Thank you, buddy.
When i gave jace a hug, that was another brother out of this house. Two in a row. It hurt. I mean, it really did.
Good luck in the nut house. I'm so glad to be out of here. You have no idea. I leave you with, good-bye my love.
All right! (Cheers prarns

We have been living under this tyrannical ego maniac for so long, and to finally have him and his below-the-belt character attacks out of the hour, words cannot describe the pure elation that we were all feeling.
Girl, appreciate it. Ladies. This is a victory for me. If you get 12 of those in a row, you made it to the part of the game that's your true goal, the final two.
Karen's like, I'm happy.
Maybe now i won't be so crazy. Every single person left in this house breathed a big simultaneous siing of relief. We have perjed ourselves from jace.
We all clapped. Did we not clap when he left?
That was definitely a different vibe.
We're all like, congratulations, jace, you're leaving. Congratulations.
As much as we wanted to be mean, it was hard to.
I hope he really isn't crazy.
Don't hold you breath.
Obviously I'll sleep easy tonight. Sunny want you to know that i made my decision based on what i thought people might do because that's all people... i saw people very per terbed by jace's actions. I made that decision on that.
You go do what you got to do. I went on honor. That's what I went on. I came in this house, day one, hit fists and to me that was honor and we were supposed to be men of our words. He wasn'T. I don't understand. I know you felt like this for a while and you couldn't even tell me that. How you were going to vote.
I was torn between my friendship with jace and my loyalty to him, but at the same time, I'm thinking, i don't like the way he plays this game.
There's only one out of the four horsemen left in this game, and that's me. And you know, I'm going out with a fight.
I know my weeks are numbered myself.
Me, too man.
Live week to week. It's a game.
I think it could be sweet revenge if i could take drew out of this house. I hope that i can do it.
Come on, baby. Come on, come on, come on.

Julie: Congratulations, adria. You are the new head of household.
It's a! It is finally here, the safest i have ever felt in the house. It's just awesome. It's great to be A.
Here you go, girl.

I was very excited. For her to win that was huge to me. It's a brand-new game.
I think adria was a really good person to win H.O.H. This will also give me and will and karen a really good chance to feel her out, you know, just see how much of a team effort she's willing to put in.
What I love most about H.O.H. Competitions is that you goat see real facial expressions. Will and nakomis and karen are all part of that original alliance. The looks on all three of their face were just almost of like depression, and i guess it showed a lot to maybe where they stand in the game.
I do feel safe this week, although I don't know if this is me just being idealistic? With adria, you never know what's what she's going to do. Any one of us could be in danger.

We are all disposeable commodities. There are more negatives, i think, now they e-mail really, really starting to stew, about having those two in the house.
I think at this point it's safe to say natalie is safe. I think at this point I'm feeling comfortable with both diane and with drew. I'm not interested in putting them up at this time. We sides them, they all better watch their step.

Well, if you guys are ready for the unveiling of the new H.O.H. For the big a, then come with me right this way. You're all invited to enjoy a little bit of my world. And let's see what happens.
Oh, that's my mom.
I got to see a picture of my mom. And that's been very awesome just to say hey to mom and see her smiling face. Of course, i got my picture with lenny and the picture with my mom was awesome. It's great to share a bit of adria's life with everybody. It just felt good.
My most exciting moment whenever there is a new H.O.H. Is to see what their C.D. Is.

Adria got usher, andly say that i screamed like a 12-year-old schoolgirl. I adore usher.
There was a lot of squealing going on, but it was me. I was the one schooling like a little chick. You think i get the big six in the lottery. Music.
So you putting my ass up on the block tomorrow?
I haven't made a decision.
Okay. I was just curious.
I want to talk to whoever does want to talk.
Everybody in this house except for me...
I was straight to you all since day one. When you told me that you would never put me on, i took that as a word. I wouldn't do that to you. If three people deserves this money, it's us three. I'm not saying that to try to save me off the thing because my goal was to get as far as now with you. I am a man of my word. And i hope that they are able to trust me.

How are you feeling in the house as a whole?
Honestly, pi won H.O.H., I would not put you all two up. I had someone else in mind. As a matter of fact, i was going to come to you all insay, hey, if you all help me, I'll help you.
If you could save one person, who would you want to save?
You and your sister.
That's two people.
I'm safe.
Your sister.
I'm already safe.
That's a given. Honestly. I really feel that i would never break you all up. Never.

Well, who do you feel would be the biggest threat to me?
Out of the people here, right now, you know who was talking the smack, you can only imagine who the biggest talker is in this house right now.
The twins.
Probably a guy.
Yeah. That's biggest one.
Yep. I'm not giving up in this game. I am fired up. I will do what have to do to make it to the final two. I'll respect your decision whoever you put up. Obviously, you know, who i would like to go to the final four, i would think would be nakomis, myself, and you all two. I will swear that you will be safe next week and natalie will too. And the weeks to come until it's the end. And you got my word on that. Sometime happy for you, though. I had a good feeling about one of you two. Drew said the same thing.
Yeah. Well, drew said it. I was like, you know, i did too. I don't want you think I'm rushing in to talk to you.
Please do. Time is limited.
I tried not to be first brown-noeingz person to run into the H.O.H. Room after the competition was over, but... you know how every time one of the guys won the H.O.H. How we felt about it? I felt that was exactly what they gave us tonight, the three of them.T the looks that will, karen and nakomis had on their faces after the competition today when adria won, to me it makes them a target. The look on their faces...
It was like it was the last person they could want to get it. I saw it.
It disgusted me. I looked at drew and he looked at me like, those are your people.
I already know. I'm not stupid. I have not tried to hide it from anybody here. I know where I'm sitting. I know where my target zone is

We were an alliance in the beginning, but I know you're not scared of them. Cowboy is not a threat in this game. Cowboy is somebody i think we would want to take to the end and, you know, marvin, you know marvin is my target. I would want to see marvin out next week, but one of them might have to be put up. We could put karen out. It's going to be your decision, I'm just throwing suggestions out there.
I know. You know, speak freely.
I think we know what needs to happen unfortunately. I think real hard because you'll have to make this decision tomorrow on who you want to put up.
It puts me back in a crazy ass position.
You're in the... it was me and will and nakomis, looked right at me and said, "who do you think they're going to nominate?". I said they're? I was like...
You can't hide it. I hear it all over the place.

Regardless if natalie and i decide to separate and act like two individual, it will not happen in no one else's mind in this house. My whole life it's always been them. You don't ever hear her, she or I.
Who do you think they'll nominate.
Well, I'm done kissing your ass. My session is over. Should I send somebody else in?

Whatever you decide, don't sweat it. You have a lot of people that are hard core behind you.
Yeah. That's the least of my worries, I guess. I still feel good about the team and everything.
I have been with you guys from day one practically.
I don't want this to be a hard one. I want to be who i want to put up and i want it to be that way and know that whoever i do decide to put up on there will, if it's someone from our group personally, and I don't know who that is yet, but i have some ideas about that, that they should feel good because they know they have the two and the votes won't be their way.
I could smell the power trip brewing the second those two girls sat down in the same room together. Now that they're in control, mmm, I don't know. I really don't know. I don't know.

If you had to save somebody right now, who would you... if you want to say, who would you save that you would want to save if you had to save somebody.
Like if you put up two people...
Well, who are you thinking?
I'm not saying.
If you're not comfortable...
I neement saying nobody because I think it's not going to be a surprise, but I'm not sailing.

She was basically not naming a sickle name. She's the H.O.H. Now. She has to make a decision. Saying she's going to make her own decision, which basically doesn't make me feel like part of any team. When it comes to commitment like this is the most solid thing I've been involved in. I have different comfort levels with different people.
If I choose to put certain people up and it play the game fair to them, i want to give them a chance, if they turn back around next week, they can easily put me up. I'm a sitting duck next week.

How solid do you feel with everybody...
A lot of people say, you can't have trust. I'm trying to figure out, if you're not going to commit to nobody, then who are you committed to. With that being said, i feel that there's some people that are just not committed.
She wanted to know who i thought should go up, who i thought was committed and who i thought should be a pawn. Now, here is the problem. I am not the H.O.H. And i am not going to open my mouth because this girl's going to run around and say, well, karen said, karen said. That to me is the pits. I don't even know who she is going to put up.
Whatever you decision you make, I will take it as you're doing it for the good of the group.

Like i said, I'd like to be there for the final four at least. From there on, it's just a game. Do I care if two family members or not, what difference does it make? Four is four.
Adria will start hammering about where do you stand, where is your commitment, blah, blah, blah. The problem is that she doesn't commit.
I think they're starting to get cutthroat now.
Yeah, like worse than you could even think.
I don't think we should lie to them. I'm really worried, to tell you the truth. I'm worried about my safety and I'm worried about will's safety and nick's safety. I'm worried. I don't know what these two bats are going to do. They want to make sure whatever one does the other one will be behind.
I guess all bets are off with the team.

There is no team. There never was.
It's not about the team anymore. It's about adria and it's about
Natalie: And it is about their safety.
Worse than jace because there's two of them. Sunny don't know what it is. Karen gets louder and louder. Will crunches more ice than ever now.

Marvin can smack a damn...
Marvin is just gross. All his little habits.
Who else acts like a jerk? He used to be pretty sincere and basic. Now he's acting like, uh-huh, uh-huh. I'm just like, can it. 123450 who do you want to go? You got three chances.

Well, two need to go up tomorrow. Somebody will get the veto. They use it or don'T.
There's no need to put marvin and cowboy on the block at the same time.

Who else needs to go up?
I think will.
I thought that.

I was thinking put karen up. Sunny don't know if she can handle it. She'd lose it and be a basket case for a damn week.
I almost feel like that's worth it, too.

I think everybody's coming after me in future weeks, and karen is really a brilliant person. She's very detailed. She knows what's going on. So from the very beginning, she's been a threat to me.
My plan right now is to put up one of the three minus nakomis. I ain't pentagon her up yet.
They have a fair chance.

Are you going to tell them about it or just shock 'em?
Nope, shock.

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You know how the universe is expanding outwards, right?
At the center of the entire galaxy, could there be an anti-black hole?
I think so.
If the entire universe is just a black hole an an anti-black hole, then what's on the outside of our universe?
Really. That's what I'd like to know. If a black hole super novas, wouldn't that technically be considered a big bang?
So could there be multiple universes? Would that be alternate dimensions?
Somebody needs to be scientifically studying that. I think that it's so closed-minded for people to believe that we are the only things with conscious thought in the world.
Damn skippy.
Then there's supposed to be like a planet and it's pretty much a second earth, like it's millions of light years away, but, you know...
That is so fascinating.

Should i have spaghetti tonight or should i make a home-made chicken pasta?
The worst parbt of having P.B. And j is smelling everybody else's food and everything is all fried. People can drink beer and I'm just sitting there with my tongue hanging to the floor.
I have celery and carrots. I thought about making like a chicken noodle with chicken. Then I was kind of like, i kind of don't want that because I'm kind of looking at this spaghetti sauce.

I'm hoping and praying that next week i will be on the regular diet again. That way I can rub it in everybody else's faces.
You all better eat up.

Okay, everyone. If I could have you in the living room please. What I need for everyone to do is we're going to divide up into two teams, four and four.
Me and drew are going to be on the same team.
I want to be with people that want to win the game. Who wants to win and eat? That's why I went with that team.
That looks good, two girl, two guys.

I was looking at their team. I know natalie is a very skilled softball player and catcher. I know that those guys over there wanted to win. Then you looked at our poor team. And it's poor cowboy and me and nakomis and karen. We did not have the edge. I'll just say that.

All right. Guys. Whenever you're ready, follow me.

I went outside and we saw two giant picnic tables and stuff with burgers. Then you had a station with buns. A station of cheese, a station of lettuce. A station ofenons. A condiment starx all pleasing to the eye and all pretty.

Houseguests, it's summertime. A time to strap on the feed bag and fire up the grill. It's backyard berger bonanza. At the end of today's food competition, half of you will be enjoying a delicious full menu, including your very own barbecue outdoor grill. The other half will be snacking on our favorite peanut butter and jelly. Now, both teams will be trying to make cheese burgers by catching all the ingredients that go inside. So who wants to be on bun duty?
Cowboy is the bun man.
All right. Cowboy and natalie, go grab your buns.
Let me see them buns, girl.

Station one will be tossing the meat patties and cheese from the grill. Who wants to be the grill pasters?
I will be grill paster.
I'll be grill master.

All right. Station two will be throwing the lettuce and onion from the garnish table. No snoo who wants to be the garnishers.
Garnish, baby.

All right, karen and diane, head on over.

Station number three will be squirting the mustard and the ketchup. We have will and drew. The two of you will be in charge of the condiments. You will have five minutes to make as many cheese burgers as possible. Only cheese burgers that have all the ingredients will count. Even if your cheese berger is missing only one ingredient, it will not count. And you need to keep both feet in the red squares while catching all the ingredients. The team with the most cheese burgers at the end of the game will be the food winners. It's time for backyard berger bonanza! Go!

My job was to catch the meat, cheese, onion, lettuce and then git squirreled with ketchup and mustard to complete the berger.

Nakomis flipped a hamburgers to me. She alsoed that cheese.
Good catch.
Here we go, here we go.

I had to toss onions to the cowboy and then throw lettuce on to the onion.
Will, he got to squirt me from head to toe, it seemed, with ketchup and mustard.
Good, good, good, good. Sunny hate losing. P.B.And J. Is bad news for a carnivore like me. It's just bad news. Sunny thought i dade damn good job. It's probably the best tosser out there.

I put ketchup and mustard. I think i forgot how do that since I've been on P.B.And sqment forever. Sunny was really worried about cowboy being our head chef because he doesn't understand the rules half the time. Cowboy gets nervous and he's a little doofy.
Try again. You're okay.

My job was to catch the hamburger in the bun.
Oh, good job.
Keep it up. Good job, good job.
The lettuce was the hardest to catch.
The thing is, it's kind of windy today. The lettuce flew off one of the buns one time. To my dismay because I love to eat.
The lettuce had a mind of its own. It wouldn't stay where it was supposed to be. The weight just wanted to do what it wanted to do.
You can start over.
Good, good, good.
All right.
Got it?

You dropped your lettuce.
With people throwing food at you, you really can't look down. I didn't know I wasn't on the mat or couldn't tell that i wasn't on the mat. I was trying to look at objects and try catch that. I wish my teammates would have said, get on the map.
Yeah. (Whistle blows)

All right. Let's see what we have. On the red side we have three violation, one being an off the mat hamburger. Two being a lettuce drop. So I'm going to have to move-- remove through of the red team hamburgers. Two and three.
That's going to hurt.

Let's see what we have. On the red team we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten hamburgers.
Over here on our blue side we have, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11 hamburgers. With a score of 11-10, we have our winners, we have our losers. Welcome to the barbecue grill and the P.B.J.S.

Good game, guys.

I'm just really pissed off. My team got D.Q.Ed for three hamburgers. I blame natalie. That sucks.
I hate to lose. In the... we lost to cowboy and nakomis, gay wheel and karen. For us to lose to them, that's doubly bad.
Good job, baby. Good job.
I don't care who has been on peanut butter and who hasn'T. Yes, we won. We won fair and square. And you know what, if they don't like it, they can lick it up! alll over georgia

Have you watched your quota for "big brother" vision today
No? Should we watch them in the kitsch rn. The other night in the H.O.H. We were having fun with the pie screen.

Ask cowboy if you can squeeze his nipple.
There he, is there he is.
We gave each other dares.
Okay, okay.

They dared me to put on one of natalie's thongs and dance wearing the hat. I said I would not do it alone.
Of course the guys got involved. If the guys get involved, it means that my half-brother ends up running through house naked.
Oh, my god.
All right. I'm not going to go to sleep unless I have the best stunt yet. So...

Go on.
Diane's got my miami red hawk flag wrapped around her. It looks like there's nothing on underneath.
Oh, my gosh.
Supersexy. All the guys loved it.
I got lots of good sun left and plenty of baby toil back it up.

You stay here much longer your ass will be black as me.
I'm not even daring.

Diane suffers from the disease that we gays know as tan orexia.
Her skin is this close to sha rifling off her body. She came in the house a nice shade of olive, and she's going to be leaving here a very, very rusty brown. We should all make a very central yen effort to get diane out of the sun.
I want to lay out.
Can you get any tanner?
I could use a little bit. See. You guy just think i look tan because of the clothes i wear. When you wear bright green and orange, yeah, I look tan.
I think you're probably pretty tan.
I couldn't even gate read.

Like, i think, i honestly feel like she might be putting me up.
No. You?
Oh, no. Please. No, dog. Cop on now. I just don't see that at all.
I do because i think she's looking at people othat haven't been put up yet.

I think it's me and cowboy. That's what I think. This there ain't nothing I can do about it. That's the read i got off of her.

I don't want to say what i my read was, but I don't feel personally safe.
I think marvin is saying since he's watching the door, i appreciated his humor and cooking and I'm someone who values his presence in the house, if only for the immediate time being he feels safe with me.

My ass damn near floating in the wind. I'm an effigy. I[Wv appreciate it. Thanks for playing.
I'm at the point where i don't even know what i want to do, stay or leave. You know what I'm saying.

Hey, dude, please don't leave if I'm still here. I apts going to have nobody to talk to unless i can talk about macro may and crochet with these chicks.
What? What you doing?
Thinking. Got a job to do, diane.
Whan me to leave you alone.
No, you need lock the door and get your ass in here. I need to talk to you for a minute.

What's up?
I'm thinking about putting will up.

What do you think about karen?
I think she's a risk. This week as H.O.H. Yourself, in a key position. I cothink no matter what decision you make represents both of us.

I will tell you the decision I make will be thinking of both of us. This is not the only house in the game now.

We have first the "big brother" house. As we know it. Then we have the new house called the jury house. So I have to work to build both.

Who would i want to send to jury now to be the number one juror to sit there...
To make opinions to day one and talk to these people every week if I make it to the end? Do I want someone who is going to sit there and be pissed off and be ugly and say all these horrible things about a or would I want someone like, say, you, that would be there planning a positive impact into the house?
I'm sure you could get the house to back you and vote me out.

We know how marvin is. He's a bigger threat to me sitting down there at the jury house. Sitting there saying the way he says stuff. It gets in peoples' heads and makes them think. I don't know if I want him there.
I send marvin out of this hour, he's going to have plenty of time to sit there and brew before the next one comes. In marvin is going to play the game and poison everybody's minds.

I definitely want to be surprised. I like surprises.
It's bad.

I think they're going to put one of us up.
I think they're going to put me up. It's fun oy how the team was so important when she was on the block and diane and you, it was a team decision, team decision. No more. No more team.

I think they're crazy as hell, you all.
I'm sorry, if they do something I don't like, and down agree with, i will step up andly talk to them about it.

If they put me, you, you or diane up...
It's dangerous. I'm hoping that it's marvin and cowboy.
Now you see adria in power, and it's not about the team anymore. It's about adria, and I have a feeling that we could be seeing the next jace brewing inside the head of household room. O

One of new dieities as head of household is to nominate two people for eviction.
I never worry about nominations because the number one, i expect everything somebody tells me is a lie. Number, two i expect to be voted out that week.

I'm definitely a wavering type person. It is very difficult to make a decision about who at this point in the game to put up for nomination for eviction.
I do feel safe this week, although if adria perceives me as any sort of threat, i just don't know about it. I very well could end up on the block.

Every time nominees come about in this house, I do get nervous. That's when it gets serious, because we all are playing for $500,000. Sunny could care less about the nominations ceremony for eviction because i know my ass is safe.

I'm freaked out. I'm always freaked out. Every single week you're worried. And it just seems like the weeks are going to go on for all eternity.
Sometimes things just reveal themselves. That's where I really keep my faith that i know the right answer will come to me.

I'm a mar vick. Everybody is paired up with somebody. I have nobody. Drew and diane, they have their love connection going on. Adria and natalie. They're cyst erx twin devils and stuff. Cowboy and his long lost sister nakomis. I'm the only body with nobody here.

I just feel in my heart that I've been led by a very important power in my life to make this decision today.Cn guys, it's now time for the nominations ceremony to begin. Well, girx as you know, this is the nominations ceremony. And I have to put up two people today for nomination for eviction. Being in this new position in the house for the first time has given mae great opportunity to really look at all the wonderful people that are in this house today. I have been privileged to be here with all you guys, and I'm very thankful and blessed to be here with each of you. I want to say, this wasn't an edie to de six today because each of you have been such a key component to this house and playing as a team. And I really appreciate that from everybody here, and i can't say enough about that. What I have to do now is i will take first key out, and that will reveal the name of the person that will be safe. And then from that point on, the next key will reveal the next person.

So with that, I'll start with the first key. Nakomis. You're safe.Vc>Ñ drew yourself, safe. -- Drew, you're safe. Natalie, you're safe.
Thanks, A. Cowboy, you're safe.
Thank you.W3
Karen, you're safe.
Thanks, A. Diane, you're safe.
Thank you.
Of course you all can see now that I have nominated will and marvin both for our nominees for eviction today. Marvin, you are an awesome guy. You have been an amazing contributor to this house, the way you've pulled together for this team last week gives) highest respect for you.

I appreciate that. That's so nice of you.
I know that this is your time to really be marvin, let yourself shine, keep being the guy that you are. And just play your game.

Does this mean i can't listen to usher no more or i can still listen to usher?
I'll let you listen to usher.
We're straight. I don't hate you.

We're still cool. Will, I love you to death. I think you're awesome, but you are a very great competitor, and I'm ready to see that competitor rise up. I know there's more than those great arms over there. I'm ready to see will bust loose. With that, you guys, the ceremony is ended.

As far as adria, she's stabbing me in the back and what she did today shows me she's a spineless jellyfish, gutless wonder. So if I don't win the veto, I'm out. That's all there is to it.

What will does now is will is going to play the veto, try win the veto. If I win the veto, i probably will take myself off, and if i stay, I have reasons to come back with the knife sharp and ready so I can seek my coldious vicious revenge.

I don't trust adria as far as I can throw her. So my big fear is that s gets the veto, is she going to put up cowboy? She might say she will, but then she might change her mind. I don't know.

Will was a complete surprise to us. Adria didn't tell anybody about it. It kind of makes me wonder who your allies are in this game.

I think it's time for people in this house to stand up and want to believe in themselves and want to fight. Will and marvin have v a chance to play that veto and save their own buts, but somebody has to go. That's the bottom line here.

Who will win the power of veto. Will will they use it to save will or marvin from eviction? Find out tuesday at 9:00 P.M., 8:00 P.M. Central on "big brother 5." Captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group

After the show, a huge FISH happens.

11:16 PM the HG’s gather to watch preview of “Without a Paddle”. The HGs were locked down in the cement room while Adria was in the DR getting the instructions. In the LR, a TV atop a stand has been set up in front of the plasma screen. Adria says that winner of luxury comp will get to watch a screening of the movie with overstuffed chairs and refreshments.

Outside, we see a HUGE bowl of M&M’s and three paths, looking like film, leading up to it. HGs break into teams and must assemble a puzzle on the paths. When the puzzle is completed, one HG roots through the giant bowl of M&Ms for a golden one. Winner finds it, and his team gets to see the movie.

Three teams are as follows:
Nat and Nak builds puzzle, Adria finds M&M
Karen and Marvin builds puzzle, Cowboy finds M&M
Diane and Drew builds puzzle, Will finds M&M

Diane and Drew complete their puzzle, Will finds the Gold M&M and they win.

Intermittent FISH ensue as they watch the movie. The rest munch on a week-long supply of M&Ms. (Wonder if they sponsor BB? HAH!)

12:33 AM and Marvin is massively depressed, talking to Karen. He says this is the worst I’ve felt in a long time. Karen breaks into tears. For one thing, he’s depressed about losing the earlier comp.

Marvin talking to CB he says this has been a losing day for me. I got nominated, lost the veto, lost the food competition, and now this. He says "is there anything else around this f-ing place i can lose?"

CB says Will has had a pretty good week, except for being on the block. Marvin says he ain’t on the block. He's just the d@#@ pawn, I'm the one she wants out. I know the dealio.

Marv says he guesses Jase got the best deal after all. He got to go home AND get the money. I have to either go sit in the #*&! jury house for 6 weeks or go home without any money. Go thru this Sh!! for free.

Meanwhile, the twins discuss who should go (eviction wise.) one twin is crying. The other says Marvin is so very nice, and they should break up the power. Bible reading ensues.

1:18 AM Marvin is on the floor in HOH listening to music, still depressed. He thinks BB likes him pissed off. Karen was taking a shower and the lightbulb blew. The other HGs are very depressed they didn’t get to see the flick.

Karen and Nakomis discuss having a breakdown:
K: Hi. I'm having a nervous breakdown. [waving to people behind the windows].
Nak commiserates.
K: But that doesn't make the sponsors happy.
N: People don't know what I'm going through. I can't vent here. Can't draw. Can't talk freely.
K: Right. Right. Right.
N: Can't scream b/c it f**ks with the audio.

Karen gets considerably more upset about Marvin, and damn near does break down. She is totally bawling. She says he can’t seem to win anything, then she apologizes to Nik and says she can’t even look at CB. She makes fun of Adria crying, of all things, meanwhile bawling herself.

Karen seems to think A will take Will off the block and put someone else up. It’s so unfair, there are TWO of them, she says. And how they treat Marvin is awful. Its not fair how marvin is being treated. He shouldn’t have to go through this like this. He feels like he is a loser and it is on tv. She tells Nak that she knows that cowboy is her brother but its not right. They should have put up Marv and CB and let the house decide. She is going on and on about it isnt fair and it isnt right. Marvin has no dignity. He helped us get rid of Jase. And Will...why did they put will up...what the F#ck.

Karen, still bawling, says Marvin doesn’t mean anything by the way he his, he defended Adria so hard, he's not a bad guy he's getting treated so badly and its embarrassing...and Will, why Will, why put WIll up like that.

Karen, talking about Adria, says “then she's looking at me and crying these enormous glistening crocodile tears, she's got a f*cking family member in here, I’m sorry but don’t even try...and then she tells me she wants a volunteer if Marvin gets the veto, and I’m like 'a volunteer against Will??? what the f*ck are you saying? Will she take Will down and put someone up, I don’t know what the f*ck is going on, there is two of them and its not fair, if she wanted a volunteer why doesn’t her sister volunteer, and I’m scared cuz her sister's not the worst of the two i dont think.”

Nakomis says she likes Nat a lot more than A, Karen agrees. Ranting on, Karen compares the twins to Hitler. This whole rant goes on quite a while, with Karen getting more and more worked up. They decide to ask CB who he’s voting for. Karen says he won’t tell.

Karen indicates that she’ll put up both twins if she wins HoH. She says have fun with the veto...have fun picking people for veto.. its not so fun when the cards are all f#cked. Are you gonna save yourself or are you gonna save your sister?

Karen says Will was acting different today. She asks Nik if the twins talked to him.
K: Will's not really in with Diane and Drew too much.
N: I know, but it worries me.
K: He was weird today.
N: Him and Drew both won presents, and him and Drew are both going to the movie.
K: But I think he's just going along with everything.
N: I'm not worried about him doing anything to stab us in the back.

Finally, Nakomis thinks of offering to go up in Will’s place.