10AM Wake up call.
It's a quiet morning. There are small discussions about Adria using the VETO. Will and Nakomis are thinking that the Twins don't like them and that Will will remain on the block.

12 Noon
Karen is called to the Diary Room but she doesn't want to go. After 3 calls she finally goes. Marvin and Adria are having words saying he won't go and kiss her butt just to get saved. This is the first week that she's been in the house and she doesn't know everything that has happened. He keeps bringing up the fact that he's been sleeping in the Stone Room while she's spent half her time in a hotel room reading a book. Adria is looking to deal with Marvin to keep him in the house and make an alliance with him but he's not seeing or caring about it. It seems he feels very betrayed by the Twin Twist, that or the PBJ diet is really getting to him. Marvin explains that he won't go around campaigning because he likes Will and thinks Will is a good guy. Will also isn't going around campaigning for the same reasons.

Adria is upset and yelling at everyone now. Because of the arguing, Adria has decided she wants the HGs to split the votes so it is a tie and she will break the tie; that way it will be all her doing. Will tries to calm Adria down. He askes her not to use the VETO because he doesn't want to see someone else put up this week. He says to let fate decide who gets voted out this week.

During the arguing Diane, Drew, and Nakomis were hanging out in the Cloud Room avoiding the battle field. Cowboy came in and left. The talk was random but occasionally drifted to Adria. Diane joked that there was another Twist, that the Twins were from the Psych Ward. There is talk about a psychiatrist because Karen has been in the DR for over an hour. Then the talked turned to 'what if you got HOH next week.' Nakomis says that she'd put up the Twins maybe. She couldn't put up Cowboy.

Karen finally returns from the Diary Room. (over 3 hours) She hints at speaking to a shrink but doesn't confirm it. She does confirm that she is PMSing, so no pregnancy. Adria filled Karen in on the happenings over the past few hours. Then Drew gets Adria alone and highly suggests getting Nakomis, Will, or Karen out this week. They are a tight three and could get her voted off next week. He promises her that he is still with her.

Diane tells Adria that Will should be the one to go this week. Everyone wants Marvin out so getting him later would be easy. Later on Will and Diane are talking and she tells him that he is safe not to worry. She jumps on the band wagon of the Twins are next.

Adria tells Nat that she won't use the VETO to take anyone off the block, and that if it's a tie she will vote Will out. She is actually counting on it being a tie. Will and Karen spend time in HOH talking about next week saying that they have to get the Twins up together. Everyone else is playing 'nice-nice' with each other. Diane is having a bad night with her jewelry, first she lost the backing to her earring, then she lost a ring down the bathroom sink. Marvin and Cowboy became plumbers in order to get her ring, and Drew found the earring backing for her.

11PM Poker starts.
Drew, Diane, Marvin, and Cowboy are playing. Marvin has a glass of wine, even though he is on PB&J. For the most part it's a quiet night. Everyone is pretty drained from the fighting this afternoon. Will, Karen, and Nakomis talk about numbers and realize that if Adria really pushed a few people that the three of them aren't going to be enough. They know that they can't trust Cowboy though because Karen caught a comment Adria made that she could only have made if she had talked to Cowboy. Will is considering making a deal with Adria to vote Marvin out and if one of "his three" gets HOH she is safe. They talk to make sure things are cool with each other. Meanwhile, Nat and Cowboy are talking about pulling Marvin into their alliance. Cowboy is thankful to Nat that they are taking him in and are trusting him. Will talked to Diane and told her what was said to Adria which Diane shortly goes and tells the Twins. Drew is getting paranoid that Will is targeting him because he's making a lot of comments towards him. The girls try to calm Drew down by explaining that the comments are all in fun being made by a drunk gay man who has the hots for him.

Drew, Diane, Adria, and Nat have a little talk in the HOH. They are planning who is voting for whom so that it will come out a tie. Diane said she was going to throw HOH next week because it would put her in a bad position because she's playing both sides. Diane leaves and Drew hangs out for awhile.

When he leaves he finds an upset Diane in bed. She is paranoid that the Twins and Drew are going to vote her out. She tells him that she is taking him to the end with her and she doesn't care if she gets second to Drew. Their talk goes to their normal talk and kissing. There is motion under the covers that looks like HJ's being given. It was a late night they finally went to bed about 6AM.