9:20 A.M.
BB announced to the HG’s it’s time to get up and the VETO ceremony is in 2 hours.

HG’s have been on lockdown in BY for some time. Marv is acting out like a slave and W acting very flamboyant (because they say the two stereotypes are on the block), and they are saying they should dress up for the veto ceremony. Will in drag & Marvin as a slave. Marv says he should say “Missy don't vote me off please. I'm honored to be in the same room as you lovely white girls" and W says "Girl, Veto me now" (snapping his fingers).

Nothing but chatter and card games in backyard.


Lockdown over around 12:20 and the HG’s head inside for VETO ceremony. We get FISH for a while. VETO – A chose not to use the veto on W & Marv. Afterward W was talking to Di to see if she could get Dr to vote out Marv. Di was recapping to W that she saw Marv and Nat in the kitchen last night, she thought they were talking strategy and that she later went to Dr venting saying she thought they were against her and that he and the twins were going to vote her out. She is saying that her diet of PB & J is making her lose her mind. To reiterate; the conversation between Nat and Marv from last night; there were some subtle hints from Nat that Marv isn’t going anywhere. At the time they were talking, Marv didn’t have his mic on, so he couldn't say anything to her. Nat was teasing him saying "oh, look finally I can talk to Marv without him arguing. You can't say anything can you”... joking around with him.

Will went into HOH to apologize to A for laughing during the VETO ceremony. A said she didn't even notice. W said it's a nervous thing that he does - he doesn't mean to do it. A repeats that she didn't even notice and she's cool.

Nat and A HOH talking, Nat says it was best that she (A) didn't use the veto, is shows them that she backed her original nominations. A mentioned in her POV speech that both nominees asked her to not use it on them, so she is honoring their wishes. A or Nat didn't appreciate Marvin calling her out, saying that the other HG’s have had a tougher time in the house as opposed to the twins who have not been in the house the entire time. One of them is very concerned that Di has said she is throwing the HOH comp.

Will goes outside to K & Nak and says "oh let me guess who is in HOH right now"...Nak says Lenny & Squiggy. K saying Dr never says anything to her, W agreeing. K says Dr will just drift his way to the end, W says “he just might”. K says you get down to 5 people and Dr is included, he would be the swing vote, but doesn't talk at all so you won't know where he is going with his vote. Nak says she does not think that CB will vote for Marv to stay. LOL, K says “I will talk to Dr, it will probably take 3 1/2 hours.” K asking Nak what she thinks about Dr and Di, Nak says she trusts that Di will vote him out. She said Di knows and if Nak hears anything different....She is saying that Dr will be the last guy out and Di has agreed to this. Nak thinks if he goes 1st, then Di will want to be the first one of the girls out to be with him. K says if CB gets HOH next week "god help everybody".

K harping on the fact that the twins were in a hotel every 4 days and had their own bed, clean sheets, a clean toilet with no Jase jiz on it (ugh) and how unfair an advantage that was.

Let's go now to Marv and W in back. Marv saying that in Survivor you can control your destiny a little more than "up in here". HOH has too much power, especially after "pushin a d*mn puck". Marv says HOH should only put up 1 person then the public put up the other. He thinks it's ludicrous that they choose to put up 2 people. He says "95 days...ooooh weee that's a long time, and with the diet restrictions..." Marv saying this game "don't require no strategy, I mean come on now, someone come up to you and say so and so got HOH and they mad at you cuz you didn't wash your dishes this week, so you goin' up". He says he will stick out sequester.

W saying that A & N were backtracking, saying that they had no idea they would be switching until they got to the show in sequester. But they told them right after the reveal of the twist, that their husbands were schooling them on how to act the same and that one of them should have their mole cut off etc. Saying what liars they are.

The feeds were on K in the kitchen baking cookies for about 2 hours this afternoon! After a couple of hours her cookies are sticking, they don’t taste great because she used bisquick and she has been in there for hours and she just said (to herself) "bad f'ing cooking day for me". Cb asked her, “so what do you think Larry is doing?” She said "well, at this time maybe he is helping a neighbor, he is good at helping out the neighbors do stuff, but actually I can't even remember that far back what we might be doing at this time."

Drew was talking to Di about the twins and Marv, asking Di if she thought that the twins told Marv he was staying this week and asked him not to put them up. Di said “whatever it was, it would be Nat’s idea not A’s. I don’t know what it was about; I wish I had my glasses on so I could get better facial expressions. All I saw was two people split real fast.” Then Di said “did I tell you I asked Marv about it outside? I said Marv was that you last night? You Ran into the concrete room when you saw me, what were you doing?” Marv said “they told me to put my mic on so I just went back to bed.” Then Di said “why did you shut the door so quick?”. Marv said, “cuz I didn’t want to talk to you without having my mic on.” Di then said “I don’t know Dr, W just told me outside that he doesn’t know where your vote is going. He assumes it's going to him. W wants to stay in this game. He said, I have no doubts about Dr, he knows he's safe with me and Nak and you.” Then Di says “and you don’t believe that, because Nat is filling your head with junk, keep in mind that Nat & A are two different people.”

Dr said to Di “what are you feeling like today, it's like you changed since last night.” Di said “I love W, he couldn’t tell a lie to my face and Nak does not lie. Karen I don’t know what she thinks, she's just doing her own thing, she's just nuts. My gut doesn’t trust A / N like you do, I wish I trusted them like you do, but I'm willing to take that risk.” Di says in a way I feel like we'd have a better chance of winning the game if we had Nak and K next to us rather than the twins, Marv & CB. Dr says “you are playing both sides right now” and Di says “I know, but I will go with what ever you are thinking.” Dr whispered to her and she changed the subject (someone listening?). Once they think whoever was listening is gone, Dr tells Di, she has definitely changed and she just tells him she doesn’t totally trust the twins, plus they have targets on their backs now, so how far will they really get with them? Di is telling Dr that the twins have sucked in CB but act like they haven’t. Dr says Nat is the stronger of the twins, so she should go first out of the two of them. Di says they should force a tie this week, so A has to choose, and then we don’t look bad, plus she wants W’s vote in the end, if it comes to that.


Dr, Di, W & CB talking about the house and the show and Di says “Drew said my attitude is different today and I said it's because I realized when I woke up today, how funny it is that we are stuck in a house and the biggest worry we have is who's getting kicked out next week”. They say how they all favor the internet questions they are asking them in the DR.

Di was talking with W about the "art project at home" - which seems to be the hidden code for Dr. Di says we've done a little finger painting and W says “was the canvas smooth?” Then Nak says “or was it slightly rough?” Di responds “slightly rough.” Then Di said “actually I couldn’t use the best strokes with the brush because my hand was in a compromising position.” W – “Did the watercolors get too dry? Maybe you just need to spit and then paint”. Di said “I couldn't paint the picture really well because the movements that are made when I cover the canvas.” K – “Because you can't expose a canvas to direct sunlight”, then Di “I will say the canvas I used was quite large in width, maybe not as tall....

W asks K if he should go to Dr and K says yes. K says there is no way in hell the girls would keep Marv because he smells blood. W says that if they really did want to get rid of him, the A/N would have had Marv act like he was apologizing today. K said that yesterday Marv was sitting there and she was crying and she thought Marv was almost going to cry. W says his anger is real, and there's no way he's making that up...he hates them (A & Nat).

Di sitting with Nak and Dr, Nak has had a few beers and is a little buzzed. Di says “I am not playing the food comp. next week with Marv. (oops)

Diary Room – A was called in there at about 9:45 and we heard and saw her in there for a minute, they told her they were sorry to call her out of the hot tub, but they had questions and a deadline to meet. They told her this is going to be one of those funky question sessions and to get comfortable while they get a focus (with the camera). They say they are going to take her back to nomination day and she should comment or answer like it just happened. A said “I will do my best”. DR says then, “Let’s go back to the day of the nomination ceremony, the nominations have just taken place and…then we get FISH.

CB and A were talking strategy, CB says he wants to split Di and Dr up now because he feels Di controls Dr. A saying how it’s been a tough week and a lot of hard decisions came her way. CB saying thank you for saving him. A says that was part of the hard part for me because half the house wanted me to put you up there with Marv. CB says in order to get far in the game he knows that W must go this week.

There was quite a bit of very graphic sex talk, I will not repost but you can check the feed updates starting at about 10:00. By all means, I am no prude, but the content of all these discussions is just not type-able…and Marv and K are still at it and I understand by other feed posters it’s getting pretty gross. I cannot attest as I did not tune into the feeds myself tonight.


CB, Twins & Di in wood room and Di says that K said to her “you're the first girl I ever kissed.” A says “I love K, I think she's just great.” Di: “She's so hot...she's a hot MILF”. A says “I'm sure she had her [sex] stories tonight, but she won't tell them. Or if she did, we’ll have to wait for the DVD to find out.” CB says he wants to see the uncut version. A said W told her they make a DVD uncut version.

Di asks Marv, again, in front of Dr, W & K why he ran away from the other night, into the cloud room. He said he was told privately to put on his microphone and he didn’t want BB to wake up the house with another announcement. Di asked him “why did you slam to door to the room?” Marv says "are you sure that wasn’t Harvin? Harvin doesn’t have a mole." Di leaves and Dr follows, Di saying that Marv’s answer was suspicious. Dr said they should confront Nat about it, and then says he will have a long talk with CB tomorrow. Lots of kissing and I think other “stuff” going on under the covers.

All asleep somewhere around 3:00.