BB Recap August 17

BB woke everyone up at 11 am. The houseguests perform their morning routines and set out for a “nothing” day being that it is Tuesday.

At about 3:00 pm the houseguests have a lockdown outside. Nik, Karen and Diane are sitting chatting. Diane tells them that she thinks Drew will vote to evict Will causing a tie that will have to be broken by Adria. She told them that Nat told Drew that Will, Karen and Nik was targeting him. This upsets Nik and Karen which results in more Nat bashing. As soon as Will is off the treadmill they tell him what Diane just told them.

Will then tells Diane that he is going to talk to Drew. He is going to tell him not to believe rumors and that he will not nominate or vote him out till it was just them 2 (now Will is singing a new song here) Diane tells Will to calm down and to approach it tonight. She makes the comment that “they” think I am still with them. Then they talk about how to get one of the twins out of the house. Will tells Diane that if he got HOH (you mean he is going to try for it) that he would not have a problem putting both twins up and having an enemy in the house when the week was through.

While Willis talking to Diane Karen of course goes and talks to Drew. She tells him that the twins are “hard core” competitive and that she wanted to clear the record straight and let him know that she don’t want anyone blamed for something that is not true. Drew listens and agrees. Diane tells Drew that Natalie is the brains of the two.

Karen comes back to the group and tells them what she just said to Drew (adding a few good lines that she never said) So after hearing that Diane gets up and searches out Drew.

Diane tells Drew that she is uncomfortable with the twins and that she trusts Will and the others so much. She reminds him that he needs to talk to Nat today. She asks Drew who he is voting for he comes right out and tells her that he is nt telling her because I don’t know who your going to tell. Diane comes back and said I am not telling anyone anything an Drew responded with “Yes you are” after she leaves Drew said out loud it is Tuesday- stimulus day what the f&6k is going on around here? He sits in the cloud room looking puzzled and alone.

Diane comes back to Drew a few minutes later and tells him she is done playing both sides that every time she walks away from one group someone is talking about her. She again asks him for his vote. He tells her he doesn’t know what he is going to do. Diane tells him that she trusts Will’s group more then the twins. and leaves. Once out in the living room Diane starts on a rampage telling people to please put her up next week and vote her out she can’t stand it any more.

Adria hearing this approaches Drew to see what happened. Drew explains that she is stuck between both sides and she is freaking out. Adria tells Drew that she is going to tell her to vote the way she wants that she does not want to control her vote. She then makes the comment that she thinks it is weird that no one has approached her on the vote.

Out back Will, Nik and Karen are having a bash fest against the twins and Marvin joins in. Diane heads outside and tells Nik to keep working on Drew, that he is mad at her for telling their group things. She then makes the comment that it looks like that her and Drew is going to have to split up in playing the game, which they both think differently (again exposing Drew)

Cowboy approaches Drew for a man to man talk at 3:45. They are in the cloud room. CB tells Drew that Will has to go that that alliance needs to be broken up. Drew agrees with him. CB tells him that he has a plan a brilliant plan for the next week. He needs to know how he feels about Diane (timing is everything CB. Drew tells CB that he thinks Diane is playing him and exposing him to the other side. CB tells him that Natalie told him that Will was coming after him (Drew). They assure each other that they are a new ALLIANCE and that they will be together till the end. Drew talks about what a bad idea it was to trust Diane and start a relationship in the house because in the game people lie and how that causes mistrust and that once they get out he will think that she will mistrust him too. CB tells him that he has been trying to tell him that all along. Drew tells CB about the lies Will has said to him. CB said we need Will gone next week for my plan to work. He tells Drew to stick with Diane for another week that she needs to go next week. Drew responds with that Diane can be a real bitch sometimes. CB questions Drew’s loyalties and asks him if he is with Diane or with him. Drew reassures CB that they have been together since the beginning. CB wants Drew to tell him that if Diane is up that he will not use VETO to save her. He tells him that he won’t that she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. CB tells Drew that they need Marvin in this game and that if it comes down to a tie he can only hope that Adria sends the right one home. He also tells Drew that he trusts Adria and Natalie completely because they are the only ones n the house to talk game with him, everyone else has ignored him all week.

Meanwhile Diane and Will are having a conversation in the backyard. . Diane tells Will that Drew is mad at her. She then said I do not care anymore. I mean they weren't intentionally attacking Drew, but they brought it to his attention that you guys wanted him out. I don't know what to believe. Those two. I don't know how I feel about them anymore....he needs to f*cking wake up and smell the vultures waiting for him (referring to the twins) Diane is clearly upset. She gets called to the Diary room and while walking through the house she is yelling bring on the anger! (She is losing it here) She was in the DR for about 20 minutes and comes out telling everyone she is crazy and laughing.
She heads outside to listen to some music on the hammock and is approached by Marvin. He asks Diane what is happening in the house today. She replies that she can’t talk about it. Marvin tells her she is a cool chick that she has some balls!
Diane then makes the comment that she wished she thought about thinks better before she said things. Will approaches them and they talk about the vote. Will states that Adria wants to cause a tie vote so she can decide who shall go. He said that his honor and integrity are worth more to him then $500,000 (he should have realized that before running his mouth off since Friday) That she is on a power trip. They talk about how Jase had promises with everyone. How he promised to bring everyone to the end with him.

CB and Natalie are talking in the HOH. CB reassuring Nat that he is voting out Will and that he is certain the Drew is too. Nat said that Will is targeting her and Adria. She talks about how people’s real colors are starting to show that this was the first week of a new game.

Later as Marvin was cooking pork chops for CB., CB tells him that he is voting to keep him in the house that he is honoring the pact they made earlier. At this time Diane is now making her rounds apologizing to everyone for her behavior today and acting like a nutcase.

Drew and Diane pretty much avoided each other all day and at about 6 pm they are both in the kitchen and the ice is broken. They start talking to each other again. They play some golf with Will, CB and Marvin providing the commentary. Diane and Drew flirt while CB glares at them and is totally serious about the game. Will wins and the game breaks up.

Later Karen tells Adria that she admires the way she was HOH this week (kissing up) and that she hopes she doesn’t hold anything personal against her (like the way she called her all kinds of names etc)

Later Nik and Diane have a chat in the back yard. Nik tells her that she should not go for romance in the BB house . How everyone watching every move and how mistrust is formed. Diane said he biggest fear is that there will be no romance outside the house. Nik tells her that Drew has to be his own person and that they will figure it all out once they are out of her.

Adria and Natalie steal a moment in the HOH to worry about how Diane was acting all day. Adria explains how Diane was the one that flipped out and wanted one of those 3 up on the block and how now she is changing her tune (welcome to BB Adria) She then said that Nik has been acting stoned all day and wonders about that. They say how good a guy Drew is and hope that he is in the final 3 with them.

As the night winds down Marvin, Drew, CB and Diane play poker. First not much chatter, then general conversation starts. They talk of spiders and piercings (like body piercings) Drew plays footsies with Diane under the table. The poker game breaks up at 2:30 am.

After the game splits up Diane and Drew head to the hammock to rehash the day. Diane starts by telling him that reality TV romances do not last. That she thinks that they are good for comfort but that’s all (repeating what Nik told her earlier) . She feels bad because she really was into their relationship and really like him but today it dawned on her that she was playing the game alone. She said that she does not know what kind of person he is outside this house. That they come from different backgrounds and that the relationship was not going to work. Drew told her that after he woke from his nap he felt like he woke up in a different house. He said he saw her go into the Diary room all pissed off and asked her what that was about. He asked her what he missed today. Diane said that she wanted people to have a chance to defend themselves that she doesn’t trust the twins She said she busted Natalie in a lie today. (About when she asked what she said to Marvin in kitchen that night?)She said right before she went into the DR she realized she lost his trust, and that is not what she wanted to happen. She said that she is doing what is best for her and others and that she does not feel that he is looking out for her. She said she was sorry she brought him into it today and that maybe game wise they will have to go their own ways. That she is listening to her gut, that is all she has to listen to. Diane then said it really only matters who gets HOH on Thursday, that he will see it then. She thinks that everyone is going to put the twins up and the numbers are not here. Drew explains that he knows how she feels but that her pinky swear thingy will have to be broken soon, and Diane said she know that but it is just so much better for the numbers if Will stays. She then said to Drew that she will bring him as far as she can. She promises never to put him up, vote him out and to try not to let others do it either. (He does not come back with the same promise)
Drew then explains that today it hit him on a personal level. That she should have told him that Will and Karen were going to talk to him or that she was sending them to him. He then said that he understands that it was not a big thing to her but it was to him. That she was just playing her game. He then said that today was the first time he felt deceived by her and that it really hurt him. Diane said she was sorry that he was taking it personally and that it was only the game and not personal. Drew said it bothered him all day that she did not come to him and explain. He said he felt like she didn’t care about him. Diane goes off on how dumb she is again and how she messes up everything (she did mess this up for sure)

Diane then breaks the ice by telling him he is so hot when he is mad. She said she will tell her grandkids that she fell in love when she was 22 to a great guy and he dumped her because she was dumb (yup that’s the truth)
They go on to talk about winning. Diane wants to live in LA and pursue an acting career. Drew trying to tell her to go back to school and get a degree. She tells him that school is hard for her and she is not good at school. Diane then said that he is the only one in this game that she trusts 100% and that she would take herself out before she would take him out. Then Drew starts second guessing how he reacted today and apologizing to Diane. Blames it on being a Taurus and getting mad easily. Diane then said that she is sorry he is upset over something small like today(small???? )

They then head to bed (Diane bumping into Diane on his way to the bathroom after another one of his famous dreams)! The sheets are ruffling and kissing is heard.

So, What will happen tomorrow? Who will Drew vote out? DId his heart get to his head?