Today was pretty uneventful, compared to the past few days. The biggest news was that we found out that Thursday’s vote will be live. (That is, the HG’s will go into the DR to quickly vote during the show.) The HG’s were called into the DR to practice voting and to record their comments for Thursday’s show. Both Drew/Cowboy, and then Adria/Natalie had long strategy conversations, in the later afternoon, with some additional strategy talk between various HG’s in the evening and late at night.

Note that for a good part of the day there were only two feeds, and sometimes the feeds switched quickly or in mid-conversation.


Before the bell: Drew and Diane stayed up talking until almost 6 am. Their lengthy conversation is covered in the August 17 recap. (Thanks nch962!)

The official wake-up call comes at about 9 am...Low-key chit chatting in kitchen...Will tells Nak about waking up at 5 am and finding Drew and the “ex-stripper” (his words) talking in the BR...As each new HG comes into the kitchen Will tells them about finding Dr/Di talking in BR...HG’s are pm inside lockdown...CB is on the LR couch, but looks like he’s sleeping sitting up...Diane comes into the kitchen and W kids her that she was taking “art classes” with Drew at 5 am....Karen talks to Dr on couch while Dr tries to stay awake....K says she tried to vent in the DR and got in “big trouble,” they called in the “big guns.” (K never gives more detail about what that means.)....Will/Nak/M in the kitchen talk about Will’s dream last night that Kyan from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy met Will at a club and asked him out.

Diane gets called to the DR at about 10:00 am...W/A/Nat/Dr sit at kitchen table chatting.....Ask Dr why he stayed up so late...Drew says it was a combination of being “crazy” and not being able to sleep...Twin says “Those young relationships keep you up late hours.”....Will wants to shave his hair and put racing stripes in it. Worried about how it will look and how long it will take to grow back...M (kiddingly): “The gay dude is doing it, so it’s okay”.

The HG’s finally get to go outside sometime after 10:30 am....Di/Nak/W chatting...Di tells Nak about Dr scaring her with a piece of grass, telling her it was a spider...Say Mindy is in the DR today...”She’s so much fun.”...They’ve tried to get Mindy to tell them what she looks like, what color her hair is, but she won’t say.....

Will starts game talk about twins about 10:45....practicing his “bitchy, catty, queeny” speech if he wins HOH and noms twins...Diane tells him that’s cool...Then Di says she’s going to bed, and if they have any issues or questions, to wake her up....Will complains about people talking behind his back yesterday...Karen comes outside...K assures Nak/W that everything is going to be fine. Not worried about Marv....Will goes to work out...K/Nak casual chit chatting (not game talk)....K plans to spend the day avoiding other people –“antisocial plan”...Nak is planning a similar plan...K worries that if she is completely antisocial that people will wonder what she’s thinking...Nak: If people talk to me, I’ll talk to them...K says to Nak that CB looks like Frankenstein needs a bolt in his neck.

Later, Marv talks to K outside about problems of PBJ (this is a frequent topic for him today)...K mentions several times about how hard it is for Dr/Di to be on PBJ for two weeks – mentally and physically...Then some music talk....Both K/M like the classical music they’ve been given (on the MP3 player), but wish they had other music as well...

Feeds switch to Drew/Di/Marv talking sleepily in Cloud Room...Talk about problems of PBJ diet...Marv says PBJ makes him feel bad when he works out...Marv leaves....Dr/Di kidding around with each other...Some kissing....Dr: We’ll have to start sleeping in a different bed. It’s torture...He says any little thing Diane does excites him and he can’t control it...Di: What if I got HOH? Will you kick me out if you get HOH?...Dr: Let’s do a trial period (of sleeping alone), just for a few days...Dr: Kiss me..(long kiss –but no touching, Di is wrapped in a blanket.)..Feeds switch to BY for a few minutes then back to Dr/Di...They are trying to nap but keep talking...Nak comes into the room and they chit chat with her...Then Nak leaves saying: “You kids have fun.”...Di to Dr kiddingly: You are a big damn distraction! Dr: What? Di: For your personal sake I’m willing to do it (sleep alone) because I understand. Kinda.....Dr: It’s hard to keep my hands off you....Kidding each other that they look better in the dark. Di: I fell in love with you in the HOH room and then came in here and said “What?”...Feeds switch then return again after a few minutes....Dr: It takes so much less energy to talk to my twin than to other people...Di: That is so true!...More chit chatting, not game talk.


Feeds switch to Adria/Nat in Wood Room getting dressed...Go to kitchen and kid with Marvin about PBJ...Talk about how nice it is that Karen helps clean up....A tells Nat that her back has been hurting and needs to ask BB for pain meds...BB calls CB to DR....A/Nat tease CB that he has to get up—he apparently has been sleeping in the LR(?) all morning.

A/N talk about other HG’s....Say don’t want to be on team with people who throw food comps...then switch to talk about dance/fitness routines....Wish they had more time to do stretches in bed before they get up...Misc. casual chit chat with other HG’s as they come in and out of the kitchen.....Say the kitchen table will get smaller sometime (when there are fewer people), but it hasn’t changed yet....Wondered if the camera crew got to see some “action” with Dr/Di last night....

M/W/K chat outside...Karen confirms that the HG’s will vote live on Thursday’s show. (Ed. note: All morning there have been brief mentions by the HG’s of live voting, but it wasn’t clear until now whether this was all HG’s or just Adria in case of a tie.)...K: “The preliminary stuff is today and tomorrow you just slap the vote down.”....Will says live voting on Thursday is hard on the people on the block because usually Wed. nights are relaxed because voting is over...Will guesses that means that no families will be brought out to greet the evictee because BB wouldn’t pay to bring both families out....HG talk between W/K...Will says “I never had a hateful bone in my body since I came in this House.”

Inside A/N also talk about live voting on Thurs....Adria says she’ll have to wait and see how she votes ..”I may be by myself. I may be with the group. I don’t know.”....BB calls a lockdown in the BY at about 1:20 and for the next 45 minutes or so until lockdown is over, the HG’s casually chit chat in the BY...

The lockdown ends a little before 2:00 pm, and Di walks into the kitchen where K/W are talking...They ask her how her relationship with Drew is going...Di: “In five years CBS will be paying for our marriage.”(Ed. note: If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Di had been hearing the talk about the wedding of Amber/Rob from Survivor being televised.)...Diane tries to go nap, but is called into the DR about 2:20...When she comes back, she complains, “I can’t believe they woke me up for four f’n questions.”....A little later CB comes into the kitchen, and, among other things, says that he doesn’t think that he and April will have kids because they can’t afford them. Things could change, but CB loves Chason enough to make up for it....It’s a quiet afternoon......Will does laundry in the BY then lays out.....Marvin is lounging/napping in the BY, too...A goes off to take a nap.

Around 3:30 CB/Dr have a serious strategy conversation in the BR—it looks like CB has been waiting to try to get Drew alone...(Ed. note: The order of this conversation may not be perfectly correct in some places, but the gist is there.)..Dr tells CB that Nak wanted CB to be on the block with Marvin...CB thanks Drew for telling him and says he will put Nak on the block. “America knows I’ve never said a bad thing about her and she is talking stuff about me.”.. CB wants to know what was going on with Diane yesterday....Drew tells CB that Di was really stressed because someone told her to watch out for Drew.....CB: Diane talked to Marvin quite a lot, but maybe it wasn’t him...CB assures Dr that when he talks about Dr and Di, it’s for the two of them, and nobody else....Dr: Are you still voting out Will?...CB: Yeah, but if you change your mind please tell me...CB: Di doesn’t know who you are voting out, right?...Dr: I told her I was thinking about Will. She found out that I knew Will was coming after me...CB: They wanted Marv to go against me. Was Di talking to you about that last night? .

CB: Diane is playing you too....Dr: She told me last night she is playing for herself....CB: I’m not afraid of A and N, they saved me from the block this week. If we can get Diane out, then get Nak out...CB: If you get HOH please put Nak up. Nak is a threat to me. I don't know if you can put Di up and I can understand that, but at least you can put another strong player up (Nak)...Dr: You have me and the twins on your side....CB: What we have to worry about is M going over to Di...If we can win HOH back to back (then we can control the game).... CB: K is losing HOH on purpose. If Nak wins HOH my a*s is up....Dr: We are lucky to still be here....CB: Savage and Jase can't ride anymore, but we can ride for them.

Meanwhile, A/Nat are also talking strategy...A thinks that Di could put her up if she gets HOH....Nat tells A that Di is now playing for herself... Twins say Di was originally pretending to be sympathetic to the three (W,Nak, K) while advocating putting them up. But now Di is really getting sympathetic to W/Nak/K. No longer bringing the twins information...Drew was up late last night trying to get a fix on Di.....A: If Cowboy gets HOH, we should be safe. He swore to me...They don’t think that K will go for HOH, but instead wants to wait until one of the twins is out because she is afraid the other twin will go after her....Think M and Nak would put up the twins...Think Di will throw HOH contest.... Need to get out Nak & Marv, then K or Diane, then CB and Drew.

More A/N convo: A: Thought Will was a friend, knew her better than anyone. That’s why she was so shocked at how he treated her this week. This week got her to “wake up and smell the beans in Colombia...A says that if she is put on the block and gets veto, maybe she won’t use it because then Nat would be put on block (not sure yet what she would do)...They discuss tomorrow’s vote...Nat: It's going to be either 3-3 or 4-2. ...Nat: If there's going to be a tie-breaker, you (A) need to make the decision that's best for you, not for me. You know where I stand...A: I'm trying to figure out what to say....It’s now about 5:00 pm.


After the two strategy conversations, the mood in the House turns casual, and well, almost homelike. Not quite Martha Stewart, mind you...Drew gets tape from the first aid kit and uses it to tape up his Miami University flag in the window of the Cloud Room, along with pictures of his family and the Jesus Footprints poem....Meanwhile Nakomis and Natalie are in the kitchen making M&M sculptures on dinner plates and chatting.

After arts & crafts, A/Nat sit together in the HOH room reading the bible and talking...They worry about the fact that Di hasn’t been eating and that Karen still hasn’t gotten her period....A says that one of the twins will have to go for the other to stand a chance, but Nat is all for the two of them fighting to stay in the game.

In the Cement Room, Marvin is packing, while Di is in the shower. He says he needs a hot, petite female to stand on his suitcase to close it, then says, "But you're all wet.".

Nat comes into the BR and talks to Di...Nat tells Di that she will back Di up in whatever decision she makes and that Drew will back Di up, too. (Ed. note: I’m assuming Nat is referring to Di’s vote on Thurs.)...Di says her big mistake was being anti-men when she came in the house. She says she sleeps alone and has for two years and doesn't need Dr for a scapegoat, but that she really likes him....Nat: God has plans for everyone....Di: Maybe that’s why I’m here...Nat says that love happens in the strangest places and that’s why she believes in fate.. Nat talks about how her family, friends interfered when she and Breck started dating and how she handled it....N asks Di how her energy level is today and what she ate...Offers to make Di a watery smooth shake like milk that will be easy to get down....Di talks about how the DR asks her everyday about the same thing (but she doesn’t say what it is)...Di: How would you like it if you didn't like cheese and all the DR asks you about everyday, is cheese.

The rest of the House is pretty low key....Some bible talk in the Cloud Room between CB and Drew...Then most of the HG’s are in the kitchen chatting about TV show’s, a dream Marv had, etc.

The feeds switch to CB talking to K in the BY about Chason...Chason cried when CB got the key to go to the BB House and wonders if Chason is still sad or whether he has gotten over it. ...CB thinks Chason will get more attention now that he has done BB, but that's not why he did it.....Nothing like this has ever happened to his or April’s family before...Talk about CB going to talk to Chason’s class after the show....CB hopes that April got the job she was going for....K says the producers make extra phone calls to little kids to make sure they are okay.....CB says Chason probably loves seeing him on TV, but wonders what April is thinking and if she has any regrets...K: She can't be too mad, you made it half way." ...CB says April is his whole world, and almost changed his mind about coming into the game because he would miss her...But, April told CB "If you quit, I'm leaving your a$$."

Around them, nothing much is going on....Di/M/W/A are in the kitchen.. Di thinks she will be remembered as the girl that said she wanted to burn her eyes out with cigarettes.... A kiddingly adds, “Yeah, and the stripper. People will come to you and ask if you really are a stripper.”...Di is surprised she hasn’t passed out from PBJ. She passes out all the time at home. She put that on her BB application and they didn’t seem to be too concerned....M says he passes out all the time at home after a few Coronas....Di says that there is a several-year waiting list to become a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas (Note: several posters questioned whether Di has the correction information.).

It’s now about 8:30 pm and W/Nakomis are talking outside about the game and other HG...W says he’s not sure he can count on CB and hopes that Dr will pull through for him...W: I’m not going to talk to Nat or CB because I don’t give a f*ck about the vote tomorrow....Nak says that the twins only have one-on-one conversations now and has no idea what they want...W: Maybe they want to keep M because he has no group support...W tells Nak to suck up to M if W leaves tomorrow... Will doubts that M has a deal with the twins because M has been too mad about it....Nak wonders whether the twins and M might, in fact, have a deal because the twins have been nice to M...W: I’ve been saying stuff about the twins, too, and they’ve been nice to me.

The HG’s have been given dominos...Most of the HG’s are outside, playing dominos and reading the instructions, along with playing cards...Di says that Mindy in the DR says she loves all the HG’s...Later, Di complains to M/Nat in the BR about being given dominos. Wishes they’d been given checkers instead.

Later, around 10:30 pm, M/N/A/CB are in the hot tub exchanging friendly chat about sports, golf, college ball, their home towns etc....Among other tidbits, M says that he and CB were in the DR together for some reason, and the guy interviewing them was the same guy who came out and got Marv before the show started. Marvin told the DR guy he sounded familiar, and the DR guy replied, “I am familiar, it's me, but no names please."

After the hot tub, Adria and CB have a conversation in the kitchen... CB: I do not trust the majority of the people out there (outside right now)..A: “You know we’re cool, I wouldn't have kept you in this week.”...A: I miss my friends, that’s why I’m glad I’ve got you...CB feels the same way... A: Bottom line is when you don't do the things people want you to do, they get mad at you....CB: That alliance needs to be broken up, every one of them. Dr is not with us, he is in a relationship...A: I just told Drew to make his best decision.

At 11:00 pm, BB announces “Lights out in one hour.”...The A/CB conversation continues ...A: I have no idea what was going on in the house yesterday...CB: Well, someone started something...A: I don't need to know, I don't doesn't matter, I just hope people enjoy themselves the rest the time in here. I am very simple, not dramatic.... CB: This is how I play, I am real and not fake and have been since day one. Word is everything. You can tell who is grown up and who's not by who gives you their word and goes back on it....A: There are some people that have given their word to everyone...CB: Well, that’s not me....A: Then there are some that don't give their word to no one...CB says he can't be played, he is smart...A: Oh yeah, you’re very smart, I don't put nothin' past you...CB: Sometimes people get to me cuz they’re not theirselves and sometimes theirselves gets to me.

A goes outside where M is sitting on the hammock and hugs him goodnight...She goes back to the kitchen where she hugs Di and CB good-night then goes to the HOH room...A & Nat talk in HOH about their conversations....A tells Nat about her conversation with CB...Nat is aware that CB is trying to align with them....A: I have no idea where Di stands...Nat: Di told me everyone was attacking her yesterday, and she hoped that that the two of us trust her...Nat told Di that she needs to know where Di stands...N. That’s not too much to ask, is it? .. Nat thinks Di is leading on both Drew and the twins. Di will not commit...A/Nat agree that if you don't know who you’re going to put up before the HOH competition, then you're not playing right.
A/N say they couldn’t play the game with just the two of them...A says she owes a lot to Drew...Nat agrees he’s been great...N says she likes CB...Nat also says that M has been very nice tonight...Both A/Nat feel that M and W think they both have a chance....N: I’m going to pray hard tomorrow.. Nat also says that earlier, when M was packing his bag, she said to him “I'm not going to say good-bye, I will see you later.”...M replied, “Oh no you won't, I'm going back home, not to sequester" (Ed. note: Not sure what M’s remark means)..Nat replied to M, “I may just see you later tomorrow night.”...

A/Nat talk about the HOH comp on Thurs. They realize the numbers aren’t even so it probably won’t be a team or partner competition...Talk about how much CB wants HOH...A: If someone else gets it, I don't know how I will even talk to them...A gets emotional at one point in the conversation, saying that God has always put them up against tough challenges...Nat assures A she can take it, that she is sincere and sympathetic to others....Nat: It makes me proud of my up-bringing"...A: We get it from mom...Nat: She (mom) is beautiful. What a beautiful person...Eventually A/Nat sit down to read the bible together.

During A/Nat’s conversation, most of the HG’s have been gathered in the kitchen...At one point Will talks about Scott and Jase’s d*ck competition...Will says Jase had width, but not a lot of length....K and W say that Scott's was a weird color and was long and thin--much like a hotdog.

W asks everyone what they would ask for if they had three wishes:
CB: 1. happy family, 2. good job, 3. Wisdom
Drew: 1. good job, 2. vacation time whenever he wants, as long as he wants, 3. perfect wife/marriage and family
Marvin: 1. let his mom retire, 2. own TV association w/ CBS "What Marvin Wants," 3. be at peace with myself (the hardest one)
Karen: 1. family health and happiness, 2. career that involves both her and her husband, 3. wishes her husband had both his kidneys
Di: 1. Successful job she loves (acting/modeling), 2. true love, 3. wants family to be financially stable and happy
Nakomis: 1. Take care of her and her family's monetary problems...Wishes she had a $100 bill in every pocket of every pair of pants she ever wears, 2. heal her mother emotionally, 3. that the sky would be purple instead of blue.
Will: 1. dream job (South African medical clinic); 2. his dream life (be able to live on a beach, modest house, springer spaniel, good shape), 3. friends' and family's happiness.

Now the HG’s are asked what materialistic wish they would have..M: Ferrari...Nak: '68 jeep wagoneer...Drew: yacht...CB: ranch. It’s now about midnight.


About midnight, BB calls Nak into the DR to take back the dominoes...The HG’s joke that the dominoes might be the HOH comp...Will: Nah, they’d have told us....Di hopes that BB will let them sleep late on Thurs...Di appeals to BB for at least three songs for those who will be leaving the house...W: (kiddingly) Don't give them any hints, bitch...W/Di both laugh....Nakomis realizes she has lost her ring and is very upset about it....W/K/Dr/Di help her search....Will finds the ring in a pair of his pants that Nak had borrowed. He shows the ring to Nak saying, “Nak, who’s your daddy?”.

In the Cloud Room the HG’s talk about pet names...Nak says she calls Donald “Flyboy,” “Ace,” or “Monkeybutt.”....The conversation moves to sex....Di: I am no slut...W: We know you're not a slut..Drew: Will, on the other hand....W: I can count my sex partners on two hands...Dr: I had to talk about that in the DR once...W makes a mock shocked face....Di: I wonder why they ask things like that (in the DR). To get a rise? I know I've talked about stuff that they can't show on air...Dr: Unless we're on a different channel now...W: CBS Late Night?...W: My poor grandmother. Oh Lord!

Talk moves to former HG’s....Di talks about the fight she had with Jase, where she called him out... Drew finally explains his reaction. He said that he was, basically, protecting Karen...saving K’s face for her.....Diane says (a little resentfully) "Well, to protect her you had to make me look bad, but I understand...K: If Dr revealed all this, then we wouldn't be safe from Jase's wrath...K talks about a discussion with Jase where she told him that he hurt people in this game. K says Jase's jaw dropped open as if he didn't know...W: That night will be remembered for a few lines: “Let the chips fall where they may...count the numbers.”...K also says she heard H call Jase/Holly “America's Cutest Couple.” Di: (More like) “America's Skankiest Couple.”...They also think one of the twins liked Scott.

The HG’s finally go to bed...Dr/Di whisper in bed.....Some cuddling under the covers, but also game talk... Dr wants to know who was telling Di that their relationship wouldn't work out...Diane refuses to tell Dr, but keeps pointing at Will with her thumb and saying, “Not him” over and over...Dr wants to know what's such a big deal that Di won't tell him...Di (who has pulled a pillow over their heads) finally points at Nak with her thumb...Dr doesn't get it and Di wants to know why he wants her to say HER name and again points at Nak...Drew is angry and Di says it has nothing to do with Drew...Dr insists it does...Di starts trying to explain the whole story (they are buried under the pillow) and we get FISH.....We come back from FISH to find Nak awake and complaining that BB woke her up when he asked Di/Dr to stop obstructing their microphones.(Nak goes back to sleep.).

Dr/Di convo moves to Di saying how she doesn’t trust Marvin, that he would put them both up. Right now they aren’t a target of anybody....Di points to W/Nak/K and says she knows who each would put up, but the twins would put up anybody...The conversation continues in a similar vein for a long time...Di wants to go against the twins, one reason being that they want the athletic and competitive people out of the game when the game comes down to competitions....Di to Drew: You don’t have to tell me how you’re voting...Dr: Whatever I do, you'll respect it, won't you?...Di says Drew always does what's right for him and always makes the right choice. She'll respect whatever he decides...Dr: Good. because I’ve been thinking about that...It’s about 2:45 am.

Dr/Di both fall asleep, but wake up about half an hour later, because they think Will is talking in his sleep....Their stomachs growl. Di says their stomachs are talking to each other...Then there is a lot of kissing, cuddling under the covers.....After a long time, about 4:00 am, Diane says, “We probably shouldn’t have done that.” (Ed. note: The sound was apparently poor and there is some disagreement among feed watchers about what Drew replied.) It appears Drew replied something about how they had to succumb (break their own rules about not touching each other.)

All the HG’s are finally asleep.