BB Recap August 19, 2004

BB let the houseguests sleep until 10:45 this am.

Karen was the first one up. She does her normal morning routine however what is this new obsession she has with lifting her shirt and looking at her stomach?

All end up getting up and they start with breakfast, then primping and cleaning for the live show.

At about 10:20 the houseguests get called to the backyard to practice the HOH competition. We get a sneak peak of telephone like booths so we now know it will be a trivia like contest. We the viewers get lovely fish sounds until about 1:30.

At his point we hear Diane telling Nik and Will that she believes Drew is going to vote Marvin out. That she had a long talk with him last night that she was going to lie to him but didn’t have to. She said she was really trashing Marvin and that she thinks that Drew gets jealous when she hangs with Marvin. She said the twins have to go and that she hates Marvin.

All the houseguests then busy themselves cleaning the house and getting ready for the live show.

At 2:52 we once again are visiting our friends in the aquarium as the houseguests practice the voting live routine.

Will pulled Nik into the concrete room and said I know we feel good about this but if I leave tonight please stay and fight. She said she would get them!

Drew pulls CB into the storage room to talk to him. He tells him that he thinks that Marvin cut a deal with the twins and that if he got HOH he would put up Drew and Diane. CB pleads with him not to change his vote. CB tells him that Diane will tell him anything to make him vote Marvin out. That they need Will to go and to break up that alliance.

Diane gets wind of this meeting and tells Karen about it, replying that she hates CB.

Drew searches out Nat and talks to her. She denies any deal was made. He searches out Adria.. Adria said no deal was made that she has 100% trust in him and Diane until one of them give her reason not to.

Right before the live show Will and Marvin have a heart to heart in the stone room. Will tells him that if he goes tonight to please go after the ugly people. Will then tells Marvin he doesn’t know if he even wants to stay in the house. Marvin plays the experienced on the block dude and tells Will that it is hard that you have to prepare yourself for so many things, like HOH, life outside here and who will be up next. Marvin being Marvin then said that second place is not worth playing for and that he was not going to the sequester house for a lousy couple thousand dollars etc..

Drew gets cornered by Diane in the bathroom and Diane tells him to vote with his heart.

We then get fish for the live show.

The live show transcript can be read in the updates section (thanks CUTiger)
Brief Recap: First part shows the house dividing and Diane’s melt down from Tuesday. Then it showed us some clips from Will’s friends back in NY City. Julie then talks tot the houseguests. She tells them of the American Choice this week where one of them will be leaving and doing a part on the soap opera the Young and The Restless. (Vote atr Since it was a live vote we see the houseguest’s vote, Nik, Diane and Karen all vote to evict Marvin while CB, Drew and Nat all vote to evict Will causing a tie vote. Adria breaks the tie and send Will walking. Will upset will not hug or touch a twin, and on is way out said to Adria, if Karma was a boomerang I will be seeing you sooner then later. Out he went to his interview with Julie. He of course showed some bitterness towards Adria and talked trash about her showing us his true colors. He lied about the Bible (saying that Adria said while she was sleeping that GOD told her to put up the Gay guy and black man) that was never said, he made it up to make his story better in the house. We then get told Wile b be in HOUSECALLS tomorrow so watch him there!

On to the HOH competition. The house guests have to guess which former houseguest said things on their questioner they filled out before entering the house. It comes down to a tie breaker of guessing how many pounds of M& M’s were used for the movie challenge. Nik guessed 500, and Diane 400. Nik won HOH. The twin’s faces were showing the disappointment already.

Once we return from FISH the houseguests are mingling and eating. Diane is seen talking to Nik saying she was disappointed in Drew’s decision. They laugh that Will will have to spend a week in the sequester house with Adria (already assuming she is going). Diane tells Nik to put up Drew as replacement if one of them win or if VETO is used,. That he deserved to be put up for the way he voted.

They both agreed that neither of them really wanted to win the HOH this week,

All of them seem pretty excited to be on the Young and Restless. Cowboy especially,. Marvin shouting out telling all black people to vote for him.

Drew, CB and Marvin are in the backyard. They were talking about nominations. Everyone pretty sure it will be the twins. Marvin said the Santa Monica Van boys are back.

Diane and Nik in the cloud room discuss putting up the twins again. Nik said that she was going to tell them that they are the most loyal that is why they are going up. They talk about hating Adria’s speech and how phoney she is. Of course they bash religion again. They start ripping CB apart saying that he is retarded etc. They confirm that they want the guys out after this and they want to team up and not let the guys eat next week. Diane was flipping through the Bible and Nik goes to leave Diane responds that she was going to stay and see if God tells her anything.

CB talks to Karen in the kitchen where Karen reaffirms to him that she is a good person and very loyal. CB said he was not stupid, that he knew that their alliance was just as strong as the 4 H’s. Karen said that she had to go see Marvin and explain that it was all business and not personal. (You Karen vote him out then an hour later tell him you didn’t mean it)

Diane and Drew are talking. Diane telling him that he was going to meet a red hot actress on the young and restless and dump her . (Listen Drew smart move).Diane expresses her hate for CB. Then she starts crying assaying she hates this house and she is going to win this game. Drew is cuddling with her and trying to comfort her. She is going on and on how she misses Will and how it is I like she lost her best friend (she wanted him on the block) Drew kisses her neck some and they start playful talk about The Young and the Restless. Diane believes that the voting will come down to those 2. That nobody in America wants to see any of the other houseguests on a soap. She said if it was the dumb and idiotic that then CB should go because he can’t even talk. Diane explains that she made a promise at the beginning of the game and she has to live by it (for this week right Diane), that Drew screwed her over too; He replied to win this game you will screw me over Diane. She thinks she had to the toughest HOH week because she put up Scott and Jase. Drew disagrees and said it was expected.

Meanwhile, everyone else is in the kitchen talking about the Young and the Restless. Everyone convinced Drew is going to win it. Marvin picks up the honey and pours it all over his body saying he is just acting out a scene from his favorite soap. Everyone is in hysterics. (See why thins house needed Marvin to stay!) Marvin then heads to the shower, leaving his fan club behind.

The twins briefly chat in the living room. They concur that Nil is the queen of that alliance and they wish they had gotten her out, but both said you can’t take two out in the same week.

At 8:45 Nik comes out of the diary room and announces it is time for the food competition. Nik reads the directions HG's have foods in front of them that has been prepared according to what they have been craving or from their favorite restaurant. Each HG must eat all food in 3 minutes. They each have a certain day of the week; if a person finishes their food then they eat for that day. Their favorite meal is in front of them but they have to put it I the blender and make a smoothie out of it and drink it. (That is the twist. This competition is called Smoothies from HELL.

CB is up first he is playing for Friday – He has a Chinese food dish consisting of sweet and sour chicken, rice, fortune cookie and Dr. Pepper. He completes it and thee houseguests have food for FRIDAY.
Marvin is up next playing for food for Saturday. He gets fried lobster, shrimp steamed oysters French fries and corona beer. His is real thick and lumpy once it is blended. Marvin is not able to finish so the house has PB and J for Saturday.

Adria is up next. She has a salad with ranch dressing, fettuccini alfredo, zucchini, chocolate cake and red wine. She slams it and everyone cheers they have food on Sunday.

Drew is playing for Monday. He has spinach artichoke dip with chips, filet mignon medium rare, steamed broccoli, a fully loaded baked potato, corona beer and apple pie ala mode. His smoothie is real thick and chunky like Marvin’s. He guzzles it down and the HG get food for Monday.

Karen is up next playing for food for Tuesday. Her foods consist of a bean Burrito, steak taco with lime sauce, chocolate taco and diet coke. She completes it and the house gets food on Tuesday.

Nat is next for Weds. She is drinking filet mignon - med. well, steamed veggies, plain, steamed snow peas, sweet potato, keoke coffee with Kahlua, tia marie and brandy with whip cream.. Hers blends up pretty chunky too. She guzzles hers down in record time; the house gets food on Wednesday.

Diane is playing for food on Thursday she has spinach veggie pizza, steamed vegetables, salad, chicken, mashed potatoes and ice water. She successfully completes her task giving the houseguests food on Thursday. Everyone is happy and they head inside.

Karen, Nik and Diane are chatting in the bathroom. Karen keeps saying that they don’t have the numbers. Nil said she is calling our Adria and she does not give a shit what happens. Again they go on how hey have only been here 2 weeks and it is not their house. Nik said she is playing for Will and will go all out. She is going to try to talk to Marvin in voting their way and talk to CB and get information from him. Nik is supposedly going to say one of you two owe me a pinky and I want it in her speech.

Nik gets the HOH room. Here she got a letter from home, a picture of her sister and Mom, playing cards (yeah here from the group), her CD is Nebula, she also got another picture of Donald and a bracelet he had made for her. Karen is the first to leave and the twins follow her out.

The twins’ head to the hammock. They talk about Diane, how she plays both sides. How she came to Adria’s defense when Scott was on the block and demanding she vote to keep him in.

Meanwhile in the HOH Diane and Nik talk smac again about the twins saying they must be praying that God does not put them up again

Drew and Diane are cuddling in bed talking about how much they like each other more each day. They start talking about America’s Choice Drew really wants it. Diane is hoping that they tie and can do a cheesy love scene (ya right).

At about 3:30 Drew and Diane finally settle down to sleep! All HG are asleep pleasantly dreaming of the nomination ceremony tomorrow! Don’t forget to vote at!