BB Recap August 2

The Houseguests are awakened to music at 9:15AM but we were staring through the fish bowl. We missed the tune. When we do tune in they are talking about the VETO meeting today.

Once Diane and Drew stop their general chit-chat and get up, Diane sees Marvin and re-assures him that he will be safe. (guess she made her decision on who she is putting up)
He said he was OK with it and that he was a team player.

Adria and Nakomis had a discussion about Drew and how much he has changed towards them. They pretty much feel ignored by him lately and wonder if it is because of Diane.

While staring at himself in the mirror, Jase kept rehearsing his VETO speech telling Scott that it is all about good TV.

Meanwhile, Diane corners CB and tells him that his life is in his hands and that she hopes that if the boys get HOH that he remembers that. (Why does everyone feel it is alright to scare this poor guy?)

Another interesting happening in the house - Diane decides to wear a rubber band around her arm like Scott. Will tells her that one day Adria went to touch the rubber band and Scott got seriously upset at her.

The VETO ceremony started at 11:51AM and ended at, like Noon. Once the feeds return we learn that Jase used the VETO to get himself off the block and Diane put up Marvin as the replacement.

Scott’s response to the new nominee is that they are perfect now. He then goes in the HOH and thanks Diane and really lays it on thick with the fake compliments. Funny part is that once Scott leaves the room Diane pretends like she is shooting herself in the head with her fingers; making us realize that she is not falling for his BS.

The camera man did give us a quick peak at the Bathroom wall where it said 'die Di.'

Scott and Jase gloat over how much power they have in the house - 2 Horsemen go on the block, 2 Horsemen come off the block, we get HOH, bye-bye suckers!

Nak dyes her Mohawk RED!

Later in the day Adria was talking to Diane and Karen. They start questioning Scott’s birthday. Then they speculate that it was all lie, and that most of the stuff he has said around the house are lies too.

Later, Will is talking to Nak and Adria and tells them that Jase will vote everyone out of this house, but he has everyone’s back too! (Oooh is that alliance going sour!)

Will, Nak and Adria continue talking about how Scott is the one that needs to go, and that no one is going to tell him again about all the lies he tells.

Marvin corners Diane over by the dryer and starts his spiel on how great she is, and how pretty she is, etc. Diane responds that she is not anyone’s puppet. She put 2 people up that she thought needed to go; (S and J) and for him to remember that.

While Will, Adria, and Diane are chatting outside, Will notices Adria’s mole. Adria looked scared, but said to him, "Yes, it is more noticeably outside."

Adria, Karen, Will, and Diane are in the HOH watching the Spy Cam and were watching Marvin as he cooked dinner. Diane makes the comment, "See, Marvin cooks and cleans, and he deserves to be here for that, and for just being himself." (after being nominated)
Adria makes the comment that Jase calls her Amy when he doesn’t call her A. She said ,like in the next HOH Julie will ask a question about Adria and Jase will be, like you mean Amy???? She thinks it is pathetic that they have lived in the house 30 days and he does not even know her name!

Marvin made another great dinner for all the houseguests; stuffed pork chops, Spanish rice, mushrooms, au-gratin and cabbage mixed with noodles. Everyone loved his meal and compliments him on it.

BB broke down and gave the Houseguests wine and beer tonight.

Will and Karen meet secretly and decide to vote out Scott and to meet with Marvin individually to cut a deal with him so that they do vote out Scott.

At about 10:30PM Jase streaked through the house again. He then went to the Hot Tub to have the jets stimulate arousal out of him. (and what high school is this?)

Meanwhile, Drew, Diane, CB, and Marvin are playing Poker. Diane wins, and the guys throw her in the pool. Next, CB and Drew are in the pool too for a late night swim. While everyone is frolicking in the pool Drew pulls down Diane’s pants for all to see. Jase jumps in naked so CB strips and gets back in pool. Then Drew joins in. The girls watch and comment on Jase’s ba&^s saying how big they are! Even Marvin comments on the size.

Meanwhile, in the HOH, Will and Adria are talking about the Drew and Diane relationship. Will does not think it is real and he believes Diane is feeding Drew information. Will comments that he thinks Drew will cry when Scott leaves, and he can’t wait to see it. After Jase, Will wants to see Drew leave.

Diane heads to the shower and the boys follow. Drew opens the shower door for all to see Diane in her bra and panties in the shower and CB joins her. CB starts begging Drew to join them but he doesn’t. CB tries to take off Diane’s bra. The boys start ribbing CB saying April is going to be mad and that he is now single, etc. CB kept telling them it was clean. Jase then goes into the HOH and tells Adria, Will, and Marvin about the shower incident.

Diane and Drew discuss his girlfriend at home. Diane is upset that he never said anything to her about her. She asks him if he is playing her. Drew is pretty quiet and does not say much.

Meanwhile, out in the yard, Nak and Karen are talking about how they want to be the Final 2, together with Diane as the 3rd.

They head to HOH to go to bed. (now they are behind closed doors) Diane explains that she was jealous. Drew said he knew and was sorry. They talk about the shower incident. Drew told her that he wanted to get in, but was afraid because everyone was watching. They pull the covers up and the kissing sounds begin.

Meanwhile, Marvin and Karen are in the stone room, and CB is listening at the door. CB immediately runs back and tells Jase and Scott what he heard. He tells them that Marvin was telling Karen that he was not going to lie to stay in the game, etc. Scott tells CB not to worry about it and to go to bed.
Karen listens and tells him she likes his honesty and how he is real in playing the game etc. Marvin tells her that he wants good TV ratings and the money, and that her (Karen’s) 'June Cleaver' act will keep her safe for a few more weeks, because there are bigger threats in the house. Marvin tells Karen that CB should be put up. He has family in there and that’s wrong. He also tells her that he knew the boys turned on him when he was not picked to participate in the VETO competition. They wrap it up by basically saying that they both like each other. (Yup, Marvin said that.)

Back to Drew and Diane.
They are talking about how stupid Diane feels and that she initiated this relationship, and how Drew has a girlfriend at home. She is again putting herself down; saying she is not as intelligent as Drew. Drew then starts making jokes and relaxes her some. Diane starts joking around too with Drew. Drew tells her she is pretty and they start kissing again.

By 3:30AM all is quiet on the Western front as everyone is dreaming of voting! Will it be Scott or Marvin???????