HG’s starting to get up around 10:30. Marv in the bathroom, in the mirror saying something to the internet fans about making him win the Y&R acting role. One of the twins comes out to wash her face Marv says “good morning girl, how are you?” She mumbled something not audible, seemingly not as happy this morning as Marv.

The twins are in the kitchen, Nak is at the island eating. One twin says that Di and Dr were chatting until 3:00 in the morning and A or Nat asked them if they were going to sleep, to which Di responded “which one of you said that, why aren’t you wearing your earplugs?” Then A or Nat said “it doesn’t matter which one of us said it, I DO have my earplugs in and I can still hear you.” Nak didn’t say much in response to this. She then started to chat some, and mentioned the letters she got from home, and that she read them without crying.

Marv is in the kitchen now very excited about eating and having eggs, and looking forward to barbecuing pork chops and hamburgers for everyone. He says to BB “now that we have someone that can grill up in this place, and some meat, please send us some wood chips to smoke it up.” Marv says “there's something about this place, they don't want to give you any meat with a bone in it. No whole chicken, no pork chop with a little bone in it. Give me something that I can chew on later.” Nak then says “probably so we won't use it as a shank. Oh, but we have knives, though”, then Marv says “they are sh**ty knives, can’t even cut yourself if you tried.” In the storage room, the camera was zooming in and out on Uncle Ben's wild rice. Then we saw a bald man with a goatee moving things around, looking right into the camera.

Some HG’s in the backyard, A or Nat was teasing CB saying she did not want to be on Y&R because she's a regular on there. CB says “really, who do you know?” and twin says, “I was kidding.” Now she's making fun of Jase and says she lives in an apt. a couple of blocks away from here, she's been out here 10 years.

AFTERNOON 12:00 Nominations Today

HG’s outside, the boys playing poker and the girls are laying out talking about who will win America’s Choice and some other general chit chat. They are on lockdown right now. Di says to Nak “lunch in the HOH sounds good today.” Di saying she doesn't like Marv right now, she is saying that he is giving her a cold shoulder. She said she is gonna give it right back to him. Di says "let's take this house down, let's do it for W." Nak says to Di that she thought CB hated Marv, Di says as of last week he did. Di says the one person that claims to be the least a$$ kisser is being the biggest one right now (Marv). Marv and CB are playing cards and having a good ole time. Di says she wants to put Marv out next.

Lockdown over at about 1:00. HG’s go inside to see what is different. They did not notice that the TABLE is smaller and there are only 8 chairs. However, they did notice that the SR is full of food and drinks, all kinds of meat to BBQ, chips, dip, avocados, lots of sandwich meat, nuts, veggies, hummus....all kinds of stuff. Marv is firing up the grill. CB notices the table and says “Oh shoot!” and just kind of stares at it. Seemingly not a big deal to most of the HG’s.

K & Di outside at the table, Di saying how sad she was this morning when W wasn't there. Di saying the only other HG she felt that way about was Scott. K says she misses him too. Di says if Jase would have gone first then someone else would have gone before Scott. Di says Scott was always talking about sequester and that's all he wanted to do. Di asked Nak if her speech was ready, she says “yep”. Di says I'm gonna have to bite my f'in tongue again. Di asked if they (K & Nak) think that everyone else was in an alliance. Or if the guys are or what. Di has noticed that Marv has found new best friends in the twins and that now CB loves him. Nak says she thinks the votes for W were meant to be that way for A to vote out W. Di says "why?" Nak says "to make a statement". Di then says "F*** her!" Di saying the twins’ eyes were real red this morning and mocking them says “Oh, been crying?”

The twins talking and Nat says “I voted a certain way to protect commitments and to protect myself.” She said “I might talk to Di, I don’t know what she is doing.” A says “well doesn’t she have a commitment to you?” Nat says “she has a commitment to everybody in this house.” A says, “Nak, me and Di had a commitment.” A said “last week I was so sure I could explain why I put W up. It backfired on me so fast that my choice of words were not exactly what people wanted to hear. SO I almost don't want to say anything.” Nat says “I don't want to tell nobody anything.” A thinks that if she small talks with Nak she might get somewhere, but Nat says she thinks Nak has her mind made up and that A would be talking to a brick wall.

A has gone to Nak and has told her that she wants Nak to know that her putting up W was nothing personal. Nak is telling her that she has not made up her mind yet who she is putting up. She says that she doesn’t know anyone in the house that well so it will be nothing personal. A says no matter what I will not be a bad sport and that you would see that with some of the people here.” Nak saying “I just want people to know that this is just a game.” She said she is glad she got HOH again, so she can kind of detach herself from it. A says "good luck with your decision. If I am on the block, I will do what I can do and if I am here next week we'll see what happens". A says "what you see is what you get, you know that about me. All I can say at this point is where we've been is where we are still at." A now saying, "because I don't have many commitments in this house, if I am here next week, I will be cool.” A doing most the talking here, Nak not giving her any idea of what's to come. Upon A leaving Nak says "no hard feelings". A says "congrats again on your letters." A comes back and says “Oh one last thing, there has never been a conversation or a deal struck with Marv as it is going around the house. There have never been any deals with him." Nak says "okay, cool."

CB in bed in WR, Nat talking to him saying doesn't think Nak would put him up but that she might vote against him. CB says he wants to exercise tonight but doesn't want to be sore for the VETO competition. The he says he wants to work out to look good for the Y & R competition. Nat thinks CB might be a better choice to play for veto instead of Dr if she were put up. CB says Dr would be good. CB says he and Drew have been talking about it, he thinks Marvin has a grudge and that Marv is shocked he's still there and that W was voted out. Nat said she would rather Nak know what she is thinking instead of guessing what she is thinking. She says she doesn't understand why Nak didn't talk to her last week. They speculate the reason being, was that Nak wasn't sure which twin was which. Nak appeared and Nat asked her if she could talk to her in HOH. Nak says yeah.

Nat and Nak in HOH 3:30-ish
Nat says that A wants to stay and not be nominated. She says she knows there have been rumors going around that deals were cut with Marv, but it’s not true. She says people just make stuff up and if she (Nak) questions anything she is available to answer any questions. Nak says “I do have a question. I was just wondering if you voted for Will to stay or leave. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” Nat says “I voted for him to leave.” She continues to say he wouldn’t talk to her so he couldn't offer her safety for next week or in the future. She said W wouldn't give her a reason why he was mad. He also wouldn't tell her if he was committed to her. Nat knew where W was aligned and Marv hadn't said anything, so she figured W was the bigger threat. Basically she says her vote is fair when someone tells you they don't have your back. She goes on to say “I have nothing against you. I think you're amazing and I love you to death.” She says “I'm not one to go around saying things. All I wanted W to say was that he was cool with me, I wasn't asking for a deal to the end. I just want you to know that hasn't affected the way I feel about you.” Nak says “I look at people as individuals and until I physically see people doing and saying things, I don't believe it. Whatever I do today will be for a reason. I still have to work through a couple of things.” Nat then asked Nak if there was anything else she needed from her, Nak says no and “whatever happens, it’s just a game and no hard feelings.”

Di and Dr are in the CR laying down, saying if they drink tonight they probably shouldn’t sleep together because sex might happen. Di says she can’t wait to meet Drews brother. Nak appears now and Di says “is it my turn (in HOH), I thought I called shotgun” and Nak says “yea some people cut in line.” Di made no move to leave the CR and clearly Nak was not going to talk in front of Dr. Di says to Nak “good luck with your nominations, I hope Jesus comes to you to tell you who to put up.”

HG’s are lockdown outside, we have 2 feeds one with Marv, Di, K, Dr & CB playing a card game. The other A & Nat off in the yard on lounges talking; just tuned in to them, just chit chat about the weather. Nat says "I'm too tired to deal with her snit (?) today, I think she needs to see the psychiatrist"....(talking about Nak? not sure). Meanwhile you can hear a small part of Nak’s audio in the DR asking if she can talk at the memory wall... she said "no I was just wondering"...hard to hear over the Hg's outside. She said "don't worry I normally talk to walls, so..."


Nomination Aftermath
Shortly before 6:00 the nomination ceremony has ended and Nat and A are on the block. Marv asking CB who he would want out and CB says “it's a really hard decision honestly” Marv says he likes A, she seems more chill than Nat, he says Nat has too much testosterone to which CB replied “they both do.” Marv called Di a b*ch and some other nasty expletives and said he wished she would have been put up so they could have voted her a** out! CB said something about Di having a bad day; Marv said everyday is a bad day for her. Nak came outside and said she became camera shy and swallowed her speech, forgot all her good reasons for putting them up even after she practiced her speech. CB told Nak her speech was a 10 (she rated herself a 0).

Di, Nat and A talking now, Di saying she is alone and not on anybody’s side. Di saying she got confused last week and she got stuck in the middle, saying she feels bad that she was distant from the twins this past week. She said "I know you guys have probably thrown me out the window already cuz I would have.” Di saying the day that Jase called her out no one would talk to her. And Nat says (sarcastically) “Oh yeah the day I sat out there and talked to you all night on the hammock. Yeah nobody talked to you.” Then Di says “well there were other days that no one talked to me, not even Drew.”

Nak later went up to the twins to tell them why she put them up, the twins were pretty defensive. Nak told them she put them up because they broke a promise by telling their group they wouldn't be put up. Both twins were saying they didn't break a promise, they said that W wouldn't come to A last week and tell her he had no hard feelings or that A would be safe the next week if she kept him. Nak goes outside to K and says she is angry that the twins are defending their nomination and eviction of W. The twins told Nak they broke a promise with Will, not a promise with her. They're cool with her. Nak says “duh, doesn't it occur to them that if they're fine with breaking one promise that it occurred to me they'll screw me over too?"

A & Nat are in hammock bashing everyone saying Dr is a baby, Nak doesn't wash her hair and needs to color it; they are hoping she would get some HOH hair dye. A says if I win veto I’m giving it to you. They both agree that you can tell who is going on the block by whose butt K is kissing. They speculate K wants to be remembered by the jury as “nice.” A telling Nat she doesn’t want to talk game to anyone in the house anymore, just between the two of them. A says “I'm gonna kill them with kindness, that's the way to play them like violins.” A now wondering if Drew is a good choice to play VETO. She thinks maybe they should use Marvin and CB. A said “I should have used POV and saved Marvin's a$$ last week.”

A approached Di and Dr in CR wanting to know if they still have a team or not. They both say yes. Di says she thinks that with the veto that both the twins can be saved. A says “I have no arrangements with Marv.” She told Di she has been a whirlwind, and Di says “I wanted Marv out of this house.” A then says “I totally respect that, he will be gone, Nak won’t put CB up”, Di says “you don’t think?” then Di says “what if she was to put somebody like Dr up, if one of you guys gets taken off I guarantee somebody like that goes up.” A says "Nak won’t go after Dr, she knows how much you care about him, don’t you talk about this stuff?” Di says “nope, she's like you as HOH, she makes her own decisions.” A says that Nak will probably ask her (Di) to play veto for her. Di says “I'm assuming that she will ask me or K. Di was called to the DR. BB - Diane, please come to the DR. Dr says that “Di needs to make both of you stay till next week”, A tells him “now is not the time to go to bat for me”, Dr says “you don’t believe her?”, then A says “no, she's got tricks I don't know about”. A insists they win the veto; she doesn’t want the house to have to decide between her and Nat who goes. A: “I'm so f’ing sick of rumors in this house; I'm not in high school anymore. You have to let me know if you want to play because I don't want people to have to choose between me and her. I think it's best to leave Marv on the bench. I just have to know you're going to use it.” Dr says “I'm pretty sure I'll use it.”, A says “you don't have to let me know now, cause pretty sure won't do it, you have to be sure.”

Marv and K in the HT saying that you try to treat the twins separately, they're mad, if you treat them as twins, they're mad. Marv said they're such a strong team physically, but he's sick of them. Marv says if he's chosen for veto, and he wins, he's not going to use it fearing Nak will put up someone that he likes. K went into HOH and relayed her conversation with Marv to Nak. Nak says she is going to ask Marv to play veto for her, hoping he will win it to ensure one of the twins leaves. K says Marv wants Nat to go; she is the ball-buster. Nak says she doesn’t really care which one goes.

10:30 The Booze is Here
There is wine and 14 beers in the SR. Di and Dr both saying they are getting drunk tonight. Drew also got a new digital camera, but you can’t preview the pictures after they are taken. K has gone to DR to ask for another Pregnancy Test, they haven’t given her one yet and she is 20 days late. She was called into the DR after that, then went immediately to the storage room. Next thing she was outside at the poker table just hangin out.

They only have until midnight to eat and drink…Nat and A spent a couple of hours in the CR basically covering ALL OF THE ABOVE. Talking about everyone and everything, while everyone is outside. Close to midnight and Nak is showing Di how to shotgun the beers that are left, they have 4 minutes.

More game play outside with Marv, Di, D & CB. Di is either drunk or acting very drunk. Marv started to talk about Lori and went on and on about her. Di finally got mad and left the table. Dr says to Marv, “she get so p”ssed off”, Marv says “I know that's why I'm doing this.” Then CB said “Dr she's got you by a chain” and Dr “I really like her guys. But at the game level, my trust is with you guys.” Marv saying not to get to involved with her because if Scott were still here she would hop on the fast train. CB says that Di talked about f****** Scott in the sequester house. Di came back from BR. Marv thanked Di for saying she had a hard choice with the vote between him and W. Di said “then why the silent treatment all day Marv?” Di says you made me feel like a third grade school kid. Di said she did a favor for someone then she had to do a favor for someone else. Dr asked her what she's talking about, over and over again he asked her “what favor?” she kept telling Dr “nothing, it's over your head.” Dr did not like this.

Later Di says to Dr "What is your problem tonight? You're being sarcastic and sh*t and calling me out in front of people.” He said he was drunk, and she responds that she is so confused and he says he is too, but it’s cool. He then goes and gets the bible and is headed to the living room. CB comes around and Dr says he is starting to not trust Di. CB says he thinks Di and Marv have an alliance. Dr went to make his bed on one of the cots; Di said “what are you doing? Get you’re a$$ in here, we need to talk.” They argue some, Dr telling Di he doesn’t believe everything she tells him and she said she ahs never lied to him, for him to ask her anything. In the middle of their tiff, Dr tells Di he wants it to be them in the final 2.

In closing, for all you Di and Dr make-out fans, they were up until almost 5:00 this morning “painting”, making out, talking etc. And we never did hear if K got her pregnancy test or if she did whether or not she used it. We'll see what tomorrow brings