MORNING - 9:00am

Big Brother gives the daily "wake-up call" to the HG's this morning around 9:00am BBT. The house guests had the privilege of waking up to some music, as we received the infamous fish on all four feeds. Nakomis and Marvin are the first up, around 9:25am, followed by Diane at 9:37am. Nakomis enjoys the "breakfast of champions," beer, for breakfast this morning in the HOH room. Marvin is shaving in the bathroom, joined by Diane, when Marvin gives Diane a peck on the lips, and shares a few words that were unable to be heard. One of the twins is up, and taking a shower while brushing her teeth.

At 10:00am, BB announces again, "I said, it's time to get up for the day!" in an angry voice. Cowboy gets up and goes into the bathroom, when Marvin comments that Cowboy is "sporting wood" and asks if he is "thinking about A." Cowboy gives himself a reassuring pat, and comments "it's down." Diane says "my eyeballs hurt" and Marvin jokes, "That's always a good sign that you had a good time last night!"

Diane tells Nakomis that she needs to speak with Drew, as he has developed a fear of being put up on the block. She tells Nakomis to explain to Drew that she wants him in the final four with them. Diane complains to Marvin that Adria turns the thermostat down too low every night. Houseguests continue to talk amongst themselves, joking about Jase and Holly, while the twins are whispering in the bathroom. At 10:45am, BB gives the wake-up call for a third time. Cowboy then joins the group in the living room.

Meanwhile, the twins are discussing strategy for the veto competition. The duo is contemplating asking Marvin or Drew to participate. One twin comments that Drew is worried about the backlash if he wins and uses the POV. Then they are worried about the possibility of Marvin winning veto, and Drew being the replacement nominee. They suggest to one another that perhaps next week Karen should go up on the block, due to her alignment with Nakomis, however they have nothing against Karen personally.

Cowboy joins the twins, who are pampering themselves in the bathroom, and they all exchange "good mornings." Cowboy comments that he didn't sleep much, and a twins asks "does that mean you're not ready to win veto?" The twins ask Cowboy if he thinks Drew is a good choice for veto, and if he would use it or not. Cowboy assures their plans, and thinks it would be better if Drew won, rather than he, to ensure Drew's safety in the game, noting that Drew will use the veto. (Note: Drew swore against using the veto to Diane last night.) He tells them that if Marvin participates in the competition and wins the veto, he won't use it.

Cowboy gets in the shower while conversing with Marvin. Cowboy says he is part Native American, and Marvin questions, "How can you be a cowboy and an Indian?" He then tells Marvin that April's all white, "she's cincasion, or is it kincashin?" We believe he meant Caucasian... (another Cowboy-ism for those keeping track at home)

AFTERNOON - 12:00pm

Around 12:08am, Big Brother gives the houseguests a surprise. "Houseguests, the luxury competition will begin in 90 minutes." All HG's are shocked, and speculate that BB pushed the wrong button! Cowboy jokes, "you're fire," followed by Karen stating "wrong show!" Apparently to assure the HG's that it was the correct button, BB repeats the announcement regarding the luxury competition.

Adria (or Natalie?) comments that she would accept money to put the rest of the HG's on PB&J for the week. She says she would do it for $20 because of "all the smack they're been talking." The twins continue to discuss strategy with one another. Adria comments that she's going to bust Diane for suggesting Will's nomination at some point in the game. One twin says that Drew's best bet for the final is with the twins and Cowboy. Sometime this morning, Karen received the pregnancy test she's been requesting. She took the test, and the results were negative. (Big shock there!)

It is now 12:39pm and Cowboy is discussing strategy with the twins, and suggests Drew's nomination due to his relationship with Diane. Neither twin will commit to this idea. They discuss how essential this week is to their lives in the house. They use the word "advantageous," to which Cowboy gets confused. The twins explain the meaning of the word, and he tells them, "Well, I don't know big words like that. I barely know the 3 letter ones like 'and' and 'so.'" (anyone have the updated count on Cowboy-ism's?) At 1:40pm, we receive fish on all four feeds until approximately 2:08pm, when we catch a glimpse of the Luxury Competition! BB has decided to give us a luxury as well, and allow us to watch the competition unfold!

-Luxury Competition - 2:08pm
Who wants to go online? This week's Luxury Competition is a team effort, in which the HG's are playing for 18 items from that they will receive and enjoy for the rest of their stay. The houseguest who exerts the most individual effort will win a $1,000 online shopping spree! The houseguests must get an enormous, lettered ball through a "web," of rubber-bands and then unscramble the letters to spell out a word, within 3 minutes. Nakomis, as the HOH, reads the instructions for the competition. Drew went first, followed by Adria, Diane, Cowboy, Karen, Nakomis, Marvin, and Natalie. The houseguests spelled out the word "Internet," completing the tasks given, however not in the time allowed. Therefor, they won 14 of the 18 items. BB went by the time it took each individual to get through the web to determine the shopping spree winner. Third place went to Cowboy, second to Adria, and first to Diane, making Diane the winner of the shopping spree!

In the HOH room, the home page is visible on a Mac computer. The houseguests use the computer to select the 14 of the 18 items they have won. The list of items they can choose from contains various BBQ tools and Exercise equipment. The items are: Filet Mignon, BBQ Sauce, BBQ Turner, BBQ Tongs, Lobster Tails, Seafood Tool Set, Cocktail Sauce, Fire Basin, Chocolate S'more Kit, Bowflex, Crosstrainer, Dumbbells, Bench press, Exercise Bands, Exercise Ball, Yoga Mat, Pedometer, and a Pool Volleyball Set. These items total over $3,200.00. The houseguests chose to give up the BBQ Turner, BBQ Tongs, Seafood Tool Set, and Pedometer.

At some point after the Luxury Competition, Adria told Natalie that Drew approached her this morning. He told her he's in, and he will use the veto. Adria thanked Drew, and told him she loved him.

Not much going on in the afternoon, but here is the gist of it. Around 3:20pm, Diane is giving Marvin what appears to be a hair cut, however she is actually shaving the "5" and house from the BB5 Logo into his head. Meanwhile Adria is crying to Natalie about her possibility of eviction, and of not winning the shopping spree. (Adria lost to Diane by one-second.) Karen and Drew are lying side by side reading the bible, talking about religion. Cowboy says if he wins the "America's Choice" Competition, April will allow him to participate in the kissing scene if there is one, they discussed this pre-BB.

After finishing Marvin's haircut, Diane joins drew in the Cloud Room for a nap. Around 5:20pm, Natalie is in the Diary room, while Cowboy, Nakomis, Karen, and Marvin are asleep in the Cloud Room, and Adria is asleep on the dining room floor. Fish are back in action!

EVENING - 6:00pm

For the East Coasters, Big Brother 5 is on now! And for those of you who missed tonight's episode, check out the recap at

Most houseguests are waking up around 6:00pm. Nothing happening in the Big Brother house until 6:45, when BB announces, "Attention Houseguests, the Veto Competition will begin in 2 hours." Followed by, "Drew please go to the Diary Room." Karen and Nakomis are still sleeping. Diane is playing solitaire while participating in small talk with the twins. The twins are trying to get Diane to explain where she stands in the game. Drew has left the Diary Room, and joins the discussion in the living room, prompting Adria's exit. The twins are again questioning Drew's loyalty to them, plotting to make him swear to take one of them off the block.

Around 7:45pm, Adria is giving Drew a haircut, while others pamper themselves for the Veto Competition. Drew gets in the shower, while Cowboy is still asleep. At 8:00pm Nakomis is called to the Diary room, followed by BB giving a wake up call, apparently to Cowboy considering he is the only one still asleep. On Feed 3, we get a close up of the door awaiting Nakomis' exit from the diary room. At 8:10pm Nakomis tells the houseguests that it's time to choose players for the competition, but that the actual competition is still some time away, and we get a view of the gorgeous deep blue sea...AKA fish.

After choosing competitors, Marvin, Diane, Drew, and Cowboy begin to play cards in the Living Room. They are all discussing their prizes from, as well as possibilities for the upcoming challenge. Adria and Natalie are continuing to get ready for the competition in the bathroom. Adria feels that if one of them goes, it will be her. Natalie tells her to focus on tonight and worry about that later. Adria notes Diane's desperate attempts at gaining information on the twins' strategy. At 9:35, we receive fish on all four feeds. The Golden Power of Veto Competition has begun!

-Veto Competition - 9:35pm
Participating in this weeks Veto Competition will be Nakomis, as HOH, her choice Marvin, Adria as the first nominee, her guest Drew, Natalie as the second nominee, and her guest Cowboy. Nakomis chooses Diane to host the competition.

Throughout the actual competition, we receive fish, and are unsure of the exact events. The following information has been gathered through conversations amongst the HG's.

Apparently, the game had something to do with the HG's photos with the faces morphed and traits of each houseguest. The houseguests were sequestered into seperate rooms throughout the house. Adria is the winner of the Power of Veto this week.

LATE EVENING - 12:45am

Feeds are back up around 12:40am. HG's are all discussing how fun the game was. Marvin says he got stuck on one face, while Cowboy comments that he just needed to focus. Karen said it was obvious a girl was going to win. The houseguests gather in the kitchen for a feeding frenzy since it is officially Sunday, which means they are off PB&J!

The Power of Veto Ceremony is expected tomorrow or Monday!

(I'd like to give a special thanks to all of the feed updaters for all of their wonderful updates and continued help!)