Marvin and Nak were the first up before the wake up call. Nothing was said. They were enjoy the quietness of the house. Nak spent the hour sewing. Marvin spent his quiet time reading the bible and eventually fell back to sleep. Wake up call, Marvin jokes about Cowboys morning wood. Drew causes a long line waiting for the toilet. Late morning, there is a special delivery in the back yard. Boxes from Boxes contain; BBQ sauce, steaks, body elastic straps, exercise ball, yoga mat, chocolate covered chocolates, Volleyball set, free weights, smores kit, lobsters, and flavored salsa. The HGs are popping the packing bubbles and are told to stop by BB.

Strategy talk doesn't start until a few minutes after noon. Diane askes Marvin if he'd vote out a twin and he says hell ya. Especially if it was Natalie. Diane agrees, when Marvin askes Drews opinion he mumbles and doesn't really same anything. Diane doesn't think Adria will use the veto because she doesn't want to see Drew put up on the block. Cowboy and Marvin have a strategy talk, out of all the girls Marvin would rather Nakomis win the money. Talk turns to thoughts on Karen, Cowboy asks "Want a cookie?". Marvin's pissed that the twins thinks he owes them because he's still there this week. Cowboy asks who Marvin thinks he has a better chance with, the twins or Diane/Nak/Karen. Marvin picks the threesome. The three guys then start bashing on Karen. The guys are still kind of together, their hit list is twins first then Karen.

A little later Marvin, Diane and Nak were sitting outside. Diane apologized for leaving the conversation with Marvin earlier. She explained her reasons as not trusting Cowboy. Marvin was cool with it, and understood because of Cowboys sneakiness. Said he was testing him to see if he runs off to tell the twins. Nak talked to Karen and said if Adria uses veto Cowboys going up. The twins trash talk Nak and Karen. They are talking about the bible. But then in the next sentence they discuss lieing to Nak saying they're sorry for the Will thing and that they will take her to the end. Diane and Drew discuss the conversation that Drew and Marvin and Cowboy had. Drew now thinks the twins maybe playing him.

Karen finally started her period so we now know she is not pregnant. Nakomis spends most of the day sewing on her beenie. The twins continue to trash Nak, the way she smells, her hygene habits and the bound and gagged comment from last weeks live show.

In the evening Drew cages a June bug. The Houseguests now have some new amusement. A string gets tied to one of the Junebugs legs and Drew swings it around trying to get it to fly. This is about 30 minutes worth of entertainment for most of the houseguests. Karen however doesn't like bugs and decides to explain to the cameras how to pick a ripe melon. Natalie joins Karen and they talk about future technology and grocery shopping. Later on, Cowboy is sitting at the table picking pimples that are on his arm (I know we all really wanted to know this). Adria is also at the table but ignoring Cowboy. He tries to break the silence by talking about April. Eventually this leads to him saying that April is like on of the girls on Sex in the City. After Marvin joins the conversation he realizes that he said the wrong Sex in the City girl. Marvin is a big fan of Sex in the City.

The twins and Cowboy were hanging out in the hot tub talking. Karen and Nak were sitting in the backyard and Karen heard Cowboy say he'd vote Drew out before one of the twins. Marvin BBQ'd steaks for dinner, everyone say around the table and ate a very quiet meal together. Pretty quiet evening, the twins wander around whispering to each other. Cowboy joins them occasionally. Everyone else just making small talk.

Night time brings card game for the twins and Cowboy. The others are sitting around the fire pit talking about various things from childrens movies to educating Diane on sexual terms. While doing this they have decided that Holly's good luck kitty needs some help bringing good luck to it's owner so the kitty is set on the grill of the fire pit. Big Brother told them that they could burn that kitty but that was it, nothing else. Marvin says this is because no body liked Holly. Then comments made about too bad we couldn't burn Scott's shorts and Diane says or Jase. As they toast marshmellows the conversation gets dirtier and dirtier, the beer they've been give is probably helping. Nak gets so bad at one point that it becomes too much for Mr. Perv Marvin and he gets up and leaves. He does come back to rejoin the conversation shortly afterwards. Diane doesn't think she's ever had the big "O". The sex talk got quiet graphic in some places (for keeping it clean I'm leaving it out. Please see posts time stamped from 10PM until 12:30AM

The twins are talking to Cowboy and giving him advice on what to do once one of them is gone. He is saying that he wouldn't mind being put up if Adria uses the veto. The twins are convienced that Nak wouldn't put Cowboy up. They spend the whole night playing cards in the kitchen away from the drunks around the firepit.

At 1:30 everyone is pretty much turned in for the night, last I saw kitty she was a pretty golden color. Diane and Drew have their nightly make out session until about 3am. Around 4:30 Drew was talking in his sleep, I heard vague words here and there about being horny. His mumblings woke up Diane. She stirred and he awoke. Nothing else happened though.