BB Recap August 23, 2004

The houseguests got up early today at 7:33. They had been warned that it would be an early wake up call for the VETO ceremony. They are told the VETO ceremony will begin in 2 hours at 7:55.

At about 9 am Marvin, Diane and Nik start talking about putting CB up as the replacement nominee today. They think that he will be a sore sport and tell all kinds of sob stories. Diane made the comment that he is safe so he should just chill but she wanted to be the one that takes him out!

At 9:42 Nik tells CB that she is putting him on the block. CB is a bit shocked but after she reassures him of his safety he said she had to do as she thought was best and he would respect it. He said it was going to be hard on the block especially going against such a good friend. Nik keeps telling him not to worry he will be safe. Nik runs to Karen and tells her that he took it OK, while CB runs to Drew that he was going up but still felt safe about it.

At about 11:15 we get FISH and the VETO ceremony starts. Before too long we learn CB was put up and that he now wants to win American Choice.

Diane and Nik make fun of Adria’s speech and CB’s reaction. Nik makes the comment that America now hates her for putting up her brother (oh you mean the one you said you never would put up!) they tell Marvin they are going to tease CB by telling him they are going to vote him out. They all agree that they are glad that Nat will be out calling her a Bit&^.

Karen hunts CB down to do her typical butt kissing. She said sorry CB I know how you feel, but don’t worry your safe with me.

At 11:30 we see the plasma screen saying American Choice soon. In 15 minutes we get fish again so the AC ceremony has started. It takes all of like 5 minutes and we find out that MARVIN has won the American Choice and will be leaving in a few moments to play the role. Marvin was very excited and the HG talk about how he teared up and couldn’t believe he won. All the HG gathers in the backyard and watch Marvin leave. They cheer him on. 9(after being told to do so by BB)

Karen goes back to baking her cookies and Diane seemed generally pleased that Marvin won since he had been such a fan of the show for so long.

Nik and Diane talk about how much they hate the twins etc. Diane said that Drew was happy Natalie was leaving and Nik made the comment that is why she put CB up because she knew Drew would vote their way.

CB does walk around the house for a few minutes with Jase’s alliance sign. He then tells the others that he really wants t be an actor, or a doctor. He likes to entertain and help people.

Cowboy and Adria talk on the hammock. CB complains that he is upset that his sister put him up, and that whoever goes this week he felt good that they had become such good friends. CB soon leave and the twins dominate the feeds for awhile. They congratulate each other on the game they have been playing. They talk about the other HGs. They talk of their dislike for Diane and how Marvin owes them. Adria said she feels like she got the last laugh on them because they couldn’t decide who to vote out between the 2 of them. They talk about how they are ignored by everyone. Nat thinks that Diane is playing Drew and sometimes can see the disgust in his face when she said certain things. Adria said she really can’t campaign for herself because no one will talk to her. They call Karen an “Avoidaholic” how she runs when she sees them coming. They then start toplan for the future. They discuss how they are going to call Diane out for suggesting to put up Will for eviction. The twins want to corner Diane and tell her that they are going to call her out if she votes out Nat.

Diane and Drew are cuddling and Diane is going off on how much she hates Nat and tells Drew he better vote her out this week…he replies I thought you said you wouldn’t ask me that again! She emphasizes that the twins are not graphic designers, that they are really rich. Diane also said that Marvin believes Will was a doctor. They talk about how excited Marvin was and how he teared up.

About 5 PM Marvin comes back to the BB compound. Everyone welcomes back in the backyard. Then they go into the house and listen to him describe in detail his day. He did thank everyone for voting for him, he had the time of his life, and how great it was. He then tells them he was interviewed for different magazines and shows and how cool his dressing room was etc.

As the twins were walking in the house they grab Diane and Drew and thank her for putting in motion a great plan (to get CB out) and sticking to their alliance.

Diane, Karen and Nik are in the HOH discussing that they want the other twin, CB then Marvin out. How the twins brought it on themselves by bringing religion into the game, and lying they said they will see it all on the tapes. Diane makes a comment that she is worried about people seeing her diary rooms because she talked bad about some people good too but real bad about others.

CB and the twins were in the hot tub talking about how tough it was on being on the block. CB said that he didn’t feel he could put Nik up next week but he could down the road. That CB his good to his word and that he is homesick but didn’t want that to interfere with his game.

Nat corners Drew on the putting green and starts talking to him about “their” alliance and how she can’t trust Diane which way she is going. That she knows they are committed to their alliance and that Drew can rest assure knowing that she will have her back for the remainder of the game. Drew listens and agrees and said that Diane scares him! Nat then said that she is not handing out commitment cards. She really is laying it on thick. Telling him that he is a great member of the team. She wants to thank Diane for having them put up CB. Nat said she hopes that Diane is taking the Will thing personally; Drew said she is taking it personally. Nat said Diane needs to get over it, that it was not in the best interest of “their” alliance. Nat then said that she was their to remind him of his options. That she didn’t know where CB stood and that they have to protect each other. Diane comes out back and Drew, Nat and Diane have a general conversation.

Diane heads to the bathroom and Nat follows. She starts her pitch on Diane. She starts with her by saying she hopes they are all on the same page, that she can’t have her back if they vote her out. That she knows it was Diane’s idea to keep Drew and what a team move that was. Diane backs her way out and runs to Drew.

With Drew Diane tells him what happened and that they are only trying to save their own ass. Drew said he is afraid of Marvin this week. Diane suggests they talk later.

Later in the evening Marvin and Drew strategize. Marvin wants Nat out this week, then to put Karen up too scare her. He wants hm and Drew as the final two.

The girls (Nat, Nik, Adria and Diane) have some fun in the hot tub playing drinking games and telling stories.

Later Diane and Drew are in the cloud room and tell him that he has to trust her this week and vote out Nat, Drew responds that he couldn’t do that to CB anyways. He then tells Diane that she has to think before she reacts and make a decision. Diane said that the twins are only kissing up by being so nice tonight; Nik and Marvin interrupt so the conversation ends.

Meanwhile CB had a nice shower with Nat. Nat scrubbed his back, CB is very happy here with himself.

CB and Nat have a heart to heart. CB realizes that he could go this week and tells Nat not to get too cocky with the rest in the house like he was when Jase was here. He wished her well and both hug and tell each other what good friends they are.

Soon there is another gathering on the CR. Truth or dare starts, CB dares Drew to Kiss Diane’s cleavage, he happily obliges, he then dares Diane to Kiss Marvin’s cleavage. Marvin then dares Diane to dress again in the bathing suit, boots with the flag again. Diane doesn’t want to do this but Drew follows her to the BR to talk her into it. Diane does it and wearing the famous flag goes and sits on Marvin’s lap.

A bit later we have pity fest between Karen and Nik in the kitchen. Karen is going on and on about Larry and how much she misses him. Nik saying she misses things. Finally they agree that they don’t like the game right now.

Adria corners Drew and tells him that it would be so much better with numbers to keep Nat and get rid of CB. Telling Drew that he has to get Diane to vote out CB too. That it only makes sense. Drew mumbles something about Marvin’s actions this week. Adria then tells Drew that she learned a lot last week as HOH and that she could RIP this house apart from what she knows. She tells him that this is the only deal she is making int he house, that her and Nat are real and have his back. Karen interrupts them and Drew runs away.

Diane follows Marvin into the Concrete room and tells him how the twins are attacking everyone. How they are campaigning to get CB out. Drew comes in and she repeats everything and then makes fun of him for steaming up the windows with Adria in the wood room. He tells her to calm down and she starts cussing him, He heads for the shower Diane wits sitting on the tub for him.

They talk, and Drew was trying to convince Diane to Save Nat and vote out CB, he tries to point out the numbers. Diane said she promised to vote out Nat. She said that if the twins got HOH next week they would come after her and that she is pissed that they took out Will. Drew tells her that it si a game and that those things are going to happen and that he doesn’t understand why she is so upset when she was the one that wanted the twin alliance in the first place.

CB interrupts then and asks Diane why they are fighting, Diane makes something up and then CB asks Diane if he is safe this week, She tells him he is and not to even pack his bag this week. She then tells CB to go tell the twins that she said he was safe this week. She does not care. Diane then goes on and trashes the twins about the campaigning and how much respect she has for CB. Drew finishes his shower stuff.

Later on the hammock Drew and Diane have yet another discussion about saving Nat. Drew seems to believe it is the only way they will get CB then Marvin out. Diane said that if Karen gets HOH next week (if she tries for it) that she would put them up next week. She said she is still mad over Will being gone. She then gets a bit upset and said that she is voting out Nat and that was it. He can vote his way. But her gut is telling her that Nat and Adria would put her up next week if they got HOH, Drew tries to explain that if they stay they will still be the target next week. Diane gets upset and said to him that if he was still with the twins she wanted to break off with him about the game. She then tells him that he never talks game wit her and that upsets her, He said he just never talks game with anyone, Diane said she will break the pinky swear thing to keep her and Drew in the game and only then. She said the twins are just saving face. Diane then tells him to again vote the way he wants, that she believes he is only thinking of Adria’s best interest. He said no that he was thinking of his own best interest. Diane tells him that Adria is letting Nat do her dirty work, that she does not trust them and if she betrays the alliance of Karen and Nik that they will put them both up next week. Drew tried again to convince her with the numbers. She will not listen. Drew said he wants to sleep on it> Diane replies to Drew don’t get mad if I don’t tell you who I am voting for. Drew then said that he is doing for her what she does for him and that there is good reasons for doing both. Diane rants again about how she does not like people shoving shi$ down her throat.

Diane and Drew settle down for the night. They talk about Drew’s relationship with his girlfriend back home. He tries to reassure her that it is off but Diane is really pressing him for information. No more game talk. We get fish at like 4 am. And when the cams come back it looks like they have stopped talking for the night and start their kissing fest ritual. Same stuff different night.

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