BB started to pipe music into the house around 8:30, realized it was a little early yet and stopped. BB woke them shortly before 10:00. As the HG’s were getting out of bed one of the twins and Nak passed each other in the bathroom, neither one made eye contact with the other and no “good morning” was exchanged. The twins sat outside and told one another about the talks they had last night – Nat with Di and A’s talk with Dr and later K. BB had to wake K again, then Dr and Di…Di saying she hates when BB says Dr, Di; like they are sewn together at the hip.

Di and Marv in the kitchen, Di was saying how she can’t stand how the twins set the table and cook for each other, it makes her sick. She said to Marv “I can’t wait until Nat is gone!” Marv says “sweet Jesus, yes”. Marv says he is saying things to scare CB into thinking he is going. Marv says “he is shaking in his boots”, and Di says “he should be.”

Around 11:30 BB announced (for a second time) that there is lockdown and they all need to head outside. Di was talking to Nak about her (Di’s) mood and that she thinks the conversation she had with Dr last night might have put her in this mood. Di saying Dr dates weird, “if you only see someone 4 times in 3 months, that's not dating to me. Maybe I'm crazy.” Di said she was questioning Dr about his recent girlfriend and he says there isn’t anything there now. Di said something about Nat needing to leave the house, but that she and Dr talked about shocking CB and kicking him out, to this Nak said nothing. Di then said Nat needs to really go and this decision is not one she will second guess.


Lockdown is over. Di is in HOH, Dr comes in and asks Di if she told anyone about their conversation last night in the hammock, she said "that pisses me off that you would even ask that, I might have a big mouth, but I never talk to anyone about us, geesh!” Dr says “ok, I was just checking". Di said she is going to sit on all the info in her head and decide on Thursday. Later on in the wood room Dr asks Di if the twins have talked to her today, and she says no, and she is not talking game today. She says “the only person who attacked me today was you.” (Di is mad at him for asking her if she discussed what they talked about in the hammock last night.) Dr apologizing, saying that he was just asking. Di said her feelings were hurt that he would ask her that.

Di said to Nak that she doesn’t need the “buddy system” in the house today. If Nat comes up to her today to talk game, Di says “I will just tell her I don't want to talk about it today! Ask me tomorrow!”

A/N talking in the back yard, talking about how competitive the bible is. How there are lots of scriptures that are all about competition. A says to Nat “He said don't be lazy, he said work for what you get, and that's all you're doing.” A & N were saying K is scared. “You can tell who is a target, because K won’t talk to them.” A later seemed to hint to Nat to back off the HG’s some, in a round about way.

Di comes out of the DR sits down with Marv at the table outside, A tells her that her and Nat (in hammock) are coming up with more trivia, and Marv is trying to show Di a card trick at the same time. A says to Nat that Marv is always trying to take attention away from the nominees and that he didn't even talk to her until after she won the veto. Nat says she noticed this and if she had won the veto, he would be talking to her instead of A.

A side note: The house was very slow this afternoon. Nak keeping to herself and Di doing the same, for a while anyway. Dr caught a dragonfly so they decided to tie a string to it and fly it (like a kite) and it worked. Some small talk outside, HG’s got bubbles to play with..whoopee, they say they want beer or the bow-flex that they won on Amazon. They were saying “what’s next, Playdoh?”

K & Nak in HOH, K expresses concern about Dr, not how he is going to vote but if he gets HOH next week.


HG’s on lockdown just before 6:00 and we got FISH for a very long time, almost an hour worth. When feeds came back HG’s were milling around outside. There is speculation that the HG’s were watching the Y & R spot with Marv. One of the twins said “that makes me want to watch a movie so bad!” then she says “that was the most country club type gym I've ever seen.” Nak says “I don't know what I would've even done on that show. Is there a tattoo parlor near there?” BB announced lockdown over about 7:40.

K and Nak talking about the votes, saying it depends how Dr votes and saying that Marv will vote out the twins, but they are not sure Dr will do the same. They are worried about CB, Dr, or Marv getting HOH. Nak is saying that if Marv gets it that he will put up CB and the other twin. K says that Marv has bonded with A over the bible, but right now she can't talk to him because of his Y&R high. Nak referencing that Marv can really like you, and still put you up. K tells them that she heard that when you are in sequester that you are not allowed to talk about the game except when you get together to watch the competitions on video.

Di comes into HOH and Nak asked if Dr was going to vote Nat out for sure. Di says “he will vote the way I vote, don’t be too shocked if he doesn’t, but he doesn’t like Nat.” K says “he needs to get loyal; the twins are very powerful as motivational speakers.” Di says she is talking to him. Di says she said to Dr (after he said he sees the twins on a personal level not on a game level) “do you really think you are going to take trips to Alabama or ever see them outside of this house?” She said she told him to stop seeing them on a personal level and he said he can't.

Around 9:00 HG’s started eating the lobster Marv prepared for everyone. Then later they were sitting around the fire outside talking about movies. HOLLY HAS A TWIN, or so the HG’s said…again. Di says “there's one Holly with a gap between her teeth and one with no gap. There was one Holly at our hotel and one Holly at your hotel CB. So there must have been two Holly's. All we would have had to do is go into the DR and tell them we knew there were two Holly's and she would have been gone.”

A and Nat together saying how nice they have been to Di. They are saying they wish so much they could just be themselves in the house. A says to Nat “you are doing very well” and Nat says “I’m trying.” A says “I know what you are going through” and Nat says “sometimes I just want to cry.” Nat saying K is really getting on her nerves.

Most of the HG’s still playing movie trivia, while sitting outside. CB and Dr started to play a basketball game. CB says to Dr “I know I have yours and K’s votes” and Dr said “I doubt Marv will change his vote.” CB says he will be p*ssd off if he leaves and then finds out Nak knew he was not safe. Dr tells CB he will be fine this week.

A went into CR where Dr and Di were in bed, A trying to talk strategy with them. Dr seemed to want Di to do the talking and at some point Di said “I’m not talking game today, I told you (Dr) that earlier.” A was not taking any hints and kept hanging around trying to convince them why they all need to stick together. Then K comes in so A starts to talk the movie trivia again to Dr and Di, not leaving yet. Finally before she left them alone she gave Dr a back massage. Di wasn’t pleased with this at all, she was jealous enough to tell Dr that Scott had massaged her including her butt.

So of course we end each night the same, with Dr and Di in bed. They were just talking in general terms. Di says she loves to make fun of the twins and Marv does too. Dr told her she is such a “trash talker”. Dr said to Di “if I told you I had a kid, would you still date me?" Di says "probably" and then laughs. Dr says, "But you said you hate kids!" Diane laughs again and she hugs him close, her reply was not audible. More tussling under the covers and everyone is asleep just before 3:30 a.m.